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Best Electric Shower Heads of 2023

Hot water at the temperature you select, every time.

It is always frustrating when you take a shower but have to deal with temperature fluctuations. Perhaps you are the last person to use the shower in the morning and have to make do with whatever lukewarm water is left in the tank.

One of the most reliable ways to avoid cold or inconsistent showers is by investing in an electric shower. These units heat water immediately before it leaves the shower head, so you will never run out of hot water as long as you have electricity.

To help you find your ideal product, we have reviewed five of the best electric shower heads you can buy today. We chose these models based on their heating power, spray, and temperature controls. We will also explain some of the key points to keep in mind when shopping for an electric shower.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Triton Seville Electric Shower
Best Overall Electric Shower Head
Triton Seville Electric Shower
  • Dual control dials
  • Temperature protection
  • Easy-clean nozzles
Product Image of the Triton Martinique Electric Shower
Best Slimline Design
Triton Martinique Electric Shower
  • Phased shutdown
  • Five spray settings
  • Low-pressure indicator
Product Image of the Mira Advance Thermostatic Electric
Best Automatic Shutdown
Mira Advance Thermostatic Electric
  • Easy-grip shower head holder
  • Thermostatic temperature controls
  • Anti-limescale technology
Product Image of the ATMOR 6 kW Electric Tankless Water Heater Shower System
Best Electric Shower for RVs
Atmor Electric Tankless
  • Full shower kit
  • 7-year leak warranty
  • Ideal for small bathrooms & RVs
Product Image of the Mira Showers 1.1532.354 Vigour Manual Power Shower, White
Best for Easy-Clean
Mira Showers Vigour
  • Four spray options
  • Customizable flow
  • 12 liters of water per minute

Product Reviews

With so many electric shower heads available today, it can be difficult to know where to start looking. To help you find your ideal model, we have reviewed five of the best electric shower heads available today. We chose these products based on their water pressure, temperature, and versatility.

1. Triton Seville 7.5kW Electric Shower

Best Overall Electric Shower Head

Due to more than 40 years of experience, Triton is one of the leading electric shower brands in the world today. With a white finish and chrome metal parts, the user-friendly riser bar makes this a versatile shower for any bathroom.

This product is made even more versatile by offering four different power options for the heating elements: 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, or 10.5 kW. As such, you can tailor your Triton model to ensure it fulfils your showering requirements.

The temperature and flow settings are easily adjusted using two dials. Temperature protection means anyone can use the shower without the risk of being harmed by dangerously hot water.

What We Like

Dual Control Dials

There are two dials on the shower unit; one to select your chosen temperature from one through ten, and the second to turn the shower on and off. The on/off control also allows you choose from cold, medium-hot, or hot water flow.

Temperature Protection

There are two sensors built into this unit to protect you while showering. One reduces the power to the heating element if the water gets too hot, while the second turns the heating elements off entirely to prevent scalding.

Easy-Clean Shower Head

The shower head of this unit only has a single spray type; you won’t be able to alter it for specific showering tasks. Even so, it is well-designed and easy to clean. You should be able to easily remove any mineral deposits by simply rubbing the nozzles with your bare hand or a cloth.

Choice of Water Inlets

When fitting this shower, you can choose from four different locations on the unit for the water inlet pipe. There are two on the left-hand side and two on the right. This allows you to position it wherever you want in your shower stall or above your bathtub.

What We Don't Like

Issues with the Shower Head

Some users feel that this unit’s shower head is too small, so its spray can only reach a limited area. It is also apparently prone to moving on the riser, so it needs to be readjusted to keep it in place during showers.

Product Specs

Size 12 inches x 8.27 inches x 4.33 inches
Kilowatt Rating 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 or 10.5
Temperature Control Dial
Spray Settings 1
Warranty 2 years (UK only)

2. Triton Martinique 10.5kW Electric Shower

Best Slimline Design

If you want an electric shower head with a slim design, the Triton Martinique is a great option. Measuring just 8.18 inches wide by 13.3 inches long, it also has a depth of only 3.74 inches. This makes it a perfect fit for smaller shower stalls or any enclosure where you don’t want the shower unit to dominate the space.

It is made of ABS plastic, with the shower head, riser fittings, and a soap dish finished in white. The riser bar is polished chrome, as are the shower hose and front panel of the main unit. You can choose from two power options for this unit: 9.5 and 10.5 kW.

What We Like

Push Button and Dial Controls

The on/off switch and pressure controls on the front of the unit are push-button. This makes the unit very user-friendly and it is easy to select whether you want a cooler high-pressure shower or hotter low-pressure shower.

There is also a dial to choose the water temperature, with the numbers making it easy to switch between the various heat settings.

Phased Shutdown

To protect the shower’s heating unit from limescale buildup, it features a phased shutdown. This flushes the remaining hot water out of the shower head when it is turned off, so it won’t stay in the unit and form mineral deposits. This will help avoid shortening the lifespan of your new electric shower head.

Different Spray Settings

This shower head is very versatile, with five spray settings to choose from:

  • Spray
  • Jet
  • Blast
  • Rain
  • Drench

It is easy to switch between modes, with a toggle on the shower head that allows you to select each spray type.

Low-Pressure Indicator

If your home’s water pressure drops, it could affect the performance of your electric shower. LEDs on the front of the heater unit will light up if your pressure drops, so you won’t need to troubleshoot the shower itself.

What We Don't Like

Short Hose

Although the exact length of this unit’s flexible hose isn’t stated, some customer reviews mention it being too short. This means you will only have a limited range of movement when using it as a handheld shower.

Questionable Durability

Some customers report that their shower didn’t perform as well after about a year. In instances where this happened during the two-year warranty period, a solution was found. However, it affected some buyers just beyond the warranty period, so they received no compensation.

Product Specs

Size 8.18 inches x 13.3 inches x 3.74 inches
Kilowatt Rating 9.5 and 10.5
Temperature Control Push-button and dial
Spray Settings 5
Warranty 2 years (UK only)

3. Mira Advance 9.8 kW Thermostatic Electric Shower

Best Automatic Shutdown Electric Shower Head

Mira designed this shower head with numerous safety features in mind. These include an automatic shutdown, which activates if the water temperature becomes too high, protecting the user from potential scalding.

There are audible beeps that tell you when the unit is turned on or off and when the water reaches your chosen temperature. The temperature dial also clicks when you adjust it. These audio features can be very helpful for any visually-impaired users.

In addition to audible design features, the matte-finish panel has high-contrast temperature markings to make them easier to see.

What We Like

Easy-Grip Shower Head Holder

This product features Mira’s patented friction-grip shower head holder, which makes it easier to lower or raise with one hand. This makes it easier to use for anyone with limited dexterity or grip strength in their hands.

Thermostatic Temperature Controls

This unit features water pressure and thermostatic temperature controls. It also has an adjustable maximum temperature to ensure the water never becomes uncomfortably hot. The proprietary Mira Opti-Flo Pro technology helps deliver a consistent shower, whatever your water pressure.

Anti-Limescale Technology

There is more patented Mira technology in the form of Clearscale Pro, designed to prevent mineral buildup in your shower head. This will help ensure your shower performs at an optimal level for longer.

Spray Selection

There are four spray modes to choose from by moving a toggle at the circular end of the shower head. These modes are:

  • Starting
  • Soothe
  • Force
  • Eco

The rubber nozzles in the shower head are designed to discourage mineral deposits and to be easier to clean, to keep the water flowing.

What We Don't Like

Bright Lights

The shower heater unit’s LEDs are blue and very bright. Some users found this intrusive as they can’t be turned down. In contrast, some users enjoyed an extra piece of modern lighting in their shower enclosure, so this is a matter of personal preference.

Product Specs

Size 4.13 inches x 16 inches x 7.36 inches
Kilowatt Rating 9.8
Temperature Control Dial
Spray Settings 4
Warranty Not specified

4. Atmor Electric Tankless Shower System

Best Electric Shower for RVs

Whether you want an electric shower for a small bathroom or to install it in your RV for portable showering, this is a great option. As long as you have a 30 AMP double pole breaker and a 240-volt electrical supply, you can install this Atmor electric shower anywhere.

It automatically flushes itself with cold water after use, to reduce the likelihood of mineral deposits and limescale buildup, keeping it working perfectly for longer.

This compact unit includes a hose and mounting rail, so you won’t need to purchase any extra components. Once it is installed, you will be protected by a seven-year warranty against leaks and a two-year warranty on its parts.

What We Like

Easy to Install

This unit is compact but includes everything you need for a shower setup: a water heater unit, hose, handheld shower head, and a rail. It is very easy to install, so you should have it up and running in no time.

Seven Year Warranty

Atmor’s generous warranty covers leaks for seven years and part defects for two years. Its anti-limescale function flushes cold water through the shower after use to help prevent mineral buildup, which will help prolong the lifespan of the heating element.

Hot Water In Seconds

This shower will provide an indefinite supply of hot water in seconds. You won’t need to waste water waiting for the flow to get warm. The temperature can reach as high as 131°F.

What We Don't Like

Doesn’t Work With 120V Power Supplies

This electric shower requires a 240v line to function. If you don’t already have one, you might need an electrician to install it for you.

Product Specs

Size 8.46 inches x 3.03 inches x 15 inches
Kilowatt Rating 6
Temperature Control Push-button and dial
Spray Settings 1
Warranty 7 years for leaks; 2 years for parts

5. Mira Showers Vigour Manual Power Shower

Best for Easy-Clean Electric Shower Head

One of the leading names in shower design, Mira’s electric shower has a matte white finish and silver attachments. This simple design will look right at home in any bright bathroom. With four spray modes and user-friendly controls, this is a very versatile model.

The shower head’s nozzles have been designed to discourage dirt and limescale deposits and to be easier to clean. This means you can keep them clean with a damp cloth or even the palm of your hand.

What We Like

Four Spray Options

With four spray options, you have plenty to choose from when showering. You can enjoy a wide, relaxing spray or a more intense jet of water to rinse your hair.

Customizable Control Options

There is a control dial for the temperature and water pressure, allowing you to customize your showering experience. You can enjoy a cool shower with high pressure or a hot shower with lower, more relaxing pressure.

12 Liters of Water Per Minute

This electric shower head can be helpful if your home has a low-pressure system. It can provide 12 liters of water per minute, increasing your system’s effective pressure. With this model, you won’t have to tolerate weak showers anymore.

What We Don't Like

Questionable Durability

Compared to Mira’s usual high quality, this electric shower feels quite flimsy and has questionable durability. However, it is also one of Mira’s cheaper units, so it offers good value for money.

Product Specs

Size 5.12 inches x 8.27 inches x 12.2 inches
Kilowatt Rating Not specified
Temperature Control Dial
Spray Settings 4
Warranty 1 year

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Size Kilowatt Rating Temperature Control Spray Settings Warranty
Triton Seville Electric Shower Overall Pick 12″ x 8.27″ x 4.33″ 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 or 10.5 Dial 1 2 years (UK only)
Triton Martinique Electric Shower Slimline Design 8.18″ x 13.3″ x 3.74″ 9.5 and 10.5 Push-button and dial 5 2 years (UK only)
Mira Advance Thermostatic Electric Automatic Shutdown 4.13″ x 16″ x 7.36″ 9.8 Dial 4 N/A
Atmor Electric Tankless Shower for RVs 8.46″ x 3.03″ x 15″ 6 Push-button and dial 1 7 years (leaks); 2 years (parts)
Mira Showers Vigour Easy-Clean 5.12″ x 8.27″ x 12.2″ N/A Dial 4 1 year

How Electric Shower Heads Work

An electric shower head contains an element that heats cold water as it flows through the unit. An electric current passes through a piece of metal in the element, raising its temperature. This heat energy is transferred to the cold water, warming it immediately before it leaves your shower head as hot water.

It might sound dangerous to use electricity to heat water, but the heating element in electric showers is completely isolated. There is no contact between electricity and water; only heat energy is transferred.

These showers are usually very user-friendly as a thermostatic control allows you to adjust the water temperature. This also regulates the amount of water that enters the unit — the lower the flow, the hotter the water will become.

Basic electric showers usually have a dial with a blue mark at one end and a red one at the other. Unsurprisingly, the blue mark is for cold water and the red is for hot. You adjust the water temperature by simply turning the indicator.

Electric showers are effectively small tankless water heaters that supply hot water to a single outlet, in this case, a shower head (1).

What to Look For (Buying Guide)

When choosing an electric shower head for your bathroom, there are some key aspects to keep in mind:

Heating Power

Electric shower heads have various power ratings. They typically come as 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, or 10.5 kilowatts (kW). The higher the power, the more water they can heat as it flows past the heating elements. A high-power shower will also require less time to heat your water than a low-power one.

This has a direct impact on your shower’s water pressure. As it takes a 7.5 kW shower longer to heat the water, the water pressure will be less than if you have a 10.5 kW shower (2).

Phased Shutdown

Some showers will continue to release water for a few seconds after you turn them off, known as a “phased shutdown”. This clears any remaining hot water from the shower and reduces limescale buildup in the heating unit.

This is particularly helpful if you live in an area with hard water, which can otherwise leave mineral deposits in the unit.

Spray Patterns

Many electric shower heads offer various spray patterns to increase your shower’s versatility. These often include rainfall, jet, and blast settings, or a combination of multiple types. You can select jets for a massage, rainfall for a gentler, more relaxing shower, or blast to quickly rinse the shampoo from your hair.

Temperature Controls and Displays

Most electric showers feature a dial that can be adjusted from cold to hot to set the desired water temperature. Common temperature controls and displays include:

  • Numbers: These don’t indicate a specific water temperature but rather settings on the shower. In most cases, the higher the number, the hotter the water.
  • Blue/red indicator: Some showers require more guesswork by turning the dial to blue for colder or red for hotter.
  • LED: High-end modern electric showers feature a built-in LED display, which shows the specific water temperature. These showers are the most user-friendly but also tend to be more expensive.
  • Push buttons: Some shower heads have additional push-button controls to quickly select your chosen setting.


It is important to be protected against scalding by hot water if an electric shower malfunctions. Many high-quality shower heads have a safety feature that immediately stops the flow if the heating element fails and overheats the water.

Shower Risers

The shower head of these units is attached to a hose and can be held in a riser bar. This allows you to easily adjust it to your desired height.

When searching for an electric shower head, check how easy it is to adjust the height and how flexible the hose is.

Ease of Installation

If you want your new electric shower to be up and running as soon as possible, most can be installed quickly and easily with some plumbing and electronics knowledge. The shower should include step-by-step instructions that will be easy to follow.

Get Help

If you have any doubts about fitting an electric shower head yourself, contact a professional to do it for you. Peace of mind and proper installation are worth the extra cost.


What Is the Lifespan of an Electric Shower?

Electric showers normally have a lifespan between three and four years before they need to be replaced. If the shower in your home was put in more than four years ago, you should consider replacing it.

The lifespan of an electric shower depends on a few factors, including how often it’s used, the quality of the piece, and how it’s maintained. An electric shower can last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

Do Electric Showers Use a Lot of Electricity?

No, electric showers use very little electricity. A coil inside the shower head heats the water. This means there is no need to heat the water in a tank first, so less energy is used overall.

However, even if the electric shower doesn’t consume a lot of electricity, the water heater you use for the water needed to shower may consume more.

Why Is My Electric Shower So Weak?

When your showerhead is blocked, the reduced water pressure will trickle out in droplets. Scale is usually the cause of a blocked showerhead.

While most showers have a filter to protect their plumbing, this can easily become partially blocked. You should also check for kinks or other damage on your shower hose.

What Electric Shower Has the Best Pressure?

A 10.8-kilowatt electric shower is currently your most powerful option. It will deliver water at a greater temperature and pressure than other electric showers.

Electric showers with a capacity of 10.8 kilowatts require a minimum of 1.5 bars of water pressure and a flow rate of 11 liters per minute for optimal operation.

Do I Need an Electrician to Replace an Electric Shower?

Suppose you already have the wires and plumbing in place. In that case, you can replace an electric shower without the help of an electrician.

However, suppose you are installing an electric shower for the first time. In that case, you need a licensed electrician to make all the wiring connections and test everything before you use it.

Is It Cheaper to Have a Gas or Electric Shower?

The answer depends on your area’s gas and electricity prices. Electric showers usually cost less to operate and waste less water. Still, if you have a high electricity tariff, they are not worth it.

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