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Peter has been a homeowner for 35+ years and has always done his own repair and improvement tasks. As a retired plumber, Peter now spends his time looking after his two grandkids and teaching others how they can fix leaks, replace faucets, and make home improvements without needing to call in an expensive professional.

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Articles by Peter Gray

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Expert Recommendations for the Best Scroll Saws

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Upgrade Your Shower with These Best Shower Heads

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Improve Safety with Top-Rated Elevated Toilet Seats

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Upgrade Your Kitchen with the Best Stainless Steel Sinks

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Best Water Test Kits for Ensuring Purity

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Find the Perfect Toilet Flange for a Reliable Fit

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Top Toilet Flappers for Efficient and Leak-Free Performance

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Mastering the Basics of Shut Off Valve Types

Person flushing toilet

Exploring Different Types of Toilet Flush Systems

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Best Bidet Attachments to Enhance Your Bathroom Experience

Heated toilet seat

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Heated Toilet Seats

Smiling child using the bathroom sink

Choosing the Best Bathroom Sinks for Your Space

Person unclogging the sink with baking soda.

Effective Methods for Unclogging a Sink at Home

Kitchen sink strainer

Reliable and Efficient Kitchen Sink Strainers to Consider

Woman washing vegetables on the sink

Superior Kitchen Sinks for a Better Cooking Experience

Woman washing vegetables in an undermount kitchen sink

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Undermount Kitchen Sink

Farmhouse sink

Guide to Selecting the Best Farmhouse Sink Style

Steam shower generator

Upgrade Your Shower with the Best Steam Generators

Steam shower

Choosing the Perfect Steam Shower for Your Home

Dual shower head

Top Dual Shower Heads for a Luxurious Shower Experience

Home reverse osmosis system

Find the Best Reverse Osmosis System for Your Needs

Man grouting shower tiles

Achieve the Perfect Shower with These Best Grouts

Luxurious shower with base

Premium Shower Pans That Elevate Your Bathroom Design

Bathroom with shower stall

Best Shower Stall and Kit Choices for a Bathroom Makeover

Shower valves and fixtures

Unbeatable Shower Valves for the Ultimate Bathroom Oasis

Modern bathroom with a shower panel

High-Quality Shower Panels for a Spa-Like Experience

A rain and handheld shower system

Transform Your Bathing Routine with Top Shower Systems

Shower head with extention arm

Discover the Finest Shower Head Extension Arms

Cleaning the shower with a cleaning solution

Ultimate Shower Cleaners for a Scum-Free Bathroom

Bathroom with sliding shower door

Sliding Shower Doors that Combine Style and Functionality

Shower with high-pressure flow

Improving Shower Water Pressure Made Easy

Determining shower head height

Shower Head Height Adjustments for a Better Experience

Replacing a shower head

Revamp Your Bathroom with a New Shower Head Replacement

Remove flow restrictor from shower head

Step by Step: Remove Flow Restrictor from Shower Head

Electric shower head

Top-Rated Electric Shower Heads for Your Home's Bathroom

Kid bathing in a tub with shower

High-Quality Kids Shower Heads for Easy and Fun Bathing

Luxury shower

Enjoy a Spa-Like Retreat with Top Luxury Shower Head Options

LED shower head

Revamp Your Bathroom with the Best LED Shower Heads

Rv shower room

Upgrade Your RV Lifestyle with the Best Shower Heads

Low flow showerhead

Upgrade Your Bathroom with the Best Low Flow Shower Heads

Rain shower head

Top Rated Rain Shower Heads for a Spa-Like Home Experience

High pressure shower head

Top High Pressure Shower Heads for a Spa-Like Experience

Water softener

Best Softeners to Remove Hard Water Minerals

Maintaining water softener

Water Softener Upkeep: Best Practices and Tips

water softener with Reverse osmosis system

How Water Softeners Improve Your Home

removing water stains from toilet

Solutions for Hard Water Stains in Toilet Bowls

hard vs. soft water drinking from faucet

Hard vs Soft Water: Understanding the Key Differences

Beautiful Freestanding Bathtub

Bathtub Recommendations for a Relaxing Bath Time

Small Corner bathtub for small bathroom

Space-Saving Bathtubs You'll Love for Your Bathroom

Purolite Water Softener Resin

Water Softener Resin Options for Cleaner Water

Clearsource Portable Rv Water Softener

High-Performance Portable RV Water Softeners

handheld shower head

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Handheld Shower Heads

AquaHomeGroup Shower Filter For Hard Water

Discover the Finest Hard Water Shower Filters

water softener salt pellets

Top Water Softener Salts for Optimal Home Use

best foot spa

Top-Rated Foot Spas for a Luxurious At-Home Spa Day

Lavender bath salts

Essential Guide to Choosing the Best Bath Salts

beautiful white bathtub

Discover the Best Alcove Bathtubs for Your Home

Photo of luxury whirlpool tub

Indulge in the Top Whirlpool Bathtubs for Any Bathroom

Plumber installing a bath

Installing Your Own Bathtub: DIY Tips and Tricks

Best Water Filtration System

Find the Perfect Water Filter for Your Family's Needs

Best Alkaline Ionizer Water Machines

Discover the Top Alkaline Ionizer Water Machines

Best Alkaline Water Pitchers

Leading Alkaline Water Pitchers for Balanced Hydration

Woman pouring water from the best water filter pitcher

Top-Rated Water Filter Pitchers for Your Home

Best Water Distillers

High-Quality Water Distillers for Healthier Hydration

Freestanding tub in the bathroom

Top Freestanding Tubs for Luxurious Bathing Experience

Modern new acrylic bathtub

Top Acrylic Bathtubs for Your Bathroom Upgrade

Woman cleaning bathtub

Ultimate Bathtub Cleaners for a Pristine Bathroom Oasis

Plumber installing water faucet in the bathroom

Step by Step Bathtub Faucet Replacement

Plumber cleaning hair from drain in bathroom

Clearing Bathtub Drain Blockages for a Smooth Flow

portable water filter

Expert Picks for the Best Portable Water Filters

Woman filling cup at water cooler dispenser

Superior Water Cooler Dispensers to Keep You Refreshed

Best Countertop Water Filter

Best Countertop Water Filters for Healthy Living

Using the best refrigerator water filter

Upgrade Your Fridge with the Best Water Filters

Whole house water filtering system

Top-Rated Whole House Water Filter Systems Reviewed

Water from a the best faucet water filter

Best Faucet Water Filters to Remove Contaminants and Impurities

Plumber installing the best under sink water filter

Top-Rated Under Sink Water Filters for Pure Water

tap water with chlorine removed

Get Rid of Chlorine in Your Tap Water Today

Plumber changing a water filter system

Tips for a Smooth Water Filter Replacement Process

How To Remove Calcium From Water

Achieving Clean and Calcium-Free Water for Your Home

DIY Water purification filter with activated charcoal

Craft Your Own Water Filter for a Healthier Lifestyle

plumber cleaning a water filter

Ensure Fresh Water by Cleaning Your Filter Regularly

Plumber changing a water filter

Optimizing Water Filter Efficiency Through Proper Maintenance

plumber installing new water filter in the kitchen

Achieve Better Water Quality with Filter Installation

plumbing fittings

Key Plumbing Fittings Types Essential for DIY Projects

water filters

The Wide Range of Water Filter Options

replacing bathroom faucet

A Comprehensive Guide on Bathroom Faucet Replacement

fixing bathtub faucet

How to Address a Leaky Bathtub Faucet and Save Water

kitchen faucet

Easy Fixes for Low Pressure in Your Kitchen Faucet

fixing shower faucet

How to Fix a Leaky Shower Faucet: Expert Tips and Tricks

replacing kitchen faucet

Guide to Replacing a Kitchen Faucet Easily

fixing leaky kitchen faucet

Stop That Drip Fixing Your Leaky Kitchen Faucet

Grohe Faucet

Discover the Best Grohe Faucets for Your Home

Kingston Brass Kitchen faucet

Best Kingston Brass Faucets for a Stylish Bathroom

Danze kitchen faucet

Danze Faucets: Top Choices for Kitchen and Bathroom

Pfister bathroom faucet

A Guide to the Best Pfister Faucets Available

Modern bathroom faucet

High-Quality Aquasource Faucets for Modern Homes

Glacier Bay Kitchen Faucet

Ultimate Guide to the Best Glacier Bay Faucets

A beautiful Waterstone Faucet

Find Your Ideal Waterstone Faucet for a Modern Kitchen

Kohler Pull down Faucet

Kohler Faucets: Quality and Design for Your Kitchen

Hansgrohe Kitchen Faucet

Find Your Perfect Hansgrohe Faucet for Your Sink

Vigo Kitchen Pull Down Faucet

Discover the Best Vigo Faucets for Your Home

A Kraus kitchen faucet

Elevate Your Home with Outstanding Kraus Faucets

Delta Touch Kitchen Faucet

High-Quality Delta Touch Faucets for Modern Homes

Technician troubleshooting a problem of a tankless water heater

Bradford White Tankless Water Heater Error Solutions

Navien Tankless Water Heater

Master Navien Tankless Water Heater Error Code Fixes

Ao Smith Tankless Water heater

Solving Ao Smith Tankless Heater Error Code Issues

Rinnai Tankless water heater

Comprehensive Rinnai Tankless Error Code Manual

Rheem Tankless Water Heater

Master Rheem Tankless Error Code Solutions

Noritz tankless water heater

Address Noritz Tankless Error Codes Effectively

Black kitchen faucet

Discover the Best Black Kitchen Faucets Available

Bathroom shower head and faucet

Top Shower Faucets for the Ultimate Bathroom Experience

A vintage bronze kitchen faucet

Quality Oil-Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucets to Consider

A pull down faucet in a commercial style kitchen

Discover the Finest Commercial Style Kitchen Faucets

Woman washing vegetables on a white kitchen sink

Top-Notch White Kitchen Faucets to Elevate Your Space

Laundry room sink faucet

Best Utility Sink Faucets for a Modern Laundry Room

A white bathroom faucet

Stunning and Efficient Bathroom Faucets to Consider

A touchless kitchen faucet

Experience Convenience with the Best Touchless Faucets

A pull down kitchen faucet

Top Picks for Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

Mom helping her daughter get water from the kitchen faucet

Find Your Ideal Kitchen Faucet Among the Best Options

Water sputtering from faucet to a glass

How to Fix Air in Hot Water Line Problem

Residential water heating system

Direct Vent vs Power Vent Water Heater Performance

Man adjusting a fitting in the water heater panel

Fix Your Water Heater by Replacing the Thermocouple

Tankless water heater with timer

Maximize Energy Savings with a Water Heater Timer

Man adjusting a water heater heat trap

The Importance of Heat Traps in Your Water Heater

Old water heater left in the backyard

Efficient Ways to Determine the Age of a Water Heater

Man flushing a water heater

Maintain Your Water Heater by Flushing It Correctly

Man fixing a problem with a water heater

The Ultimate Guide to Water Heater Noise Reduction

Replacing a damaged water heater heating element

Master the Art of Water Heater Element Replacement

Man removing water heater parts

Hot Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs: Effective Solutions to Try

Adjusting water heater thermostat

DIY Guide to Replace Your Water Heater Thermostat

Adjusting the water heater control

Guide to Changing Your Water Heater Control

Tankless water heater piping system

Exploring the Technology Behind Water Heaters

Woman washing her hands in the facucet

Why Is My Hot Water Cloudy and How to Fix It

Woman testing the temperature of the shower

Best Temperature for Your Water Heater Explained

Indoor heating system with tank and tankless water heater

Choosing the Right Water Heater Size for Your Needs

Tankless water heating system mounted on the wall

The True Cost of Tankless Water Heaters Explained

Testing if shower is hot or cold

How Quickly Do Water Heaters Warm Up

Replacing water heater anode rod

Expert Tips for Water Heater Anode Rod Replacement

DIY Water Heater Covers

DIY Guide to Building a Water Heater Cover

Old Water Heater

Upcycling Your Old Water Heater: Practical Tips

Water heating system with expansion tanks

All About Water Heater Expansion Tanks and Their Uses

Man opening the lid of a water heater to check for problems

Mastering Water Heater Problem Solving at Home

Retired Water Heaters

Water Heaters Duration and How to Prolong Their Life

Water heater leaking

Tips to Tackle Water Heater Leaks in Your Home

Tank and tankless water heaters installed outdoors

Expert Picks for the Best Water Heaters Available

Richmond Tank Water Heater

Reliable Richmond Water Heaters for Your Needs

State tankless water heater

Best State Water Heaters: Top Picks and Reviews

Rinnai Water Heater mounted to a wall

Best Rinnai Water Heaters to Save Energy and Money

Bradford White Tank Water Heater

Expert Guide to Choosing a Bradford White Heater

Rheem water heater

Rheem Water Heaters: Your Guide to Excellence

Ao Smith Water Heater

Unveiling the Best Ao Smith Water Heaters

Navien Tankless Water Heater

Top-Rated Navien Water Heaters for Performance and Efficiency

A Tankless and Tank Water Heater

Deciding Between Tankless and Tank Water Heaters

Person repairing a tankless water heater

Efficient Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Hacks

Water running from the shower

Effective Fixes for No Hot Water in House Situations

Hot shower from a water heater

Mastering Tankless Water Heater Mechanics

A tankless water heater installed at the back of a van

Find Your Perfect RV Tankless Water Heater Today

Home tankless gas water heater

Find the Perfect Tankless Gas Water Heater

Electric heater on bathroom wall

Find Your Perfect Electric Tankless Water Heater

water heater with drain pan underneath

Superior Water Heater Drain Pans for Leak Prevention

home hybrid heat pump water heater plastered to wall

Eco-Friendly Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters Worth Considering

Plumber checking electric consumption of pump

Efficient 50 Gallon Water Heaters Reviewed

Tankless water heater flushing

Efficient Tankless Water Heater Flush Kits Ranked

Household heating system

Top-Rated Hot Water Recirculation Pumps for Your Home

Man hand regulating heat of home boiler

High-Quality Condensing Water Heaters for Better Performance

under sink water heater in bathroom

Experience Unbeatable Warmth with Top Under Sink Heaters

Camplus Portable water heater in the back of the trunk

Top Portable Tankless Water Heaters for Every Need

roll of mineral wool with foil

Exceptional Water Heater Blankets for Your Home