Best Kids Shower Heads of 2021

Make showers more entertaining for your kids... and less exhausting for you!

Bathing your little one can be simultaneously delightful and draining. But if you have a child that protests bath times, there could be a clever way to make washing up more enticing.

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t involve shelling out cash on expensive toys. Our little ones love to feel included, and routine hygiene is no exception. Upgrading your shower head to something more child-friendly might do the trick.

Plus, a positive association early on will always encourage good habits later on. As a parent, you don’t need to waste time with returns and refunds.

Why Buy a Kids Shower Head?

Our guide will help you buy the best kids shower head on the first try.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table
Product Image of the KAIYING Children's Handheld Shower Head,Cartoon Water Flow Spray Shower Head Baby Kids Toddler Bath Play Bathing Toys (I :Showerhead(Duckie)+Hose+Diverter)
Most Classic Design
Kaiying Children’s Duckie Shower
  • Convenient suction mount
  • Great for rubber-ducky fans
  • Non-toxic
Product Image of the KAIYING Handheld Shower Head for Kids, Baby Shower Sprayer, Bathroom Toddler Shower Wand w/ 59'' Hose, Suction Cup Bracket, Diverter (Yellow)
Best for All Ages
Kaiying Yellow Children’s Shower
  • Quick installation
  • Several animal characters
  • Non-toxic materials
Product Image of the KAIYING Handheld Shower Head for Kids, Baby Shower Sprayer, Bathroom Toddler Shower Wand w/ 59'' Hose, Suction Cup Bracket, Diverter (White)
Best for Farm Animal Fans
Kaiying Children’s Cow Shower
  • Safe, non-toxic construction
  • Hose & diverter included
  • Removable bracket
Product Image of the KAIREY Led Handheld Shower Head 7 Color Light Change Automatically Polished Chrome with 60 Inches Stainless Steel Hose and Adjustable Bracket
Best for Color-Lovers
Kairey Handheld LED Shower Head
  • Visually stimulating for all ages
  • Built-in anti-clogging silicone jets
  • Tool-free installation
Product Image of the GINSEY INDUSTRIES 4210 My Own Child Shower Head
Best for Older Kids
My Own Shower Children’s Shower
  • Detachable for convenient storage
  • Adjustable height
  • Great for kids learning to shower alone
Product Image of the Yookidoo Bath Toy - Submarine Spray Station - Battery Operated Water Pump with Hand Shower, Googly Eyes Water Spinner - Many Ways to Play (Age 2-6 Years)
Best for Young Reluctant Bathers
Yookidoo Handheld Shower
  • Many ways to play
  • No installation required
  • Great diversion for kids
Product Image of the KAIYING Children's Handheld Shower Head,Cartoon Water Flow Spray Shower Head Baby Kids Toddler Bath Play Bathing Toys (J:Showerhead(Froggie)+Hose+Diverter)
Best for Frog Fanatics
Kaiying Children’s Frog Showerhead
  • Non-toxic build
  • All accessories included
  • Built-in suction mount

Why Buy a Kids Shower Head?

When it comes to items like shower heads, you can’t look solely at functionality. It has to be interesting and engaging, too. You can buy something that’s top of the line only to find that your little one snubs their nose at it.

Some of you may be skeptical about buying a kids’ shower head. After all, you already have a shower head that does the job — why buy another?

Well, a few reasons might be:

Child-Friendly Design

These shower heads are designed with younger audiences in mind. Young kids couldn’t care less about sleek chrome fixtures or modern bell-shaped models. They want something stimulating (like a colorful animal) to look at.

Engaging for Your Kid

If your child turns every bath into a battle, a cute shower head could turn things around. A unit with colored lights, such as an LED model, might be captivating enough to distract reluctant bathers from temper tantrums.

Smaller Size

These types are often smaller, allowing your child to use them on their own. The petite build enables your little ones to practice grown-up showering without getting hurt. A full-sized model can be heavy and injure your child if they drop it.

Reduce Fear or Stress

For those of you with children who have special needs, a new shower head could make bathing less unpleasant. Children with sensory issues (e.g. autism) may find water stressful or frightening (1).

Safety Tip

If your child is under the age of six, never leave them unsupervised: you could be risking their life. A child-appropriate shower head doesn’t eliminate the dangers of solo bathing (2).

Features for Mom and Dad

Consider the following more grown-up elements when buying a kids’ shower that will be engaging and practical.


Does the shower head come with a diverter? It’s the component that enables you to divert water flow to more than one attachment in your bath or shower (3).

Ideally, it should be compatible with your current setup. What about a hose, or will you have to buy a new one? We’d venture to guess that you’re not planning to get rid of your regular unit entirely — extras like these are important.


If you’re particular about what your child comes into contact with, you need to look at the construction. For instance, if you’re cautious about exposure to bisphenol-A (BPA) plastics, ensure the model you’re looking at doesn’t contain them. Children are particularly vulnerable to BPA, although the full spectrum of health effects is still under research (4).


Is there a mount included for your child’s shower head? You don’t want it hanging into the tub, getting in your way when you’re bathing on your own.

Involving Your Child

The design is what matters most to your little bather. It’s up to you whether you want to give your child options to pick from or surprise them. If your kid has a specific like — for example, a certain animal — that should make it easier for you.

Most of the models we’ve reviewed are animal-themed. This is for a good reason: most children’s literature, as well as cartoons and educational shows, involve animals (5).

Best Kids Shower Head Reviews of 2021

We respect that parents are busy people, and so we’ve put in the time on your behalf to find the best kids’ shower heads on the market. Each one has undergone our rigorous selection process, combined with expert opinion to pick the best.

1. Kaiying Children’s Duckie Shower Head

Most Classic Design

If you had a rubber duck to share bathtime with when you were a child, or had a duck-themed bathroom, this model might work for you. The Kaiying duckie shower head will appeal to both parents and children with an affinity for the classic bathing companion.

A rubber ducky is likely the first bath toy your baby will own (6). This model is the ideal complement — a larger version of your child’s favorite water-resistant plaything. The build is non-toxic, ABS plastic and is suitable for kids over one year old.

It comes with everything you’ll need to set it up, including a shower hose and diverter valve. There’s a suction mount on the duck’s back to hang up the shower head once the kids have finished washing off. The included diverter allows you to use both your shower head and your kids’ one at the same time.


  • Convenient suction mount.
  • Great for rubber-ducky fans.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Should appeal to most babies and toddlers.


  • Duck design might seem childish to older kids.

Additional Specs

Design Duck
Included Accessories Diverter and hose — 59.06 inches
Materials Food-grade ABS, non-toxic plastic
Mount Built-in suction
Diverter Type Triple-function diverter

2. Kaiying Yellow Children’s Shower Head

Best for All Ages

If you have more than one child, choosing a shower head with a universal appeal can be tricky. Certain designs may entice one sibling but bore another. This cow-themed kids’ shower head by Kaiying may be a solution to your problem.

The yellow character with pointy ears and a blue cap is ambiguous-looking, allowing for creative interpretation. It could be a cat for your kid who adores felines, or a cow — as intended — for your four-year-old with an obsession for farm animals.

The bright primary colors — yellow and blue — should encourage a positive response from your child (7). If your young one enjoys acting older than their years, the animal theme won’t come off as too babyish.

Setting up your Kaiying shower head won’t be too much of a hassle. The unit comes with a hose and three-way diverter for simple installation. You don’t have to go out and shop for additional parts.


  • Everything included for a quick installation.
  • Should appeal to both older and younger kids.
  • Character could be several different animals.
  • Non-toxic materials.


  • Some kids may prefer a character with a clearer look.

Additional Specs

Design Yellow cow wearing a hat
Included Accessories Diverter and hose — 59.06 inches
Materials Food-grade ABS, non-toxic plastic
Mount Removable suction bracket
Diverter Type Triple-function diverter

3. Kaiying Children’s Cow Shower Head

Best for Farm Animal Fans

If your child goes wild for images and cartoons of cows, this cow-themed kids’ shower head could be the right fit. The character is a black and white cow. The nozzle — or nose — of the cow is pink. It’s the quintessential friendly figure your child is likely familiar with from books and shows.

There are plenty of ways to make bath time entertaining with this model. Have the cow head moo at your little one, or sing along to other nursery rhymes involving cows.

Like other Kaiying products, the plastic is food-grade ABS. This means it meets the same purity standard as any plastic that food comes into contact with. Installation should be similarly worry-free, as the set comes with a long hose — almost 60 inches long — and a diverter.


  • Safe, non-toxic construction.
  • Hose and diverter included.
  • Signature black-and-white cow character.
  • Removable bracket.


  • One user reported the shower head leaking with time.

Additional Specs

Design Black-and-white spotted cow
Included Accessories Diverter and hose — 59.06 inches
Materials Food-grade ABS, non-toxic plastic
Mount Removable suction bracket
Diverter Type Triple-function diverter

4. Kairey Handheld LED Shower Head

Best Shower Head for Color-Lovers

This showerhead by Kairey isn’t specifically for children, but it could work for them. It showcases three rainbow-colored lights at random intervals of a few seconds. The constant stimulation should keep your kid entertained while you wash them off. This product may be particularly attractive for parents with children who despise bathtime.

Moms and dads caring for autistic children may want to think about the Kairey. LED lighting can be both calming and intriguing to children with sensory disabilities (8). If your child enjoys colorful, sequence-type lights outside of the shower, you can always try exposing them to this LED shower head.

Although this unit doesn’t come with a built-in filter, it has self-cleaning, anti-clogging silicone jets which prevent mineral deposits.


  • Visually stimulating for all ages.
  • Anti-clogging silicone jets.
  • Suitable for adults, too.
  • Effortless installation.


  • No shower head height adjustment.

Additional Specs

Design Randomly sequencing LED lights in three colors.
Included Accessories Shower hose, overhead bracket, teflon tape
Materials ABS Material Chrome Plated
Mount Adjustable Bracket
Diverter Type N/A

5. My Own Shower Children’s Shower Head

Best Shower Head for Older Kids

It’s simultaneously exhilarating and saddening when your child starts to demand independence. This shower head could be an ideal choice for parents who want to give older children a try at grown-up showering. By that, we mean standing up rather than sitting in the tub.

Granted, it has a vivid yellow hose and a blue cartoon fish nozzle. After all, the product is still for children — it has to be exciting to look at. Still, the relatively short hose— 3 feet — means it’s best as a standing shower. You simply suction the fish to the wall at the right height for your wannabe-adult and let them wash up.

This product will appeal to parents who want to preserve an adult aesthetic in the bathroom. The hose is detachable, so you can stash it out of sight when your kid is out of the shower.


  • Detachable for convenient storage.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Great for kids learning to shower alone.


  • Some users complain about the suction cup not sticking.

Additional Specs

Design Blue fish
Included Accessories Connector and yellow hose — 3 feet
Materials N/A
Mount Suction
Diverter Type Patented connector

6. Yookidoo Battery-Operated Handheld Shower

Best for Younger and Reluctant Bathers

If your child is still adapting to bathing, the Yookidoo set could be the way to go. Turning bathing into an interactive game could help make it bearable for your child.

The shower head itself is a miscellaneous character attached to a jolly yellow submarine. Water circulates through the submarine by way of a battery, after which it’s then pumped out through the shower head. That alone can serve as a sufficient distraction for you to get hard chores out of the way, like hair-washing.

A set of engaging toys that you can suction-mount to your bathtub will add to the fun. Have your toddler pour water to make the fan spin, or have water come out of another funny-faced character’s mouth. The set is rated for children aged two to six, meaning it may also be perfect for households with more than one child.


  • Should delight the majority of toddlers.
  • Many ways to play.
  • No installation required.
  • Great diversion for kids who dislike being washed.


  • A few customers found the submarine broke down quickly.
  • Plastic materials not specified.

Additional Specs

Design Miscellaneous character
Included Accessories Toy-set, battery-powered submarine
Materials N/A
Mount Suction for toy-set; no mount required for shower head
Diverter Type None required

7. Kaiying Children’s Frog Shower Head

Best for Frog Fanatics

Kaiying makes our list again with this frog-character shower head. As with the cow model that we reviewed earlier, there’s a lot to work with during shower time if your kid likes frogs. Ribbit your way through ear-cleaning, face-washing, and hair-rinsing.

Let your child suction cup the shower head to the wall to stand underneath it. The compact build should allow most children over the age of one to hold it comfortably.

For parents, this Kaiying model has a couple of perks. For one, it saves you the expense of buying a hose or diverter — both are in the box.

It’s also non-toxic, and plastic parts are food-grade ABS. Finally, the diverter is multi-functional. If you’re washing up with your little one, you can run the water from more than one shower head attachment.


  • Non-toxic build.
  • All necessary accessories included.
  • Built-in suction mount.


  • Water flows straight out instead of at an angle.

Additional Specs

Design Frog
Included Accessories Diverter and hose — 59.06 inches
Materials Food-grade ABS, non-toxic plastic
Mount Built-in suction
Diverter Type Triple-function diverter

Kids Shower Head Comparison Chart

Product Best Design Mount Diverter Type
Kaiying Children’s Duckie Showerhead Classic Design Duck Built-in suction Triple-function diverter
Kaiying Yellow Children’s Showerhead All Ages Yellow cow wearing a hat Removable suction bracket Triple-function diverter
Kaiying Children’s Cow Showerhead Farm Animal Fans Black-and-white spotted cow Removable suction bracket Triple-function diverter
Kairey Handheld LED Shower Head Color-Lovers Randomly sequencing LED lights in seven colors. Hose N/A
My Own Shower Children’s Showerhead Older Kids Blue fish Suction Patented connector
Yookidoo Handheld Shower Younger & Reluctant Bathers Miscellaneous character Suction for toy-set; no mount required for shower head None required
Kaiying Children’s Frog Showerhead Frog Fanatics Frog Built-in suction Triple-function diverter

Happy Showers Ahead

Bathing is something your child has to get used to doing daily. But there’s no reason why it has to be the most dreadful time of day.

Always keep your child’s preferences at the forefront of your mind. A cow versus a duck may be meaningless to you but could be the difference between tears and giggles for your kid.

Plus, if your child is having a good time, you probably will too. Meltdowns in the bath can get messy and destructive, fast. We know that laughter and splashes are infinitely preferable to tsunami-causing temper tantrums.

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