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Best Kitchen Faucets of 2023

Contemporary or rustic, ornate or minimalist: Find the perfect kitchen faucet for your home.

Your kitchen faucet is one of the most important features of your entire home. You need water to drink, wash your hands, for cooking, and to clean up afterward.

If you are redesigning your kitchen or your current faucet has broken, you will need to think carefully about your new taps. With so many different faucet designs currently available, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices.

To help you choose, we have written a list of the 10 best kitchen faucets you can buy today. These include contemporary, rustic, ornate, and minimalist taps from some of the world’s leading kitchen faucet brands.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet,Single Level Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer
Best for Contemporary Kitchens
Wewe Pull Out Faucet
  • High arch at 15.7 inches
  • 360-degree rotation
  • 5-year warranty
Product Image of the Peerless Claymore 2-Handle Wall-Mount Kitchen Sink Faucet, Chrome P299305LF
Best Double-Handle Faucet
Peerless Claymore
  • Traditional appearance
  • Will fit most two-hole sinks
  • 10-year warranty
Product Image of the Moen Arbor Matte Black One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Sink Faucet Featuring Power Boost and Reflex Docking System, Black Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, 7594BL
Best for Modern Kitchen
Moen 7594BL Arbor
  • Bold modern dark finish
  • Reflex system
  • Motion detection technology
Product Image of the Moen Medina Spot Resist Stainless One-Handle Pull Out Kitchen Faucet, Kitchen Sink Faucets with Pullout Sprayer Featuring Power Boost for a Faster Clean, 87039SRS
Best Looking Faucet
Moen 87039SRS Medina
  • Sleek modern design
  • Pull-out feature
  • Easy duralock installation
Product Image of the Ufaucet Modern Best Commercial Cen Stainless Steel Single Lever Single Handle Pull Out Sprayer Prep Kitchen Sink Faucets,Stainless Steel Finished
Best Pull-Out Faucet
Ufaucet Single Lever
  • 20-inch pull-out sprayer
  • Deck plate & supply lines included
  • Durable ceramic cartridge valves
Product Image of the Peerless Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet with Side Sprayer, Chrome P115LF
Best Single-Handle Faucet
Peerless Single-Handle
  • Durable brass construction
  • Efficient side sprayer
  • 360-degree rotating spout
Product Image of the SHACO Antique Single Handle Pull Down Sprayer Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucet, Farmhouse Spring Kitchen Faucet Bronze with Deck Plate, Kitchen Faucets for Sink 3 Hole or Single Hole
Best for Rustic Kitchen
Antique Spring Sprayer
  • Rustic yet modern design
  • Functional pull-down spout
  • Durable brass and stainless steel
Product Image of the Delta Faucet Leland Touch Kitchen Faucet Brushed Nickel, Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer, Kitchen Sink Faucet, Faucet for Kitchen Sink, Touch2O Technology, SpotShield Stainless 9178T-SP-DST
Best Pull-Down Faucet
Delta Faucet Leland
  • Touch technology
  • LED temperature lights
  • Magnetic docking
Product Image of the FORIOUS Touchless Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, High Arc Single Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet with Deck Plate, Commercial Modern rv Brass Kitchen Faucets, Grifos De Cocina
Best Touch Technology
Forious Touch Faucet
  • Touch control technology
  • Pull-down design
  • Smudge & fingerprint resistant
Product Image of the Dura Faucet DF-PK330HC-WT RV J-Spout Kitchen Sink Faucet (White)
Best for RVs
Dura Faucet Elegant J-Spout
  • Classic white design
  • Aerated stream reduces splashing
  • High 14.68-inch arch

Product Reviews

Here is our selection of the 10 best kitchen faucets you can buy today. Any one of these top-rated kitchen faucets would make a great addition to your home.

1. Wewe Brushed Nickel Pull Out Faucet

Best Faucet for the Contemporary Kitchen

This Wewe is a high-arch spout that can rotate 360 degrees, with an eye-catching height of 15.7 inches.

It comes with a pull-down sprayer wand with a generous hose length. The pressurized stream can wash your hands, and also clear your pots of food residue.

Backed by a 5-year warranty, it’s fitted with ceramic cartridge valves on the inside that have been tested over 500,000 cycles.

What We Like

High Arch

The high arch is a simple but highly beneficial feature. It allows you to easily fit tall pots in your sink without having to bend or move the faucet.

At the peak of the arch, it measures 15.7 inches. From the tip of the sprayer to the base of the deck plate, you’ll get 8.5 inches of free space.

360-Degree Rotation

The faucet can rotate 360 degrees, making your kitchen even more versatile. Add the pull-down sprayer and you’re ready to roll.


The faucet itself is made from metal and coated with a brushed nickel finish that is resistant to rusts and corrosion.

Wewe includes deck mount too.

What We Don't Like

Loose Connections

Perhaps the biggest issue with this faucet is that the factory connection runs a bit loose thereby causing leaks after installation. This can be resolved in as quick as two minutes by tightening it prior to installation.

Product Specs

Finish Brushed Nickel
Material Metal
Flow Rate 1.8 gallons per minute
Warranty 5-year warranty

2. Peerless Claymore 2-Handle Wall-Mount Faucet

Best Double-Handle Faucet

This wall-mounted double-handle faucet is a great addition to a timeless kitchen. It has a high arch spout that can turn 360 degrees for extra convenience.

Although it’s a wall-mount, the installation is pretty straightforward. The faucet can fit a two-hole sink with 7 to 9 inches between holes. However, you will need to buy separate supply lines.

The faucet looks both classic and chic, with a brass base that is coated with fancy chrome. It’s easy to clean and protected by a lifetime warranty.

What We Like

Easy Installation

This is a wall-mounted faucet so it does require some modification, but it’s fairly easy to install. It will fit most two-hole sinks, but you’ll need to purchase some standard supply lines.


The faucet is constructed with a brass base, which is a durable, popular material for both kitchen and bathroom faucets.

The coating is chrome, which is resistant to corrosion and scratches. Both the base material and the finish are covered by a 10-year limited warranty.

What We Don't Like

The Handles Are Difficult to Turn

Some reviewers report that the handles are difficult to turn to the “Off” position. You will need a firm hand.

The Collar Is a Bit Loose

Some also mentioned that the collar near the base of the faucet is a bit loose even after tightening. However, the faucet still works perfectly and there are no leaks.

Product Specs

Finish Chrome
Material Brass
Flow Rate 1.8 gallons per minute
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty

3. Moen 7594BL Arbor One-Handle High-Arc Faucet

Best Faucet for the Modern Kitchen

If you’re looking to add an edge to your modern kitchen, this pull-down faucet from Moen will definitely make a bold statement. The first thing you’ll notice is the matte black finish that gives it a sophisticated but edgy touch.

The wow factor aside, this faucet offers some really good features. It’s fitted with a reflex system that ensures the smooth movement of the sprayer. It will also make sure that it stays locked in the dock when not in use.

Moen included an exclusive power boost technology that gives more power to the sprayer. Finally, it also comes with motion detection technology.

What We Like

Beautiful Finish

We love the edgy vibe this finish provides. Matte black is a statement finish that will undoubtedly turn heads whenever a new guest walks into your kitchen.

If you prefer something less bold, this faucet also comes in bronze, chrome, and spot-resistant stainless steel.

Reflex System

The sprayer hose is 68 inches long — capable of reaching the far ends of your sink and beyond. Moen’s reflex system will ensure that the sprayer always returns smoothly to its dock.

Motion Detection Technology

Yes, this faucet has motion detection technology. Inside the faucet, there is a small motion sensor. As soon as you hover your hand close to it, it will activate the water.

If you don’t want to use this feature, there is also a single handle on the side.

What We Don't Like

The Cartridge Nut Needs Tightening

The cartridge nut requires tightening once in a while. When it loosens, the hose will start to leak. Unfortunately, it is in an awkward spot, so it can be difficult to reach in some sinks.

Product Specs

Finish Matte black
Material Metal
Flow Rate 1.5 gallons per minute
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty

4. Moen 87039SRS Medina Pull-Out Faucet

Best Looking Kitchen Faucet

Moen’s Pull-Out faucet looks amazing in almost any setting. You can get it with a stainless finish. It looks smooth and sleek, and it won’t retain your fingerprints or water marks.

The pull-out/pull-down sprayer feature provides excellent versatility while using the faucet. The sprayer is also powerful.

It’s equipped with power clean technology that provides more spray power when compared to the typical pulldown options.

What We Like

Beautiful Design

Whether your kitchen has a sleek modern look or traditional cottage charm, this faucet will fit right in. It doesn’t look like your everyday kitchen faucet — it’s quite subtle, yet still has a wow factor.

The dirt-resistant stainless finish blends in with the majority of potential surroundings. It’s also quite easy to maintain, and resistant to damage such as scratches and corrosion.

Pull-Out Feature

This faucet features a sprayer but it’s something of a mix between a pull-out and pull-down. The spray head offers two modes: aerated steam or a powerful rinse.

There’s a “pause” button that allows you to halt the flow without turning the faucet off. Temporarily using pause mode is a great way to save water while cleaning dishes or vegetables.

Easy Installation

The faucet comes with a duralock quick connect system, which is essentially a snap-in installation.

As you connect it, you should hear a snap or click. This indicates that the lines are connected and you can start using the faucet. This model can fit a three-hole sink.

What We Don't Like

Leak Issues

Some reviewers mentioned that there is a tendency to leak after less than a year of installation. Fortunately, this faucet is protected by a limited lifetime warranty.

Product Specs

Finish Spot resist stainless
Material Stainless steel handle
Flow Rate 1.5 gallons per minute
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty

5. Ufaucet Single Lever Single Handle Pull-Out Faucet

Best Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

This pull-out faucet from Ufaucet is quite convenient. The sprayer hose reaches 20 inches long and provides you with two different stream types. You can choose between an aerated spray or a powerful rinse.

What makes this stand out is the rotating middle part of the spout between the lever and the base. This part can effortlessly turn from side to side, increasing your range in each direction.

A deck plate and stainless steel supply lines are included for easy installation. It’s made from solid brass and fitted with drip-free ceramic cartridge valves.

What We Like

Excellent Pull-Out Sprayer

The pull-out sprayer is the main feature of this faucet. It reaches 20 inches and lets you choose between different flow settings.

Deck Plate and Supply Lines Included

Along with the faucet, you also receive a deck plate and stainless steel supply lines. The faucet is easy to install — it’s compatible with any one or three hole sink.


The durability is excellent. It’s made from sturdy solid brass with a brushed nickel finish. Ufaucet also made sure to include tested and approved ceramic cartridge valves to ensure drip-free use.

What We Don't Like

The Pull-Out Sprayer Sits Loosely in the Dock

Unfortunately, some users reported that the sprayer head doesn’t fit well into its dock. Apparently, it sits slightly loose and tends to droop down.

Product Specs

Finish Brushed Nickel
Material Solid brass
Flow Rate 2 gallons per minute
Warranty N/A

6. Peerless Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

Best Single-Handle Faucet

This model from Peerless is protected by a lifetime warranty. Made of brass with a chrome finish, it’s tough and will last even in households with high water usage.

It comes with an efficient side sprayer that you install next to the faucet itself. You can turn the spout 360 degrees, which is ideal for double-sinks. It also has a low arc design, making it great for smaller spaces.

What We Like

Durable and Effective

Made from brass that is rust and corrosion resistant, this faucet is also coated with a chrome finish.

Chrome is an excellent addition to any faucet. By adding extra strength to the surface, it resists damage such as scratches and corrosion and is much easier to clean.

Efficient Side Sprayer

The side sprayer is a useful add-on that you can install next to the faucet itself. It’s powerful and can easily spray away any stubborn residue.

The sprayer is retractable and will return smoothly to its dock. It also complements the main faucet visually, being coated with a black finish.

Rotating Spout

Peerless is a subsidiary of Ufaucet, so many of their designs are similar, such as their signature 360-degree swivel. The spout can turn all the way around without coming loose, which is very convenient, particularly for double sinks.

What We Don't Like

Mounting Plates Are of Poor Quality

The mounting plate around the base of the faucet is made from plastic. The plate doesn’t quite cover the entire area, which can result in leaks.

The Spout Is Too Short

Some reviewers complained that the spout is too short. It doesn’t extend far enough into the sink, which becomes an issue if you have a wide basin.

Product Specs

Finish Chrome
Material Brass
Flow Rate 1.8 gallons per minute
Warranty Lifetime limited warranty

7. Antique Spring Single Handle Pull Down Sprayer

Best Faucet for the Rustic Kitchen

This farmhouse-inspired kitchen faucet from Shaco is both stunning to look at and functional.

The design is eye-catching, with a high arch pull-down model made from solid brass. It’s also coated with a beautiful oil-rubbed bronze to give it that rustic touch.

Included in the package are an optional deck plate, two supply hoses, and two 0.5-inch adapters.

What We Like

Beautiful Design

This faucet looks great — it’s a beautiful combination of rustic with a modern touch. The oil-rubbed bronze coat and the detailing on the handle and spout are very striking. It will be a talking point at your next dinner party.

Functional Pull-Down Design

The pull-down sprayer has a 20-inch long hose, giving you some extra reach. There is added weight inside the hose that helps it retract once you’re finished. It also has a lead-free mechanical faucet head, ensuring durability and safe use.

Durable Materials

It’s constructed with brass as a base material and a stainless steel handle to prevent rust and corrosion. Also included is a ceramic disc valve to ensure the faucet won’t leak and cause water damage.

What We Don't Like

The Bar Is Too Short

One detail you will soon notice is the bar holding the spout close to the neck. Unfortunately, it seems that this bar is somewhat on the short side. As such, it prevents the water from reaching the front of the sink.

Product Specs

Finish Oil-rubbed bronze
Material Solid brass
Flow Rate N/A
Warranty Lifetime limited warranty

8. Delta Faucet Leland Pull-Down Sprayer

Best Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

This pull-down from Delta Faucet packs a punch, featuring all the necessary features and a little extra.

It’s fitted with touch technology — simply touch anywhere on the spout and it will activate the water flow. It also has a standard lever for manual operation. Another feature we appreciate is the TempSense LED light.

Delta Faucet made sure to include magnetic docking for the spray head. The sprayer is powerful and fitted with ShieldSpray Technology.

It’s built to last twice as long as other faucets with its Patented Diamond Seal Technology. Finally, you can fit it into either a single hole or three-hole sink.

What We Like

Touch Technology

This faucet has a “touch on/touch off” feature, so all you need to do is touch the spout with your hand, wrist, or forearm. This quickly activates the flow and voilà! You have running water.

There is also a manual lever. It’s a single-handle design, fitted on the side of the faucet.

LED Lights

Delta Faucet’s TempSense LED Lights are a unique feature and very useful. These are LED lights near the base of the faucet, near the sink. The feature senses the outlet temperature and lights a color that you can see from across the room.

The LED lights will also tell you when you should replace their batteries. They should last two years, so you won’t need to worry about them for a while.

Magnetic Docking

The faucet features MagnaTite Docking with a strong, durable magnet that will snap the sprayer right back into the dock. It will lock it in place and keep it there to avoid any drooping over time.

Powerful Sprayer

The sprayer is both powerful and durable. It’s fitted with two great features: TouchClean and ShieldSpray Technology.

TouchClean will keep the spray holes clean. It consists of soft rubber spray holes that are easy to wipe clean.

ShieldSpray Technology adds more power to the spray head. However, what truly sets this feature apart is that it will contain any splashes within a protective sphere. Delta Faucet claims that it produces 90% less splatter than other sprayers.

What We Don't Like

Spray Hose Might Deteriorate Prematurely

Everything about this faucet seems to be high quality — except the spray hose. Some reviewers mentioned that it started to deteriorate after a year or two, allowing black particles into the water. Fortunately, Delta Faucet will replace it.

Product Specs

Finish SpotShield Stainless
Material Brass
Flow Rate 1.8 gallons per minute
Warranty Five-year limited warranty

9. Forious Touch Faucet with Pull-Down Sprayer

Best Touch Technology Faucet

This touch control faucet from Forious is simple and elegant but with lots of cool technology. It features touch control technology — simply touch the upper part of the spout and the water will activate. Touch it again, and it will turn off.

The pull-down design adds to the luxury by allowing you to bring the sprayer closer to the dishes. The faucet is coated with brushed nickel, so it’s resistant to smudges and fingerprints.

What We Like

Touch Control Technology

Although it isn’t a hands-free faucet, it doesn’t require a strong touch. All you need to do is touch the part of the faucet near the sensor and water will flow.

Excellent Pull-Down Design

The pull-down is a recurring theme in this list, and this faucet is no exception. You can pull it down effortlessly to reach into even the deepest sinks.

Smudge and Fingerprint Resistant

The brushed nickel coating will resist any smudges and fingerprints. It’s completely matte and easy to clean with a simple wipe.

What We Don't Like

Installation Requires Some Improvising Skills

Some reviewers mentioned that the installation didn’t go as smoothly as they had hoped. The faucet uses non-standard hoses so it requires some plumber’s tape to prevent any leaking.

Product Specs

Finish Brushed Nickel
Material Copper
Flow Rate 1.8 gallons per minute
Warranty Lifetime warranty

10. Dura Faucet Elegant J-Spout RV Kitchen Faucet

Best Kitchen Faucet for RVs

For your RV, you will need something lightweight and easy to install. This faucet from Dura Faucet would make a great addition to your onboard kitchen.

It has a classic exterior with dual levers, one on each side. You can choose between five different finishes and two different levers. We chose the white finish with the classic levers.

What makes this ideal for an RV’s tight kitchen space is the aerated stream. It’s designed to prevent excessive splashing, keeping your countertop and floor dry. The spout is a high arch, measuring 14.68 inches at its tallest point.

What We Like

Great Design

The faucet looks subtle yet striking. The white faucet finish with classic levers adds a bit of wow factor.

Everything is designed with an RV in mind. The waterways are made from a durable yet lightweight premium synthetic material.

Less Splashing

You won’t get a powerful sprayer with this faucet. However, the aerated stream is great for avoiding excessive splashing in a compact RV kitchen. It’s light, yet still capable of getting the job done.

What We Don't Like

Reach Is on the Short Side

Some reviewers felt that the reach is too short. This could be seen as a deliberate choice by the manufacturers to make it as compact as possible.

Product Specs

Finish White
Material Brass
Flow Rate 2.2 gallons per minute
Warranty N/A

Product Comparison Chart

Product Award Finish Material Flow Rate Warranty
Wewe Pull Out Faucet Contemporary Kitchens Brushed Nickel Metal 1.8 gal/min 5 years
Peerless Claymore Double-Handle Chrome Brass 1.8 gal/min Limited lifetime
Moen 7594BL Modern Kitchen Matte black Metal 1.5 gal/min Limited lifetime
Moen 87039SRS Design Spot resist stainless Stainless steel handle 1.5 gal/min Limited lifetime
Ufaucet Single Pull-Out Faucet Brushed Nickel Solid brass 2 gal/min N/A
Peerless Single Single-Handle Chrome Brass 1.8 gal/min Lifetime limited
Antique Spring Rustic Kitchens Oil-rubbed bronze Solid brass N/A Lifetime limited
Delta Faucet Pull-Down Faucet SpotShield Stainless Brass 1.8 gal/min 5-year limited
Forious Touch Touch Technology Brushed Nickel Copper 1.8 gal/min Lifetime warranty
Dura J-Spout RVs White Brass 2.2 gal/min N/A

Types of Kitchen Faucets

When discussing types of kitchen faucet, we usually focus on the design of the valves and hose. Here are the five most common types.

Single-Handle Faucet

Single-handle faucets are the most common type you will encounter today. They are easy to identify despite coming in different forms, which include ball, cartridge, and ceramic disc.

  • Ball faucets: These contain a flexible ball, enabling the lever to move semi-freely from side-to-side, up and down.
  • Cartridge: This is the most common handle type. You either move the lever up and down or side-to-side to seal or open the flow. There isn’t as much flexibility as ball faucets.
  • Ceramic disc: These function similarly to ball faucets. However, they don’t move as freely.

Their functionality is also simple, so don’t expect any pull-down features or hands-free sensors.


  • Simple to install and fits most kitchen sinks.
  • Reliable and robust.
  • Generally inexpensive to repair.
  • Easy to use.


  • Takes longer to adjust to extreme temperature changes, such as ice-cold to very hot.
  • If the handle breaks, you can’t receive any water from that outlet.

Double-Handle Faucet

This is another common, traditional style of kitchen faucet. The double-handle faucet is quite popular in utility sinks. They have separate connections for the cold and hot water streams.

The levers are usually available as cartridges or compression washers. Compression faucets consist of two turnable handles that you tighten or loosen to open the flow.

Most double-handle models have a standard cylinder shape fitted with either a circular or square shaped head.

If you’re looking for something more elegant, you can choose a gooseneck design. This is a common commercial look and fits in with almost any kitchen layout.


  • Separate connections for hot and cold. If one lever fails, you can still use the other until it’s fixed.
  • Easy to adjust the temperature.
  • Relatively straightforward installation.
  • A large variety of styles — easy to find one for your particular decor.


  • They are prone to breaking prematurely and repairs can be costly.

Pull-Out Faucet

Pull-out faucets look as though they belong in a professional kitchen, but they are also very beneficial at home. They work exactly as their name suggests: they have an extendable handle you can pull out and use.

The spout works much like a shower head and hose, allowing you to extend it to a certain distance.

This is a preferred style for many homeowners as it grants you some freedom as to where you use water. For example, if you need to fill a large pot that’s impossible to fit under the faucet, simply pull out the hose and spray. It is particularly useful if you have a small kitchen or a smaller sink on your kitchen island.

Enhancing its usefulness, the taps included are often fitted with buttons to control the strength and flow. Pull-out faucets have some problems but they are usually easy to operate using only one hand.


  • A great choice for smaller sinks or kitchens.
  • Very convenient with its detachable hose and tap.
  • Finger-friendly tap buttons to regulate the water.
  • A large variety of styles and colors available.


  • Prone to splashing.

Pull-Down Faucet

Pull-down faucets are probably the most popular type at the moment. They have similarities to their pull-out counterparts but the main difference is their distinctive gooseneck spout.

Another difference from a pull-out faucet is that instead of pulling out, you drag the tap downwards. This type is great for larger sinks where you need some flexibility to reach the far corners.

There is also less risk of splashing. Everything is pointed down into the sink, so unless your kids get a bit too enthusiastic, the countertop should stay dry.


  • Excellent for large, deep sinks.
  • Less risk of splashing.
  • Most models come in beautiful designs.


  • Not great for small sinks.
  • Its stretching distance is limited by the gooseneck shape.

Hands-Free Faucet

If you want to add some technology to your kitchen, this is the faucet for you. A hands-free faucet is a common sight in public bathrooms and with good reason. You don’t need to touch anything, so there’s far less chance of coming into contact with germs.

The same goes for a kitchen sink. If you’re often in your kitchen, dealing with raw chicken or beef, or perhaps messy ingredients such as dough, hands-free is perfect.

This type of faucet works using a motion sensor inside the tap. The location varies depending on the model and manufacturer. Some place it at the top and others near the bottom, closer to the sink. Either way, they will sense your hands, or sometimes even another object such as a fork or spoon.

In addition to the smart technology, most manufacturers also include water filters. These will catch excess minerals or contaminants present in the water. These taps look sleek and modern, ideal for the homeowner who appreciates a state-of-the-art looking kitchen.

The main drawback will be people playing with it, especially children. They will have plenty of fun seeing how close their hand can get before the water comes out. This can increase your monthly water bill, but hopefully not by too much.


  • Very convenient and easy to use.
  • Reduces risk of contamination.
  • Stunning designs.


  • Perhaps too tempting to play with for smaller children.

Things to Consider (Buying Guide)

Before rushing to buy a kitchen faucet, there are some key points to keep in mind. Of course, the design is a major part, but there are other things to consider, such as installation, features, and specific faucet parts.

Water Flow

According to the USGS, while hand-washing your dishes, a kitchen faucet will use anywhere from 8 to 27 gallons of water (1). With a new faucet, you can expect a restricted flow rate all the way down to 1.5 gallons per minute. Older faucets deliver a higher flow rate of 2 gallons or more.

Kitchen faucets are designed to save as much water as possible. Still, they can quickly become the biggest water-waster in your house, especially with multiple people living under the same roof.

This is why it’s essential to find a faucet that significantly restricts the flow. Look for one with a flow rate between 1.5 and 1.8 gallons per minute.


Installing your new kitchen faucet could be a simple Saturday afternoon DIY project. It doesn’t require a lot of plumbing experience — all you really need is a manual and some tools.

That said, if you don’t feel comfortable doing it, don’t. Contact a plumber or friend who can do it for you.

Although it isn’t the hardest DIY task, things can still go wrong. In a worst-case scenario, you will either break the faucet or end up with a leak that causes water damage.

We won’t go into detail on how to install one here, as it varies between models and types. Instead, we will shed some light on how to choose the right one for your sink.

It is important to consider your current sink. For example, think carefully before buying a single-handle faucet to replace your current double-handle. Take a close look at your sink and see how many holes there are.

A sink usually has three holes — one for the cold, one for the hot, and one for the spout. If you have bought a single-handle faucet, check whether or not there is a cover plate included. Some manufacturers include a cover plate that is used to cover the extra hole.

You should also consider if your current faucet has widely-spaced levers or is even wall-mounted. In these cases, it would be almost impossible to fit a replacement with a single-handle design. It might require replumbing or replacing the sink.


Consider the style you’re aiming for and which type would suit you best. Many people are moving away from double-handle faucets. Some argue that they are an inconvenience and that their only pro is that they still work if one lever fails.

Still, others prefer the traditional, sometimes rustic, look that a double-handle faucet provides.

Kitchen faucets also come in different colors and finishes. It’s a good idea to find a finish that combines well with the cabinets and hardware already in your kitchen. With such a wide selection, finding one to suit your particular style shouldn’t be a problem.

First, we have the classic nickel finish, ideal for a modern kitchen. This finish is often described as stainless steel, satin, or brushed. The only drawback is that it’s prone to show watermarks and fingerprints, making it difficult to keep clean.

A hugely popular finish is chrome — it’s durable, easy to clean, and looks great. This is the finish to go for if you use your faucet a lot.

If you’re feeling bold, you can go with a black finish, or perhaps a matte one. Currently, a lot of homeowners choose a bronze finish — these have a brownish hue. They are often described as “oil-rubbed.”

The surface is coated rather than left as metal. Although this coating is tough, it does get chipped or scratched more quickly than other finishes.

Necessary and Unnecessary Features

As with designs, there are also plenty of features to choose from. However, additional features tend to increase the price. Unless you have a large budget, you’ll need to pick and choose.

A feature that is convenient but not always necessary is motion detection, as it’s on the pricey side. If you don’t think it’s essential, it’s probably best to save your money.

There are, however, some must-have features to ensure your faucet is reliable. These include:

  • An escutcheon plate: This is the “hole” cover we mentioned earlier. It’s usually an additional purchase, but some brands do include one. It’s essential if you’re switching from a double-handle faucet to a single.
  • Magnetic dock: To prevent a saggy spray head on your pull out or down faucet, look for one with a magnetic dock. This means the head will stay put even after years of service.
  • An aerator: A last line of defense to prevent excessive water waste. An aerator sits at the tip of the tap to regulate the flow even further. It is also essential if you have hard inlet water.


How Much Should You Spend on a Kitchen Faucet?

Given the huge amount of different kitchen faucets that are available today, how much you should spend on a faucet ultimately depends on your budget and the type of faucet you want in your kitchen. Faucets with technology such as motion sensors will cost far more than a traditional single or double handle faucet. You should expect to pay at least $100 for a good faucet. Anything cheaper is unlikely to be of particularly high quality.

How Long Should a Kitchen Faucet Last?

Under ideal circumstances, a kitchen faucet could last as long as 15 to 20 years and perhaps even longer. This lifespan will depend on proper maintenance and the quality of your local water. If you live in an area with hard water, sediment can gather in the faucet’s valve, eroding it. You might need to replace parts of your faucet but the body of the tap should comfortably last well over a decade.

How Much Should a Plumber Charge To Replace a Kitchen Faucet?

Assuming you have purchased the faucet yourself, installing it should be a relatively quick and easy task for any skilled plumber. Depending on where you live, a plumber might charge between $50 to $150 per hour, and they will likely spend a couple of hours on the job. It could take longer if there are complications such as replacing one type of faucet with something very different.

What Is the Most Frequent Failure In a Typical Kitchen Faucet?

The most frequent failure in a typical kitchen faucet can be the rubber washers, the O-rings, or pipe connectors.

Rubber washers tend to wear out, which causes the faucet to leak around the base, handle, or knobs. Thankfully, rubber washers can easily be replaced if you have an adjustable wrench.

O-rings will hold the faucet’s handle in place, so when these wear out, they cause leaks near the base of the handle.

Pipe connections can also cause leaks when they loosen or corrode. If you have a kitchen sink with disposal, this is more likely to occur because the vibrations make the pipes move.

Which Is Better, One or Two-Handle Kitchen Faucets?

Determining whether a one- or two-handle kitchen faucet is better is mostly a matter of personal preference, but many people think faucets with one handle are better.

Faucets with a single handle are easier to install and clean and have a more contemporary look. They are a good choice for small and large basins but are more suitable for smaller kitchens.

You just need one hand to operate them, so if your household has someone with arthritis or disabilities, they are a better choice.

Two-handle faucets are better if you have a larger kitchen sink. They tend to be more expensive and more difficult to clean. They can also be dangerous if you have children that will only turn on hot water.

Which Is Better, Pull-Down or Pull-Out Kitchen Faucets?

The best way to determine if pull-down faucets are better than pull-out ones is to analyze the pros and cons and see which ones best fit your needs.

Each design is tailored to a particular arrangement of kitchen appliances and kind of sink. Pull-down kitchen faucets typically come out on top when it comes to popularity.

The pull-down faucet is by far the most popular kind because of its increased mobility and convenience and its bias towards having a deep kitchen sink. Keeping the space around the sink significantly cleaner is another perk.

Due to its diminutive size, a pull-out faucet is often an excellent choice for a kitchen in a studio or one-bedroom apartment. Additionally, it offers a wider selection of possible finishes, which may make it a more suitable stylistic option for a contemporary kitchen.

Is Stainless Steel or Chrome Better for Kitchen Faucets?

Deciding whether stainless steel or chrome is better for kitchen faucets is a matter of what your household prioritizes.

Chrome is unrivaled in terms of its aesthetic appeal. It is the obvious choice if you want a faucet that has a polished appearance and is gorgeous. But, stainless steel is a superior option for a faucet if you are more worried about its durability.

Choose a chrome faucet if you are conscientious about keeping it clean and maintaining it.

If, on the other hand, you lead a more hectic lifestyle and emphasize functionality above all else. Selecting stainless steel for your kitchen sink will probably make you a lot happier.

What Brand of Kitchen Faucets Gives Free Replacement Parts for Life?

Moen is a kitchen faucet brand that offers a limited lifetime warranty. Moen offers the guarantee that, for as long as the original consumer owns their existing home, their faucet is covered against drips and leaks (during normal use). Delta is another brand that offers the same benefit.

Which is Better, Moen or Delta Kitchen Faucets?

Moen and Delta are both very good, so choosing between these two is mostly a matter of personal preference. Each of them has some standard sorts of faucets in addition to some high-end types of faucets that have a lot of amazing features.

While Delta is known for its value-oriented plain-label faucet products but also its extensive offer of designer faucets, Moen is known for its specialty in producing largely moderately priced to more expensive faucet products.

What Is the Number One Kitchen Faucet Brand?

Multiple kitchen faucet brands could be considered the number one.

Moen has a long history of manufacturing dependable and high-quality faucets in the United States. As a result, they provide a diverse selection of faucet types and styles, which can be purchased at price points ranging from affordable to luxurious.

Kohler has an excellent reputation for manufacturing high-quality kitchen faucets that are sold at a diverse selection of price points.

Single-handle faucets made by Danze are dependable and effective because of the brand’s use of long-lasting components, such as ceramic cartridges of the highest possible quality.

American Standard kitchen faucets are available in appealing designs with scratch-resistant coatings that are designed to last.

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