Best Foot Spas of 2021

There's nothing quite like a nice warm foot spa after a long, hard day.

There are few things worse than sore feet, and few things better than foot massages. But going to a spa or having a professional treatment can be expensive. That’s where a foot spa comes in, giving you all the luxury of a five-star treatment right at home.

There are plenty of benefits to foot spas — like relieving aches, pains and stress, or even treating calluses. So, before we show you our top picks, let’s take a closer look at what else a great foot spa can do for you.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Giantex Foot Spa Bath Massager w/Heat, Water Shower Adjustable in Angles, Motorized Shiatsu Massage Balls & 2 Maize Rollers, Time & Temper Control, LED Display, Home Pedicure Foot Bath Tub, Grey
Customer Favorite
Giantex Foot Spa Bath Massager
  • Removable massage surface
  • Adjustable shower heads
  • Medicine box for bath salts and herbs
Product Image of the Mantello Foot Soaking Bath Basin - Extra Large Foot Soaking Tub - Pedicure Foot Soak - Home Foot Spa (Blue)
Best Manual Massager
Mantello Foot Wash Basin
  • Money saver
  • Less risk
  • Effortless maintenance
Product Image of the Foot Spa Bath with Heat and Massage and Bubbles, Foot Bath Massager w/16 Motorized Shiatsu Rollers,Digital Temperature Control,Red Light,Pedicure Foot Soaker w/Warm Water Soothe Tired Feet Home Use
Most Therapeutic
Acevivi Foot Spa Massager
  • Great for health
  • Tailor-made
  • Extra-durable
Product Image of the RENPHO Foot Massager Machine with Heat, Shiatsu Deep Kneading, Multi-Level Settings, Delivers Relief for Tired Muscles and Plantar Fasciitis, Fits Feet Up to Men Size 12 (Black)
Most Convenient
Renpho Shiatsu Foot Massager
  • Easy operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Stylish
Product Image of the Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat,16 Pedicure Spa Motorized Shiatsu Roller Massage Feet, Frequency Conversion, O2 Bubbles, Adjustable Time & Temperature,LED Display
Energy Saver
Ovitus Foot Spa Bath Massager
  • Green option
  • Heat protection
  • Great controls
Product Image of the Breathe Foot Soaking Bath Basin | Pedicure Foot Spa Massager | Plastic Foot Tub for Soaking Feet | Cold & Hot Water Foot Massaging Bucket for Women
Best for Cold Water
Breathe Foot Spa Massager
  • Cruelty-free
  • Magnetic rollers
  • Salt compartment
Product Image of the artnaturals Foot Spa Massager - Lights & Bubbles - Heated - Temperature Control - Soothe & Relax Tired Feet w/ All in One Therapeutic Home Salon & Massager Tub - Foot Bath Pedicure
Best for Bubbles
Artnaturals Foot Spa Massager
  • Quality product
  • Removable components
  • Heated bubbles

Why Should You Buy a Foot Spa?

Foot care is important to your health and lifestyle, but it’s often overlooked. Our tendencies to keep our feet covered means we don’t pay as much attention to them as we should. Most people aren’t aware of how much strain they put their feet through until they hurt.

The APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) says that at least 91 percent of Americans who have experienced foot ailments have dealt with such troubles in the last twelve months (1).

So what do you do when your feet give you trouble? Investing in a foot spa means you’ll be able to relax while giving your body some much-needed therapy. Here are more reasons to consider getting one:

1. You’ll Save Money

Whether you buy a budget foot spa or a high-end model, investing in one will save you in the long run. Visiting a spa is an amazing experience, but it’s pricey. Returning for treatments isn’t something we can all budget for, and the price will add up immensely the more sessions you have.

A home foot spa is a one-time cost, and it will last you ages so long as you take care of it. You can use it whenever you like, for free, and can control how much money you put into maintaining or using it.

Don’t worry about losing out on professional treatment, either. There are a multitude of models available, and you can choose the features you like best. For example, some machines can heat your water, while others massage your feet while soaking them.

2. Health Benefits

The best foot spas may seem like an indulgence, but there are many physiological advantages that come with them. The biggest — and perhaps most appealing — is that they’re relaxing, which serves your health in more ways than one. Practicing relaxation techniques can boost your mood, sleep, heart health, and breathing (2).

As for your feet, soaking and massaging them is healthy too. You’ll prevent and relieve foot and ankle injuries or soreness, improve your body’s circulation, and detox your system.

Soaking your feet will also soften your skin, and so reduce the appearance of calluses (3).


Women are more likely to struggle with foot problems and injuries than men are. This is most likely because of prolonged use of uncomfortable and unhealthy footwear like high heels (4).

3. Comforts of Home

This is a simple benefit, but one you might not have thought of. Buying a foot spa not only saves you money on spa sessions, but it’s also the easy option.

Think About It

Using a foot spa means no strangers will have to look at or touch your feet if. If this is a touchy issue for you (excuse the pun), you can pamper yourself without involving anyone else.

We understand that dealing with strangers is something that causes anxiety for many people. If you’re someone who is too shy to go to a spa, a home machine will have you covered. Besides, what’s the point of relaxation therapy if it’s a stressful experience?

4. Easy to Operate

Home foot spas are easy to get the hang of. So long as you take the necessary precautions and practice safe maintenance, you can get the full spa treatment with a simple push of a button.

If you have concerns about mixing water and electricity, don’t worry. Electric foot spas are insulated to protect you from shocks, and also to prevent damage to the machine.

If all else fails, you can opt for a manual model. They don’t require any electricity or batteries and are somewhat safer as a result.


Though foot spas are safe to use, a few incidents of electric shock have been reported (5). It’s extremely important to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers — and to take them seriously.

How to Choose the Best Foot Spas


Some foot spas will have automatic heating. Using this feature means you won’t have to heat the water separately, which saves you both effort and energy. Look out for temperature control for easier, safer use.


There are many foot spas with sophisticated designs and built-in technology, for example a convenient LED screen.


Remember that safety is important. Most foot spas are multi-insulated for extra protection. Check the product information or manufacturer’s manual to make sure that yours is too.


Does your foot spa come with a massage function? There are various possibilities, including bubble streams, vibrations or massage rollers. It’s not necessary, but it’s a great function that will make your experience all the more worthwhile.


Get value for money with your purchase by looking out for pedicure accessories. These will vary from model to model, but could include extras like pumice stones, toe separators or even nail brushes and files.


Not all foot spas are compatible with products like soaps, oils or bath salts. You’ll have to see what the manufacturers say before you add anything to your water. If it’s not recommended, you could damage or break your foot spa.

Best Foot Spa Reviews of 2021

These are the best foot spa brands currently on the market:

1. Giantex Foot Spa Bath Massager

Customer Favorite

This foot spa is geared to give you the full relaxation experience, and at a fair price too.

You can control your water’s temperature and set it anywhere between 95 and 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Other key features include a timer, adjustable water shower angle, and germicidal red light.

The massage surface is also removable making it easier to clean.

This model is compatible with essential oils and Epsom salts for that true spa feel.

Why We Love It

Removable Massage Surface

While it may be too relaxing for your feet using a foot spa machine, however, some units will hurt your hand in cleaning and maintaining it. This will not be a problem for this machine from Giantex as its massage surface is removable making sure it’s extremely clean prior to next usage.

Salts and Oils

If you’re looking to go all-out pampering yourself, it’s good to know that you can add beauty products to your water. Whether you prefer essential oils or plain Epsom salts, using them won’t damage this machine. This goes above and beyond luxury, and you can expect relaxing spa sessions as a result.

Adjustable Shower Heads

There’s a variety of features built into this one. The water shower head can be adjusted in three angles. With the rolling and shiatsu massage roller combined with the temperature control, you get a tailored foot spa experience.

Keep In Mind

Doesn’t Include Bubbles

Some buyers mention that it does not feature any bubble function. This may be a bit frustrating for some users but for those who don’t mind the absence of bubble on their foot spa experience, this machine will suffice.

Additional Specs

Special features Removable massage rollers, timer, digital controls, adjustable water shower head, temperature control
Massager/rollers? 6 motorized massage rollers
Temperature control? Yes; 95—118 degrees Fahrenheit
Compatible with soaps? Yes
Built-in drain? Yes

2. Mantello Foot Wash Basin

Best Manual Massager

This is our recommendation if you’d rather not plug your foot spa in. Why use any old bucket when you can choose one designed to treat your feet? This Mantello foot spa is shaped to fit your feet and will suit up to men’s size 11.

Made from 100 percent polypropylene, this spa has massage bumps on the bottom.

Mantello recommends adding oils, soaps or salts for the full pampering experience. Since there are no digital components, you don’t have to worry about what you add.

It’s brilliant in its simplicity, and there’s none of the added hassle that comes with electric spas.

Why We Love It

Money Saver

This product is an excellent example of how luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. You can benefit just as much from this foot spa as you will our other favorites, for a fraction of the cost. Why don’t you use the money you’ll save on nice oils or pedicure tools instead?

Less Risk

Another benefit to a manual spa is that there is far less hazard involved. Though electric foot spas are safe for use, accidents still happen. This model eliminates a lot of risk, as there’s no electricity used and you can add whichever products you like.

Effortless Maintenance

There’s no need to dismantle this foot spa, so maintenance is a breeze. All you have to do to clean it is wash or rinse it out. Be sure to pay extra attention to the massage bumps though, to get rid of any dirt or germs in between them.

Keep In Mind

No Control

A drawback to this product is that it lacks the sophistication of electronic models. You won’t be able to control or stabilize the temperature of your water, and you’ll miss out on bubble streams or motorized massage rollers.

A Bit Wobbly

Some customers note that this spa isn’t as sturdy as they expected it to be. This isn’t a huge setback; it just means you have to be careful to avoid spills. The majority of buyers are extremely satisfied regardless of this little flaw.

Additional Specs

Special features Shaped for feet, manual operation
Massager/rollers? Yes, massage bumps
Temperature control? No
Compatible with soaps? Yes
Built-in drain? No

3. Acevivi Foot Spa Massager

Best Therapeutic Foot Spa

Three massage modes focus on your whole foot, including your heels, arches, ankles, and toes. It’s designed to mimic acupressure for better tension release and relaxation. There’s a built-in medicine compartment, so don’t be shy when it comes to oils and salts.

Multi-insulated, this model keeps you safe from shocks, while double heat protection will preserve the quality and function of the spa. It uses speed heating and stabilizing, and both temperature and time can be adjusted. You can set your session between 10 and 60 minutes, with water ranging between 95 and 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why We Love It

Great for Health

This spa places a little more emphasis on health than others do. It’s intended to work the same as acupressure treatment, treating the entirety of your foot. We also like that it has a callus remover built-in and that its infrared light sanitizes your feet.


When it comes to control, this model has the upper hand. You can set the temperature of your water and the duration of your session. It does exactly what you need it to, and the extra control adds to the overall experience.


Multi-insulation is excellent as it adds that extra touch of safety. Combine this with its heat protection and you have a well-insulated foot spa. Your product won’t overheat or meltdown, saving you money in repairs or replacements in the future.

Keep In Mind

Difficult Maintenance

You can’t dismantle this model, so — as with the Arealer — you’ll have to be extra diligent in cleaning. Some customers say that the machine collects water that’s difficult to drain. You’ll have to be thorough in cleaning to prevent mold and to sanitize this foot spa adequately.

Trial and Error

A few buyers say that the design of this spa is tricky to work around and that getting comfortable is challenging.

You may have to give it a few tries before you find a position or set up that works for you. Keep in mind that discomfort is subjective, as the shape and size of your feet need to be taken into account.

Additional Specs

Special features Temperature control, time control, callus remover, PTC heater, red light, medicine compartment
Massager/rollers? 3 modes
Temperature control? Yes; 95–118 degrees Fahrenheit
Compatible with soaps? Yes
Built-in drain? Yes

4. Renpho Shiatsu Foot Massager

Most Convenient

This model stands out for its simplicity, but it doesn’t lack the features of our other favorites. You still get three massage modes to choose from, it heats the water for you, and has handy digital controls.

It’s important to note that this machine doesn’t use water and, instead, applies warm air for massage therapy. You choose between three massage intensities and three air pressure levels from gentle to firmer.

An in-built timer and foot-controlled pad combine for excellent ease of use. There’s also a removable washcloth for more effective maintenance.

Why We Love It

Great for Health

We like that the controls are designed for operation with your feet. It takes “not lifting a finger” to a whole new level and adds to your relaxation.

The spa’s panel is as easy to operate as it is to understand.You can control the heat, duration, air pressure, and massage intensity with it.

Easy Maintenance

It’s nice that a washcloth is included with the foot spa. Cleaning is made simple and sanitizing your machine won’t take any extra effort. This is a great feature that both our top choices lack.

It’s Stylish

Sure, this is a purely superficial advantage, but we like the way this foot spa looks. Most models follow a basic design that’s not exactly easy on the eyes. This product is eye-catching and doesn’t have the typical plastic appearance of others.

Keep In Mind

Set Massage

Customers note that this model doesn’t massage your entire foot. Compared to the Acevivi and Arealer models, the massage focuses on, and stays in, one area. Buyers are still happy with the product, regardless.

Not as Hot

Another drawback users mention is that it doesn’t get as hot as they hoped it would. While you can turn the heat function on or off, there’s no temperature control. Some customers say it takes long to heat up as well.

Additional Specs

Special features Foot control pad, removable washcloth, air pressure control, kneading control,
Massager/rollers? 3 modes
Temperature control? No
Compatible with soaps? No (does not use water)
Built-in drain? Not applicable

5. Ovitus Foot Spa Bath Massager

Energy Saver

This all-in-one foot bath works great for relaxation, health or even just grooming. It incorporates pressure and shiatsu to massage and destress your feet. A handy medicine compartment is built-in for your pampering or health needs.

You can set the water temperature between 95 and 118 degrees Fahrenheit. As with our top two choices, it uses speed heating and stabilization. An added bonus is that it’s multi-insulated and has heat protection for durability, and an infrared light to sanitize your feet.

The defining feature is that it saves energy. You can choose between three power settings: 300 watts, 400 watts or 500 watts. Ovitus says that you can save 30 percent more power compared to other brands.

Why We Love It

Green Option

It’s rare that machines like this give you a choice in how much power you use. This feature stands out and is better for both the environment and your wallet. There’s no need to waste energy if you’re looking for a gentle session.

Heat Protection

Protective features always catch our eye. Double heat protection will prevent overheating, meltdowns or malfunction. Your foot spa will last longer, and you may save money on repairs or replacements.

Great Controls

This model comes close to our top choice with regard to the control you have. The temperature control and range are the same, though we must emphasize again that you can control this one’s power very easily. It’s so easy to set the timer on the handy control panel as well.

Keep In Mind

Design Flaws

The majority of customers are pleased with this model, but complaints of design problems are numerous. Users say that the remote control isn’t responsive and that the rollers aren’t comfortable. Additionally, the direction of the bubble stream isn’t as effective as users hoped it would be.

Takes Getting Used To

As with the Arealer model, you have to experiment to find your comfortable sweet spot. Users say that this model’s operation is counterintuitive — it may take some time to figure out which setup works best for you.

Additional Specs

Special features Bubble stream, infrared light, multi-insulated, double heat protection
Massager/rollers? Motorized
Temperature control? Yes
Compatible with soaps? Yes (sea salt recommended)
Built-in drain? Yes

6. Breathe Foot Spa Massager

Best for Cold Water

Another manual model, this choice makes use of magnetic rollers to give your feet a good pampering. Compared to Mantello, this one is designed to be rigid to prevent accidental spills. It’s made from premium grade, cruelty-free plastic for durability and conservation.

The magnetic rollers can be removed, or easily controlled with your feet. It has a compartment for salts and works with both hot and cold water.

Since it’s a manual option, you’ll save money on it too. It’s worth noting that Breathe recommends using its effervescent tablets to make the most of this model.

Why We Love It


Just because a foot spa is manual, it doesn’t automatically mean that it’s a green choice. This model is made from strong plastic that is cruelty-free, and so is better for the planet. We recommend it if you’re eco-conscious and are looking for a great alternative to electric spas.

Magnetic Rollers

This model is somewhat more advanced than other manual foot spas thanks to its magnetic rollers. All you have to do to operate it is sweep your feet over the rollers. They can be removed if you’re not feeling up to a massage, or need to clean the spa out.

Salt Compartment

Another feature that many manual spas lack is a slot for your salts, oils or other beauty products. You can still get the full spa treatment from this one, and it will stay clean and organized. It’s a simple feature, but we’re impressed that it’s there, given its unwired status.

Keep In Mind

Missing Features

As with the Mantello model, you’ll sacrifice some control if you choose this product. You won’t have temperature control, bubble streams, automated massaging or pressure control. So long as you understand that this isn’t an electric spa, this won’t be a problem.

Hard Rollers

Some customers say that the magnets are hard and difficult to adjust to. If it’s your first time using this sort of spa, give it time to grow on you. Play around with it until you find what’s comfortable for you.

Additional Specs

Special features Magnetic rollers, salt compartment
Massager/rollers? Magnetic, removable
Temperature control? No
Compatible with soaps? Yes
Built-in drain? No

7. Artnaturals Foot Spa Massager

Best Foot Spa for Bubbles

We like this model because it places extra emphasis on the massage aspect. With its temperature control, you can relieve stress and tension with a heated bubble stream. It also has removable massage rollers, so take your pick.

Apart from its foot massage specification, the product’s been made with safety and quality in mind as it is certified by Intertek and backed by 12 months warranty.

It’s designed ergonomically to fit your feet while its nodes and rollers massage out knots and sore spots thereby minimizing aches and boosting your mood. It is made in the USA so you can be sure of its quality. After the massage session, cleaning is quite straightforward as it has a self-draining tube.

Why We Love It

Ergonomic Design

This spa is designed to outline your feet for a more comfortable experience. We also like that you have the option to add natural oils or tea tree oil foot soak for a complete at-home foot spa experience. Additionally, it is compatible with feet size of up to 17 inches.

Removable Components

In a slightly unconventional manner, the massage roller is removable. Dismantling the spa is made so much easier, and maintenance is a breeze. You won’t have to worry about troublesome spots or hidden bacteria with this one.

When maintaining this, don’t forget about the removable components. Take care to wash or rinse them just as you would with the spa itself.

Heated Bubbles

Artnaturals emphasizes the bubble stream of this product. If you’re not up to using the massage rollers, you can have a gentle heated bubble massage instead. Better yet, you can try both, because all features work simultaneously if you want them to. Moreover, it can heat water up to the desired temperature and maintain it without having to add hot water.

We recommend this model if you’re interested in gentle massages.

Keep In Mind

Rollers Aren’t Motorized

It’s not a drawback, but you should know that the rollers won’t kick in automatically. You’ll have to run your feet over them to feel their effect.

Other than the few customers who didn’t realize that it’s not fully electronic, most buyers were satisfied. Another benefit here is that you can still control the pressure of the rollers with your feet.

Additional Specs

Special features Heating, miniature whirlpool bubble, removable rollers, ergonomic design
Massager/rollers? Manual, removable
Temperature control? Yes
Compatible with soaps? Yes
Built-in drain? Yes
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Foot Spa Comparison Chart

Product Best Massager/rollers? Temperature control? Compatible with soaps? Built-in drain?
Giantex Foot Spa Bath Massager Customer Favorite 6 motorized massage rollers Yes Yes Yes
Mantello Foot Wash Basin Manual Massager Yes, massage bumps No Yes No
Acevivi Foot Spa Massager Therapeutic 3 modes Yes Yes Yes
Renpho Shiatsu Foot Massager Convenient 3 modes No No No
Ovitus Foot Spa Bath Massager Energy Saver Motorized Yes Yes Yes
Breathe Foot Spa Massager Cold Water Magnetic, removable No Yes No
Artnaturals Massager Bubbles Manual, removable Yes Yes Yes

Tips for Using a Foot Spa

Once you buy a foot spa, it’s of utmost importance that you understand how to use it. Proper setup and operation will allow you to make the most of your “me time.” Follow these steps to ensure safe and pleasant use.

1. Set Up Properly

Make sure that your foot spa is flat and directly on the floor. You may be tempted to place a towel underneath it, but this could unbalance it, so it’s not recommended. You also want to be sure that its power cord is flat and out of the way so that no one will trip over it.

Foot spas are intended for indoor use. Use it at a time when pets or children won’t be a hazard, and always add your water before you plug it in or turn it on. On the other hand, never put your feet in before you switch it on.

2. Make Yourself Comfortable

You want your spa time to be as relaxing as possible, so prepare before you begin. Make sure that you have all your beauty products nearby, and that you have a comfortable seat to settle into. It’s best to use your spa in a quiet spot, or at a calm time of the day.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s best to use your foot spa in a cool room. The device will generate quite a bit of heat around your feet, so using it in a warm area could be uncomfortable.

Quick Tip

Keep yourself relaxed by grabbing a magazine or book to flip through while you treat your feet. Try to forget about your electronics — staring at screens can lead to stress (6).

3. Don’t Forget to Clean Up

It’s a good idea to wash or rinse your feet before you use your foot spa. Soaking your feet in clean water is just nicer, as no one wants to see blobs of dirt floating around in their spa. Cleaning your machine after use is important too.

Lastly, a foot spa can collect bacteria that might settle on and infect your feet if you don’t clean it. Follow manufacturer instructions for maintenance. Some machines can be cleaned with detergent, while others only need a rinse or wipe down.

Happy Feet

Nothing is preventing you from getting a spa treatment from the comfort of your own home. The best foot spa machines are an affordable and easy way to give your feet the attention and care they deserve.

Whether you’re searching for a spa for relaxation and beauty, or to soothe aches, pains and calluses, we’ve got your back. We even picked out a manual option or two for those of you who are nervous about plugging foot spas in.

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