Best Commercial Style Kitchen Faucets of 2020

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Commercial style kitchen faucets are great for the amateur home cook — find the best ones here.

Are you revamping your kitchen and aiming to add a professional touch? Are you considering a commercial style kitchen faucet but you’re not sure if they’ll fit at home? We have all the information you need, right here.

Industrial kitchen faucets are great, although there are some considerations to take into account first. For example, they don’t suit everyone’s needs due to their immense size.

We’ve done our resarch and put together a helpful buyer’s guide as well as reviews of  the ten best commercial style kitchen faucets currently available on the market..

What Are Commercial Style Kitchen Faucets?

Commercial, or pre-rinse, faucets are what we usually see in restaurants. These are large and bulky, but very powerful. They consist of a high arch neck and a pull-down sprayer nozzle used to blast food residue off the dishes.

Commercial style kitchen faucets are pretty much the same. The exception is they’ve been modified to fit your home. Their high arch is smaller, and the high-pressure sprayers aren’t as powerful, but still get the job done.

Why Buy a Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet?

There are plenty of reasons. They’ve become quite popular, especially in modern kitchens. If you ask us, there are four clear reasons to buy one:

  1. High performance levels.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Incredible look.
  4. Long warranties.

1. Top Performance

One of the drawbacks of cooking is all the cleaning you have to do afterward. Commercial style faucets excel when it comes to performance — clean up really does becomes effortless.

The sprayer hose can typically reach at least 20 inches, although some do stretch further. Their length enables you to pull them out and reach the larger pots and pans away from the sink.

An added benefit of the sprayer is its two modes: one for everyday use and another for heavy-duty work.

2. Easy to Use

They may look like advanced versions of our usual faucets, yet they’re pretty straightforward to use. They have the typical single-lever to activate the water and adjust the temperature. Most will also have a control switch or buttons on the sprayer head to change between the modes.

3. They Look Amazing

Yes, we know, looks aren’t everything. But when it comes to the kitchen, we’d like to choose something that adds to the aesthetic appeal. And these faucets bring it.

They have that elegant, high-arched neck, giving them an eye-catching height. The spout is wrapped in a coil spring, adding some edginess. Needless to say, wherever you place them, they’ll draw attention.

4. Longer Warranties

This type of faucet isn’t exactly the most budget-friendly on the market. However, most usually include longer warranties of five or more years. Some of the bigger companies even throw in lifetime protection.

Considerations Before Buying a Commercial Style Faucet

Before buying this type of faucet, there are some vital points to consider:

  • Height and reach.
  • Pressure and flow.
  • Types of valve.
  • Spray modes.
  • The finish.
  • Installation.
  • Material.

1. The Height and Reach

These fixtures have a high arch, some higher than others. Unfortunately, this means that they aren’t fit for every kitchen. They require a decent amount of space overhead, downward, and to the sides.

Most of these faucets have an arch that reaches at least 20 inches at its highest point. Some of the more direct copies of the original industrial fixtures can reach 26 inches in height, so ensure you’ve got enough room under the overhead cabinets.

Likewise, the sprayer hose demands space underneath your sink. It comes with a retractable mechanism enabling it to fold after extension, usually under your sink. Be sure to check that there’s enough room.

Look out

Not all commercial-style faucets include a pull-down feature. If this is a requirement for you, make sure to check by looking for the keywords “pull-down.”

2. Water Pressure and Flow Rate

Unlike general faucets, these fixtures require additional pressure to operate correctly. Check your incoming water pressure and the flow rate of the faucet. The water pressure is measured in PSI, and the flow rate is determined by the gallons per minute (GPM) coming from the faucet.

The ideal water pressure for this type of faucet is anything around 60 PSI. For this, the faucet needs a flow rate of at least 1.8 GPM. If the pressure is lower, you won’t get the same high-power performance.

But don’t worry, most homes have an incoming pressure of anything between 45 to 80 PSI (1).

3. Valve Types

When it comes to this type of faucet, there’s only one sort of valve you should pay attention to ceramic disc valves. They’re reliable, durable and efficient.

As opposed to rubber valves, ceramic discs create a tighter seal, preventing leaks. They’re also less vulnerable to corrosion, even after years of high-demand usage.

We sometimes see them dubbed simply as cartridges. However, if that’s the case, ensure that they’re ceramic.

4. Spray Modes

One of the reasons to buy this type of faucet is for the powerful sprayer.

In general, you get two sprayer modes: spray and stream. Some manufacturers, however, include an additional booster setting. This increases the power of the spray without wasting excessive amounts of water.

Another beneficial feature to look for is a pause button, which allows you to pause mid-stream without adjusting the handle. Unfortunately, not all commercial style kitchen faucets have this.

5. Finishes

Manufacturers generally give you a choice between chrome and stainless steel. Both look good and are durable.

There are also brands offering other styles such as matte black. However, these aren’t as popular seeing that they take away from the commercial faucet vibe.

A good finish to look for is one that’s spot resistant, usually called “spot-free stainless.” This is especially important if you want a stainless steel finish as these tend to show fingerprints and watermarks. They’re simply more convenient since you don’t have to scrub them clean after each use.

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6. Installation

Most industrial style faucets require a one-hole installation. You’ll rarely come across one that needs two or more.

If your sink already has two or three pre-drilled holes, look for a deck plate to cover the other holes. Many manufacturers include these with the faucet.

On the other hand, if your sink has one hole and you manage to find a fixture that requires more, look for another. Drilling new holes in your sink can be difficult and may cause damage if you’re not careful.

7. Faucet Material

Faucets must be durable since they account for approximately 19 percent of our water usage (2). When it comes to a commercial style kitchen faucet exposed to high water pressures daily, quality is key.

The most commonly used material for this type of faucet is lead-free brass. It’s strong, corrosion resistant, and ensures the water is safe to use.

Which Brand Creates the Best Commercial Faucets?

Plenty of brands have at least one or two commercial-style faucets in their portfolio. Unfortunately, they aren’t all of equal quality.

One brand that many people think is brilliant in this area is Kraus with its line of industrial-inspired fixtures. The company excels in terms of quality and features, not to mention top-notch customer service.

Kraus is renowned for using durable and safe materials such as lead-free solid brass. Ceramic cartridges are also a signature component on their faucets.

Two New York entrepreneurs founded Kraus in 2007. It imports high-end faucets from China to resell through reputable internet venues such as Amazon and HomeDepot.

Although the faucets are made in China, they comply with the following U.S. standards:

  1. North American Faucet Standards.
  2. The U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act.
  3. The U.S. Energy Policy and Conservation Act.
  4. WaterSense Qualified
  5. ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act).

Another brand that seems to be a favorite is Moen. This company is a little more expensive, but produces some stunning faucets with plenty of amazing features, like PowerClean technology and a longer hose. Unfortunately, they don’t have as many industrial fixtures.

The Best Commercial Style Kitchen Faucets of 2020

Following hours spent on research, looking at user reviews and comparing top-rated faucets, we finally have our top 10. Let’s take a look at the best industrial kitchen faucets.

1. Moone Commercial Modern Single Handle

Best Overall Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet

Moone Commercial Modern Single Handle Spring High Arc Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet, Pull Out Sprayer Kitchen Faucets Pull Down Spray Brass and Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Faucet with Deck Plate
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With a minimalistic and modern design, this faucet from Moone is gorgeous. It’s made from lead-free brass coated with brushed nickel, so it can withstand corrosion, watermarks and fingerprints.

Even better, it’s fitted with a ceramic cartridge that’s been through a 500,000 open and close test. This ensures a leak-free operation and an enhanced seal.

The faucet is easy to use. It has a high arch of 20 inches at its tallest point, and it turns 360 degrees. The pull-down sprayer stretches 20 inches, giving you that extra range.

Why We Love It

Minimalistic Design

Moone kept it very simple, as commercial style faucets should be. The brushed nickel finish gives it an almost matte look. You know there won’t be any fingerprints or water spots ruining the look.

It has that classic industrial feel with the coil spring wrapped around the spout. And that height, 20 inches, need we say more? Of course, it does demand some overhead space, but if you’ve got that, nothing should hold you back.

Sturdy Construction

Made from lead-free brass, this is a lot more durable for heavy use than stainless steel. Since it’s lead-free, you know that it won’t contaminate your water. Brass also creates a tight seal to prevent any leakage.

Easy to Use

The 20-inch tall spout rotates 360 degrees — great for use in larger sinks. The 20-inch hose allows you to get right up close to those dirty pots and pans.

Moone fitted a switch on the sprayer head to easily change the setting to fit your task. The control allows you to swap between a soft stream and a power boosted sprayer. Or, you can leave it on pause to avoid wasting water in between dishes.

Easy Installation

Moone emphasizes that installation is a breeze, saying it’ll take you under 25 minutes to complete. They even added a 10-inch deck plate to cover any additional spaces.

The faucet is compatible with any type of sink, and all extra hardware is included.

Keep In Mind

Faucet Doesn’t Have a Regulator

Some helpful reviewers point out that there’s no regulator on the faucet. This means that you have to be careful about how high you open the tap.

Additional Specs

MaterialLead-free brass
FinishBrushed nickel
Spout arch height20 inches
Flow rate1.8 gallons per minute
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty

2. Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden Commercial Kitchen Faucet

Best Industrial Kitchen Faucet for Smaller Homes

Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden 18-Inch Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Dual Function Pull-Down Sprayhead in all-Brite Finish, 18 inch, Stainless Steel
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Whether you have a small kitchen or simply don’t want a large fixture, this Kraus model is an excellent choice. With a compact, 18-inch tall spout, this commercial faucet has been modified to fit smaller kitchens.

The sprayer hose extends 20 inches but is fitted with a retraction system which wheels it back after use. The sprayer is a dual-function type with two modes to choose from at the flick of a switch.

The durable yet eco-friendly construction provides you with years of service. Kraus even includes its lifetime warranty.

Why We Love It

Compact Design

Kraus has adapted its professional version to such a degree that it fits into most homes. At the top of the spout, it reaches 17.94 inches exactly — an excellent height for a commercial style fixture.

There are different finishes to choose from, ensuring a fit for every kitchen. We chose the spot-free stainless steel since it looks amazing and is easy to keep. But you can also go with a black matte, chrome or a mix between stainless steel and one of the other two.

Retractable Hose

The 20-inch long hose comes with a retraction system, allowing for a smooth reversal. The hose is flexible, enabling you to reach even the furthest corner in your sink.

Great Materials

We love anything that keeps the environment in mind, and Kraus does not disappoint. It made this faucet from eco-friendly, lead-free brass that’s just perfect for heavy-duty work.

To boot, the faucet is also fitted with a ceramic cartridge. This will ensure a lifetime of drip-free service, which Kraus backs up with its lifetime warranty.

Dual Function Sprayer

On the sprayer’s head is a switch. This lets you choose between two modes: an aerated stream or a boosted power rinse spray.

Keep In Mind

The Holding Arm Is Fixed

Kraus fitted a holding arm on the neck to the spout. While this is very useful to keep the sprayer in place when not extended, you can’t move it to the side. Some reviewers said that it often got in the way.

Additional Specs

MaterialLead-free brass
FinishSpot-free stainless steel
Spout arch height17.94 inches
Flow rate1.8 gallons per minute
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty

3. Moen 5923 Align One-Handle Pre-Rinse Spring

Best Power-Boosted Commercial Kitchen Faucet

Moen 5923 Align One-Handle Pre-Rinse Spring Pulldown Kitchen Faucet with Power Boost, Chrome
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Now for one of our favorite brands, Moen. If you’re buying this type of faucet for the extra power, then this one will be right up your alley.

Moen made sure to keep some of the power of an original commercial faucet — in fact, the company claims it’s 50 percent more powerful than its other pull-down fixtures. With that, you also get a 68-inch hose.

The design is amazing. It’s a mirror-like chrome finish, which will reflect light and look clean and modern for years. The spout has an eye-catching height of 22.5 inches — this demands a bit of room, but it’s well worth it.

Why We Love It

Power Clean Technology

This faucet does not fall short when it comes to power. The setting provides enough pressure to wash away caked-on grime and oil from your pans, but without all the splashing.

Longer Hose

This is a feature we can appreciate. The hose reaches 68 inches, which is about four times as much as other brands. It’s flexible and easy to maneuver around the sink.

It also comes with a retraction system, allowing the hose to dock after each use. This prevents a drooping sprayer head over time.

Flexible Design

Moen lets you choose between different finishes such as matte black, spot-free stainless steel, and chrome.

We chose the latter since it goes well with nearly every style. What’s more it’s durable and reflective, which always looks fresh and clean.

Moving on to the spout height, this is on the taller spectrum of 22.5 inches. Overall, it’s edgy and functional.

Snap-In Installation

There’s a reason why Moen is a favorite among DIY homeowners. Its faucets always come with the company’s Duralock Quick Connect system — a simple, snap-in installation procedure.

Keep In Mind

Restrictor Is Too Restrictive

Some mentioned that the restrictor inside the spout is… too restrictive. Most users recommended removing it as it decreases the flow significantly.

Plastic Sprayer Head

It’s also been mentioned that the sprayer head is made from black chrome plastic as opposed to real chrome.

Additional Specs

Spout arch height22.5 inches
Flow rate1.5 gallons per minute
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty

4. GICASA Commercial Style Sturdy Pre Rinse Spring

Best Commercial Style Faucet for Big Sinks

GICASA Kitchen Faucet, Solid Brass Lead Free Black Kitchen Faucet, Heavy Duty Spring Pre-Rinse Single Handle Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer and Pot Filler, Commercial Style Sink Faucet
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Solid construction and a beautiful finish are what this faucet is all about. Gicasa made it from a sturdy, lead-free brass base coated with a matte black. It’s edgy, functional, and ultra-modern.

Thanks to its color, this fixture is perfect for large sinks or granite countertops. It features a single-handle control to adjust the flow and temperature.

The pull-down sprayer head provides two functions: a soft stream as well as a powerful rinse. Gicasa fitted the spout with rubber to prevent mineral buildup, but this also makes it easier to clean.

Why We Love It

Excellent for Larger Sinks

The sprayer hangs 2.6 inches below the countertop making this the perfect fit for a deep basin. This small overhang also stops the sprayer from splashing all over the countertop, even while using the power boosted stream.

Edgy Finish

It’s coated with a beautiful matte black giving the sink area some edge. This type of finish is also resistant to fingerprints and smudges, so it’s easy to keep clean and spot-free.

However, if this finish isn’t for you, Gicasa also offers the same faucet in brushed nickel.

Dual Faucet

There are two spouts with this faucet: the pull-down sprayer head and a fixed pull-out.

The pull-down is ergonomically designed, giving you a powerful rinse for heavy-duty jobs. The fixed pull-out, on the other hand, is an aerated stream for everyday use.

You can control both with the single-handle on the side of the faucet. It’s easy to use and is fitted with a drip-free ceramic cartridge.

Sound Construction

Lead-free brass is the chosen construction metal. On the nozzle, Gicasa fitted rubber to prevent any minerals slipping through into the water. Rubber is also much easier to clean; a simple wipe will do the job.

Keep In Mind

Not for Double Sinks

The faucet isn’t meant for double sinks, since the sprayer is too low, and the pull-out won’t reach far enough. We highly recommend looking for another if that’s what you have.

Additional Specs

MaterialLead-free brass
FinishMatte black
Spout arch height22.83 inches
Flow rate1.8 gallons per minute
WarrantyFive-year warranty

5. Primy Commercial Kitchen Faucets Pull-Down Sprayer

Best Commercial Faucet for Modern Homes

Primy Commercial Kitchen Faucets With Pull Down Sprayer Modern Heavy Duty Lead-Free Single Handle High-Arc Kitchen Sink Faucet With Deck Plate, Solid 304 Stainless Steel
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For the modern kitchen, you need something that’s sleek but has a slight edge. This Primy commercial faucet is just that — it’s tall and coated with a stainless steel finish.

The tall spout rotates 360 degrees and is fitted with a 20-inch retractable hose. The sprayer head features a switch that allows you to change mode. Primy incorporated technologies to keep the stream splash-free and as precise as possible.

We also love how eco-friendly it is. The spout saves water while still delivering an optimal 1.8 gallon per minute flow rate.

Lastly, the installation is as easy as it gets. It can fit one or three-hole sinks, and comes partially assembled with all the necessary parts included.

Why We Love It

Modern Design

Industrial kitchen faucets already look modern, but Primy takes it to the next level. The coil spring wrapping the spout is neat and subtle.

But, what we really love is the stainless steel finish. It gives a little shine to the faucet without being overbearing, plus it’s corrosion and scratch-resistant.

Convenient Hose

The hose has the usual 20-inch length, but it also comes with a retraction system, preventing any drooping. The spout turns 360 degrees, which is great if you have a stand-alone or double basin.

Additionally, the sprayer modes for the nozzle are simply amazing. Yes, it has the typical two, but Primy puts a lot of focus on less splashing and more precision. This prevents a wet countertop.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Primy builds their fixtures to last. This one is made from a solid 304 stainless steel and features a ceramic cartridge for extra protection. This material is especially durable and resistant to corrosion, fingerprints, and watermarks. (3)

Effortless Installation

The installation is pretty straightforward. The fixture comes partially assembled with additional parts included; all you need are the tools and some know-how.

It can fit sinks with one or three holes, and a 10-inch deck plate is included in the package.

Keep In Mind

Loose Control Switch

A few users point out that the switch on the nozzle is too loose. Apparently, it changes by itself from one mode to the other.

Short Water Lines

The included water lines are on the short side. Some users said they had to buy an extension.

Additional Specs

MaterialSolid 304 stainless steel
FinishStainless steel
Spout arch height23.5 inches
Flow rate1.8 gallons per minute
Warranty10-year warranty

6. Fapully Commercial Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Best Commercial Faucet for Contemporary Kitchens

Fapully Commercial Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet with Sprayer Brushed Nickel
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If you’re looking for a faucet with a contemporary commercial feel, this model may be it.

It’s made for the heavy-duty tasks of the commercial kitchen but with enough flair and finesse for the home. It has a sturdy metal body with a single handle and is coated with a rust resistant finish. Wrapping the spout is a durable coil spring, and there’s a ceramic cartridge to keep leaks at bay.

This model is fully functional. It’s a double spout fixture, giving you a pull-down sprayer head as well as a fixed pull-out faucet. The pull-down is secured with a locking device, keeping it nice and neat after each use.

Why We Love It

Beautiful yet Functional

Fapully made one stylish faucet. It’s a perfect cocktail of commercial functionality and contemporary kitchen style. It’s coated with a brushed nickel finish, making it resistant to everyday damages.

The functionality is amazing. You get two faucets in one: a pull-down sprayer and a fixed pull-out fixture to fill a pot.

However, what’s more exciting is the LED light on the pull-down nozzle. It changes between red, green, and blue.

Durable Construction

Fapully specifically designed this commercial style faucet to withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen. It’s made from brass and includes ceramic disc valves. These are high-grade quality and passed a 500,000 open and close run test before reaching your home.

Sprayer Hose Lock

The pull-down function is great to have, but if nothing is keeping it in place, then it won’t look as good. Fortunately, Fapully included a locking device by the spout, which keeps the hose in place.

Keep In Mind

Pull-Out Nozzle Is Too Short

A few users mentioned that the pull-out nozzle is too short and doesn’t reach far enough into the sink. This is a problem when filling large pots.

Additional Specs

FinishBrushed nickel
Spout arch heightN/A
Flow rateN/A
WarrantyTwo-year warranty

7. Danze D455158 Parma Single Handle Pre-Rinse Faucet

Best Looking Commercial Style Faucet

Danze D455158SS Parma Single Handle Pre-Rinse Faucet, Stainless Steel
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At first glance, it’s easy to tell that this fixture has a lot to offer looks-wise. It’s crisp and minimalistic, yet seriously eye-catching.

We chose to show you the chrome finish, but you can also get it in stainless steel. It’s made from brass, making it incredibly durable.

Of course, it also comes with features to match. It’s fitted with a smooth pull-down hose and a holding arm for stability. On the sprayer head, Danze added a control switch for the stream.

Why We Love It

It’s Stunning!

Minimalistic and crisp are two words that belong in the kitchen, and they describe this faucet perfectly. There are no unnecessary distractions, only clean, fresh lines to add some elegance to your sink. The coil spring on the spout adds an edgy element, giving the fixture a dramatic touch without taking away the simplicity.

Matte, please step aside, because we love the glossy chrome finish on this one. It’s shiny and smooth, plus easy to clean.

Great Material

It’s made from brass and compliant with California and Vermont low-lead requirements. For smooth turning as well as leak-free performance, the faucet is fitted with a ceramic disc valve.

The coil spring on the spout ensures the hose snaps right back into place once you release your grip. Even though the hose only stretches 10 inches, it’s still a decent length for a deep sink.

Easy to Control Sprayer

The sprayer head is very easy to maneuver. It’s fitted with the standard control switch, enabling you to choose between modes. You simply open the tap using the handle and push the setting you need for your specific task.

Keep In Mind

The Control Buttons Are Plastic

Everything seems great about this faucet, except the plastic control buttons on the sprayer head. Even though they work, they aren’t as durable as other materials. Some users said they popped out after use.

Fortunately, they seem easy to replace into the nozzle.

Additional Specs

Spout arch height22.75 inches
Flow rateN/A
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty

8. Kraus KPF-1602SS Pull Down Faucet Commercial Style

Best Commercial Faucet for Dramatic Height

Kraus KHU100-30-KPF1622-KSD30SN 30 inch Undermount Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Satin Nickel Kitchen Faucet and Soap Dispenser
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At first sight, the height of this Kraus faucet will definitely catch your attention. At its tallest point, it measures 32.1 inches, which makes it by far the tallest on our list. The attached hose is 31.50 inches long.

But height isn’t the only positive. It’s made for heavy-duty work as well, being constructed from corrosion-resistant and lead-free brass.

It comes with dual nozzles: a pull-down sprayer and a pot filler. The sprayer head is equipped with a power-boosted setting — excellent for cleaning stubborn residue — whereas the pot-filler rotates to reach different spots in your sink.

Why We Love It

Incredible Height

If you have a large, open kitchen without overhead cabinets by the sink, this is the faucet to choose. Real commercial faucets are tall, so this model from Kraus is a close duplicate. Its 32.1-inch height makes it one of the tallest in its class.

The pull-down hose reaches 31.50 inches — also one of the longest in this category.

Built to Last

Although it’s tall, it’s certainly not fragile. The lead-free brass material used will last a long time, being rust- and corrosion-resistant.

The high-quality components included will further ensure good service. It’s fitted with a high-precision Kerox ceramic cartridge, preventing drips, and a low flow/high-performance Neoperl aerator.

Double Faucet

The pull-down hose is long, and the pot-filler is turnable, but there’s an extra catch. You can use them both at the same time! Water will flow as long as the single handle is in the “On” position.

Also, the pull-down sprayer head has a lock attached, allowing you to use it hands-free.

Keep In Mind

Pot Filler Needs More Power

Some reviewers said that they wished the pot filler had more power. It simply takes too long to fill large pots with it, and it’s better to use the pull-down hose.

Additional Specs

MaterialLead-free solid brass
FinishStainless steel
Spout arch height32.1 inches
Flow rate1.8 gallons per minute
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty

9. Kraus Britt Commercial Kitchen Faucet

Best Industrial Kitchen Faucet for Easy Installation

Kraus KPF-1690SFS Britt Pre-Rinse/Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Dual Function Sprayhead in all-Brite Finish, Spot Free Stainless Steel
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We love a faucet that’s easy to install. This one from Kraus really surprised us since the brand isn’t necessarily known for easy installation. Nonetheless, this exception comes with everything required, including water lines, a deck plate, and mounting hardware.

The single handle is comfortable to use. It has a square shape, giving the faucet a modern touch with effortless control.

The faucet turns 360 degrees and has a tall, 21-inch arch wrapped in a coil spring.

Why We Love It

Easy to Install

Installation is a breeze with this one. Everything you need, except for tools, is included in the package. You get water lines and mounting hardware plus an optional deckplate should you need it.

Swivel Spout

If you have a large sink, a stand-alone or a double, you’ll appreciate the swivel spout. Since it turns 360 degrees, it increases your range in the sink area.

Great Design

The design is very simple. It’s coated with a stainless steel finish, which prevents fingerprints and watermarks. This also makes it a lot easier to clean.

It has a high arch of 21 inches with that classic industrial, open-coil spring design.

Keep In Mind

No Pull-Down Feature

This faucet doesn’t include a pull-down feature. The spout, however, is flexible and you can turn it.

Additional Specs

FinishStainless steel
Spout arch height21 inches
Flow rate1.8 gallons per minute
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty

10. GICASA Upgraded Version Commercial Style Faucet

Best Commercial Style Faucet for Busy Kitchens

GICASA Faucet, Solid Brass Single Handle 1 or 3 Holes Kitchen Faucet, Commercial Style Stainless Steel Spring Sink Faucet, Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer
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A busy kitchen requires a faucet that’s ready for heavy-duty. This commercial fixture from Gicasa is sturdy and durable — perfect for the amateur cook.

Gicasa constructed it using solid brass on the base and spout. The handle is made from rust- and corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

This is a design that’s all about ease of use: the single-handle style requires minimal effort to adjust the flow and temperature. It also comes with a dual-function sprayer, providing you with two modes. And, because this is the upgraded version, they’ve fixed the previous issues with leaking.

Why We Love It

Great for Heavy-Duty Work

The faucet is definitely built to last. Its lead-free solid brass construction is perfect when it comes to durability.

On the inside, the ceramic cartridge prevents leaks and ensures a long service life.

Dual Sprayer Modes

With this industrial-inspired faucet, you get two sprayer modes. Each is excellent at what it does, be it gently washing vegetables or rinsing stubborn ketchup off plates.

Looks Amazing

If you’re looking for a faucet that’s almost identical to one in a professional kitchen, this is it. It’s a mix of sleek and edgy, with that classic spring design and a beautiful brushed nickel finish.

Keep In Mind

Poor Instructions Included

Unfortunately, this faucet isn’t as straightforward to instal as others. It does require some manual studying. The instructions are poor and inconclusive, usually leaving users looking for outside help.

Hot and Cold Lines Are Backwards

Kitchen faucets with a single-pull handle generally require you to push forward for cold and backward for hot. This fixture mixes it up for some reason, so you have to pull backward for cold and forward for hot.

If you find this a significant issue, you can amend it by switching the hot and cold lines.

Additional Specs

MaterialLead-free solid brass
FinishBrushed nickel
Spout arch height20.47 inches
Flow rate1.8 gallons per minute
WarrantyFive-year warranty

Detailed Comparison

ProductAwardMaterialFinishSpout arch heightFlow RateWarranty
Moone FaucetBest OverallLead-free brassBrushed nickel20″1.8 gal/minLimited lifetime
Kraus BoldenSmaller HomesLead-free brassSpot-free stainless steel17.94″1.8 gal/minLimited lifetime
Moen AlignPower-BoostedMetalChrome22.5″1.5 gal/minLimited lifetime
GICASA SpringBig SinksLead-free brassMatte black22.83″1.8 gal/min5-years
Primy SprayerModern HomesSolid 304 stainless steelStainless steel23.5″1.8 gal/min10-years
Fapully Pull-DownContemporary KitchensBrassBrushed nickelN/AN/A2-year
Danze ParmaBest LookingBrassChrome22.75″N/ALimited lifetime
Kraus Pull DownDramatic HeightLead-free solid brassStainless steel32.1″1.8 gal/minLimited lifetime
Kraus BrittEasy InstallationBrassStainless steel21″1.8 gal/minLimited lifetime
GICASA FaucetBusy KitchensLead-free solid brassBrushed nickel20.47″1.8 gal/min5-years
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The Takeaway

Commercial style kitchen faucets are excellent for the busy home cook. They have all the great features an industrial fixture has, only modified to fit a home.

However, even with their height minimized, they still reach between 20 and 30 inches, so they’ll require a lot of overhead space. If you have the room, though, any one of the faucets on our list is bound to do the job.

What do you think of our commercial style kitchen faucet reviews? What’s the maximum height faucet you can fit in your kitchen? Do you like the edgy look commercial faucets bring? Let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you!

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Peter has been a homeowner for 35+ years and has always done his own repair and improvement tasks. As a retired plumber, Peter now spends his time teaching others how they can fix leaks, replace faucets, and make home improvements on a budget.
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