Best Kingston Brass Faucets of 2021

Let’s take a look at Kingston Brass and why you should consider one of their faucets.

Are you trying to create a classic, perhaps rustic, look in your kitchen or bathroom? Are you replacing the faucet in your farmhouse-inspired kitchen?

If you’ve been unsuccessful at finding the perfect fixture, rest assured that although Kingston Brass is a relatively new company, you can trust their traditional-chic faucets. Today, we bring you our full Kingston Brass faucet reviews.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Kingston Brass Gourmetier KS3192AL Restoration Single Handle Water Filtration Faucet, Polished Brass
Best Filtration
Kingston Brass Restoration
  • Beautiful fixture
  • Compact yet bold
  • Built to last
Product Image of the Kingston Brass KS213MB Kingston Kitchen Faucet, 6-15/16' in Spout Reach, Matte Black
Best Wall-Mount
Kingston Brass Magellan
  • Bold matte black finish
  • Straight spout design
  • Durable construction
Product Image of the Kingston Brass KB982FL Royale Widespread Lavatory Faucet with Brass Pop-Up, Polished Brass,8-Inch Adjustable Center
Best Widespread
Kingston Brass Royale
  • Adjustable & customizable
  • Traditional style
  • Sturdy construction
Product Image of the Kingston Brass KB1972PL Heritage Widespread Lavatory Faucet with Porcelain Lever Handle, Polished Brass,8-Inch Adjustable Center
Best for Timeless Bathrooms
Kingston Brass Heritage
  • Glamorous design
  • PVD finish
  • Feels sturdy

Who Is Kingston Brass?

Kingston Brass is a relatively new company, now celebrating its 20th birthday. It’s based in California, where it was launched in 1998 by a team of sanitation professionals. Since its beginning, the company has focused on developing some of the best faucets in today’s market.

From the start, the company has consistently been innovating. It started as a locally sold product, but has now expanded with a significant online presence.

Kingston Brass faucets are centered around a traditional, rustic theme. However, don’t let the old-fashioned look fool you. They’re full of modern features, innovations, and aesthetics.

No matter your style preference, a faucet from Kingston Brass will become a centerpiece in your bathroom or kitchen. Also, its prices are quite attractive, even for unique finishes. It’s definitely a company to watch out for and is worth its consumer praise.

What Sets It Apart from the Rest?

Although Kingston Brass isn’t a world-renowned company yet like Hansgrohe or Kohler, it does have the potential to reach this level.

Here are some of the stand-out features that you can expect from their products:

1. Useful Features

Kingston Brass makes sure to integrate modern technologies and features into their faucets. This is surprising seeing that most of its fixtures would fit right into the early 20th century.

Many of the faucets come with side sprayers. Since most are traditional-styled without pull-down/out features, a side-sprayer allows the fixture to work in a busy kitchen. Swivel spouts are also a standard feature in most of its lines.

2. Top Quality

Quality is, of course, a priority for Kingston Brass. All products from its cartridges to aerators to the primary materials help create durability.

The fixtures include top-notch cartridges, ensuring long service lives with fewer leaks, and most come with ceramic valves for long service life. All products have installed aerators, saving a ton of water by aerating the flow.

As the company name suggests, every faucet is created from brass. Solid brass is sturdy and capable of outlasting most materials. It’s resistant to corrosion as well as other damage.

3. Attractive Design

Besides the classic and modern designs, these faucets, particularly those for the kitchen, come with high spouts that radiate elegance. They’re practical as well, allowing you to fit large pots under the nozzle without too much maneuvering.

Kingston Brass also puts a lot of focus on the quality of its finishes. It offers a range of colors and types, and all are scratch-resistant. You can choose between standard stainless steel, nickel, matte black, polished brass, and vintage oil-rubbed bronze, among many others.

What Reviewers Say About Kingston Brass

For most of its history, Kingston Brass has based its marketing on word-of-mouth, selling most of its products from local stores. This also means its online presence isn’t as huge as other companies, which explains why, in general, it has fewer reviews.

Nonetheless, Kingston Brass faucets seem to do well. Their antique styles and wall-mounts fall on an average of 4.3 stars. Some of the more modern types fall a little lower with 3.8 and 4 stars.

The company also offers ten-year limited warranties on most of their faucets. However, to keep the warranty valid, a professional should do the installation, and only silicone caulk should be used.

Keep In Mind

Kingston Brass advises against using hard chemicals such as those containing bleach, acids, alcohol, and others. This could even void the warranty (1).

With that said, the company receives a lot of complaints about customer service, which is unfortunate seeing that many praise the quality.

Very few reviewers had anything positive to say about customer care. Some described their treatment as being rude, while others were simply ignored. In the past, however, Kingston Brass did state that you should contact the seller about any issues.

Where to Purchase Kingston Brass Faucets?

Kingston Brass’ website is very helpful when it comes to finding an authorized seller. It helps you whether you want to buy online or locally. There are outlet stores scattered across the U.S., and a helpful tool on the website can locate one near you.

If you want to find its products online, Kingston Brass recommends some of the following:

  • Amazon.
  • Home Depot.
  • Wayfair.
  • eFaucets.
  • Kohls.
  • Target.
  • Decorsite.
  • Build.com.

Website and Contact Information

The company’s website is quite thorough. You can look through all the products and lines for both the kitchen and bath. They even offer spare parts in case you can’t find them elsewhere.

You can call 1-877-252-7277 for service, or send an email to contact@kingstonbrass.com for general inquiries.

Top Product Comparison

Kingston Brass faucets are known for their classic look. The company has several lines, but four seemed to stand out from the crowd:

Kingston Brass Magellan

Product Image of the Kingston Brass KS213MB Kingston Kitchen Faucet, 6-15/16' in Spout Reach, Matte Black

The Magellan collection is comprised of a combination of traditional style with some eye-catching elements. It’s the perfect pick for modern homes and those looking to add some contrast to the standard fixtures.

The collection offers faucets for everything from the kitchen to the bathroom sink and shower. All products are available in various finishes — including matte black, brushed nickel, satin, stainless and oil-rubbed bronze.


  • Perfect blend of traditional style with modern twists.
  • Large line with faucets for both kitchen, bath and shower.
  • Various finishes are available, suitable for different decor.


  • Only available as centerset or widespread; no single-handle option.

Kingston Brass Heritage

Product Image of the Kingston Brass KB1972PL Heritage Widespread Lavatory Faucet with Porcelain Lever Handle, Polished Brass,8-Inch Adjustable Center

Kingston Brass describes its Heritage series as a vintage beauty pulled from the early 20th century. And it certainly hits the mark — the line looks classic with bridge designs and lovely centerset pieces. Heritage radiates glamour and would be an excellent choice for a farmhouse-inspired kitchen.

The series is available as faucets for the bathroom and kitchen, as well as other bath accessories. Different finishes are on offer — our favorite is the polished brass. It complements a rustic style perfectly, while still adding some wow-factor.


  • True retro style — perfect for rustic or glamorous decor.
  • Available for both kitchen and bath, with accessories.
  • Several finishes to choose from.


  • Not a style for every home. Might be too vintage in an ultra-modern setting.

Kingston Brass Royale

Product Image of the Kingston Brass KB982FL Royale Widespread Lavatory Faucet with Brass Pop-Up, Polished Brass,8-Inch Adjustable Center

Kingston Brass’ Royale series is fit for a castle — a stunning collection of various styles, all sharing their fairytale features. They include slim handles and smooth curves, coated in golden brass or silky oil-rubbed bronze.

The Royale series comprises faucets for kitchen and bathroom. It also offers many bathroom accessories such as towel bars, shelves, soap dishes, and freestanding Roman tub faucets. We love the golden polished brass and oil-rubbed bronze, but it’s also available as matte black, brushed nickel, and others.


  • Magical eye-catching collection.
  • Beautiful finishes.
  • Many accessories to finish the look.


  • The style may not suit all homes.

Kingston Brass Water Filtration Faucet

Product Image of the Kingston Brass Gourmetier KS3192AL Restoration Single Handle Water Filtration Faucet, Polished Brass

Kingston Brass wants to make its name known in as many areas as possible. A target achieved with their water filtration range, in our eyes.

Even though they’re just filtration faucets, the models available are stunning — enough to become the centerpiece in the kitchen. They sport slender, high arch spouts and beautifully curved handles, available in various finishes. You can choose between matte black, polished brass, satin nickel, and stainless steel.


  • Stunning line of filtration faucets.
  • Incorporates reverse osmosis technology.
  • Available in various finishes and styles.


  • Requires a deck mount, so might not suit your sink.

The Best Kingston Brass Faucets of 2021

Now that we know a bit more about the company, it’s time for our Kingston Brass faucet reviews. Searching through recommended fixtures, user reviews, and expert insight, we consider the below to be the top four.

1. Kingston Brass KS3192AL Restoration Filtration Faucet

Best Kingston Brass Filtration Faucet

Kingston Brass’ mission is to bring functionality and beauty into the kitchen. Mission accomplished with this one!

The filtration style of faucet is essential in some homes as it works to filter harmful particles from the drinking water (2). This Restoration model achieves this and looks stunning to boot.

Inspired by Kingston Brass’ signature vintage style, this fixture is incredibly elegant. Sporting a high arch design, lovely curved handle and slim body, it’s an eye-catching piece.

Made from solid brass and fitted with a ceramic cartridge, it’s highly durable. With that said, it’s only suitable for cold inlet water — and not compatible with reverse osmosis or instant hot water systems.

Why We Love It

Beautiful Fixture

Coated in a polished brass finish, this goldish, minimalist fixture is mesmerizing to look at. The high arch spout reaches just over 11 inches in height, though it appears much taller due to the long neck.

The Kingston Brass Restoration brings together the best of both worlds. It fits perfectly into a traditional kitchen, but will easily suit an ultra-modern abode as well.

Easy To Use

We appreciate a faucet that’s easy to use. This filtration has a single handle that turns smoothly for high precision adjustments. It’s ADA compliant and ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand.

Compact yet Bold

This filtration faucet has a bold look fitted in a compact body.

Kingston Brass created it by blending the styles of two of its other fixtures. The spout provides a clearance of 8.375 inches and has a reach of 4.625 inches. It’s suitable for most kitchen sinks without overreaching and causing a wet counter.

Built to Last

Kingston Brass made sure to construct the Restoration from durable materials. Its main body is solid brass and includes a ceramic cartridge. Together, they ensure long-lasting protection against leaks and abrasion.

The polished brass finish also provides a barrier for external damages such as scratches and watermarks.

Keep In Mind

Not for Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems

The filtration faucet works well, and many users praise it. However, there’s a mistake in some of its product information. Kingston Brass writes that it’s compatible with reverse osmosis systems, which it isn’t.

Fortunately, it has added that little detail now, but you might find conflicting advice on some product pages still.

Additional Specs

Application Water filtration faucet
Material Solid brass
Finish Polished brass
Flow rate 1.5 gallons per minute
Spout reach 4.625 inches

2. Kingston Brass KS213MB Magellan Kitchen Faucet

Best Kingston Brass Wall-Mount Faucet

A wall-mounted faucet is a perfect touch to a traditional, vintage-inspired kitchen. But how about adding some boldness? This Kingston Brass Magellan is the perfect mix of vintage chic and modern flair.

Matte black is the name of the game here. It adds an eye-catching touch to an already extraordinary faucet. The smooth shapes and inclining arch completes the look. It sports traditional cross handles with hot and cold buttons.

The brass base and ceramic cartridges along with the swivel spout gives the impression that this faucet will last years. It feels sturdy to use and easy to adjust, as a high-quality faucet should.

Why We Love It

Bold Matte Black Finish

Matte black is gaining popularity in modern homes as it adds a bold wow-factor to the room. Combine that with a vintage style and you have a winner. The darkness of this fixture is divine, making it suitable in a contemporary kitchen as well.

The black will provide contrast against more standard finishes and decor styles, but serves a practical function too: the dark coat also prevents fingerprints and smudges from being visible.

Straight Spout Design

The simple design of the spout adds to the look. It runs straight with a slight incline. The slight angle provides enough room to comfortably turn the handles to set your desired volume and temperature.

The spout reaches 7 inches into the sink, and the handles sit 6 inches apart. It’s suitable for most kitchens, although we don’t recommend installing it yourself.

Durable Construction

With a brass construction and ceramic cartridges, this beauty may last for a long time. Many praise how durable and sturdy it feels to operate. It’s also a favorite among many users — some even installed one in their bathroom as well.

Keep In Mind

Hot and Cold Buttons May Fall Off

Kingston Brass place hot and cold indicator buttons on their handles, which is certainly helpful and adds to the appeal. However, a few users said that after some time, they came off and required some glue.

Additional Specs

Application Wall-mounted kitchen faucet
Material Brass
Finish Matte black
Flow rate 1.8 gallons per minute
Spout reach 7 inches

3. Kingston Brass KB982FL Royale Lavatory Faucet

Best Kingston Brass Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Reproducing a faucet fit for royalty is just what Kingston Brass did with its Royale bathroom fixture. The company was inspired by European households when they created this stunning piece.

It’s a widespread design with handles sitting 8 inches apart, which is ideal in spacious bathrooms and for those looking to add some luxury. Another fantastic feature is that the handles’ width is adjustable.

The handles are also curved and provide excellent ergonomics. We love this fixture as it is, especially in the gold-toned, polished brass, but it’s also available in polished chrome. The construction and finish are corrosion and tarnish-resistant as well.

Why We Love It

Adjustable and Customizable

One of the significant advantages with Kingston Brass Royale is that it allows you to be creative. If you prefer the handles to be far apart, you can place them up to 16 inches away from each other. This distance fits a large vanity perfectly, while still keeping the glamour.

Traditional Style

The faucet puts a spin on traditionalism while preserving the glamour of the past. And the polished brass finish adds the perfect final touch by encasing the fixture in a goldish hue.

Sturdy Construction and Generous Warranty

When buying a faucet, the look isn’t everything — it’s crucial to find one that’s durable enough to last. Brass is the perfect material for this. It’s impervious to damages and will withstand the wear and tear of a busy bathroom.

A ten-year warranty backs up the durability and high-quality of the faucet. The finish is tarnish-resistant, meaning it keeps its shine and beauty. Just remember to avoid hard chemicals while cleaning.

Keep In Mind

Don’t Use Plumber’s Putty

Installation is super easy, however, remember not to use plumber’s putty. Kingston Brass specifically advise against this as it will void the warranty. Instead, use silicone caulking.

Additional Specs

Application Widespread bathroom faucet
Material Brass
Finish Polished Brass
Flow rate 1.2 gallons per minute
Spout reach 5.75 inches

4. Kingston Brass KB1972PL Heritage Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Best Kingston Brass Faucet for Timeless Bathrooms

Let your bathroom bask in the presence of an elegant faucet with smooth curves and a Victorian spout. The Kingston Brass Heritage faucet creates the perfect cocktail of graceful glamour and functionality.

The curved handles boasts white porcelain accents, and the fixture itself is in a stunning polished brass. Together, they make for a perfect classic look.

Another great feature is the adjustable handles. You can decide how far apart you want them — choose a width between 8 and 16 inches. Finally, the handles are ADA compliant, meaning they’re smooth and easy to use.

Why We Love It

Definition of Glamour

This fixture defines the word glamour; everything from the curved body to the shape of the handles, not to mention the porcelain. It’s mesmerizing to look at.

Additionally, the spout is excellent for large bathroom sinks. It has a reach of 6.5 inches and a 5.5-inch spout clearance.

PVD Finish

The polished brass finish not only looks good, but it’s an integral part, protecting the fixture from external damages. It’s a PVD (physical vapor disposition) coat, which is what makes it so durable. Thanks to PVD, it has an immense resistance to wear, tarnishing, and corrosion.

Feels Sturdy

Many reviewers comment how sturdy the Heritage fixture feels to use. The brass construction gives you a sense of security that it won’t break easily.

The handles are also ADA compliant, and adjusting the temperature and volume is smooth and effortless.

Keep In Mind

Not DIYer-Friendly

If you don’t have experience with installing faucets, then this isn’t the place to start. A few users said they had to call a plumber or contractor for the job.

It’s also essential to keep in mind that improper installation voids the warranty, so best not to chance it.

Additional Specs

Application Widespread bathroom faucet
Material Brass
Finish Polished Brass
Flow rate 1.8 gallons per minute
Spout reach 6.5 inches

Kingston Brass Comparison Chart

Product Award Application Material Finish Flow rate Spout reach
Kingston Brass Restoration Filtration Water filtration Solid brass Polished brass 1.5 gpm 4.625″
Kingston Brass Magellan Wall-Mount Wall-mounted kitchen Brass Matte black 1.8 gpm 7″
Kingston Brass Royale Widespread Widespread bathroom Brass Polished Brass 1.2 gpm 5.75″
Kingston Brass Heritage Timeless Bathrooms Widespread bathroom Brass Polished Brass 1.8 gpm 6.5″

Final Verdict

Kingston Brass, despite being relatively new on the market, produces some stunning fixtures. It has several lines with products for kitchen and bath, and all include the essence of old-day glamour. Most are available in various finishes, ranging from matte black through to stainless.

Unfortunately, it seems that the company could work on its customer service. Before

Would you choose a Victorian-inspired fixture? Please let us know below, and feel free to ask us your questions.

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