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Kohler Faucet Reviews: 2024 Guide

Get to know the company behind some of the best made faucets on today’s market.

If you’re looking for a new faucet, you have probably seen more than one product from Kohler. Kohler is a global powerhouse in bathroom and kitchen faucet design with thousands of partners around the world.

Kohler’s products are among the best faucets you can buy, so you should be delighted with any of their options. Still, not every faucet will be the right fit for your kitchen or bathroom, so you might need some advice on where to start looking.

In this guide, we will take a closer look at Kohler’s history and what sets the company apart from the competition. We have also shared our in-depth Kohler faucet reviews of what we consider to be the current top five products you can buy.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Kohler Artifacts Faucet
Best for Classic Kitchens
Kohler Artifacts Faucet
  • Practical pull-down
  • Magnetic docking & braided hose
  • MasterClean & temperature memory
Product Image of the Kohler Malleco Faucet
Best for Contemporary Kitchens
Kohler Malleco Faucet
  • 28-inch sprayer hose
  • Whisper-quiet retraction
  • Customizable handle
Product Image of the Kohler Tournant Faucet
Best Commercial-Style
Kohler Tournant Faucet
  • Triple-function sprayer head
  • Magnetic docking
  • MasterClean spray face
Product Image of the KOHLER K-596-VS Simplice
Best for Modern Kitchens
KOHLER K-596-VS Simplice
  • DockNetik system
  • Three spray modes
  • Sturdy metal construction
Product Image of the Kohler K-560-VS Bellera
Best Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Kohler K-560-VS Bellera
  • Versatile at 10 inches tall
  • Three-function pull-down
  • Durable enough for busy kitchens

The Best Kohler Faucet Reviews of 2024

Trying to narrow down Kohler’s vast range to five products was a difficult task. After comparing numerous products, we were eventually able to narrow down our search to Kohler’s top five faucets. We considered their visual appeal, functionality, and how versatile they are in terms of installation.

Kohler Artifacts Single-Hole Kitchen Faucet

Best Kohler Faucet for Classic Kitchens

With their elegant curves, Artifacts faucets are a beautiful fit for a traditional kitchen. The Kohler Artifacts pull-down faucet has three useful spray settings: an aerated stream, Berrysoft, and Sweep Spray.

The vintage high-arch spout is the most attention-grabbing feature of this faucet. It is 17.625 inches tall and capable of rotating 360 degrees for full sink coverage. When you’re done using it, the sprayer head retracts smoothly into the magnetic dock, which holds it securely.

Another great feature is the temperature memory. This lets you turn on the faucet at the same temperature it was when you last used it.

What We Like

Artifact Beauty

An Artifacts faucet is truly eye-catching. The sophisticated vintage look complements a traditional kitchen perfectly. Everything is subtly curved for a nostalgic feel.

The vibrant stainless finish makes the faucet more versatile and means it will also work in modern homes.

Practical Pull-Down

Artifacts are all about beauty and functionality: the pull-down sprayer head gives you three different modes for any kitchen task.

The Berrysoft spray is gentle enough to wash delicate fruits and vegetables, or perhaps small hands. You also have the Sweep Spray, which creates a powerful, wide water blade for superb cleaning. Even the concentrated spray won’t exceed 1.8 gallons per minute flow rate.

Magnetic Docking and Braided Hose

The pull-down hose retracts using Kohler’s DockNetik system. It pulls the hose back into the dock where it is held securely by a magnet inside the body. This important feature prevents the hose from drooping.

Kohler’s special ProMotion is a braided hose combined with a swiveling ball joint, meaning there will be no tangling or kinking.

MasterClean and Temperature Memory

The rubber nozzles are resistant to minerals and limescale, making them easy to keep clean. Temperature memory is a special feature that makes your faucet remember its most recent temperature.

This is particularly useful in homes with children. It prevents the water flow from starting at scalding temperatures.

What We Don't Like

Magnet Comes Loose

Some users mentioned that the magnet tends to loosen its grip and fall into the nozzle. This is a relatively minor issue but one that Kohler has been happy to fix.

Product Specs

Spout height 17.625 inches
Spout reach 9.625 inches
Flow rate 1.8 gallons per minute
Finish Vibrant stainless
Warranty Lifetime limited warranty

Our Ratings

Material Quality
4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
Flow Rate
4 / 5
Installation Ease
4 / 5
Total Rating
4.25 / 5

User Experience

When I first installed this faucet in my kitchen, its aesthetic appeal and versatile spray options made an immediate impression. The design harks back to traditional two-handle faucets, but with modern conveniences such as single-handed operation and three distinct spray modes. The first two modes, a standard aerated flow and a gentle shower spray, are perfect for a variety of uses from rinsing large pots to delicate fruits. The third, a high-pressure 'sweep' mode, works like a broom of water, ideal for blasting off stubborn food particles. Worth noting, however, is that the online pictures do not accurately represent the actual colors, with the Vibrant Nickel appearing more amber than expected, and the Vibrant Stainless appearing lighter and brighter.

Kohler Malleco Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

Best Kohler Faucet for Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchens are typified by crisp, clean lines, subtle colors, and abstract shapes and curves. Kohler’s Malleco brings all of this and more — it is a beautiful, modern pull-down.

Kohler made sure to include a 28-inch pull-down hose, extending your reach beyond the kitchen sink. It has two modes to choose from: Sweep Spray and a soft aerated stream. The hose retracts and is secured using the DockNetik magnet located in the spout.

A popular detail of this faucet is the interchangeable silicone handle. You can choose from white, black, and taupe. Kohler also included a soap dispenser in a matching finish for people with extra holes in their sink.

What We Like

Dual-Function Sprayer Head

Kohler provides 28 inches of hose and you can choose from two modes. One is a gentle aerated stream, perfect for washing hands and vegetables, and the other is Kohler’s Sweep Spray. The sweep forms a sharp blade of water, cutting through stubborn residue on dishes and pots.

ProMotion Hose

ProMotion technology results in a light, braided hose that is whisper-quiet as it retracts and extends. It is connected to a swiveling ball joint that allows for comfortable use. The hose will move effortlessly to match your movements around your workstation.

Customizable Handle

The single handle of this faucet is equipped with a silicone cover. You can choose from three colors to suit your specific style. Our favorite is white; it is clean, subtle, and eye-catching.

The silicone covers are dishwasher safe, making it effortless to clean them.

Includes Soap Dispenser and Base Plate

Although this model only requires a single hole for installation, Kohler includes extras for additional holes. This includes a 16-ounce soap dispenser that is top-filled and a 10.5-inch base plate.

What We Don't Like

Sweep Spray Prone to Splashes

Some reviewers felt the Sweep Spray was slightly too powerful. It can cause splashes if you angle it slightly, so these reviewers would have liked it to be easier to control.

Swivels Too Easily

Reviewers mentioned that the spout swivels too easily. Some said it became quite annoying as it would move with even slight contact.

Product Specs

Spout height 15.5 inches
Spout reach 9 inches
Flow rate 1.8 gallons per minute
Finish Vibrant stainless
Warranty Lifetime limited warranty

Our Ratings

Material Quality
4 / 5
4.5 / 5
Flow Rate
4 / 5
Installation Ease
4 / 5
Total Rating
4 / 5

Personal Perspective

When I installed this faucet, it was a beautiful addition to my kitchen. The single sensor function requires two hand motions to start and stop the water flow, which is a little inconvenient compared to previous faucets I've owned that had two sensors. The water stream from the aerator tends to sputter on the edges, which can get a bit messy when filling a glass. Despite these minor issues, I appreciate the flat spray feature and the overall aesthetics of this faucet.

Kohler Tournant Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet

Best Kohler Commercial-Style Kitchen Faucet

A magnetic docking arm and scratch shield technology are just two of the features that make this one of the best Kohler kitchen faucets. It is designed with serious chefs in mind and optimized for domestic use with its 25-inch height.

One great feature is the triple-function pull-down sprayer head. You can choose from stream, Berrysoft, and Sweep spray, depending on the task.

It features a pull-down hose that is held in place by a magnetic docking system. The hose retracts smoothly and effortlessly. Around the spout, there is a spring coil, which is removable for better access during cleaning.

If you’re looking for durability, this semi-pro faucet has it in spades. It is equipped with a ceramic cartridge and the premium finish is resistant to corrosion and tarnishing.

What We Like

Triple-Function Sprayer Head

This faucet lives up to its semi-pro label. The pull-down sprayer head features three different settings.

You get the usual stream for everyday tasks such as washing hands but you also receive Kohler’s Berrysoft and Sweep Spray technology. Berrysoft is for cleaning delicate vegetables and fruits, while Sweep Spray technology creates a blade of water to rinse dirty plates and pots.

Magnetic Docking

To ensure the sprayer head doesn’t droop over time, Kohler includes its DockNetik system. This retracts the hose effortlessly, placing it into its dock and keeping it secure until the next time you need it.

Built to Last

To serve a busy kitchen, a semi-professional faucet must be durable, and Tournant is exactly that. It has a robust metal construction, which many users have said feels sturdy and easy to operate.

Kohler included a ceramic cartridge to prevent leaks and ensure smooth and precise adjustments. Finally, the polished chrome finish is resistant to scratches as well as corrosion and tarnishing.

Easy to Clean

The polished chrome finish gleams beautifully and looks clean. To keep it this way, the spring coil is removable, providing easy access to the otherwise difficult-to-reach spots.

It also has Kohler’s MasterClean spray face, which is resistant to mineral buildup and straightforward to clean.

What We Don't Like

Black Sprayer Head Pin May Fall Out

There is a small black pin in charge of engaging the powerful sweep spray. Unfortunately, some reviewers said theirs fell out quite quickly. The pins are tiny and could fall down the drain.

Thankfully, if you contact Kohler about this issue, they have been happy to send a replacement if needed.

Product Specs

Spout height 24.5625 inches
Spout reach 10 inches
Flow rate 1.5 gallons per minute
Finish Polished chrome
Warranty Lifetime limited warranty

Our Ratings

Material Quality
4.5 / 5
4 / 5
Flow Rate
4 / 5
Installation Ease
3.5 / 5
Total Rating
4 / 5

Community Feedback

After replacing my old faucet with this one, I noticed an immediate upgrade in aesthetics and functionality in my kitchen. The installation process was straightforward, and the quality was impressive, though the spray head and some smaller parts are plastic, which was a bit disappointing. Despite its size, which was larger than I expected, this faucet seemed to enhance our water pressure and became an intriguing talking point in our kitchen. It features three water streams and has a sturdy, professional look that added a sleek touch to my kitchen decor.

KOHLER K-596-VS Simplice High-Arch

Best Kohler Faucet for Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens require a faucet that is sleek and elegant yet functional. Simplice is an excellent example of a faucet that can provide exactly that. It brings ergonomic shape and functionality to your kitchen.

The high spout can turn 360 degrees and is fitted with a smooth-moving pull-down sprayer head. One excellent addition is the magnetic docking system to keep the sprayer nozzle in place when it is not in use.

For added functionality, Kohler gave this model three settings for busy kitchens. You also get Kohler’s Sweep Spray, which is capable of cutting cleaning time in half without increasing the flow rate too much.

Kohler stresses how easy the Simplice is to install. The hose and sprayer head is pre-attached, and supply lines are included in the package along with a deck plate.

What We Like

Excellent Pull-Down

This faucet will be a centerpiece in any kitchen. The pull-down design is beautiful to look at, with eye-catching elegance. At 16.625 inches tall, the spout fits most kitchens while still providing ample clearance above the sink.

The pull-down hose retracts using Kohler’s DockNetik system. The hose movement is quiet as it is so light, moving effortlessly to wherever you need it. The ergonomic shape makes it comfortable to hold.

Three Spray Modes

The Simplice is all about making everyday life a little easier. It boasts three spray modes: stream, Sweep, and Boost.

The stream is ideal for everyday tasks such as washing hands and fruits. This setting uses 45% less water compared to the average faucet. The sweep spray arranges the nozzle to create a broader, powerful blade. When you need some extra power, unleash the boost. It immediately increases the flow rate by 30%.

Durable Fixture

Durability is a crucial feature of any faucet, and Simplice delivers. It is made from sturdy metal, making it resistant to the wear and tear of rigorous use. The tap is coated with a vibrant brushed stainless finish, so it is impervious to tarnishing and corrosion.

Kohler included a ceramic valve inside the faucet to prevent leaks. It ensures a long service life as well as precise adjustments of temperature and flow.

Straightforward to Install

Installation couldn’t be easier than with the Simplice. The most challenging parts, the head and hose, are pre-attached. The two flexible supply lines for hot and cold are also included in the package, as well as a deck plate.

What We Don't Like

Prone to Splashing

Some users mentioned that the sprayer is prone to splashing, especially in the boost mode. This seems to be a significant issue with the sprayer for smaller sinks.

Pause Button Gets Stuck

A pause button is a great water-saving tool to include on the sprayer head. However, numerous reviewers mentioned that it gets stuck quite easily, affecting the flow rate.

One user dislodged it with pliers — we don’t recommend doing this. If this issue affects you, Kohler should be prepared to replace the part.

Product Specs

Spout height 16.625 inches
Spout reach 9 inches
Flow rate 1.8 gallons per minute
Finish Vibrant brushed stainless
Warranty Lifetime limited warranty

Our Ratings

Material Quality
4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
Flow Rate
4 / 5
Installation Ease
4.5 / 5
Total Rating
4.25 / 5

First-Hand Impression

In my experience, this kitchen faucet is a significant improvement over my previous 27-year-old model. The design is sleek and attractive, fitting perfectly with my stainless steel sink. The detachable nozzle and water mixer control enhance its functionality, making sink rinsing effortless. However, there were some minor issues, such as the pause button feature which failed to return to the full flow setting. Additionally, the pull-out hose could be longer, and the weight locking mechanism, a zip tie, is not ideal for easy repositioning.

Kohler K-560-VS Bellera Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Best Kohler Oil-Rubbed Bronze Faucet

With a sleek design and innovative features, the oil-rubbed bronze Bellera is perfect for a rustic kitchen. It combines exceptional ergonomics and functionality with its 360-degree swivel spout and pull-down sprayer head.

The pull-down sprayer has three modes you can toggle between using the ergonomic switch on the head. You can choose from stream, Sweep, or Boost. The sprayer head extends down into the sink, so it is excellent for close cleaning.

The magnetic docking feature prevents any drooping over time by keeping the head securely locked.

Made from durable metal, fitted with a ceramic valve, and coated in a tarnish-resistant oil-rubbed bronze finish, the Bellera is made to last.

What We Like

Versatile Design

Although we chose the oil-rubbed finish, the overall design of the faucet is very versatile. It has timeless curves as well as a sleek handle. You can choose from three finishes if the dark bronze isn’t right for you.

The high spout design reaches just over 10 inches, which is suitable for the majority of kitchens.

Three-Function Pull-Down

The hose pulls down into the sink where you can choose from three modes for each task. The booster cuts cleaning time in half. Kohler states that it increases the flow rate by 30%, whereas the Sweep angles the spray, creating a wider stream.

When you have finished cleaning, the hose retracts smoothly thanks to the DockNetik magnetic system. There is a magnet inside the spout that keeps the sprayer head docked when it is not in use.

Sturdily Built

Many reviewers praise how sturdy the Bellera feels during use. The durable metal construction easily withstands the rigors of a busy kitchen. In addition, the ceramic cartridge allows for smooth and precise adjustments, as well as provides protection from leaks.

What We Don't Like

The Retraction System Requires Larger Zip Ties

The pull-down hose uses a weighted retraction system. Beneath the sink, there is a zip tie on the hose that prevents the weight from moving too far. Some reviewers mentioned that the one Kohler included is too small and slips right through, so they had to find a larger replacement.

Product Specs

Spout height 10.1875 inches
Spout reach 7.875 inches
Flow rate 1.8 gallons per minute
Finish Oil-rubbed bronze
Warranty Lifetime limited warranty

Our Ratings

Material Quality
4 / 5
4 / 5
Flow Rate
3.5 / 5
Installation Ease
3.5 / 5
Total Rating
3.75 / 5

User Experience

If you're on the hunt for a faucet that combines functionality and aesthetics, then this faucet might just be your answer. From the moment I installed it, it has consistently impressed me with its powerful flat spray pattern, which makes washing dishes a breeze, and the higher flow option is a godsend for tasks like filling pots or cleaning off muddy items. The design is sleek and the magnetic holder for the faucet head is a thoughtful touch, allowing the faucet to maintain a good pouring distance with minimal bending. While the black hose and buttons did stand out against the stainless color and somewhat disrupted the overall look, the sheer practicality of the faucet more than made up for it. However, I did face an issue with a leak in the hose after four years of use, but a new design was dispatched for replacement, making the installation process significantly easier.

Product Comparison Chart

Product Award Spout height Spout reach Flow rate Finish Warranty
Kohler Artifacts Classic Kitchens 17.625″ 9.625″ 1.8 GPM Vibrant stainless Lifetime limited
Kohler Malleco Contemporary Kitchens 15.5″ 9″ 1.8 GPM Vibrant stainless Lifetime limited
Kohler Tournant Commercial-Style 24.5625″ 10″ 1.5 GPM Polished chrome Lifetime limited
KOHLER Simplice Modern Kitchens 16.625″ 9″ 1.8 GPM Vibrant brushed stainless Lifetime limited
Kohler Bellera Oil-Rubbed Bronze 10.1875″ 7.875″ 1.8 GPM Oil-rubbed bronze Lifetime limited

Who is Kohler?

Kohler is an American company founded in 1873 by Austrian John Micheal Kohler and Charles Silberzahn in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. It was formed when Kohler purchased his father-in-law’s Sheboygan Union Iron and Steel Foundry. During this period, the company was called Kohler & Silberzahn (1).

At first, the duo focused on producing steel plows and other farm instruments. However, it also made castings for furniture and steel ornaments.

By 1878, Silberzahn decided to sell his share of the company to two employees, John Stehn and Herman Hayssen. The business then became known as Kohler, Hayssen & Stehn Manufacturing Company.

A fire in 1880 forced a move to a new factory. The one silver lining was that this allowed it to open an enameling shop. In 1883, it created its first enamel-covered bathtub, which was essentially a horse trough.

In the decades since, Kohler has focused on plumbing fixtures. At the start of the 20th Century, Robert J. Kohler became president of the company when his father, John Micheal Kohler, passed away.

Shortly after, the company produced a drinking fountain equipped with a “bubbling valve.” It was unique at the time as it shot the water vertically and went on to be recognized as a “bubbler”.

For more than 140 years, Kohler Co. has provided homes with excellent service and products. Today, it is one of the largest faucet companies in the world. Although it is primarily known for plumbing fixtures, Kohler also offers furniture, tiles, carpentry, generators, and engines.

What Sets Kohler Apart

As a company, Kohler has been largely unchanged for more than a century, other than changing its name a couple of times. It is still owned and managed by the same family. This sets it apart from many of its competitors, which have changed hands multiple times or been absorbed into other companies.

1. High-Quality Parts

Most of Kohler’s faucets are manufactured in the United States at the company’s plant in Sheridan, Arkansas. However, the components are largely produced overseas in China and India.

Kohler has avoided using plastic and zinc parts, which are often the weak links in faucets and can cause a much shorter lifespan. Instead, it uses high-quality materials such as German-made ceramic cartridges.

2. Overcoming Adversity

Kohler has faced its fair share of problems across its many decades. Not only did two of its factories burn down, but it has also endured several worker strikes over the years. The company appears to have overcome these difficulties and come out stronger.

3. Amazing Customer Care

Kohler focuses on creating a personalized experience for its customers. It now provides a blog, floor plans, artist pages, and personalized planning tools to help customers with their projects. There are numerous brands under its umbrella, including McGuire, Ann Sacks, Baker, Kallista, Robern, and others.

Kohler is currently a prominent company across several social media sites. It is featured on eight of the top sites listed on Alexa. Customers can easily sign in and navigate the website, track their orders, create wish lists, and more.

4. Kohler and Sustainability

Kohler recognizes the importance of sustainability. It is currently working toward a net-zero environmental impact by the year 2035. The company is committed to reducing and offsetting greenhouse emissions.

Kohler also began collecting waste from its factories to reuse for new products through its WasteLab, which launched in 2017 (2). It is developing innovative water and energy-saving products, to help people reduce their impact on the planet.

Kohler’s WasteLab has produced beautiful tiles made from old enamel, along with other leftover material. This is a great way of recycling waste to provide sustainable products.

What People Think of Kohler’s Faucets

Kohler’s faucets are very popular. Their fixtures average 4.5 stars out of 5 on review sites, with some models reaching the 5-star mark. Customers praise their high-quality, durable products, which radiate luxury.

Multiple styles are available in various finishes ranging from stainless steel and chrome, to oil-rubbed bronze, to matte black and white. Kohler has a faucet for all homes and budgets.

Kohler’s customer service receives particular praise. If you have any questions, there is a searchable FAQ section on the website. You can also call Kohler’s toll-free number (1-800-456-4537), which many customers have said helped resolve any issues.

The company includes extended warranties with its faucets. Users have praised how quickly the company replaced any faulty parts. Reviewers say parts were shipped quickly without having to endure a long back and forth with customer support.

Where to Buy Kohler Faucets

Kohler’s products are available from many online retailers such as Amazon, Home Depot, Wayfair, and Faucet.com. You can also purchase them directly from the company’s website.

If you prefer to buy offline and want to take a closer look, Kohler has a dealer locator on its website. This will help you find your nearest certified Kohler reseller.

Kohler Contact Information

If you want to speak with Kohler’s customer service, you can use this number: 1-800-456-4537 Monday to Friday, from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

You can also send an email straight from the website. A live chat with customer service is also available by clicking on the “Help” icon in the corner of your screen.

Kohler Faucet Lines

Kohler offers several lines of beautiful, user-friendly faucets, but five lines in particular stand above the rest:

Kohler Artifacts

The Artifacts line contains classic designs reimagined in fresh styles for a range of kitchen settings. These faucets provide vintage looks with high arch gooseneck spouts and elegant curves. They all feature pull-down sprayer heads with several functions to assist you in the kitchen.

Kohler Artifacts are excellent for both traditional and modern homes. This collection is available in finishes such as polished chrome, vibrant stainless, vibrant polished nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze.


  • Versatile yet classic design.
  • Several finishes to choose from.
  • Useful functions.


  • Kohler made some changes from older models and now uses some less durable parts.

Kohler Tournant

Kohler’s Tournant line is designed for keen home chefs. It is a commercial-style faucet series that brings professional quality into domestic kitchens. High spouts and pull-down sprayers with several functions are standard.

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, the Tournant is an excellent choice. You can choose from different finishes, including chrome, vibrant polished nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and vibrant stainless.


  • User-friendly features.
  • Sleek, professional design.
  • Includes various finishes.


  • Will be too tall for some kitchens.

Kohler Simplice

Simplice is suitable for several styles of kitchen, combining universal, elegant design with ergonomic curves and high functionality. The Simplice boasts high-arch, 360-degree swivel spouts, and pull-down sprayers.

Kohler recommends Simplice for a modern kitchen where you want extra functionality in a simple package. It is available in polished chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and vibrant stainless.


  • Elegant design, suitable for various kitchens.
  • 360-degree swivel and other useful functions.


  • The kitchen line might be too tall for overhead cabinets.

Kohler Bellera

Kohler describes their Bellera faucets as having a “sleek appearance packed with innovative features”. They are a beautiful combination of elegance, ergonomics, practicality, and versatile design. Bellera faucets also sport high arch spouts with pull-down features.

Bellera faucets combine perfectly with both traditional and contemporary settings, becoming a centerpiece in the room. You can choose from finishes such as vibrant stainless, oil-rubbed bronze, and polished chrome.


  • Complements a traditional or contemporary kitchen.
  • Includes pull-down sprayers.
  • Several finishes are available.


  • Not suitable for every kitchen.

Kohler Malleco

The Malleco line allows you to customize your faucet, altering the handle to suit your needs. This line of faucets is available with or without touchless control, but both options feature a useful sweep sprayer to wash dishes quickly.

Kohler recommends Malleco for any modern kitchen where you want user-friendly functionality and elegance.


  • Available with touchless control.
  • Allows you to customize the handle’s cover.
  • Very elegant.


  • Not a style for every kitchen.


Is Kohler a Good Faucet Brand?

Kohler is consistently regarded as one of the highest-rated faucet brands in the world, along with Delta, Moen, and Kraus. The company has been active for more than 140 years and has been owned by the Kohler family throughout that time. You can be confident that you will receive an excellent product, whether you choose Kohler bathroom faucets or Kohler kitchen faucets.

Where Are Kohler Faucets Made?

Kohler was founded in the United States in 1873 and the company has continued to be based in the US in the decades since. Today, the majority of its products are constructed at the company’s main faucet factory in Sheridan, Arkansas. Many of its parts are manufactured overseas in China and India, before being imported to the US to be assembled and shipped around the world.

Does Kohler Make Sanitaryware?

In 2002, Kohler acquired Karat, a successful Thai sanitaryware manufacturer that was founded in 1983. The company was officially renamed Kohler (Thailand) but it continued to produce sanitaryware, including bathtubs, sinks, and other ceramics, under the Karat brand. Today, Karat is an important part of the Kohler family and produces beautiful modern sanitaryware.

Do Kohler Faucets Have Lead In Them?

Back in 2010, Kohler said that all of its bathroom and kitchen faucets for homes have been changed to meet the requirements of California law AB1953 and Vermont law S.015 about the amount of lead in faucets that are used for drinking water.

NSF International, a third-party organization, certifies each residential faucet to ensure it meets the rules. A 1/2-inch silver decal on the box of each faucet lets customers know that the faucet has been checked and meets the new low-lead standards.

Does Kohler Offer Free Replacement Parts?

Kohler offers free replacement parts if defects are found after normal residential use. You can’t receive any replacement parts if it turns out that the damage has been caused by owner error, misuse, or accident.

Are Kohler Faucets Guaranteed for Life?

The components of Kohler faucets, which can be used in the kitchen or the bathroom, are covered by a limited lifetime warranty offered by the company.

The manufacturer guarantees that any faucets produced after January 1997 will function properly and not leak or drip when used in a typical domestic setting. They come with a lifetime warranty, provided the original consumer purchaser continues to hold the property.

If the faucet develops a leak or drips while meeting this condition, Kohler will send the customer a fresh new faucet cartridge at no additional cost.

It’s not always the case, the cartridge is frequently to blame when there is a leak in the system. But it’s important to remember that this warranty is only valid for Kohler faucets installed in the United States.

Are Kohler Faucets Worth It?

Kohler is an excellent faucet company with over 140 years of experience. They produce impressive faucets in stunning finishes with user-friendly features such as Sweep Spray, DockNetik, and many others.

With such a diverse range of faucets, it’s easy to see why Kohler’s high-quality products consistently receive positive feedback from customers. We hope you found our Kohler faucet reviews helpful and that you can find a model to suit your needs.

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