Best Luxury Shower Heads of 2020

Ready to completely transform your shower experience?

Are you searching for a new showerhead, one that’s both unique and high-quality? While basic models still do the job, luxurious ones can offer more durability, style, pressure options, purified water and even aromas.

Showering is the most popular cleaning method worldwide and the average American spends almost 50 hours under the shower each year.

We’ve put together a selection of the best luxury shower heads available, so that this is time well spent. We didn’t only consider the quality and style, but also all those extra features that create the perfect heavenly shower.

How to Choose the Best Luxury Shower Head

When looking for a shower head, there are several features to look for. One model may not contain them all, but look for at least a few of these:

  • Shower style.
  • Water flow.
  • Shower quality.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • Unique features.

Shower Style

Showerheads come in many shapes. Decide if you prefer a classy, flat, rectangular one or a thicker, rounded model.

The best products typically come in several colors, often with chrome and nickel finishing. Select the shade and shape that fit your taste and bathroom’s design.

Water Flow

Water Restrictor

In the U.S., and since 1994, all showerheads are limited to a water flow of 2.5 gpm (gallons per minute). Whatever the water pressure is in your city, this flow rate is an industry standard for all manufacturers. A water restrictor is installed in each shower head to reach this 2.5 gpm (1).

This small but critical detail may be responsible for low water pressure. If you enjoy high-pressure showers, however, the restrictor can be easily removed.

Warranty warning

Removing the restrictor is likely to void any warranties.

Nozzles’ Size and Number

The nozzles can significantly impact the water flow. They’re the tiny holes found on the showerhead, from which water comes out. Typically, the smaller the openings, the more “rain-like” and gentle the flow feels.

Various Pressure Modes

Many models come with several modes allowing various water pressures within one shower head. If your heart isn’t set on either light or strong pressure, these products allow you to adjust the force based on your needs.

Shower Quality

Luxurious showerheads are generally made of a sturdy and water-resistant material or coating, such as stainless steel, chrome, and nickel.

When it comes to plastic components, BPA-free products are preferred. BPA — or Bisphenol A — is found in a multitude of commercial and packaging products. Research found BPA traces in 93 percent of 2,500 urine samples, with possible negative health effects, especially in children (2) (3).

Some manufacturers have certified their products — cUPC, EPA — to ensure that quality standards are met.

Easy Installation

Ideally, a shower head should be installed within minutes. To aid this, ensure that your pipe or shower arm diameter will match the head’s connective ring. To prevent leaks, applying Teflon tape is recommended, which is sometimes included in the package.

Easy Cleaning

Nozzles are typically the first component to accumulate scale and dirt, reducing water pressure in the process. They’re also the most difficult to clean since they’re so tiny.

The best showerheads will include material that prevents hard water buildup, making dirt easier to remove.

Unique Features

What also makes a shower luxurious is the experience it provides. Unique features — such as scents, rain flow or purified water — might transform a regular shower into a first-class journey.

Best Luxury Shower Head Reviews of 2020

We’ve carefully evaluated the quality, features, uniqueness, and user comments for a range of showerheads on the market. Combining these with the opinion of industry experts, we narrowed down our recommendations for the best luxury shower heads out there.

1. SparkPod Power Rain Shower Head

Best Luxury Shower Head for High-Pressure Showers

SparkPod Power Rain Shower Head - Luxury Modern Chrome Look - Rainfall Shower Head - Easy Tool Free Installation - The Perfect Adjustable High Pressure Shower Heads
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Do you like your showers to be powerful? If so, the SparkPod model might be a product to consider.

Although your city’s water pressure will play an important role, so will your shower head. This model combines features to ensure the flow is constant and strong. The water won’t only be pressurized, it’ll also cover a large surface. On top of that, the rotating head will direct the water as desired.

This product is easy to set up. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes before you can enjoy the benefits of this luxe shower.

Why We Love It

High Pressure

If you need to remove the water restrictor for stronger water flow, the manufacturer made it an easy process. This might even be your first move once the shower head is out of the box.

Clogged nozzles can also be the cause of reduced water pressure. To prevent this, the head is made of 90 silicone jets, preventing hard water buildup.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’ve lost faith in high-pressure showerheads, you might want to give it one last try. The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year exchange.


Showerheads could spread BPA compounds if exposed to hot water and heat (4). Luckily this model doesn’t contain BPA and is instead made with durable ABS plastic.

Bonus Features

There isn’t anything more annoying than buying a new shower head only to realize that you’re missing the kit to install it. For proper installation and to avoid leaks around the connector, this product comes with Teflon tape. It also includes an additional water filter if needed down the road.

Keep In Mind

Water Pressure not Adjustable

The shower head only comes with one pressure mode. To change the pressure, you need to remove or reinstall the water restrictor.

Additional Specs

Head Dimensions6 inches
Number of Settings1
Unique Feature(s)High-pressure, BPA free
Warranty30-day money back, 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

2. AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head

Best Luxury Shower Head with Filter

AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head Set 15 Stage Shower Filter for Hard Water Removes Chlorine and Harmful Substances - Showerhead Filter High Output
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If you’re concerned about the water quality for yourself, your family, and potentially your pets, this showerhead has been designed for you. It has a water filter installed as standard that removes impurities before they reach your skin and hair. In addition, the water gets enriched with important vitamins for added benefits.

This product delivers constant water pressure for the best showering experience. The half-inch connector fits with most shower arms and can be installed within minutes.

Why We Love It

Purifies the Water

Unfiltered shower water can contain an array of chemicals, pouring onto your skin and hair. To limit chemical exposure and remove impurities, this model pushes the water through 15 different filters before it reaches you.

Purification stages vary from steel mesh, cotton and maifan stone, to germanium balls, coconut-activated carbon, and microporous ceramic balls. Chlorine, rust, heavy metals, sand, and contaminants such as bacteria and irritants, are removed in the process. The filter will also clear the water of any odor.

Keeps Your Hair Healthy

Not only is the water purified, but it’s also enriched with important vitamins — C and E. As a result, the manufacturer claims an immunity boost as well as healthier skin, nails, and hair.

Comes in a Gift Box

Unlike other models, this product isn’t packaged in a cardboard box with protective plastic bags. Instead, the shower head comes in a luxurious gift box where the components are safely secured. Inside the case, you’ll also find five shower caps, Teflon tape to wrap around the connector, and additional O-rings.

Keep In Mind

Cartridge Needs to be Replaced

As for any filter, it’ll have to be changed in time. Although replacement frequency varies based on usage and water quality in your city, the manufacturer recommends swapping the filter every six months.

Take Note

Once changed, let the water run for 5 to 10 minutes before taking a shower.

Additional Specs

Head Dimensions4.5 inches
Number of Settings1
Material(s)Aluminum shower head, chrome filter
Unique Feature(s)15-stage filter
WarrantyNot specified

3. SR SUN RISE Ultra-Thin Rain Shower Head

Best for a Rainfall Shower Experience

SR SUN RISE 12 Inch Rain Shower Head Brushed Nickel 304 Stainless Steel High Pressure Rainfall Showerhead Ultra Thin Water Saving
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This model has been designed to offer you a relaxing showering experience with drizzling water flow. It’s designed to stand parallel, just above your head, and is easily installed on a shower arm. The head even comes with a ball connector to adjust it towards the desired direction.

The gel nozzles are made of silicon, which makes this product simple to clean. Dirt likely won’t accumulate, but will be quick to remove if it does. It even comes with a 5-year warranty.

Why We Love It

Comes in Chrome and Nickel

A shower area isn’t a simple utility room. Because it’s an essential living space, selecting the proper style and coordinating colors is essential. This shower head comes in both chrome and nickel shades, so accommodates a wide range of tastes and room designs.

Ultra-Thin Design

Following the same line, this model will give your bathroom a classic and elegant look. It offers a sleek, luxurious, clean design since it’s only 0.08 of an inch thick.

Rainfall Shower Experience

This shower head should add sparkle to your daily shower. The drizzles imitate a light rain, relieving fatigue, pressure, and stress from a long working day. The 12-inch head is wide enough to allow the droplets to cover your entire body.

High-Quality Material

Only premium materials are used for this product. The shower head and filter are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, limiting the risk of corrosion and rust (5). In addition, it’s plated with 10 layers of either chrome or nickel, for a long-lasting result.

While this model is designed to save 20 percent more water than other products, the air energy technology still allows constant water pressure. Finally, and for better durability, the nozzles are heat resistant and shouldn’t clog easily.

Keep In Mind

Only One Mode

This model only comes with one rainfall mode. You won’t be able to adjust the water pressure.

Additional Specs

Head Dimensions11.8 x 11.8 inches
Number of Settings1
Material(s)Stainless steel, chrome or nickel, silicone gel.
Unique Feature(s)Rainfall experience, water savings
Warranty5 years

4. Aspior High-Pressure Shower Head with Vitamin C

Best Stress-Reliever Showerhead

Vitamin C Shower Head Filter Handheld High Pressure Ionic Shower Filters with Hose Chlorine Fluoride Removal Hard Water Softener Showhead System Set
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Luxury doesn’t always have to come with a high price tag. The Aspior showerhead naturally filters your water while releasing a lemon scent. It offers high-pressure showers with three different modes to adjust the force as desired.

Made of sturdy ABS plastic, the product can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning. It also comes with three replacement lemon filters and a 60-inch hose if you’d like to remove it from its support.

Why We Love It

Strong but Gentle Pressure

This Aspior shower head offers a high-pressure shower experience. The water, however, comes through 192 tiny holes. This makes each nozzle’s water flow in a thin, soft, and gentle stream against the skin.

Removes Impurities

The handle is filled with three natural minerals to remove water contaminants and improve water pH.

Natural zeolite can wash away heavy metals, fluoride, and ammoniacal nitrogen. Tourmaline balls, on the other hand, will clear bacteria, soften the water, and increase oxygen content. Finally, calcium sulfate will get rid of chlorine, pathogens, and metal ions.

Relaxing Scent

This might be what makes the showerhead stand out from the crowd. Scents have long been proven to benefit the nervous system.

The manufacturer included a lemon filter located inside the showerhead. By releasing a lemon scent, it helps relieve stress and anxiety, providing the most relaxing shower experience (6).

Furthermore, the filter adds Vitamin C compounds to the water. The manufacturer claims that it’ll make your hair and skin softer and more moisturized.

Keep In Mind

Replacement Parts

Note that all filter balls will need to be replaced. Although the manufacturer doesn’t specify how often it should be changed, users tend to swap them every few years.

Once you run out of the three extra lemon filters, you’ll also need to purchase new ones. This is if you want to keep showering with extra scent.

The perk? You’ll then be able to choose between lemon, rose, peppermint, and lavender fragrances!

Additional Specs

Head Dimensions8.7 x 3.3 x 2.8 inches
Number of Settings3
Material(s)ABS plastic, aluminum
Unique Feature(s)Relaxing scent
WarrantyLifetime warranty

5. AquaSpa High-Power Rainfall Showerhead

Best Luxury Shower Head for Spa Experience

AquaSpa 1240 High-power 9.5' Rainfall Showerhead with Individual Angle-adjustable Swivel Jets
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This flower-shaped shower head might be perfectly suited for anyone looking to recreate a spa experience at home. The water pours from seven different zones and at various strengths, both from regular nozzles and three high-pressure jets. You’ll even be able to choose between three modes: power massage, rain, and a combination of both.

The head itself is made of brass and can be tilted as needed. This model includes a premium chrome finish for better durability. If ever needed, the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty and the customer service department is based in the U.S.

Why We Love It

One-Handed Use

Changing a shower setting isn’t always as easy as it may seem. Wet hands combined with wet showerheads make small knobs difficult to use. By grabbing the “petal” and twisting it, this model’s unique design allows easy one-hand use.

Adjustable Jets

The three tiny but powerful jets make this showerhead stand out. Not only do they allow various water pressures at once, but the jets’ angles are also adjustable. Each jet contains six nozzles for a high-pressure massage sensation.

Do you have lower back pain or muscle soreness? Direct them all in the same direction!

Extra-Wide Coverage

Reviewers appreciate how wide the showerhead is. The water flow should cover you from head to toe since this model contains 106 nozzles. You shouldn’t have to move to expose various body parts.

Easy Installation

Neither tools nor a plumber are required to mount this showerhead. It’ll fit any standard shower arm with a simple twist. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy your spa shower on the day of purchase.

Keep In Mind

Low Water Pressure

If you enjoy extra-strong showers, we recommend removing the water restrictor. Some users have been disappointed by the weak water pressure. Be aware that doing so may void the lifetime warranty.

Additional Specs

Head Dimensions9.5 x 9.4 x 3 inches
Number of Settings3
Material(s)Chrome, brass
Unique Feature(s)Adjustable jets

Detailed Comparison Chart

ProductBestHead DimensionsNo. of SettingsMaterial(s)Unique Feature(s)Warranty
SparkPod Power Rain Shower HeadHigh-Pressure Showers6″1ChromeHigh-pressure, BPA free1-year
AquaHomeGroup LuxuryShowerhead with Filter4.5″1Aluminum shower head, chrome filter15-stage filterN/A
SR SUN RISE Rain Shower HeadRainfall Shower Experience11.8 x 11.8″1Stainless steel, chrome or nickel, silicone gel.Rainfall experience, water savings5 years
Aspior Shower HeadStress-Reliever Showerhead8.7 x 3.3 x 2.8″3ABS plastic, aluminumRelaxing scentLifetime warranty
AquaSpa Rainfall ShowerheadSpa Experience9.5 x 9.4 x 3″3Chrome, brassAdjustable jetsLifetime
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Washing Off

Showers can be one of the best moments of the day. Why not invest in making it truly exceptional? The best luxury shower heads can transform a simple shower into a spa, aromatherapy session or jet massage experience.

When jumping in the shower, what are you primarily looking for, besides getting cleaned? Is it a way to relax your body and mind? Or, do you like high-pressured water working on knots and body tension? Your expectations will set the type of shower head you need.

Additionally, if you have sensitive skin or are conscious about your health, investing in a filtered shower head might be a good idea.

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