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Best Delta Touch Faucet Reviews: 2024 Guide

“Touch on, touch off” is the promise of Delta Touch2O Technology, but is it any good?

Until recently, the ability to operate your home faucets with a light touch was a rare and expensive luxury. However, Delta has now brought that technology to the wider market.

Delta’s touch technology can be found in a variety of kitchen and bathroom faucets. How do their faucets work and what difference could one-touch technology make to your daily life?

In this article, we will take a closer look at why these faucets are so useful. We will also provide recommendations in our detailed Delta Touch faucet reviews, which include some of the highest-rated faucets available today.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Delta Mateo
Best Pull-Down
Delta Mateo
  • TouchClean technology
  • Minimalist design
  • Spray & stream modes
Product Image of the Delta Essa
Best Bar Faucet
Delta Essa
  • InnoFlex PEX lines
  • 1.8 GPM water pressure
  • Two-year battery life
Product Image of the Delta Leland
Best Looking
Delta Leland
  • TempSense LED lights
  • Diamond Seal
  • Two spray functions
Product Image of the Tesla Touch2O
Best for Bathroom
Tesla Touch2O
  • Touch2O technology
  • Meets ADA standards
  • Unique compact design
Product Image of the Delta Trinsic Pro
Best Commercial-Style
Delta Trinsic Pro
  • Industrial appearance
  • Easily wiped clean
  • MagnaTite docking

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Best Delta Touch Faucets of 2024

Now that you’re more familiar with the different types of Delta faucets, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the finest faucets the brand currently offers. We considered functionality, aesthetics, and customer feedback when writing our Delta Touch faucet reviews.

Delta Mateo Single-Handle Pull Down Faucet

Best Pull-Down Delta Faucet

The Mateo gives a modern twist to a classic kitchen faucet, with a high arc and sharp edges around the base and spout.

You can turn on the water using the handle or by touching the faucet. You can touch anywhere on the spout using your hand or wrist — even your little finger — without worrying about leaving fingerprints on it.

The Touch2O Technology runs on two-year-life 6AA batteries, which are included. You can also purchase an AC adapter if you don’t want to rely on batteries, but many Delta Touch2O reviews said this was unnecessary.

TempSense Technology will prevent any unpleasant or potentially dangerous surprises. It detects the temperature of the water and the LED light is automatically adjusted to match.

What We Like

Easy Installation

The faucet is designed to fit a single hole or three-hole sink with a 6 to 8-inch configuration. You receive two InnoFlex PEX supply lines — these are strong and will prevent leaks.


Reduced water flow due to sediment or mineral buildup can be frustrating, especially if you need to soak the nozzle in a cleaning solution to get rid of it. The Mateo faucet provides a solution to the problem with Delta’s TouchClean Technology.

The soft rubber spray holes allow you to wipe off any buildup, so there’s no need for scrubbing. They also give the faucet a modern look.

Beautiful Aesthetics

The high smooth arc and sharp edges around the spout and base give this faucet a contemporary feel. You can choose from four finishes to complement your bathroom, including Arctic stainless, black stainless, chrome, and Venetian bronze.

Two Water Options

Whether you need to fill a large pot or rinse a dirty plate, the Mateo faucet is well suited. It has two water modes — spray and stream — and you can change between the two using the large switch on the spray head.

What We Don't Like


There appears to be some splashing when the stream is at full strength. Multiple customers reported this and, while it isn’t a huge problem, it also isn’t ideal.

Product Specs

Material Brass
WaterSense labeled No
Flow Rate 1.8 GPM
Spout Height 16 inches
Spout Reach 9.25 inches

Our Ratings

Material Quality
4 / 5
4.5 / 5
Flow Rate
4 / 5
Sensor Reliability
4.5 / 5
Total Rating
4.25 / 5

User Experience

I recently installed a Delta faucet in my kitchen and I'm really enjoying its elegant design and touch on-off feature. However, I am disappointed with the low water pressure, which makes tasks like filling pots and rinsing pans take longer than usual. On the bright side, the faucet's magnetic docking system is quite useful and I love the black stainless steel color, which complements my other appliances perfectly.

Delta Essa Single Handle Bar/Prep Faucet

Best Bar Delta Faucet

The Essa bar faucet brings European chic style to your kitchen. It has a smooth arc and a broad base that makes it look as durable as it is. It is available in several elegant finishes, including matte black and Venetian bronze.

You can turn on the water using the handle or the Touch2O Technology. If you have dirty fingers, you can touch the faucet anywhere using a clean part of your hand and it will activate. The water will still be at the same temperature as the handle has been set to.

If you’re unsure whether or not the temperature is right, you can check the LED display. The TempSense will change between red and blue to show you if the water is safe to touch.

What We Like

Quick Installation

The faucet comes with everything you need to install it quickly. You get InnoFlex PEX supply lines, which are made of rubber instead of metal, making them more resistant to water wear.

You can fit the faucet to a single-hole or three-hole sink, and order a separate deck plate if needed.

Strong Water Pressure

Many customers praised the Essa faucet for its intense water pressure. It has a flow rate of 1.8 GPM — which provides a powerful rinse when using the spray option.

Battery Box

As the Touch2O Technology requires batteries, you need a safe place to store them. Thankfully, the faucet includes a secure box where the cells will be isolated from any water. This box can be mounted to a cabinet or wall using the included fittings.

Long Battery Life

The batteries are supposed to last two years, but frequent use means they can wear out sooner. Many reviewers mentioned that the batteries worked for almost a year — even with heavy use. Some also said the adapter wasn’t necessary.

What We Don't Like

Small Faucet

This bar/prep faucet is smaller than a standard kitchen tap at just 14 inches tall. Some customers were surprised by the small size while others found it to be positive. This will depend on your kitchen size and personal taste.

Product Specs

Material Brass
WaterSense Labeled No
Flow Rate 1.8 GPM
Spout Height 9.65 inches
Spout Reach 9.37 inches

Our Ratings

Material Quality
4 / 5
4.5 / 5
Flow Rate
4.5 / 5
Sensor Reliability
4 / 5
Total Rating
4.25 / 5

Personal Perspective

From the moment I installed the touch faucet, I knew it was a great addition to my kitchen. The faucet is well-made and has been working perfectly for over a year, getting used multiple times a day. I love how it looks with my black stainless farmhouse sink and the installation was a breeze. The only downside is that I wish it had a slightly longer reach, but overall, I am really happy with my choice. This touch technology has made my life so much easier, especially when my hands are covered in gunk – it's definitely worth the investment!

Delta Leland Single-Handle Faucet

Best Looking Delta Faucet

If you’re looking for a classic style with modern features, the Leland could be exactly what you need. It is available in three finishes, including chrome, Arctic stainless, and Venetian bronze.

It includes some of Delta’s most popular technologies to make it more efficient and user-friendly. It is a pull-down tap but has a timeless look, and you wouldn’t know it has an extendable hose at a glance.

You receive everything you need to install the faucet. It fits a single-hole or three-hole configuration — you will need a deck plate for a three-hole. The Leland also includes a five-year limited warranty.

What We Like

Incorporates Multiple Technologies

You can activate the water flow easily, even if you have sticky fingers. Simply tap anywhere on the faucet and the water will turn on or off. The Leland also features TempSense LED lights that let you know the temperature of the water.

When you have finished using the extendable hose, you can lock it securely into place. The MagnaTite Technology features a strong magnet that won’t release the hose unless you want it to, and it won’t weaken over time.

Diamond Seal

To keep the faucet working leak-free, Delta has fitted it with Diamond Seal Technology. It has a Diamond Seal valve and a ceramic disc embedded in diamonds. This doesn’t require any lubrication and will keep the seals strong.

Easy to Clean

If you notice a buildup of any kind around the spray holes, simply wipe it off using your finger. You don’t need to soak it or scrub it with harsh cleaning solutions.

Customers were very pleased with this, claiming the faucet looked brand new after cleaning it.

Two Spray Functions

The hose has two spray functions to suit the task you are performing. One is a soft stream of water that’s great for filling large pots or washing a few dishes. The other is a pre-rinse spray.

You can change between the two modes by using the large switch. Some pull-down faucets require holding the button for the pre-rinse, but the Leland has two buttons to easily switch between modes.

What We Don't Like

Hose Less Flexible

Some customers complained that the hose was less flexible than other pull-down faucets. However, it has a good length of 20 inches.

Product Specs

Material Brass
WaterSense Labeled No
Flow Rate 1.8 GPM
Spout Height 7.5 inches
Spout Reach 9.20 inches

Our Ratings

Material Quality
4 / 5
4.5 / 5
Flow Rate
4 / 5
Sensor Reliability
3.5 / 5
Total Rating
4 / 5

Community Feedback

I've been using this Delta faucet for four years now, and I must say it has exceeded my expectations. The flow handle works smoothly, and the touch control feature is a game-changer, making it very convenient to use. I had a minor issue with the magnet holding the sprayer, but Delta's customer support was outstanding and helped me fix it with ease.

Tesla Bathroom Faucet with Touch2O

Best Single-Handle Delta Bathroom Faucet

Minimalist meets modern in this Tesla bathroom faucet. It has a single handle neatly fitted on top of the tap, and the smooth, slightly bent arc gives it a height of 5.88 inches.

It is available in three finishes, including chrome, polished nickel, and stainless. The installation works in a one or three-hole configuration. Tesla combines a few of Delta’s most popular technologies to enhance the user experience.

What We Like

High-Gloss Finish

The glossy finish gives the faucet a distinctive look, which is easy to maintain as it only requires a quick wipe down. The Tesla also has a high arc, leaving you plenty of space in the sink.

Many customers praised the finishes available for this model: the colors aren’t over the top and complement any type of bathroom.

Touch2O Technology

Being able to turn on a bathroom faucet without grabbing the handle can make a significant difference. If you have small children, this technology can reduce the amount of bacteria being spread.

If you would prefer not to touch the faucet, you can simply move your hand to within 4 inches and the sensor will activate the flow. The TempSense LED light also tells you whether or not the water is at a comfortable temperature, without having to test it with your hand.

Meets ADA Standards

The Tesla fulfills the standards set by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). The high arc, long-reaching spout, and single-handle make it possible for everyone to use with ease.

Water Conserving

The Tesla is WaterSense certified by the EPA — this means it uses 20% less water than standard faucets. This is important if you’re looking to become more environmentally friendly.

What We Don't Like

Spout Can’t Swivel

This faucet’s spout can’t swivel, which limits its versatility. Some customers complained about this, especially those with smaller sinks.

Product Specs

Material Brass
WaterSense labeled Yes
Flow Rate 1.2 GPM
Spout Height 5.88 inches
Spout Reach 6 inches

Our Ratings

Material Quality
4.5 / 5
4 / 5
Flow Rate
3.5 / 5
Sensor Reliability
4.5 / 5
Total Rating
4 / 5

First-Hand Impression

I'm excited to share my experience with the Tesla bathroom faucet, which perfectly combines minimalist and modern design. The single handle on top of the tap and smooth, slightly bent arc make it easy to use, and the three available finishes give you options to match your bathroom style. Installing the faucet was a breeze, and it even works with one or three-hole configurations. The best part is that it features high-gloss finish, Touch2O technology, meets ADA standards, and conserves water, although the spout can't swivel.

Delta Trinsic Pro Spring Spout Faucet

Best Commercial-Style Delta Faucet

The Delta Trinsic faucet is a great fit for industrial or commercial-style kitchens, with a tall arc that can be undocked or pulled down. It is available in three stylish finishes, including Arctic stainless and black stainless.

The entire Trinsic faucet has been designed to make everyday tasks easier. It is also simple to clean as it only requires a wipe down.

What We Like

Industrial Look

This faucet is heavy-duty and it shows. The rugged, tall arc provides a modern industrial feel that many people desire in their kitchens. It is an excellent choice for homeowners that want to impress anyone who visits their kitchen.

Easy Maintenance

Nobody wants to scrub their faucet every time they use it. Thankfully, the Trinsic only requires a wipe down — there is no need for a more thorough cleaning. To get rid of mineral buildup, simply wipe the soft rubber spray holes.

Excellent Features

The Trinsic faucet features Diamond Seal Technology, which keeps it leak-free. It also incorporates Touch2O Technology, so you can easily activate the water without leaving a mess — even with sticky hands.

MagnaTite Docking is in effect at two points. There is one where the spray head docks after being pulled out, and another where the spout is held in place by the handle.

What We Don't Like

Sprayer is Plastic

Multiple customers commented on the plastic sprayer. Some saw it as a negative but most agreed that it was still a good faucet.

Product Specs

Material Brass
WaterSense labeled No
Flow Rate 1.8 GPM
Spout Height 19.5 inches
Spout Reach 9.5 inches

Our Ratings

Material Quality
3.5 / 5
4 / 5
Flow Rate
4 / 5
Sensor Reliability
3.5 / 5
Total Rating
3.75 / 5

User Experience

I've been using this Delta faucet for a few months now, and it has really made my kitchen experience more enjoyable. The modern design complements my kitchen perfectly, and the 360-degree swivel feature makes washing large items a breeze. The pull-down sprayer also has two modes - stream and spray - which makes cleaning different types of dishes easier. However, I did find that the faucet is quite tall, so make sure to check your cabinet dimensions before purchasing.

Product Comparison Chart

Product Award Material WaterSense labeled Flow Rate Spout Height Spout Reach
Delta Mateo Pull-Down Brass No 1.8 GPM 16″ 9.25″
Delta Essa Bar Faucet Brass No 1.8 GPM 9.65″ 9.37″
Delta Leland Best Looking Brass No 1.8 GPM 7.5″ 9.20″
Delta Tesla Touch2O Single-Handle Brass Yes 1.2 GPM 5.88″ 6″
Delta Trinsic Pro Commercial-Style Brass No 1.8 GPM 19.5″ 9.5″

Who Is Delta?

Delta is owned by Masco Corporation — a world-leading home improvement company that was founded in 1954 when it introduced the single-handle faucet. Masco also owns several other brands, including Brizo and Peerless.

Delta Faucet Company is currently one of the most prominent faucet brands in the United States. It offers an extensive range of residential and commercial faucets and accessories.

Perhaps the main reason that Delta has become an industry leader is the brand’s innovative thinking. Their stylish faucet designs also prioritize making your daily life easier (1).

Environmental Awareness

In recent years, people have become increasingly aware of the importance of conserving water — Delta is at the forefront of this thinking. The brand has prioritized developing products that not only conserve water but also improve its quality.

The company has received multiple awards from the EPA and was named WaterSense Partner of the Year in 2011, 2013, and 2014. It also achieved the Sustained Excellence Award in 2015, 2016, and 2017 (2).

Delta Customer Service and Reviews

You can contact Delta directly via its official website. The site offers guidance regarding a product you already own, or you can call the customer support team for further assistance using the number provided (3).

Delta products have received countless excellent reviews from customers worldwide. These reviews frequently praise their modern style and innovative technologies. Many customers also comment on how easy it is to install a Delta faucet.

Where to Buy a Delta Faucet

Delta faucets can be purchased directly from the official Delta website. You can also buy their products from Amazon and Home Depot.

Why Choose Delta?

Choosing a Delta product means choosing quality. The brand has incorporated several smart technologies to improve efficiency and make everyday tasks a breeze. These innovative features do come at a price, but this blow is softened by Delta’s reliably long lifespans.

Homeowners who want to be kinder to the environment could benefit from a Delta Touch faucet. They not only conserve water, but you won’t need to use harsh chemicals to clean them.

Delta Technologies

Delta is known for its smart technologies that make everyday tasks easier, with features tailored to the tasks you will need to perform frequently in the kitchen or bathroom.

1. Touch2O Technology

Delta’s most significant innovation is its Touch2O Technology, which allows you to turn your faucet on and off using only a light touch. This technology is very similar to that used in smartphones.

Powered by 6AA or 6C batteries, the water activates when you touch anywhere on the spout or handle. You can use your hand, elbow, wrist, or any other body part!

Holding the faucet won’t turn on the water. Touch2O Technology can distinguish between a touch and a grasp. A touch is less than 300 milliseconds, but a grasp is longer.

The temperature of the water is automatically set to match the handle. Another innovation that is available with most faucets is TempSense. This is an LED light that changes color as the temperature does, warning you of a potential burn (4).

When you have finished using the faucet, you can touch it again to turn off the water. There is also an automatic shut-off feature in case the water is accidentally activated. If there has been no activity around the faucet for four minutes, it will turn itself off.

One downside of Touch2O is the fact that it requires batteries. However, the cells use a low DC voltage, and they will be isolated from the electrical wiring in your home.

You can find Touch2O Technology in Delta’s kitchen and bathroom faucets, as well as accessories such as soap dispensers.

2. Touch-Clean Spray Holes

Sediment and limescale buildup can significantly reduce the water pressure of a faucet. Traditionally, this meant you needed to either open the nozzle to scrub it, or clean it using chemicals.

Delta’s Touch-Clean technology makes it effortless to get rid of any buildup using only your fingers. The soft rubber spray holes are also resistant to any mineral residue. You can find this technology in Delta kitchen faucets as well as showerheads and hand showers (5).

3. MagnaTite Docking

Having to rely on a counterweight to keep your pull-down faucet in place can be a nuisance. They require extra space beneath your sink and don’t always work as expected, leading to a tug of war with your faucet.

MagnaTite Docking features a powerful magnet that will snap the hose right back into place and keep it there. It is available with Delta’s pull-down faucets and two-in-one shower heads (6).

4. Diamond Seal Technology

Diamond Seal Technology will prevent any drips or leaks from your faucet. It uses a patented design that strengthens the weak points, making the tap last longer.

Delta incorporates its Diamond Seal in all its faucets and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty (7). It uses a simple one-piece supply line that is easy to install on your own.

5. ShieldSpray Technology

ShieldSpray is an exciting feature that is currently only found in some of Delta’s kitchen faucets. It reduces the chances of water splashing and creating a mess.

As the powerful stream leaves the sprayer, it forms a sphere of water that concentrates it to a precise point. Delta claims this reduces splashing by as much as 90% in comparison to a standard sprayer (8).

The ShieldSpray is activated using a button on the spout. You can also switch to a soft stream. Keep in mind that ShieldSpray works best in a household with water pressure over 35 psi.

Types of Delta Faucets

Delta offers several lines of kitchen and bathroom faucets, many of which feature touch technology. There are also various styles and finishes to ensure they will complement the rest of your home.


In a modern home, a pull-down faucet can become a centerpiece of the kitchen. The added hose with a powerful sprayer will give your kitchen a professional touch.

Delta has a huge range of pull-out and pull-down kitchen faucets, many of which include Touch2O Technology and ShieldSpray.

The faucets are available in a variety of finishes such as chrome and matte black. They also come in different styles ranging from modern to a more commercial or industrial style.


You can find an impressive variety of bar/prep faucets by Delta as either single-handle or double-handle. This type of faucet has a high arc and a swivel spout. Many models also feature the technologies Delta has innovated, including Touch2O and MagnaTite.

Don’t underestimate them due to their smaller size — bar and prep faucets are just as powerful as pull-downs. They can be a perfect fit for small kitchens.

Beverage Faucet

Delta has a small line of elegant beverage faucets. They are smaller than others but they also have a beautifully simple style. Most of the faucets are handle-free, meaning you will rely on Touch2O to turn the water on and off.

The compact size of beverage faucets makes them ideal for small sinks. Handle-free faucets bring a minimalist touch to any kitchen.

Wall Mount

If you want to convert your bathroom into a luxurious spa, Delta’s Wall Mount bathroom faucets have multiple exciting designs. They can give your bathroom a complete makeover by removing the standing spout.

This line is available in multiple finishes such as chrome and stainless steel. Unfortunately, these faucets don’t feature Touch2O Technology.


The Vessel line contains tall faucets, available in various styles. Some of the more interesting designs include a channel spout where you can watch the water as it runs through the tap.

These faucets are available in a range of exciting finishes, including champagne bronze. If you combine this color with a Vessel faucet, you can create a relaxing tropical aesthetic.

There are also more modern styles and even Victorian-inspired faucets. If you’re looking for a specific style to complement your bathroom, you should find it among the Vessels. Multiple models also feature Touch2O Technology.


For classic bathrooms, Delta has two lines of two-handled faucets, available in various styles and finishes. The centerset line also includes a few single-handled options.

Both types use a three-hole installation. The centerset is around 4 inches, and the widespread is 6 to 16 inches, depending on the model. These faucets don’t include Touch2O Technology.


Are Touch Faucets Worth It?

Touch faucets are a cutting-edge way of activating the water flow above your kitchen sink. They make it quicker and easier to turn your faucet on and off. Their main competition is a touchless faucet, which is even more advanced, but there are reasons to consider choosing a touch faucet instead. For example, a touchless faucet’s motion detector can activate the tap at the wrong time if your hand comes too close to it while washing dishes.

How Long Do the Batteries Last in a Delta Touch Faucet?

Delta claims the batteries in its Touch faucets should last two years, but this varies depending on how frequently the tap is used. Some customer reviews mention that, in practice, the batteries can last less than a year, with some even saying they only lasted six months. Consider how often your faucet will be used because it might be better to buy an AC adapter instead of relying on batteries.

What Does a Red Light Mean on a Delta Faucet?

Many Delta faucets have an LED indicator that shows how warm the water is before you use it. This is very useful as it means you don’t have to test the water with your hand and can avoid being scalded. If the LED begins flashing red, it means the batteries in your faucet are low and need to be replaced before they run out completely. Make sure you always have some batteries ready to replace those in your faucet.

Do Delta Touch Faucets Break Easily?

Delta faucets do not break easily and they are regarded as one of the top brands across North America.

Indeed, Delta Faucet is well-known for its decades of experience, superior craftsmanship, and many honors gained for the many different inventions they’ve developed throughout the years.

In addition, the corporation has been accorded a high level of respect by several illustrious organizations, such as the EPA and the Edison Universe, amongst others.

Do Delta Touch Faucets Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Delta Faucets do have a lifetime warranty but you need to understand a few things about how it works.

Delta faucets come with a lifetime warranty that guarantees all the components and finishes will be free from faults in both the materials and the craftsmanship used in their construction.

When it comes to installation and maintenance, Delta suggests always working with a licensed plumber.

Are Delta Touch Faucets Better Than Moen?

It’s difficult to say if Delta faucets are better than Moen because it depends on what you prioritize as a customer.

Moen products have the best quality compared to those of the other two manufacturers, which may be why they are also the most expensive. In addition, Delta offers its customers a lifetime limited guarantee in addition to a 5-year limited warranty for the electrical parts and batteries.

There is no question that Delta provides options that are friendlier to one’s wallet than Moen does. Faucets manufactured by Moen typically have an increased number of high-end amenities, such as built-in soap dispensers, touchless features, and water filtering systems.

What is the Most Reliable Brand of Kitchen Touch Faucets?

Delta is considered to be one of the most reliable brands of kitchen touch faucets. The Touch2O technology included in Delta smart faucets makes them stand out from the competition, but these faucets are not cheap.

Also, it reduces the amount of water that is used, the fact that the faucet can be controlled with a single touch or motion is another feature that piques everyone’s interest.

The price of the Delta smart faucet, which is slightly around $650, may appear to be costly; nevertheless, when compared to the prices of other high-end faucets, it is actually fairly reasonable.

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