Best Faucet Water Filters of 2020

Combat unwelcome bacteria and improve the taste of your tap water with one of these faucet filters.

Have you ever used the faucet to get a drink of water and felt immediately turned off by the smell? Nobody wants to drink water that tastes and smells like treatment chemicals. And yet, it’s vital we drink water.

Luckily, some filters attach right to your faucet to eliminate the unwelcome substances you’d find in regular tap water. In this article, we give you the low down on everything you need to know about the best faucet water filters.

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    How Water Filters Work

    It’s a pretty simple concept — water filters remove impurities from your water. But what if we told you there’s more than one type of filter? Before you get overwhelmed, we’re here to clear up any confusion.

    There are four different types of water filters:

    Activated Carbon

    Activated carbon filters are among the most popular and use charcoal to pull out any impurities from your water. It does this through adsorption — i.e. when molecules bind to the surface of a compound.

    These filters are best for removing unwanted chemicals and impurities. However, they won’t be able to rid your water of limescale, nitrates, and other “hard” factors.

    While they’ll need periodic replacement as impurities clog the pores, they’re a good option for anyone looking for a natural and clean way to filter their water. Not to mention, they’ll last a significant amount of time.

    Reverse Osmosis

    Osmosis is the passage of water through a semipermeable membrane, from a lower concentration of dissolved solutes to a higher concentration (1). During osmosis, the liquid is working to reach equilibrium. Reverse osmosis, on the other hand, uses pressure to reverse this process and completely separate a substance from the liquid, rather than finding an equilibrium.

    Reverse osmosis filters are a good option because they remove just about any harmful contaminants from your water supply.

    Ion Exchange

    When water comes into contact with the ion exchange filter, a chemical reaction occurs. This removes dissolved ions from your water and then replaces them with ones of a similar charge (2). Ion exchange is best for dissolving sodium and magnesium from water.

    Ion exchange water filters are also very effective in softening your water. This can really come in handy if you’re dealing with hard water stains that need removal.

    These filters, however, require periodic use of a particular unique salt to keep from mineral build-up in the unit. If you want something with minimal maintenance, this may be inconvenient.


    Distillation is like advanced boiling. After the water is boiled, steam is trapped from the water in a separate container. The trapped vapor then condenses back into water form. Distillation is the least common of the four household water filtration systems, but can still be very effective (3).

    This method can prove to be very effective in eliminating harmful bacteria and other contaminants, including both organic and inorganic compounds. However, it’s a time-consuming process

    Why You Need a Faucet Water Filter

    Before water reaches your sink, it goes through quite a journey, travelling through a long series of pipes before making it to your home. On the way, dirt and other contaminants can land up into your drinking water.

    Those bacteria and other microscopic organisms can make you sick (4). With a proper filtration system, you can eliminate those harmful organisms and improve the taste of your water.

    Here are some of the significant benefits of using a faucet water filter:

    • Filters remove sediment: Nobody wants to taste soil or clay in their water. While it isn’t an immediate health risk, it can lead to bad-tasting water.
    • Reduce mineral levels: Minerals are important for the body, but only in very small doses. Minerals like iron and magnesium can also cause a metallic taste in your water.
    • Get rid of pathogens: Filters are useful for keeping unhealthy bacteria from reaching your body. However, you’ll want to be sure to get a filter listed as micro, ultra or nano.
    • Reduce chlorine levels: Most water treatment facilities use chlorine to kill bacteria before they reach the pipeline. Bad tasting water can be a result of this. Chlorine can also react to produce hazardous materials when passing over certain metals.
    • Removes lead and chemicals: Filters are also very useful in removing lead and pesticides from drinking water.
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    Things to Keep in Mind

    Before jumping into purchasing a faucet water filter, there are things you’ll want to bear in mind. Perhaps the most important thing is to figure out the type of filter you need.

    The Right Filter

    To find out the best filter for your needs, consider where you live and what kind of contaminants are in your city’s water supply.

    Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR)

    By July 1st, every year, you should receive one of these reports, more commonly known as your “annual water quality report.” In it you’ll find where your water comes from and everything that it contains.

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers a way for you to find the CCR for your area (5). You can search by just your state, or you can get more specific by providing your city or county.

    Keep in mind, though, that this report tells you what’s in the city’s supply. It won’t be able to tell you whether or not you have lead or other contaminants in your pipes.

    Water Testing Kits

    The best way to tell which type of filter you need is to test your water supply. Water supply test kits are available at most home improvement stores, but it’s worth asking your local health department for one. In many cases, the health department will give them to you for free (6).

    Test Your Water

    To get the most accurate reading, you should send your sample to a certified lab. You can find an accredited lab by asking your local water department, checking the EPA’s list of labs, or by calling the EPA’s safe water hotline at 800-426-4791.

    NSF Certification

    Different filters work to eliminate different particles in the water. Search the packaging for an NSF (National Science Foundation) certification for what you want to be filtered out.

    When a product is NSF-certified, it assures you that the company follows strict standards with their products (7). Plus, rather than receiving a one-time certification, products must be tested regularly to maintain their certification.

    Cost and Maintenance

    You should also bear in mind the initial cost of the filter along with any maintenance costs that come with it. All filters will need periodic replacing so if you’re into low-maintenance, you may want to find one that boasts long-lasting use.

    Some faucet water filters may also come with replacement parts, which can help alleviate extra costs.

    The Best Faucet Water Filter Reviews of 2020

    Now that you know everything you need to about faucet water filters, it’s time to put your knowledge to work. We’ve made it easier for you by compiling seven of the best faucet water filters on the market.

    1. Engdenton Stainless Steel Water Filter

    Best Designed Faucet Water Filter

    Engdenton Faucet Water Filter Stainless-Steel Reduce Chlorine High Water Flow, Water Purifier with Ultra Adsorptive Material , Water Filters for Faucets-Fits Standard Faucets
    Check Price

    If your kitchen appliances are stainless steel, this faucet water filter will fit nicely with your kitchen aesthetic. The system is made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel and is super durable and crack-proof.

    It uses activated carbon fiber to filter your water and can eliminate dirt and other organic compounds. It also works to inhibit bacterial growth. However, it’s unable to filter out any total dissolved solids as these still pass through an activated carbon filter.

    The filter can swivel 360 degrees and should last you roughly six months, or through 320 gallons of water.

    Why We Love It


    A long-lasting filter is going to save you time and money. You won’t need to worry about replacing any parts until around six months of use. This can come in handy if you live a busy lifestyle.

    Stainless Steel Design

    Not only is stainless steel easy to clean, but it has a sleek design, too. It leaves less room for corrosion, which reinforces its long-lasting features. Other benefits of stainless steel include fire and heat resistance and impact resistance (8).

    High Flow Rate

    A high flow rate comes in handy, especially if you want a glass of water right away. This filter will give you 0.5 GPM (gallons per minute), so you don’t need to worry about waiting forever for your glass to fill up.

    Keep In Mind

    Doesn’t Fit All Faucets

    The only major downside to this filter is that it doesn’t correctly fit all faucet shapes and sizes. Because of this, people commonly complain of leaking from the faucet as well as water spraying everywhere. Keep in mind the design of your faucet before choosing this product.

    Additional Specs

    Gallons Per Minute0.5 GPM
    Filter TypeActivated Carbon
    Compatible FaucetsStandard
    Filter Lifespan320 Gallons
    Additional FeaturesStainless steel

    2. JETERY Long-Lasting Faucet Water Filter

    Best Filtration

    JETERY Faucet Water Filter - 320-Gallon Long-Lasting Tap Water Filtration System with Carbon Fiber Filter for Home Kitchen, Fits Standard Faucets, JT-5110 Faucet Water Filter
    Check Price

    This JETERY filter also uses activated carbon fibers. Aside from chlorine and other contaminants that activated carbon eliminates, this filter also reduces lead and fluoride. It uses stainless steel mesh along with cotton to eradicate dirt and other organic compounds.

    Why We Love It

    You Can Switch Settings

    This one gives you three different settings to choose from: Tap, Save, and Pure.

    Tap will provide you with straight unfiltered water, Save is suitable for efficiency, and Pure will give you filtered water.

    These are handy options to have, and you can easily use your faucet for drinking, cleaning or any other function.

    Comes with a Variety of Adapters

    Nothing is more frustrating than buying a product only to discover it doesn’t suit your needs. This filter is convenient because it comes with several different adapters.

    Easy to Install

    Easy installation is vital for preventing frustration and unnecessary stress. Nobody likes a product with complicated assembly. With this one, you attach the adapter and then install your filter. It’s that simple.

    Keep In Mind

    Parts Expand With Heat

    When using this model, be mindful of your hot water. There are parts of this filter made of plastic, and the heat causes them to expand. This can lead to leaks and damage parts that may then need replacement.

    Additional Specs

    Gallons Per Minute0.53 GPM
    Filter TypeActivated Carbon
    Compatible FaucetsStandard
    Filter Lifespan320 Gallons
    Additional FeaturesFour layers of filtration

    3. Waterdrop Long-Lasting Filtration System

    Best Customer Service

    Waterdrop NSF Certified 320-Gallon Long-Lasting Water Faucet Filtration System, Faucet Water Filter, Removes Chlorine, Harmful Contaminants Metals & Sediments - Fits Standard Faucets, 1 Filter Include
    Check Price

    If you’re into helping others and you believe everyone deserves clean drinking water, this is the filter for you. For every filter purchase, an entire day’s worth of clean drinking water is donated to one of two African primary schools.

    This model also comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee as well as a one-year limited warranty.

    Why We Love It

    Additional Benefits

    One of the most frustrating things about buying anything is when the product doesn’t live up to your expectations. This product is excellent because you have both a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a one-year limited warranty.

    Works With A Charity

    This filter also partners with The Water Project and specifically helps Ematsuli and Shiru primary schools in Africa. We appreciate this company’s transparency.

    Instant Access to Pure Water

    The system gives you 0.5 gallons per minute, which means instant access to pure water. This is awesome when you need a drink but don’t want to wait for the filter to kick in.

    Keep In Mind

    Leaks May Occur

    This filter comes with eight threads, while many faucets have fewer. If yours only has five, you can solve this by sanding down the adapter that comes with the filter.

    Additional Specs

    Gallons Per Minute0.5 GPM
    Filter TypeActivated Carbon
    Compatible FaucetsStandard
    Filter Lifespan320 Gallons
    Additional Features30-day money-back guarantee

    4. Culligan FM-100-C Faucet Mount Filter

    Easy to Know When to Change

    Culligan FM-100-C Faucet Mount Water Filter with Life Indicator, Chrome Finish
    Check Price

    The convenience of this filter is excellent. It has a life indicator that will shine a red light when it’s time to change out the filter. Each filter cartridge can purify up to 200 gallons of water for you before it’s time for a change.

    It’s also very compact, making it an excellent option for anybody who doesn’t want to compromise on looks. The cartridge is easy to replace and comes in both white and chrome finishes.

    Why We Love It

    Convenient Light Indicator

    The life indicator comes in handy because life can get busy, and we can’t always tell when it’s time to change a filter out. We like that this one has a light indicator because it can alert you when it’s time to switch filters. This can help prevent possible health issues that may arise from a clogged filter.

    You’ll probably notice the change in taste when the filter has run its course, but it’s still good to be prompted when a change is needed.

    Free Installation Help

    Culligan offers free help to anyone who calls the company’s toll-free number. They encourage customers to call with any questions regarding installation or other issues and help you work through the problem.

    Aesthetically Pleasing Design

    The filter is very compact and blends in nicely with just about any color and design. We know what it’s like when you take pride in how your kitchen looks — any appliance that doesn’t match makes us cringe!

    Keep In Mind

    Issues With Leaking

    Some people have experienced issues with leaking and with the plastic adapters. Because hot water expands plastic, keep in mind not to use your hot water for prolonged amounts of time. This will help avoid most leak issues.

    Additional Specs

    Gallons Per Minute0.5 GPM
    Filter TypeActivated Carbon
    Compatible FaucetsStandard
    Filter Lifespan200 Gallons
    Additional FeaturesLife indicator light

    5. Abika Water Faucet Filter System

    Easiest to Use

    RuiLing Water Faucet Filter System, 304 Stainless Steel housing Faucet Water Purifier, Upgraded Tap Water Mount Filter-Double Outlet Faucet Filtration Design to Improve Hard Water for Home Kitchen
    Check Price

    Here’s another stainless steel option that won’t stick out like a sore thumb in your kitchen. It comes in a sleek design and fits any standard kitchen sink faucet.

    We like this one because not only is it easy to install, but it’s also easy to use, and swivels ergonomically.

    The filter utilizes a five-layer system to purify your water and allows you to switch between filtered and non-filtered water. It’s recommended to change out your filter once every 3-6 months to maintain quality.

    Why We Love It

    Double Outlet System

    This filter can easily switch between filtered and unfiltered water. All you have to do is flip a switch, and you can use whichever setting you prefer.

    Great for Aesthetics

    We’re big fans of this model since it doesn’t make you compromise on your kitchen or bathroom design. The stainless steel exterior matches any faucet design, and its cylindrical shape is sleek and easy on the eyes.

    Eliminates Harmful Contaminants

    Top marks go to this filter for the number of contaminants it filters out. Not only does it improve your water’s taste, but it inhibits bacterial growth, softens water, and removes asbestos.

    Keep In Mind

    Doesn’t Fit All Faucets

    The only downside to this one is that it doesn’t fit every faucet. There are adapters available to avoid this issue, but they aren’t subtle and may look unattractive. Obviously, this isn’t a huge problem if you’re not bothered by how it looks — this is still a filter that’s darn good at what it does.

    Additional Specs

    Gallons Per Minute1.6 GPM
    Filter TypeActivated Carbon
    Compatible FaucetsStandard
    Filter Lifespan320 Gallons
    Additional FeaturesConvenient filter switch

    6. PowMax WW-42 Water Filter

    Fast Water Output

    PowMax Water Filter Faucet Chrome Advanced Faucet Water Filter System with 5 Mieral Clear Filter (SLT-02)
    Check Price

    This filter uses activated carbon fiber to eliminate bacteria and reduce chlorine, as well as other impurities. Its five-stage filtration technology helps improve water quality, and it has a Hi-Flow design, which gives you instant access to a large amount of water.

    An excellent choice for both kitchen and bathroom faucets, the filter is long-lasting and made to be compact.

    Why We Love It

    Long-Lasting Filter

    Long-lasting filters are a godsend for anybody who wants a low maintenance option for their home. This water filter system is guaranteed to last between 6-8 months, which is much longer than other filters.

    Minimal Wait Time

    Some filters take a while to release adequate water after filtering. Luckily, this one gives you 0.53 GPM to allow instant access to your water. The equivalent of this is filling four, 16-ounce water bottles in one minute.

    Supports a Good Cause

    This company partners with an organization called The Water Project. For every purchase of a filtration system, PowMax donates resources for a child to receive one day’s supply of clean water. This is nice because you can give to a good cause while also improving the quality of your own water.

    Keep In Mind

    Hard to Find Replacement Parts

    While this filter will get the job done, there doesn’t seem to be any refills or replacement parts available. This can prove inconvenient after a few months when the filter goes bad and stops working. Rather than just changing out the membrane, you’ll need to purchase a new filter altogether.

    This isn’t the end of the world but can be an inconvenience for some.

    Additional Specs

    Gallons Per Minute0.53 GPM
    Filter TypeActivated Carbon
    Compatible FaucetsStandard
    Filter Lifespan320 Gallons
    Additional FeaturesSpace-saving design

    7. HeadSPRING Faucet Water System

    Best Budget Faucet Water Filter

    HeadSPRING Faucet Filter System, Faucet Water Mount Filter, Double Outlet Faucet Filtration System to Improve Hard Water for Tap Faucet Water Filter (1 Filter Included)
    Check Price

    For anyone who is looking for cleaner water without breaking the bank, this is undoubtedly an option to consider.

    Despite its budget-friendly price, it still manages to offer most of the same features as other filters on our list. It uses activated carbon, coconut shell, and other ingredients to soften and filter impurities out of your water. You can also flip the filter option on and off as needed.

    Why We Love It


    Cost is an essential factor for any home improvement purchase, regardless of how big or small it is. This filter made our list specifically for its budget-friendliness. It offers much of the same benefits as other water filters while giving you a price that doesn’t hurt to look at.

    Easy to Install

    Installation for this one is straightforward. It comes with a universal adapter that fits most standard faucets. Keep in mind, though, it won’t fit spray-style or any other unconventional type of faucet.

    Eliminates Odor

    Have you ever turned your faucet on to be greeted by foul-smelling water? We have, and it isn’t pleasant. This filter is convenient because it eliminates those unwelcome odors that sometimes come from unfiltered tap water.

    Keep In Mind

    Awkward Sizing

    The main concern we’ve found with this particular filter is that some people have had fit issues even with their standard faucet. However, this can be avoided by measuring your faucet and comparing it to see if the filter will fit properly prior to purchasing.

    Additional Specs

    Gallons Per MinuteNot listed
    Filter TypeActivated Carbon
    Compatible FaucetsStandard
    Filter Lifespan320 Gallons
    Additional FeaturesCoconut shell activated carbon filter

    Detailed Comparison

    ProductBest Forgal. p/mFilter TypeCompatible FaucetsFilter LifespanAdditional Features
    Engdenton Stainless Steel Water FilterDesign0.5 GPMActivated CarbonStandard320 gal.Stainless steel
    JETERY Long-Lasting Faucet Water FilterFilter Strength0.53 GPMActivated CarbonStandard320 gal.Four layers of filtration
    Waterdrop Long-Lasting Filtration SystemCustomer Service0.5 GPMActivated CarbonStandard320 gal.30-day money-back guarantee
    Culligan FM-100-C Faucet Mount FilterChanging Filter0.5 GPMActivated CarbonStandard200 gal.Life indicator light
    Abika Water Faucet Filter SystemEase of Use1.6 GPMActivated CarbonStandard320 gal.Convenient filter switch
    PowMax WW-42 Water FilterFast Water Output0.53 GPMActivated CarbonStandard320 gal.Space-saving design
    HeadSPRING Faucet Water SystemBudget FriendlyNot listedActivated CarbonStandard320 gal.Coconut shell activated carbon filter
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do You Install a Faucet Water Filter?

    Faucet water filtration systems will come with the system itself as well as an adapter for your faucet. While installation methods vary depending on the brand and product, they’re all installed in a similar way. The adapter will need to be screwed onto your faucet and connected to your system.

    What’s the Correct Way to Use Them?

    Again, systems vary. Some filters don’t require any extra work once they’re installed. However, there are others that come equipped with a switch. This switch will allow you to go from unfiltered to filtered water. You’ll want to make sure your filter is on the right setting if yours comes with a switch.

    Will My Filter Fit My Faucet?

    When shopping around, you’re going to want to know the number of threads your faucet has. You should make sure the thread number from the filter matches the thread number on your faucet. For example, if your faucet has eight threads, you’ll want to find a filter that also has eight threads.

    What Are Faucet Threads?

    Faucet threads are the grooves on the end of your faucet. These look very similar to what you would find on the spout and cap of a plastic bottle.

    How Often Should I Clean and Replace My Filter?

    Depending on the shelf life of the filter, one can last up to nine months. However, most companies recommend changing their filters out every three to six months.

    Clean Drinking Water for All

    Just because your water comes out clear from your faucet, doesn’t mean it’s pure.

    While water does get treated in water treatment plants, that doesn’t stop pipe residue and other nasties from getting into your water. Faucet water filters are an excellent tool for filtering out unwelcome contaminants like chlorine, dirt, and even harmful substances like lead.

    Have you tried any of the filters on our list? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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