Best Heated Toilet Seats of 2020

You shouldn’t feel guilty about upgrading your toilet seat to a heated one. Warm models bring more than the convenience of a hot seat in wintertime. They could help your muscles relax, increase blood flow, and therefore assist you in your task.

Besides, we spend a fair amount of time on the toilet every week — about 3 hours to be precise (1). Therefore, making these precious moments an enjoyable experience shouldn’t feel like an unnecessary luxury.

The best heated toilet seats usually come with an impressive list of features and specifications. Unsurprisingly, heated models are on the high-end spectrum of toilet seats. You can find the right one to make your restroom visits more enjoyable.

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    Why Use a Heated Toilet Seat?

    Warm seats are popular for various reasons. Here are their primary perks:

    • Heat is therapeutic: It relaxes muscles and reduces pain (2).
    • Luxury settings: Heated seats generally come with incredibly creative features, such as massage jets, warm air dry or even a hot water bidet.
    • Uses little electricity: Although they’ll always consume more power than a non-electric type, heated seats shouldn’t make your bill jump to the sky. Some models even include an energy-saving mode.
    • Easy to install: Most models are simple to set-up, and might only differ from a standard seat by plugging it into a socket.
    • Comfort: Approximately 75 percent of Americans use their smartphones while on the throne (3). Simply feeling relaxed alone while scrolling on social media can justify investing in a heated seat.
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    Features to Consider

    Before deciding on a model, ensure that the seat meets both your toilet’s requirements and personal needs.

    • Toilet shape: Bowls are either elongated or round in shape. Take the proper measurements and compare them with the manufacturer’s specifications.
    • Electricity consumption: Although heated seats don’t generally use a lot of power, some models offer eco-friendly features, such as a sleep mode.
    • Seat temperature: Your ideal temperature might not suit other people in the household. Fortunately, some products include various temperature settings to accommodate all tastes.
    • Additional features: As we mentioned, heated seats typically come with a long list of fancy characteristics. Make a list of your most desirable features. Choose from warm water, massage function, warm dry air, double nozzles, child mode and more.

    The Best Heated Toilet Seats of 2020

    While shopping for a heated model, you’ll find a large number of choices. To accommodate all needs, we’ve selected the top products of various price-points, unique features and materials. We’ve also analyzed expert reviews and user’s comments to finalize our list of the top seven heated toilet seats.

    1. Brondell LumaWarm Heated Round Toilet Seat

    Most Popular Heated Toilet Seat

    Brondell L60-RW LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Round Toilet Seat, White
    Check Price

    This product might be one of the most popular options available. The Brondell seat is available for both elongated and rounded bowls and doesn’t only offer heat. It also comes with numerous other features, while remaining budget-friendly.

    The built-in soothing blue light gives this model a touch of luxury while being convenient for night sessions. In addition, the slow close feature should keep you sane, especially if you have kids.

    Why We Love It

    Night Light

    At night, you won’t have to turn on your bright bathroom lights to be able to use the toilet — even when you’re half asleep. This model includes a soft light to illuminate the toilet bowl. Just follow the blue glow, and you’ll reach your destination.

    Slow Close

    This feature allows a gentle close, instead of a seat cover slamming over the toilet bowl. Over time, continuous shock and pressure can create cracks within the material. This can impact the overall lifespan of the product.

    Simple to Install

    The heated seat isn’t complicated to set-up. You shouldn’t need professional assistance, and only a screwdriver is required. Some reviewers were able to put it together within 10 minutes.


    The model doesn’t come with a multitude of confusing buttons. Users love how easy it is to operate, and yet it still includes four different temperature settings. The lowest setting typically matches the skin temperature and will be warm enough for many to use.

    Keep In Mind

    No Sleep Mode

    Although users reported that the seat uses little electricity, they wished it came with a sleep mode. If you turn it off, it can take up to 15 minutes to warm it up. Not ideal for pressing business.

    Seat Doesn’t Stay Up

    A few reviewers had trouble with the seat not standing up straight. This is mostly an inconvenience for men while urinating.

    Additional Specs

    Type of SeatElongated and round
    Key FeaturesSlow close, night light
    Number of
    Temperature Settings
    Dimensions20 by 14 by 3 inches (elongated)
    18.5 by 14.3 by 2.8 inches (round)

    2. Bemis Radiance Plastic Toilet Seat, H1900NL 000

    Most User-Friendly Heated Toilet Seat

    BEMIS Radiance Heated Night Light Toilet Seat will Slow Close and Never Loosen, ELONGATED, Long Lasting Plastic, White, H1900NL 000
    Check Price

    For some of us, heated seats can be inconvenient to use. Control panels, a million buttons and many settings to choose from — their use isn’t always straightforward.

    If you’re looking to enjoy a warm toilet time without the technology hassle, this model could be worth considering. Compared to other models, this product comes with a limited number of features. Yet, it provides a slow close, various heat levels and a night light, as well as both round and elongated designs.

    Why We Love It

    Various Temperature Settings

    The heated seat is the primary feature of this model, and shouldn’t disappoint you. It comes with three warmth levels — low, medium, and high to accommodate all tastes. If you turn the heat off, the temperature matches the ambient air, which can also be handy in summer.

    Touch of Luxury

    Although humble and straightforward, this model offers a touch of extravagance. At night, it emits a soft blue light to conveniently and safely reach the throne.

    It’s designed to be turned on and off manually. This means you can shut it off during the day, saving on electricity use.

    Easy Installation

    If you’re already stressing about the moment where you’ll have to put your seat together, this model should make you feel at ease. The STA-TITE Fastening System consists of sliding two included screws under the seat. Then place the screws through the two toilet holes and tighten them using the bolts.

    Take Note

    Only a wrench is required for proper installation.
    Good Stability

    This same STA-TITE system helps to prevent the seat from getting loose. Besides, the included bumpers should also keep it stable at all times.

    Keep In Mind

    No Auto-Restart

    Bear in mind that this product won’t restart automatically after a power outage. This is something you’ll need to do manually.

    Manual Switch for Night Light

    If you forget to turn the light on during the day, you’ll have trouble locating the switch at night.

    Additional Specs

    Type of SeatElongated and round
    Key FeaturesSlow close, night light
    Number of
    Temperature Settings
    Dimensions18.9 by 14.1 by 2.5 inches (elongated)
    16.9 by 14.1 by 2.5 inches (round)

    3. SmartBidet Electronic Heated Toilet Seat

    Best Heated Seat With Remote

    SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets with Remote Control- Electronic Heated Toilet Seat with Warm Air Dryer and Temperature Controlled Wash Functions (White)
    Check Price

    This is one of the few models with the convenience of a remote control, and at a reasonable price-point. It’s designed to be user-friendly while providing several helpful features.

    Besides the three-setting heated seat, it also comes with a built-in warm air dryer and a water jet spraying from various angles. It even does so at different pressures. The soft-close feature will make for a relaxing and quiet toilet time.

    Why We Love It

    Remote Control

    Instead of featuring a side control panel, this model comes with a remote control. This means that the overall shape is less bulky and narrower than others. You’ll only need to point the device towards the right side of the seat to operate it.

    The remote conveniently holds in the palm of a hand and can be utilized with one hand. If you’re the type of person always looking for your TV remote control, don’t worry. A wall mount comes with the remote; you should be able to find it where you last left it.

    Take Note

    Two AAA batteries are included for the remote.
    Versatile Nozzle

    Although this seat only comes with one nozzle, it includes all the necessary functionalities. The ladies’ cleaning spray — towards the front — is wider and more gentle. The rear mode is designed for backside cleaning, while the turbo setting provides the strongest water pressure.

    On top of that, after every use, the nozzle automatically goes into a self-cleaning mode.

    Sturdy Seat

    This product is mainly made out of plastic, and the nozzle is even built with ABS material. It should be able to carry up to 330 pounds.

    Users love how strong and durable the seat is. Some reviewers were able to keep it for many years, even when moving house.

    Keep In Mind

    No Back-Up Buttons

    Because there is no control panel, you won’t be able to use the seat if you misplace the remote. On a similar note, we recommend keeping a spare battery set closeby for when the current batteries reach their end of life.

    Additional Specs

    Type of SeatElongated and round
    Key Features3-in-1 nozzle, remote with wall mount
    Number of
    Temperature Settings
    MaterialMetallic valve, ABS plastic
    Dimensions17.3 by 20.6 by 7.1 inches (elongated)
    17.3 by 19.4 by 7.1 inches (round)

    4. BioBidet Bliss BB2000 Smart Toilet Seat

    Best Luxury Heated Toilet Seat

    BioBidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated White Bidet Smart Toilet Seat, Premier Class, Unlimited Warm Water, Self Cleaning Hydroflush, Hybrid Heating, Wireless Remote Control, Inviting Nightlight, Vortex Wash
    Check Price

    This sleek model combines luxurious features and high-quality materials with a modern style. Because it doesn’t come with a side panel, it showcases a smooth and light design.

    While the classic and chic style should match most modern bathroom decor, the BioBidet Bliss also comes with an impressive list of characteristics. It includes warm dry-air, a slow close and massage spray functionalities. On top of that, this product is built with green technology to limit its impact on the environment.

    Why We Love It

    Easy Use

    The seat can be operated in two different ways. The touch screen on the side of the toilet allows easy use, even at night. Instead of pressing buttons, a light touch should be enough to change the settings.

    Alternatively, all settings are accessible from the remote control. You can even pick between a white or a black remote.

    Blue Light

    A few models come with a built-in blue light, which is mainly placed inside the bowl. This product has the light built on the outer side of the toilet. This means that, at night, you’ll see where you’re going even if the seat cover is down.

    High-End Nozzle

    The nozzle’s specifications are quite impressive. First, it’s fully automated and moves back and forth to spray in various directions, but also to clean itself inside and outside. It sends three types of sprays to accommodate all tastes and preferences — small jet, feminine spray and vortex mode.

    The shaft is also built with a sturdy and corrosion-resistant stainless steel material. When it needs to be replaced, you can easily do so.

    Keep In Mind

    Only Fits Elongated Shapes

    This model only matches elongated toilet bowls. If you’re unsure which type your toilet is, measure its diameter and compare it with the manufacturer’s specifications.

    Take Note

    The remote requires the purchase of two AAA batteries — which are not included.

    Additional Specs

    Type of SeatElongated
    Key FeaturesRemote, touch screen, blue light
    Number of
    Temperature Settings
    Not indicated
    MaterialABS, stainless steel nozzle
    Dimensions21 by 15.6 by 9 inches

    5. Toto Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with PreMist

    Most Hygenic Heated Toilet Seat

    TOTO SW2034#01 C100 WASHLET Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat, Elongated, Cotton White
    Check Price

    This heated seat won’t only keep you warm, it will also help speed-up cleaning. More so, it will assist you in keeping good hygiene inside the toilet bowl.

    You’ll also find popular features such as warm air, a slow close lid and adjustable water pressure and temperature. It’s even built with an auto-energy saver functionality to keep your electricity bill low.

    The product comes with a one-year warranty. Plus it includes all the hardware and equipment needed for quick installation.

    Why We Love It

    Pre-Mist Feature

    This heated seat is made to keep you healthy, and the toilet bowl clean. The unique “pre-mist” feature differentiates this model from other products. Before each use, the toilet bowl is lightly sprayed with water to prevent residue from sticking to the surface.

    It prevents bacteria and other germs from thriving inside the toilet bowl. This attribute also contributes to faster cleaning sessions when needed. Furthermore, the nozzle is automatically cleaned inside-out, before and after each use.

    Air Deodorizer

    No one likes lingering smells. This seat is made to remedy this situation. It comes with a fan to allow for better airflow, which can be turned on and off as needed. In addition, a carbon filter cleans the air while neutralizing unpleasant smells.

    Available in Two Shades

    A beige-cotton toilet bowl matched with a snow-white seat can look odd and impact your overall bathroom style. Even if the two offered shades are similar, they can make a significant difference when it comes to matching your toilet’s color.

    New Spray Technology

    An uncomfortably strong or weak jet can impair your relaxing moments. We love that this model combines a new technology — Air-In Wonder Wave. This technique adds air to the water, providing a strong, yet gentle spray.

    Keep In Mind

    Too Noisy

    Some reviewers found this seat too noisy when using the water spray functionality. They wished for a slightly quieter and more discreet operating system.

    Additional Specs

    Type of SeatElongated and round
    Key FeaturesDeodorizer, pre-mist
    Number of
    Temperature Settings
    Dimensions23.5 by 20.5 by 9 inches (elongated)

    21.5 by 20.5 by 9 inches (round)

    6. Bio Bidet Ultimate Bidet Heated Seat, Dual Nozzle

    Best Heated Seat With Dual Nozzle

    Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat, Elongated White. Easy DIY Installation, Luxury Features From Side Panel, Adjustable Heated Seat and Water. Dual Nozzle Has Posterior and Feminine Wash
    Check Price

    This model combines efficiency and convenience and comes in both elongated and rounded shapes. Unlike other models, it contains two nozzles that can be replaced when needed. They even come with a self-cleaning mode.

    The side control panel allows you to switch between washing and drying settings. From there, you’ll also be able to change temperatures and water pressures.

    The soft-close feature — for both the seat and the lid — wraps up your toilet session in a calm and quiet setting.

    Why We Love It

    Dual Nozzle

    The two nozzles provide different jet pressures and modes. Choose between the automated, child, aerated or massage spray setting. They also allow you to choose between rear and front cleaning, ideal for both males and females.

    Three-Way Heat

    Sitting on a warm toilet only to receive a cold water spray from the bidet can be more unpleasant than a cold seat to start with. The water can also be heated at various temperatures to match its warmth — up to 50 seconds per use.

    Once you’re clean, the seat can send warm air to dry the area. If you choose the auto function, this functionality will even start automatically. An all-around heated toilet experience!

    Convenient Electrical Cord

    The included cord measures about 4 feet long. Because it shouldn’t be used with an extension, luckily, it’s attached to the center rear of the seat. This means that you can power it both on the right and left sides of the toilet bowl.

    Keep In Mind

    Filter Change

    Reviewers talk about a water filter that is placed between the water tank and the supply. Although the manufacturer doesn’t indicate how often it should be replaced, eventually, you’ll have to at least give it a wash.

    Additional Specs

    Type of SeatRounded and elongated
    Key FeaturesSlow close, hot water, warm air-dry, various pressures and temperatures
    Number of
    Temperature Settings
    Various — exact number not indicated
    Dimensions20.47 by 18.4 by 5.6 inches (elongated)

    19.2 by 15 by 5.6 inches (round)

    7. Lotus Hygiene Systems Heated Seat

    Best Heated Toilet Seat for Kids

    Lotus Smart Bidet ATS-500 FDA Registered, Heated Seat, Temperature Controlled Wash, Warm Air Dryer, Easy DIY Installation, Made in Korea, One Size Fits Elongated And Round
    Check Price

    Heated toilets are a fantastic invention and a great device to have at home for added comfort. If you have young kids, however, this means that they may require assistance every time they use the toilet.

    As we spend a great deal of time and effort to toilet train our kids, that’s not convenient at all. This model, however, is child-friendly. You’ll only have to teach them where the one button is to press.

    Why We Love It


    This heated seat is designed to be easily and independently used by most kids. As you press the “child” button, the rear water spray automatically starts and washes for 30 seconds. Then follows the drying setting for one more minute.

    Both the nozzle angle and dryer temperature will be adjusted as you’re using the child mode. In addition, the antibacterial material should keep your child free from unwanted germs or bacteria.

    High Number of Settings

    If you like options, you may enjoy this product. It’s designed with five different levels of water pressure, oscillation settings and drying temperatures. That’s more than most other heated seats, which typically include three levels.

    These various settings allow you to set the warmth according to your exact preferences. You shouldn’t run the risk of falling “in-between” two heat levels.

    High-Quality Nozzle

    Unlike other models, this seat offers a stainless steel nozzle. It’s sturdy while preventing rust and corrosion from forming. It also contains a self-cleaning mode to remove any residue from the spray.

    If any trouble had to arise with the nozzle, the manufacturer offers a two-year warranty.

    Keep In Mind

    Too Warm

    Some users report that the seat can be too hot, even on a low setting. It isn’t a burning sensation but can limit your time on the throne. Although, seen from the other side of the restroom door, is that a bad thing?

    Additional Specs

    Type of SeatRound and elongated
    Key FeaturesChild setting
    Number of
    Temperature Settings
    MaterialPlastic, stainless steel nozzle
    Dimensions20 by 17.3 by 6.1 inches

    Detailed Comparison Chart

    ProductBestTypeKey FeaturesNo. of SettingsMaterialDimensions
    Brondell LumaWarm ToiletPopular ChoiceElongated, roundSlow close, night light4Plastic20 x 14 x 3″ (elongated) 18.5 x 14.3 x 2.8″ (round)
    Bemis Radiance PlasticUser-FriendlyElongated, roundSlow close, night light3Plastic18.9 x 14.1 x 2.5″ (elongated) 16.9 x 14.1 x 2.5″ (round)
    SmartBidet Electronic ToiletRemoteElongated, round3-in-1 nozzle, remote with wall mount3Metallic valve, ABS plastic17.3 x 20.6 x 7.1″ (elongated) 17.3 x 19.4 x 7.1″ (round)
    BioBidet Bliss BB2000LuxuriousElongatedRemote, touch screen, blue lightN/AABS, stainless steel nozzle21 x 15.6 x 9″
    Toto Electronic BidetHygenicElongated, roundDeodorizer, pre-mist3Plastic23.5 x 20.5 x 9″ (elongated) 21.5 x 20.5 x 9″ (round)
    Bio Bidet Ultimate BidetDual NozzleElongated, roundSlow close, hot water, warm air-dry, various pressures and temperaturesN/APlastic20.47 x 18.4 x 5.6″ (elongated) 19.2 x 15 x 5.6″ (round)
    Lotus Hygiene SystemsKidsElongated, roundChild setting5Plastic, stainless steel nozzle20 x 17.3 x 6.1″
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    Cooling Down

    A heated toilet seat can make your winter toilet times life-changing. Instead of sitting on a cold surface chilling your entire body, you’ll be comfortably and warmly seated. Although they’re typically more expensive than regular seats, they nevertheless come within a wide range of budgets.

    Selecting the best heated toilet seat for your bathroom isn’t complicated. First, measure your toilet bowl to ensure proper fitting. Then decide if additional features — warm air, remote, massage jet — are desirable, or if a simple one is enough.

    You now have your checklist for a heated toilet seat shopping!

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