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Best Shower Faucets of 2023

Choosing the perfect shower faucet isn’t easy; here’s how to find the right one.

Replacing your shower faucet is a quick and effective way to give your bathroom an upgrade. There are more types of shower faucets than ever before, with cutting-edge features and a wide range of finishes.

It’s great that there are so many different showerheads available, but it does make it far more difficult to choose one. You will need to consider your options carefully, depending on whether you care more about form, function, or both.

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know to find the ideal shower faucet for your bathroom. We have written ten shower faucet reviews that include some of the best shower faucets available today.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the SUMERAIN Shower Faucet Brushed Nickel,Rough-in Valve Included and Complete Metal Components,Customized Acceptable
Best Overall
SUMERAIN Nickel Shower
  • Spa-feel rainfall showerhead
  • Durable brass and stainless steel
  • Touch-clean spray holes
Product Image of the Gabrylly Shower System Matte Black, 8' Rain Shower Head with 3-Setting handheld Shower Faucets Sets Complete, Rainfall Shower Fixtures with Shower Valve
Best Contemporary
Gabrylly Wall Mounted Shower
  • Smooth matte black
  • Three showerhead functions
  • Sturdy brass construction
Product Image of the Delta Faucet Linden 14 Series Single-Function Shower Trim Kit with 5-Spray Touch-Clean Shower Head, Venetian Bronze T14294-RB (Valve Not Included)
Best for Classic Homes
Delta Faucet Linden
  • Five showerhead settings
  • Rubber holes for easy cleaning
  • Venetian bronze finish
Product Image of the Moen Brantford Chrome PosiTemp Pressure Balancing Tub and Shower Trim Kit without Valve, T62153
Best for Shower & Tub
Moen Brantford Tub & Shower
  • Classic European style
  • LifeShine finish
  • ADA compliant
Product Image of the Delta Faucet Windemere Single-Function Tub and Shower Trim Kit with Single-Spray Shower Head, Oil Rubbed Bronze BT14496-OB (Valve Not Included)
Best Oil-Rubbed
Delta Windemere Shower
  • Temperature protection
  • Touch-clean holes
  • Lifetime limited warranty
Product Image of the SR SUN RISE Shower Faucet Set Bathroom Square Rain Shower Head with Handheld Spray Wall Mounted Rainfall Shower Fixtures Brushed Nickel (Contain Shower Valve)
Best Rain Shower Combo
Sun Rise Shower
  • Complete shower kit
  • 10-year warranty
  • Realistic rainfall showerhead
Product Image of the POP SANITARYWARE Shower Faucet Set Chrome Bathroom Rainfall Mixer Shower System Wall Mounted 8' Inch Shower Head and Handle Set Single Function Shower Trim Kit with Rough-in Valve
Best for Small Bathrooms
POP Single Function Shower
  • Swivel ball faucet
  • Standard ½- inch NPT thread
  • Chrome-finished stainless steel
Product Image of the EMBATHER Shower System 12' Shower Faucet Set for Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Combo Set Wall Mounted Rainfall Square Shower Head, Easy Installation, Contain Rough-in Valve & Trim, Brushed Nickel
Best for Eco-conscious
EMBATHER Shower Faucet
  • Can reduce water waste by 30%
  • Premium brass construction
  • Striking modern design
Product Image of the SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Combo Set Wall Mounted Rainfall Shower Head System Polished Chrome, (Contain Faucet Rough-in Valve Body and Trim)
Best for Large Bathrooms
SR SUN RISE Rain Mixer
  • Concealed installation
  • Pressure balance valve
  • Resistant ten-layer chrome finish
Product Image of the Delta Faucet Lahara 14 Series Single-Handle Shower Faucet, Shower Trim Kit with 5-Spray Touch-Clean Shower Head, Stainless T14238-SS (Valve Not Included)
Best Rustic
Delta Single-Function Shower
  • Five spray options
  • Touch-clean technology
  • Pressure-Balanced Valve temperature protection

Product Reviews

There are countless available options when it comes to top-rated shower faucets. With some help from user feedback and advice from experts, we were eventually able to settle on our top ten shower faucet reviews.

1. SUMERAIN Shower Faucet Brushed Nickel

Best Shower Faucet Overall

Sleek with modern flair, this shower faucet from Sumerain will make your bathroom feel like a spa.

Everything you need is part of the package, including a stainless steel shower arm and a 59-inch hose for the handheld sprayer. The fitting is durable, sturdy, and coated in brushed nickel, which is resistant to rust and corrosion.

The dual-function trim set and valve are excellent. The valve is a simple lever and diverter knob, which is very user-friendly. Another great feature is the TouchClean rubber holes on the showerhead, making it almost effortless to rub clean.

Photo of the SUMERAIN Shower Faucet Brushed Nickel

What We Like


The rainfall showerhead evokes some very relaxing spa vibes, while the brushed nickel finish keeps it feeling fresh and modern. The high-pressure handheld brass sprayer is attached to a long, versatile hose.

The showerhead sits on a curved, independent holding arm, avoiding any bulky fixtures occupying wall space. It looks both luxurious and tidy, two qualities we admire in any bathroom.

Durable Materials

Sumerain used a blend of different materials to achieve optimal durability. The shower head and holding arm are made from stainless steel, whereas the handheld sprayer is brass. Sumerain also used metal for the handle and escutcheon plate.

The finish provides an additional protective layer. It is resistant to rust and corrosion, prolonging the life of the shower faucet. It’s also effortless to clean and won’t retain fingerprints and smudges.

All-Inclusive Bundle

Everything needed to use the shower faucet is included in the package. You receive the trim kit and shower valve, which are fitted into a convenient holding box, ready to install.

It comes with an NPT 0.5-inch connecting thread, compatible with standard plumbing. If you ever decide to change the shower faucet, the holding box is easy to replace.

Touch-Clean Spray Holes

Countless homes in the United States are supplied with hard water, meaning water with high mineral content. Minerals such as calcium form limescale that becomes stuck in spray holes, eventually blocking them completely. Touch-Clean prevents this by using soft rubber that is resistant to build-up, and easier to keep clean.

What We Don't Like

Holding Arm Is Short

Some reviewers felt that the holding arm for the shower head was too short and ordered a longer replacement. The included holding arm is approximately 6 inches but it is angled, so the water is propelled forward.

Product Specs

Flow rate 1.8 gallons per minute
Finish Brushed nickel
Materials Stainless steel, metal, brass
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty

2. Gabrylly Wall Mounted Shower Faucet Set

Best Shower Faucet for Contemporary Bathrooms

A smooth matte black finish shower faucet is the perfect addition to a contemporary bathroom. This example from Gabrylly is also very functional and consists of a double shower with a rainfall feature and a handheld showerhead.

The handheld showerhead has three settings and is suitable for a relaxing shower or a quick rinse. The rainfall showerhead is round and measures 8 inches across, and is attached to the wall by a 16-inch holding arm.

This set is sleek and elegant but also durable as brass is resistant to rust and abrasion. Anti-scald pressure valves are also included to prevent extreme temperature changes.

Photo of the Gabrylly Wall Mounted Shower Faucet Set

What We Like

Smooth Matte Black

Everything on this shower faucet is decked out in matte black. We love the texture of this finish — it has a smooth appearance and adds bold visual appeal to the shower area.

With a single round plate, the valve is sleek, clean-cut, and chic — your shower could become your new favorite place.

Functional Showerhead

The handheld showerhead lets you choose between three settings: a soft stream, a fast massage, or a full massage spray. It’s very easy to switch between modes.

A rainfall shower is a luxury to have in your home. There is a small knob on the handle that you turn to select the showerhead you want to use, easily switching between modes. With a generous 8-inch diameter, the rain showerhead will leave you feeling refreshed.

Sturdily Built

This shower faucet is made to last. Almost every part is constructed using brass and other metals. The showerheads are ABS material, which is durable and easy to keep clean.

On the inside, there is a robust brass pressure balance valve to prevent extreme temperature changes. It eliminates any scalding surprises first thing in the morning. It works by maintaining a consistent pressure in the supply lines in case one suddenly drops.

What We Don't Like

Rain Showerhead Lacks Water Pressure

Unfortunately, some users report that the rain showerhead isn’t as powerful as it should be. It is supposed to deliver a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. However, it does tell you to remove the restrictor if more pressure is required.

Product Specs

Flow rate 2.5 gallons per minute
Finish Matte black
Materials Brass and ABS material
Warranty N/A

3. Delta Faucet Linden Series Shower Faucet

Best Shower Faucet for Classic Homes

If you’re looking to add some extra functionality to your bathroom, this Delta shower faucet is a great place to start. It lets you pick from five different settings.

The vintage finish is beautiful and suits a range of bathroom styles, including farmhouse and modern. Delta’s products are built to last and this Linden is no exception — it is paired with a durable, monitor pressure-balanced valve.

Delta also made sure to fit the showerhead with Touch-Clean rubber holes to prevent any unsightly buildup. It’s effortless to keep clean and won’t decrease in performance any time soon.

Photo of the Delta Faucet Linden Series Shower Faucet

What We Like

Practical Settings

Delta is all about functionality with its Linden line. The five settings each fit various needs: there is a fast massage, full-body spray, full-body massage combo, soft drench, and pause. You can opt for a relaxing shower with a soft drenching stream or an invigorating massage after a tough gym session.

The single handle is easy to use. It’s curved and sits comfortably in the hand as you turn it to activate the flow or adjust the temperature.

Soft Rubber Shower Holes

This is a must-have feature to prevent any blockages from limescale or mineral build-up. The soft rubber holes reduce clogging and allow you to clean the showerhead easily with a gentle wipe. There won’t be any need to use chemical cleaners with this faucet.

Vintage Finish

The Venetian bronze finish is both rustic and modern, adding a subtle, stylish touch to almost any bathroom.

What We Don't Like

No Valve Included

Delta only included the showerhead, pressure-balanced valve, and handle. To use this shower faucet, you will need to purchase the rough-in separately. Delta recommends using its MultiChoice Universal Valve, which ensures the temperature stays consistent.

As you’re trying to find the right temperature level, the valve prevents the water from reaching scalding levels — great if you have children.

No Screws Included

Delta doesn’t include screws to mount the shower faucet. This usually wouldn’t be a major issue. However, as this is a unique finish, it isn’t easy to find matching screws.

Some reviewers said they spray-painted their screws to match the shower.

Product Specs

Flow rate 1.75 gallons per minute
Finish Venetian bronze
Materials N/A
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty

4. Moen Brantford Tub and Shower Faucet

Best Faucet for Shower and Tub

If your shower connects to a bathtub, this Moen Brantford offers a viable replacement for your old faucet. Moen is a top brand, so you can know you’re getting a high-quality fixture.

It’s made from sturdy metal and coated in a beautiful “LifeShine” brushed nickel finish. This heavy-duty coating prevents corrosion and rust.

Moen designed the Brantford collection to suit a range of styles. It’s a traditional look, polished for universal appeal.

The wall-mounted showerhead measures 3.375 inches wide — plenty for a drenching shower — and the tub spout is a little longer, measuring 6.5 inches.

Photo of the Moen Brantford Tub and Shower Faucet

What We Like

Beautiful Style

With a style that evokes the Mediterranean, the Brantford collection is visually stunning. Every curve is soft and elegant, from showerhead to handle to spout. If you want to achieve a subtle luxurious look, Brantford is the way to go.

LifeShine Finish

Moen’s LifeShine coating combines a brushed nickel finish with the durability of chrome. It is capable of withstanding rigorous cleaning without corroding or flaking, but unfortunately, it doesn’t blend well with every style.

ADA Compliant

Moen is renowned for being ADA compliant. All its products are easy to use and this Brantford is no exception. It requires minimal maintenance and is activated using smooth, effortless movements.

What We Don't Like

Valve Sold Separately

Moen doesn’t include a valve in the package, so unless you’re replacing an existing Moen, it’s essential to buy a separate one.

Moen recommends its PosiTemp valve. This is a pressure-balanced plug, which regulates the temperature and pressure, so no unwanted changes occur. It also allows you to set a limit for the hot water before installing.

Lacks Sprayer Settings

Unfortunately, this fitting doesn’t offer as many sprayer settings as some of its competitors. It only has a steady stream mode. Some reviewers said they purchased a different showerhead and attached it to the wall mount.

Product Specs

Flow rate 2.5 gallons per minute
Finish Brushed nickel
Materials Metal
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty

5. Delta Windemere Shower Faucet

Best Oil-Rubbed Shower Faucet

The Windemere combines a powerful full-body shower with timeless elegance. It features Delta’s unique oil-rubbed bronze finish — the color and rustic feel are perfect for a farmhouse-style home.

You can quickly set your preferred water pressure and temperature using the single handle. There’s no need to find the perfect mixture with hot and cold taps.

It’s important not to waste water if you want to be kinder to the environment. The Delta Windemere is WaterSense certified, which confirms it uses 20% less water than regular shower faucets — without compromising the pressure.

Photo of the Delta Windemere Shower Faucet

What We Like

Temperature Protection

Most of us have experienced an unpleasant burst of hot or cold when someone flushes a toilet while we’re using the shower. Fortunately, the Windmere is fitted with a Monitor Pressure-Balanced Valve Cartridge, which keeps your water at a consistent temperature.

Easy to Clean

Reduced water pressure due to a mineral buildup in the spray holes is frustrating. It often requires specialized cleaning solutions and scrubbing to get rid of it.

Delta has incorporated its Touch-Clean Technology to keep your shower faucet running smoothly. It features soft rubber spray holes that are a breeze to wipe clean with your finger or a cloth.

The Shower Head is Easy to Replace

It isn’t uncommon to choose a particular style and later want to change it. Thankfully, Delta gives you the option of replacing the showerhead while retaining the rest of the shower.

The handle and tub spout have a classic style that will go well with any other showerhead that has the same finish.

By not needing to remove the whole fixture, you can save time and money. If the showerhead breaks or stops working correctly, you can easily replace it.

Excellent Warranty

Delta is known for its generous warranties and the Windemere is no exception. The fixtures and finish are covered by Delta’s limited lifetime warranty.

What We Don't Like

Rough-In is Not Included

If you’re buying this to install out of the box, you may be disappointed. The trim kit doesn’t come with a rough-in, so unless you already have one that fits, you will need to make another purchase.

Although Delta states this clearly, there are still some customers who feel it should be included in the price. In any case, here’s Delta’s recommended rough-in.

Product Specs

Flow rate 2 gallons per minute
Finish Oil rubbed bronze
Materials N/A
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty

6. Sun Rise Wall Mounted Rainfall Shower Head System

Best Rain Shower Faucet

If you’re looking for a rainfall showerhead system, you will love this one from Sun Rise. Stunning to look at and with features to match, it is an excellent faucet.

Sun Rise includes everything in the package. You receive the rain showerhead and a handheld sprayer, stainless steel hose, and a valve.

The main attraction is the large showerhead. It’s a 10-inch square made from 304 stainless steel.

The modern, clean-cut design is stunning with the option to choose between two modes: rainfall showerhead or handheld showerhead. It’s fitted with a mixer valve that controls the temperature and pressure, preventing scalding.

Photo of the Sun Rise Wall Mounted Rainfall Shower Head System

What We Like

Great Bundle

Your purchase includes everything from the overhead shower to the handset. The rainfall showerhead attaches to a 15.7-inch metal holding arm, and you have a reach of 70.8 inches with the handheld hose. It all comes with a matching chrome finish, ideal for contemporary bathrooms. Alternatively, you can choose another color such as brushed nickel, black, or bronze to match your bathroom’s specific theme.

10-year warranty

This set comes with a very generous 10-year warranty, so you can be confident that you are investing in a high-quality product that will last for many years. If something does go wrong with the shower, Sun Rise’s customer service team will be able to help.

Realistic Rainfall Feature

We chose this as our best rain shower faucet for a reason. Sun Rise’s innovative technology injects air into the stream, allowing you to enjoy a more powerful shower even with low pressure.

What We Don't Like

Shower System Creates Noise

Some reviewers stated that the pipe creates noise because of imbalanced water pressure. To solve this issue, you can contact a customer service representative, who might provide you with a small part called a check valve.

Product Specs

Flow rate Not specified
Finish Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Balck, Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Materials Brass and 304 stainless steel
Warranty Ten-year warranty

7. POP Single Function Shower Faucet Set

Best Shower Faucet for Small Bathrooms

A simple design is sometimes the most beautiful. This shower faucet includes a single handle and rough-in to get the installation going as soon as possible.

It is available in five stylish finishes including chrome, black, and brushed nickel. You can also choose between a classic round shower head and a modern square.

The 8-inch showerhead provides a drenching shower experience. Even if you have a small bathroom, the set will fit comfortably without looking out of place. Made of brass, this fitting is very durable and built to last.

Photo of the POP Single Function Shower Faucet Set

What We Like

Excellent Compact Design

Even with a tiny shower enclosure, you should still be able to enjoy full coverage and spa-inspired showers. The faucet has a built-in swivel ball that allows you to move the showerhead in any direction to fulfill your needs.

Standard Size

The shower arm comes with a ½- inch NPT thread, which is standard for most homes in the USA. All you need to do is screw the fixtures on, and the shower faucet  will be ready to use.

Durable Construction

The shower faucet is chrome-finished stainless steel. As it’s resistant to rust and corrosion, you don’t need to worry about metal contaminating the water. The rough-in and valves are made of brass.


POP encourages its users to contact customer support if they encounter any issues with the brand’s faucets, which come with a five-year warranty. The customers who reported a defective item said they quickly received a replacement that worked properly.

What We Don't Like

Low Water Pressure

Some customers were unhappy with the water pressure. They said they only received a light rainfall trickle instead of a relaxing, spa-like stream. Keep in mind that this could also be caused by low local water pressure.

Product Specs

Flow rate Not specified
Finish Chrome
Materials Brass and 304 stainless steel
Warranty Five-year warranty

8. EMBATHER Shower Faucet Brushed Nickel

Best Shower Faucet for Eco-conscious Homes

With top-quality materials and a large rainfall showerhead, this Embather model is impressive. It is a state-of-the-art design, suitable for modern bathrooms.

An eco-friendly rain shower is a great luxury, which Embather has achieved thanks to its air injection technology. Pumping air into the stream increases the effective volume, saving a significant amount of water.

A major positive is the durability of this product. Everything is made from brass and coated in brushed nickel, so it is resistant to damage such as rust and corrosion, as well as scratches.

Included is a handheld showerhead attached to a 71-inch hose and a control valve.

Photo of the EMBATHER Shower Faucet Brushed Nickel

What We Like


Embather claims it can save you 30% on your water bill without compromising the flow rate. It uses air injection technology, which creates fuller droplets that have the effect of higher pressure but without water waste.

The noise is also significantly reduced, providing a more relaxing experience. This is the perfect solution for homes with low water pressure, as you will still be able to enjoy a full, luxurious stream.

Premium Materials

Embather designed this shower faucet for heavy-duty use. The company emphasizes that every part was carefully selected to suit a busy household. The main material is brass, which is rust-resistant and non-corrosive.

The 71-inch hose is non-toxic, resistant to abrasion and leaks, and can withstand high pressure. Finally, Embather coated everything in brushed nickel to prevent tarnishing, scratches, and abrasions.

Beautiful Design

The design is beautiful and sleek. Everything from the square shape to the elegant lines of the handheld showerhead embodies modern minimalism.

The square rainfall showerhead is large — approximately 12 inches wide — and is capable of soaking you completely. It is attached to a holding arm that extends 16 inches into the shower area.

What We Don't Like

The Sprayer Holes Retain Water

Some users mentioned that after turning the water off, the spray holes continue to drip. This is apparently because they retain water and will continue to leak until they are emptied. Faucet leaks don’t appear to be a common issue but if the holes never seem to drain completely, check them.

Product Specs

Flow rate 2.5 gallons per hour
Finish Brushed nickel
Materials Brass
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty

9. SR SUN RISE Luxury Rain Mixer Shower Faucet

Best Shower Faucet for Large Bathrooms

If you’re looking for a shower faucet with more features, this Luxury Rain Mixer could be an excellent choice. It is available as a 10 or 12-inch square shower head — enough to feel as though you’re basking under a real waterfall.

The shower set has a beautiful style that suits every bathroom. You receive a wall-mounted showerhead as well as a handheld, all made from stainless steel and high-quality brass.

The fittings feature a single handle and a rotating lever to switch between the showerheads. Homeowners often worry about longevity but Sun Rise has given this faucet a ten-layer chrome plated finish.

Photo of the SR SUN RISE Luxury Rain Mixer Shower Faucet

What We Like

Concealed Installation

Only the handle and showerheads are visible — everything else is hidden within the wall. This gives the bathroom a neat, minimalist look. Unfortunately, it also makes it more challenging to install without a plumber.

Pressure Balance Valve

A pressure-balanced valve is essential to avoid spurts of hot or cold water during your shower. It balances the hot and cold water pressure so you can avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Resistant to Corrosion

The ten-layer chrome finish is resistant to rust and corrosion. It also won’t peel over time, which is a common concern.

High Pressure

Waterfall shower heads generally aren’t as effective in areas with low water pressure. However, this shower faucet features high-pressure technology that ensures you receive your desired flow rate.


The shower is covered by a lifetime warranty that offers a product replacement within the first five years. It’s always nice to have some extra protection when choosing a product.

You get everything you need to install the set immediately — the trim kit and rough-in valve are both included.

What We Don't Like

Difficult Installation

Although customers were very pleased with the shower faucet once it was working, many felt it was difficult to install. It requires a professional plumber to do the job, and some found the instructions to be confusing.

Product Specs

Flow rate Not specified
Finish Chrome
Materials Brass, 304 stainless steel
Warranty Lifetime warranty of five years

10. Delta Single-Function Shower Faucet Lahara

Best Shower Faucet for Rustic Bathroom

Showers are a great way to wash away the cobwebs when you wake up or to relax after a hard day. Delta has dedicated itself to making your time in the shower even more enjoyable with five spray options to provide exactly what you need.

Lahara features several of Delta’s smart technologies such as Touch-Clean and a specialized cartridge. These work together to improve your experience.

The set is straightforward, including a showerhead and a single handle. It is available in a selection of four stylish finishes to suit your bathroom: chrome, stainless steel, champagne bronze, and unique Venetian bronze.

This setup won’t work with a bathtub — it only includes a showerhead and handle. Delta has designed a similar model with a tub spout if needed.

Photo of the Delta Single-Function Shower Faucet Lahara

What We Like

Spray Options

The Lahara offers five spray options: a full body spray, fast massage, full body plus massage, soft drenching, and pause. There’s something for everyone with this shower faucet, whatever your preference.

Touch-Clean Technology

Delta is known for its innovative designs and technologies, and one of its most significant features is ”Touch-Clean”. Faucets with this feature have soft rubber spray holes that are easy to clean.

You don’t need to soak the showerhead or use any harsh chemicals to get rid of buildup. This makes the showerhead better for the environment and safer for you.

Temperature Protection

Flushing a toilet or using any other water appliances can result in a cold surprise for anyone taking a shower at the time. Thankfully, the Lahara shower faucet features a Monitor Pressure-Balanced Valve Cartridge that ensures you enjoy a consistent temperature throughout your shower.

What We Don't Like

Doesn’t Include Valve

A common complaint about Delta shower faucets is that they don’t include rough-ins. You need to purchase them separately. This makes them less convenient as you won’t be able to install one straight out of the box.

Here is the valve Delta recommends.

Product Specs

Flow rate 1.75 gallons per minute
Finish Stainless
Materials Stainless steel
Warranty Faucet and finish lifetime limited warranty

Product Comparison Chart

Product Award Flow rate Finish Materials Warranty
SUMERAIN Shower Overall Pick 1.8 gal/min Brushed nickel Stainless steel, metal, brass Limited lifetime
Gabrylly Shower Contemporary 2.5 gal/min Matte black Brass & ABS material N/A
Delta Linden Classic Homes 1.75 gal/min Venetian bronze N/A Limited lifetime
Moen Brantford Shower & Tub 2.5 gal/min Brushed nickel Metal Limited lifetime
Delta Windemere Oil-Rubbed 2 gal/min Oil rubbed bronze N/A Limited lifetime
Sun Rise Shower Head System Rain Faucet Not specified 4 options Brass & 304 stainless steel 10-years
POP Shower Small Bathrooms N/A Chrome Brass & 304 stainless steel 5-years
EMBATHER Shower Eco-conscious 2.5 gal/hr Brushed nickel Brass Limited lifetime
SR SUN RISE Large Bathrooms N/A Chrome Brass, 304 stainless steel 5-years
Delta Single Rustic 1.75 gal/min Stainless Stainless steel Limited lifetime

How to Choose a Shower Faucet

There are several key factors to consider when trying to find the best shower faucet for your bathroom.


A huge range of styles is available, so consider what will work in your home. Maybe you have a spa-feel to your bathroom and want a massaging shower. Or perhaps you are inspired by tropical rainforests and a waterfall faucet would be the perfect addition.

Shower Configurations

Bathtub and Shower Combo

Many homes feature a tub and shower faucet combo in their primary bathroom. With this setup, you need a showerhead and a tub filler.

This configuration has one or two handles to control water temperature and pressure. It also has a lever to switch between the showerhead and tub faucet.


A shower-only configuration consists of a shower head and controller. Some of these kits also include thermostatic valves.


For bathtubs, there are three main setups to choose from:

  • Deck mount: Faucet and handles are mounted either to the rim of the tub or an adjacent deck.
  • Floor mount or freestanding: These faucets are an excellent option for tubs without pre-drilled holes. They can add a luxurious feel to your bathroom.
  • Wall mount: The faucet and handle are mounted to the wall. All supply lines and pipes will be hidden. This is a good option for tubs close to a wall where a floor mount isn’t possible.


Buying a set is the best way to prevent any out-of-place components. The kit will usually include a showerhead, faucet, and controls.

Some sets might include other parts such as hand showers — this generally depends on the price range. Higher-end bundles might include additional nozzles.

Keep In Mind

The set you choose needs to be compatible with the pipes in your home. Most of the top brands use standard-sized components. However, if you’re unsure, we recommend checking with a plumber to avoid any annoying and potentially costly mistakes.

Finish and Material

Brass is the most popular material used in faucets as it’s highly durable. There are many finishes available, depending on the manufacturer.

The most popular finishes include nickel, stainless steel, chrome, and brass. These will last the longest.

You can also choose from brushed or polished. Both are beautiful, but polished faucets require more maintenance to retain their shine.


It’s essential that you measure the space you have to work with. A large shower head with many components won’t work in a tiny shower enclosure. Vertical pipes and lines also need to be measured to ensure they will fit.


If you’re someone who enjoys DIY, you probably intend to install the shower faucet yourself, so it’s worth finding a model that is easy to install.

Fiddling with the various components could end up causing damage. Opting for a set that is simply fastened to the exterior is the easiest solution.

Installations for wall-mounted or freestanding faucets require pipes to be installed behind walls or beneath the flooring. In this case, calling a professional plumber might be the better option.


When you buy something with a good warranty, you are essentially investing in a safety net. If anything ends up malfunctioning or breaking, you can get a refund or a replacement.

Some of the best shower faucets include a warranty of up to five years, but don’t be too impressed by this — read closely and find out what exactly the warranty covers. Some will cover everything from electronics to pipes and the finish. Others will only cover specific parts.

Which Brand Creates the Best Shower Faucets?

There are plenty of manufacturers to choose from, but three shower faucet brands stand above the rest:

  • Delta Faucet: A leading brand that produces everything from bath sink faucets to showers and tubs, as well as kitchen fixtures. It is famous for delivering excellent quality and practical features such as Touch-Clean.
  • Moen: Another famous company, known for its high-quality bathroom and kitchen faucets. Moen’s fixtures have a classic appearance, usually with soft curves, in a range of special finishes such as Venetian bronze.
  • Embather: This manufacturer is famous for its 12-inch rainfall showerheads and sleek modern designs. All its faucets are high-quality and reasonably priced.


How Do I Choose a Shower Valve?

You need to consider your water supply, any existing plumbing, and, of course, your personal preferences. You might want a minimalist look with a concealed shower valve, but you may be unable to perform the work necessary to place it within your wall.

Make sure your water supply is powerful enough for the type of shower you choose; there’s no point in choosing a powerful mixer shower if you don’t have enough water. Consider your circumstances and what you want from your shower, then look at your options.

Are All Shower Valves Universal?

Your shower valve might not match your existing plumbing, so it’s worth finding out how large your inlet is and choosing a valve to match. It’s also important that your valve matches your showerhead if you buy the two separately. The best way to accomplish this is to buy your showerhead and valve from the same brand, as these will almost certainly be a perfect match. You can always check with customer support to make sure.

How Long Do Shower Valves Last?

How long a shower valve lasts will depend on the type of valve, who manufactured it, which material they used, and your local water quality. Harder water will negatively affect any plumbing appliances. The easiest way to get a better idea of how long a valve might last is to look at its warranty; this will tell you how long the manufacturer expects the product to last. Even a budget shower valve should last at least five years before you encounter any issues.

How Much Does a Plumber Cost to Install a Shower Faucet?

How much a plumber charges to install a shower faucet depends on several factors. The cost of the materials to install a shower faucet ranges anywhere from $147.27 to $350.88 per fixture on a national scale. A national average is $249.08 per fixture.

The cost of labor and materials for one faucet comes to a total of $562.02, with individual prices ranging from $430.43 to $693.61. Your final cost will be determined by factors such as the finish options you select, the size of the project, the conditions, and your location.

Do You Have to Replace a Valve When Replacing a Shower Faucet?

You don’t have to replace a valve when replacing a shower faucet, but that also depends on the current state of the valve. Be sure to check if the valve is leaking whenever you turn on the water.

Should you notice any drips, then it’s time to replace the valve. Not only do leak waste water, but those coming from the valve can infiltrate behind the wall and cause mold, mildew, and structural damage.

Also, be on the lookout for a slow reaction time when switching from hot to cold water and vice versa. If your water is at a high pressure somewhere in the house and the shower water temperature changes a swell, then you could be dealing with a faulty valve.

Which Is Better, Delta or Moen Shower Faucet?

To determine if Delta or Moen shower faucets are better, consider which of these two you prioritize: durability or affordable pricing? When you’re on a limited budget, and you’re looking for a decent shower faucet, Delta is a great brand.

They offer an excellent warranty, so your money is in a safe place. However, Moen is the brand to consider if you value durability more than price.

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