Best Water Distillers of 2022

A water distiller can give you safe-to-drink water — wherever you are.

There are times you need to guarantee your water is impurity-free. Whether you’re concerned about the quality of your drinking water or need pure water for household chores, a distiller can be a game-changer.

There’s no need to settle for subpar water in your own home. Do you know what features to look for in the best water distiller? We’ll walk you through everything you need to know before you start shopping.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Megahome Countertop Water Distiller Stainless, Glass Collection
Best Stainless Steel
Megahome Countertop
  • Porcelain-lined nozzle
  • High-quality charcoal filters
  • Ul-approved
Product Image of the Best-in-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller with Glass Carafe, Porcelain Nozzle Insert and Most Effective VOC Removal
Best Charcoal Filter
H2oLabs Stainless Steel
  • Optimal-sized heating element
  • BPA-free
  • Exceptional carbon pods
Product Image of the ROVSUN 4L Countertop Water Distiller Machine w/Water Container, Home Distilled Water Maker, All Stainless Steel Interior
Best Budget Buy
ROVSUN Countertop
  • Exceptional processing rate
  • High heating power
  • Quiet running
Product Image of the Water Distiller
Best for Large Quantities
Waterwise 3200
  • No assembly required
  • Carbon filter post-distillation
  • Tested & certified
Product Image of the VEVOR 1.1 Gal Water Distiller, 750W Distilled Water Machine, 4L Distilling Pure Water Machine w/Plastic Container, Water Distillation Kit w/Button, Countertop Distilled Water Maker for Home (White)
Great for Traveling
VEVOR Countertop
  • Convenient & portable
  • Thermostatically-controlled
  • Fast distillation
Product Image of the VEVOR Alcohol Still, Stainless Steel Alcohol Distiller with Copper Tube & Build-in Thermometer & Water Pump, Double Thumper Keg Home Brewing Kit, for DIY Whiskey Wine Brandy (9.6Gal)
Best Non-Electric
VEVOR Moonshine
  • High capacity
  • Quick cooling
  • Dual temperature display
Product Image of the Mophorn Water Distiller, 4L Distilled Water Maker, 304 Stainless Steel Distilled Water Machine, 750W Countertop Water Distiller, Dual-Button Water Distiller for Home, with Glass Container, Sliver
Easiest Operation
Mophorn Countertop Stainless Steel
  • Fast with high capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Food-grade materials
Product Image of the CO-Z Water Distiller, Stainless Steel Distilling Pure Water Machine for Home Countertop Table Desktop, 4L Distilled Water Making Machine, 4 Liter Water Purifier to Make Clean Water for Home
Best FDA-Approved
CO-Z Stainless Steel
  • Low-maintenance
  • Powerful & safe
  • Thorough purification

What Is a Water Distiller?

A water distiller is used to remove impurities from your water. It contains a specialized piece of equipment that heats the water. The heating process creates steam, which is directed to a secondary collection container.

As the water evaporates into steam, it leaves behind all sediment, minerals, and impurities. The steam is made only of water particles. Once in the enclosed collection container, the vapor becomes liquid again, leaving you with pure, contaminant-free water.

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Why Use a Water Distiller?

There are many reasons you may want to use a water distiller:

  • Instant problem solver: Are you under a temporary water advisory or have a primary water source that’s been contaminated? You may need to treat and distill your drinking water for a while.
  • Excess minerals: You may also want to use a distiller if your water is mineral-rich. These minerals — even the healthy ones — can change the way your water tastes. If it isn’t to your preference, a water distiller may be the solution.
  • Cleaning: When cleaning, especially hardwoods and natural stones, it’s often advised that you use distilled water. The same is true for ironing. The naturally occurring minerals in the water can lead to unsightly buildup, streaking, water spots, and color changes. Using distilled water can prevent this from happening.

Quick Tip

Distillation leaves you with nothing but water, removing all contaminants. However, it also removes all the good things you can find in water, like calcium and magnesium (1). For truly nutritious water, you may need to consider reintroducing these minerals to your water post-distillation.

Different Types of Water Distillers

There are two main types of distillers. One runs on electricity and when used in the home, generally sits on the counter, much like a coffee maker. The second kind is non-electric and designed to be used over a heat source, like a fire or a stove.

Countertop Distillers

Product Image of the Megahome Countertop Water Distiller Stainless, Glass Collection

Countertop distillers are self-contained units and need to be plugged into an outlet to work. You pour water into the first reservoir. Start your distiller, and the heating element will kick in, turning that water into steam and pushing it through the machine’s system.

These distillers are the perfect choice for everyday household chores. They can be used in a pinch during emergency water situations as long as you still have electricity. While these are handy to have, they can be slow, and you’ll be responsible for refilling the first reservoir and storing the distilled water.


  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Economical.
  • Portable.


  • Slow.
  • Produces small quantities.

Non-Electric Distillers

Product Image of the VEVOR Alcohol Still, Stainless Steel Alcohol Distiller with Copper Tube & Build-in Thermometer & Water Pump, Double Thumper Keg Home Brewing Kit, for DIY Whiskey Wine Brandy (9.6Gal)

This kind of distiller is used on a heat source, you’ll usually on your stove if you’re at home. It will work equally well on a gas or electric stove.

In addition to using it in your home, these distillers can be an exceptional choice for treating water on the go. Because they don’t need electricity, they work well in emergencies or while camping. Unlike countertop models, which you can turn and walk away from while they work, you need to keep an eye on non-electric models.


  • Not dependent on electricity.
  • Portable.


  • Needs to be supervised.
  • Can be expensive.

How to Choose the Best Water Distiller

When it comes to selecting the best water distiller, the following considerations can help ensure you bring home the right model for you:

Why You Need A Water Distiller

Are you looking for a water distiller to use every day because your water isn’t safe to drink? Or will you be using it only occasionally? Identifying how you’ll be using your water distiller will help you narrow the field of options.

Capacity Required

If you’re using your distiller infrequently, you may not mind if it has a smaller capacity. If you’re going through a tremendous amount of water, though, look for a unit with a higher capacity. Distilling can be time-consuming!

Where You’ll Be Using It

Don’t ever plan on leaving the house with your distiller? Or are you off-grid every weekend and need a way to purify your drinking sources? If you’re adventurous, you need one that’s portable.

Construction Materials

Some water distillers feature a lot of plastic in their construction. This can leave you with an affordable, sturdy unit that’s ideal for travel. Alternatively, some models are made with glass and metal. Determine what you want before you start shopping.

Your Budget

Water distillers can be expensive, but there are also numerous budget models. Identify exactly how much you want to spend before you get started to have a smooth shopping experience.

Best Water Distiller Reviews of 2022

Now that you know a little bit more about what you’re looking for, let’s take a look at some of our favorite water distillers. We scoured the relevant authorities and consulted both product-users and experts. The result is our top eight products:

1. Megahome Countertop Water Distiller

Best Stainless Steel Water Distiller

This countertop water distiller is capable of processing 1 gallon of water over 5.5 hours. All interior components are made of stainless steel, and the water doesn’t come into contact with any plastic during processing. The collection carafe is made out of heavy-duty glass.

Designed for 110–120 volt systems, this model is intended for use in the United States and Canada. A main power cord is included, along with a cleanser to address residue in the boiling chamber.

The Pros

Porcelain-Lined Nozzle

While other models feature plastic internal components, this one has a porcelain insert designed to line the nozzle. This nozzle piece is non-porous and lead-free, allowing the recently distilled water to collect in the glass carafe without touching plastic.

Using porcelain here prevents any contamination and harmful chemicals sometimes found in plastic from transferring to your newly distilled water. This is due to porcelain’s non-absorbent properties.

High-Quality Charcoal Filters

In addition to high-quality distilled water, this model comes with a charcoal filter. Using a charcoal filter further cleanses and purifies your water, ensuring you have the healthiest water possible. This product comes with several replacement sachets capable of filtering your water for six months.


This model comes fully approved by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). The UL is one of the most trusted independent testing facilities in the United States. Using stringent safety standards and expectations, they check products to ensure they’re safe for consumers (2).

It’s important to note that many homeowner’s insurance policies require your home appliances to be certified by the UL. To make sure you comply with your insurance and aren’t at risk, always opt to bring home a tested and approved product.

Automatic Turn-Off

To help keep your home and family safe, this model comes equipped with an auto-off safety feature. Once the distilling cycle is complete, the water chamber is empty. Without any liquid inside, the heating element quickly becomes too hot, the breaker trips and the distiller turns off.

Though this model offers the auto-off feature, it doesn’t actually have an on and off switch. You’ll need to plug and unplug it as needed to distill your water.

The Cons

Assembly Is Required

This water distiller does not come assembled, and the assembly is extensive. To counter this, make sure you have the proper tools on hand to put your new distiller together. If you have limited experience or are worried about the process, it may be best to have someone assist you.

It’s Noisy

It takes more than 5 hours to distill a single gallon of water with this model. In tight quarters or using your water distiller in an area where you spend a lot of time? It’s important to know this distiller creates a lot of noise.

Additional Specs

Dimensions 10 inches by 10 inches by 14 inches
Weight 11 pounds
Type Countertop
Capacity 1 gallon
Additional Features Auto-off; carbon filter

2. H2oLabs Stainless Steel Water Distiller

Best Charcoal Filter

Constructed of stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, this water distiller features a 1-gallon capacity and a glass carafe.

The carafe has an easy-lift handle that’s ergonomic and comfortable to lift. A porcelain nozzle helps keep your water as pure as possible by preventing freshly distilled water from coming into contact with any plastic.

This model uses carbon filters to provide you with more thoroughly cleaned water. With the purchase of this product, you will also receive a full year’s supply of replacement filters.

The Pros

Optimal-Sized Heating Element

Some models on the market use a more substantial heat source, but this can cause the water to boil too rapidly. When water boils too quickly, VOCs and other contaminants can be released back into the distilled water, leaving you with an inferior final product.


There’s no need to worry about compromising your distilled water with contaminants as the water never comes in contact with any plastic components. Just to be safe, though, all of the plastic used in the exterior construction of this water distiller is BPA-free. In the unlikely event your water should come into contact with the plastic, rest assured that it’s entirely food-safe.

Exceptional Carbon Pods

Committed to providing the best water possible, H2oLabs has built-in a carbon filter to further refine your drinking water. Some other models include similar filtration, but these pods last twice as long as the competitors’. In addition to lasting longer, these carbon pods also have three times the filtering power.

Easy to Clean

Many water distillers feature small areas that are difficult to get in and clean. This unit has large openings to give you great access to the chamber and the carafe, allowing for efficient, easy cleaning.

In addition to the easily accessible areas, this product comes with a large jar of special cleaning crystals. This cleaner is non-toxic and designed to combat the scaling that can come from hard water.

The Cons

Only for Use in North America

This model is designed to be used only with 110–120 volt systems in North America. It is not safe to use in countries that use 220–240 volts. Additionally, don’t use this product with an adapter.

It’s on the Slower Side

It takes 6 hours for this water distiller to process 1 gallon of drinking water. This is on the slower side of average, and at most nets you 4 gallons of distilled water a day.

Additional Specs

Dimensions 16.5 inches by 12 inches by 11.3 inches
Weight 13.18 pounds
Type Countertop
Capacity 1 gallon
Additional Features Cleaning crystals; carbon filters; BPA-free

3. ROVSUN Countertop Water Distiller

Best Budget Water Distiller

Made out of food-grade BPA-free plastic and stainless steel, this model offers fast, quality distilling. A built-in charcoal filter increases the quality of your water as it goes through the distillation process. This product comes with both the charcoal sachets and a cleaning solution intended to be used in the water chamber.

Easy to use, this model is equipped with push-button operation and an auto-off feature. Assembly is easy and straightforward, and the chamber is easy to clean when needed.

The Pros

Exceptional Processing Rate

While other home water distillers can take a long time to process a gallon of water, this model works quickly. You can produce a gallon of water in about four hours. This allows you to process 6 gallons of water a day, which is significantly more than other top competitors.

High Heating Power

The high heating capability speeds the distilling process up and allows this model to produce more processed water during 24 hours. For added safety with this power, it comes equipped with an auto-off feature that prevents both fires and burning out once the cycle’s complete.

Quiet Running

Some distillers can create a tremendous amount of noise, but this one has a quiet-running motor that makes it ideal for shared living spaces.

With its quiet motor and its auto-off feature, this model is even suitable for running at night while you sleep. This is a fantastic feature if your electric company offers discounted rates during evening hours.

Great Warranty

This product comes with a one year seller’s guarantee that covers product failure and customer dissatisfaction. Should you encounter any unexpected issues with your unit, return it for a refund. The guarantee helps reduce any risk that goes along with making a new purchase and ensures you’ll be satisfied with your experience.

The Cons

Can Be More Costly to Run

With a 750-watt heating element, this model draws a significant amount of energy during use. This can quickly add up, especially if your power company recognizes peak usage hours with a surcharge. Factor in the cost of running your unit when you compare this to other models and determine if you need the extra water-processing capacity.

Double-Check the Included Metal Funnel

A small metal piece nestles between the processing unit and the collection carafe. It’s crucial that this piece is positioned correctly or water will spill out away from the carafe. This can quickly lead to a mess, a loss of your freshly distilled water, and wasted energy.

Additional Specs

Dimensions 9.1 inches by 9.1 inches by 15.3 inches
Weight 10.6 pounds
Type Countertop
Capacity 1 gallon
Additional Features Chamber cleaning powder; power cord; filter; auto-off

4. Waterwise 3200 Water Distiller

Best for Processing Large Quantities of Water

Using 800 watts of power, this water distiller offers a quick turnaround, producing 1 gallon of processed water every 4 hours. It’s suitable for use in the home but is also an excellent option for traveling. Durable and self-contained, it’s also lightweight enough to make traveling convenient.

This model is equipped with a dripless stop-and-serve function that makes use easy and convenient. Able to process up to 6 gallons of water a day, it has a one-button operation that takes the guesswork out.

The Pros

Exceptionally Pure Water

An incredibly effective unit, this water distiller processes water at a high temperature and a fast rate. It’s capable of removing:

  • Copper.
  • Mercury.
  • Aluminum.
  • Lead.
  • Chlorine.
  • Fluoride.
  • Chloride.
  • Chloroform.

In addition to tackling heavy metals and dangerous chemicals, this distiller will eradicate viruses and bacteria. You’ll also find it makes a dent in nitrates, sulfates, sodium, and trihalomethane. After distillation, your water will taste great and be healthy for you, regardless of its original quality.

No Assembly Required

Other water distillers require extensive, complicated assembly. Fortunately, this model comes fully assembled. Unpack it, plug it in, and you’re ready to start distilling water.

Carbon Filter Post-Distillation

Like other Waterwise models, this product comes equipped with a carbon filter, which the distilled water runs through after processing. This gives your water one more cleaning pass and ensures you have the highest quality drinking water possible.

Tested and Certified

This product is fully tested to NSF and ANSI standard 62, which monitors for effectively reducing aesthetic impurities (3). It also conforms to the ETL quality assurance standards in the United States and Canada, indicating a high-quality product (4).

The Cons

The Included Carafe is Plastic

This water distiller model does include a plastic carafe. Having a plastic carafe has many advantages, including:

  • Durability: Plastic is durable and more lightweight than glass, making it a good option for traveling.
  • Cooling time: In addition, plastic cools down faster and lets you get back to distilling water more quickly (5).

Though all plastic used in this product is BPA-free and food-safe, you may prefer to use a glass carafe. Keep in mind that replacing a broken glass carafe can be expensive.

Only Available for 120-Volt Systems

Waterwise does not currently offer this model in a 220-volt version. You should always purchase a unit specifically made for your voltage instead of using a converter, as this can increase fire risk.

Additional Specs

Dimensions 17.5 inches by 12.5 inches by 10.9 inches
Weight 11.45 pounds
Type Countertop
Capacity 1 gallon
Additional Features One-touch operation; auto-off

5. VEVOR Countertop Water Distiller

Best Water Distiller for Traveling

The perfect option for portable, efficient water distillation, this model is compact and lightweight. It’s made out of stainless steel and plastic, with all plastics being used food-grade and entirely BPA-free. Featuring push-button use, this water distiller is straightforward to operate.

This model is also equipped with an aluminum fan that helps dissipate high heat, allowing for more efficient processing. It will also leave you with cooler water ready for drinking more quickly than those distillers that don’t have a fan.

The Pros

Convenient and Portable

Truly designed for easy travel, this model features a carrying handle that makes it more portable. The handle folds down out of the way when not in use, for a shorter unit and streamlined look. The distiller itself is also lighter in weight than many other options on the market, adding to its portability.

Thermostatically Controlled

An internal thermostat monitors your water distiller’s temperature while it’s in use. If your distiller reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit, the machine is automatically turned off. This prevents burnout and damage to your machine, and reduces the chances of fire.

Fast Distillation

With a 750-watt heating element, this water distiller is capable of producing a single gallon of distilled water in four hours. The aluminum fan provides a fast cool-down, allowing you to drink that water faster. It also allows you to transfer the water and start distilling your next gallon sooner.

Multi-Purpose Model

Though this is an excellent choice for drinking water, that’s not all it’s suitable for. The fast distillation time makes it ideal for regular household use as well as medical needs. CPAP machines, irons, humidifiers, and floor mops can all benefit from being used with water distilled by this product.

The Cons

Not Easy to Clean

You’ll need regular access to the inside of the water chamber to clean out the impurities left behind. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get into, and the chamber doesn’t separate easily from the rest of the distiller. This means you need to juggle the whole unit while trying to clean.

In addition to the chamber, the carafe will need regular cleaning. Unfortunately, it has a narrow opening that makes cleaning more difficult than it should be.

Lid Can Be Tricky to Remove

The lid needs removing to add water into the chamber, which can be a challenge. Make sure you have both the ability and the patience to work with a tricky top before you bring this product home.

It’s worth noting that isn’t a common issue across the board, and so might be unique to personal circumstances.

Additional Specs

Dimensions 18.3 inches by 13.2 inches by 10.5 inches
Weight 9.8 pounds
Type Countertop
Capacity 1 gallon
Additional Features Thermostatically controlled; auto-off; aluminum fan

6. VEVOR Moonshine Stainless Steel Water Distiller

Best Non-Electric Water Distiller

Have you been searching for the perfect companion for those times you need safe drinking water and don’t have access to electricity? This water distiller is one to consider. It features a three-level assembly and can be used on a variety of heat sources, from an open fire to a gas range.

Included with this distiller is a food-grade silicone tubing to complete the system set up. This model is ideal for regular off-grid travel and for use during emergencies. Being made from sturdy stainless steel material, you can be sure that you get your money’s worth.

The Pros

High Capacity

While many countertop distiller models are limited in how much heat they have access to, this non-electric model isn’t. Since it’s designed to work on a large liquid quantity of up to 38 liters, this unit heats and processes very quickly. The result is a processing capability of 9.6 gallons of water.

Quick Cooling

The rapid thermal conductivity thru the open-system cooling method ensures that a low temperature of distilled product output is produced. This makes the waiting time a little manageable.

Dual Temperature Display

A dual temperature display of Celcius and Fahrenheit reading is located near the boiler lid allowing you to monitor the distilling process. This is mostly helpful in making wine products.

The Cons

Needs to Be Monitored

This isn’t something you want to set up and walk away from. It’s designed to be used on an open flame, and that should always be closely monitored. The good news is, that open flame creates considerably more heat and leads to faster processing, meaning the entire process is over more quickly.

Additional Specs

Dimensions 17 inches by 17 inches by 17 inches
Weight 15.8 pounds
Type Non-electric
Capacity 9.6 gallons
Additional Features Rapid cooling system, built-in thermometer

7. Mophorn Countertop Stainless Steel Water Distiller

Easiest Operation

If you’re searching for a water distiller that will be fast to get going and easy to operate, take a look at this model. It’s quick and simple to assemble with easy access to the water chamber and carafe when cleaning. An auto-off feature helps keep things straightforward and prevents accidental burnout and fires.

This product is made out of mixed materials and includes stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. All products are considered food-grade and are safe to use. Equipped with additional filtration, this model is perfect for providing exceptionally high-quality water.

The Pros

Fast With High Capacity

The 750-watt heating element works quickly, able to process 1 gallon of water in only an hour. It’s designed to safely turn off your distiller even while you’re not around to monitor it, so it’s ideal for overnight use. This allows you to produce up to 6 gallons of distilled water every day.

Easy to Use

Other water distiller models can be complicated to put together, but this model requires a minimal, straightforward assembly. Other options rely on the removal of the power cord to end the distiller’s use. However, this model is equipped with an on and off switch, which means it’s always ready and convenient to use.

Food-Grade Materials

The use of plastic in this model helps keep its weight down and allows it to be easily portable. Great care has been taken to use only approved, food-safe and BPA-free plastic during its construction. In addition to the safe plastic, this model features 304 stainless steel that’s recommended for food use (6).

Available in Multiple Colors

Water distillers tend to spend a lot of time on the counter where you can see them. While others out there can lack visual appeal or fail to fit in with your decor, this unit is available in several different colors. Choose the one that suits your room and sense of style the best.

The Cons

Container Is Plastic

Though it’s food-safe, this product does contain plastic parts, including the body of the collection carafe. This keeps it lightweight and durable, making it great for traveling purposes. If you hope to stay plastic-free with a glass carafe, pick up a glass collection container separately.

It’s Loud

Being designed for overnight use can be a great and convenient feature. Unfortunately, this model does tend to be on the louder side. It’s equipped with an aluminum fan to help dissipate heat faster and keep your water jugs full, but this does add to its volume.

This noise level does seem to be down to personal preference, and some seem to feel that the noise isn’t an issue.

Additional Specs

Dimensions 19.2 inches by 14.2 inches by 11.3 inches
Weight 14.4 pounds
Type Countertop
Capacity 1 gallon
Additional Features On/off button; carrying handle; aluminum fan

8. CO-Z Stainless Steel Water Distiller

Best FDA-Approved Home Water Distiller

Every component used in this water distiller is constructed of food-safe materials since it’s FDA-approved. The included carafe is made out of glass and stainless steel, with a plastic handle to avoid burns. All stainless steel is 304-grade and suitable for use with food.

This model is easy to use, with simple push-button operation and an automatic off feature once the internal temperature reaches 300 degrees.

A one-year limited warranty comes with the purchase of this product. If your item is defective, it can be returned for a free replacement.

Be aware that this model is only intended for use with 120-volt systems.

The Pros

Low-Maintenance and Easy to Clean

There’s no need to mess with filter changes with this distiller. Just add water to the reservoir, and it’s ready to distill your water. Afterward, the large openings into the initial water chamber and the carafe make cleaning it out fast and simple.

Powerful and Safe

With its 750-watt heating element, this water distiller can process 1 gallon of water in just four hours.

It’s equipped with a thermostatically-controlled auto-off feature, which combines well with the powerful heating element. This shuts down the unit to prevent burnout and fires.

Thorough Purification

This model is able to work quickly without compromising its ability to get water thoroughly cleansed. It’s capable of removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bacteria, and dissolved solids with a single pass. Clean as instructed between uses for the best results.

Reset Button

Equipped with an auto-off feature, this model will turn itself off if there’s no more water left to process in the reservoir. When this happens, the safety reset button is triggered. Once you’ve refilled the water chamber, press the reset button to have your distiller pick up right where it left off.

The Cons

Not Intended to Run Unattended

Though this model does have the safety auto-off feature, it’s recommended that it not be left unsupervised. While it will shut itself off when necessary, it’s best to terminate operation as soon as the water level’s low. For the safest use and to prolong the life of the machine, make sure you’re nearby to monitor the end of your distillation cycle.

No Included Charcoal Filter

While the lack of charcoal filter does remove the hassle and additional expense that comes along with filter changes, it’s not all good. Without the filter in place. you may want to consider using only water that’s already previously been run through a filtering process.

Additional Specs

Dimensions 18.9 inches by 11.2 inches by 13.6 inches
Weight 14.62 pounds
Type Countertop
Capacity 1 gallon
Additional Features Safety off; reset button

Water Distiller Comparison Chart

Product Best Dimensions Weight
Megahome Countertop Stainless Steel 10″ x 10″ x 14″ 11 lbs
H2oLabs Stainless Steel Charcoal Filter 16.5″ x 12″ x 11.3″ 13.18 lbs
ROVSUN Countertop Budget Buy 9.1″ x 9.1″ x 15.3″ 10.6 lbs
Waterwise 3200 For Large Quantities 17.5″ x 12.5″ x 10.9″ 11.45 lbs
VEVOR Countertop For Traveling 18.3″ x 13.2″ x 10.5″ 9.8 lbs
VEVOR Moonshine Non-Electric 17″ x 17″ x 17″ 15.8 lbs
Mophorn Countertop Stainless Steel Easiest Operation 19.2″ x 14.2″ x 11.3″ 14.4 lbs
CO-Z Stainless Steel FDA-Approved 18.9″ x 11.2″ x 13.6″ 14.62 lbs

Water Distiller FAQs

Will Distilled Water Taste Different?

You may find your distilled water tastes different from the water you’ve been drinking. Distilled water is tasteless since it’s free from chemicals and minerals (7). If you’ve been drinking water laden with impurities or minerals, you may notice the lack of taste more than anything else.

If you do have difficulty becoming accustomed to the taste, you may find it’s easier to drink your distilled water cold. Refrigerate it after the distillation process is complete in an airtight container. You may also find adding a slice of lemon helps you transition to the different taste.

Don’t I Need the Minerals the Distillation Process Removes?

Yes! You absolutely need the healthy minerals contained in water that are lost during the distilling process. However, water isn’t the best way to consume those minerals. Instead of looking to water for those nutritional foundation blocks, make sure you’re eating properly and consider a vitamin supplement if needed.

Is a Water Distiller Worth the Money?

Hesitating to buy a water distiller because you aren’t sure the money you’ll save will be worth the cost of the unit? Rest assured, water distillers cost little money to operate and need little to no maintenance. This gives you an on-going opportunity to produce great-tasting water for just pennies a gallon.

How Long Does It Take to Distill Water?

The distillation process does take some time. You can expect 1 gallon of water to take 5–6 hours to distill. If you know you’ll be drinking a lot of water, you may want to plan ahead and store some already distilled water for later use.

A good rule of thumb is to remember that it takes roughly 10 times longer to distill water than it does to boil it.

Will Distilled Water Leach Minerals?

Some people fear that distilled water will try to regain the minerals it has lost by leaching them from your body. This isn’t the case, though, as water doesn’t “need” those minerals — minerals are just something picked up along the way. You can be assured there’s no scientific evidence that suggests that distilled water can remove essential nutrients from your body.

Are an Alcohol Distiller and Water Distiller the Same Thing?

No. Though these products are both labeled distillers, they work at different temperatures. An alcohol distiller heats at lower temperatures — approximately 173 degrees Fahrenheit (8), which means the whole process takes longer. Conversely, water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit (9).

If you need to distill both alcohol and water, you need two separate distillers.

Are Water Distillers for Use Only with Drinking Water?

No. Water distillers can be used for a wide variety of applications. The naturally occurring minerals in your tap water can do damage to your floors and counters when you’re cleaning, for example, so you could clean with distilled water instead.

These minerals can also lead to unwanted build-up in home appliances, like humidifiers, coffee makers, and irons. Using distilled water instead of tap water can help extend the life of your appliances, leave your home cleaner and your beverages better-tasting.

The Right Water Distiller for You

You’re now clued-up on the best water distillers. When choosing, consider how much water you consume and how frequently you need to use your at-home distiller. Also, consider whether you need portability and where you’ll be using your new distiller to narrow the field of options.

What are your tricks to keeping fresh-tasting water readily accessible? Let us in on your tips and tricks in the comment section below!

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