Best Waterstone Faucet Reviews of 2021

You’ll want a five-star home after reading these Waterstone faucet reviews. 

Are you upgrading your home, but don’t want to settle for just any old faucets? Are you looking for a high-quality product that stands out? Waterstone faucets may be the answer.

Faucets are functional, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have style. Waterstone’s focus is on elegance and luxury. We’re showing you three of the best Waterstone faucets so you can get a taste of their sophistication.

Before we delve into our Waterstone faucet reviews, let’s take a look at Waterstone itself. This is a manufacturer that stands out just as much as its products do.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table
Product Image of the Waterstone Tradtional PLP Pull Down Faucet - 2pc. Suite
Best Kitchen Suite
Waterstone Traditional
  • Handy lever
  • Accessories included
  • Great for small kitchens
Product Image of the Waterstone 4100-18-BLN Towson Kitchen Faucet - 18' Articulated Spout Black Nickel
Most Original
Waterstone Single Handle
  • Versatile
  • Great design
  • Ergonomic lever
Product Image of the Waterstone 1400HC-SS Parche Hot and Cold Filtration Faucet Stainless Steel
Best Filtration Faucet
Waterstone Hot & Cold
  • Water filtration
  • Hot/cold capacity
  • Affordable

Why Should You Buy Waterstone Faucets?

In 2019, Waterstone celebrates its twentieth year, so it’s safe to say that this manufacturer has made its mark. Waterstone’s history is the sort that speaks for itself, with quality at the forefront.

Chris Kuran founded the company in 1999. After serving as a marine, then co-founding a plumbing company with his father, he settled on filtration. Initially, Waterstone only produced drinking water filtration systems to larger manufacturers and corporations (1).

Buyers noticed the quality and sophistication of Waterstone filtration systems and began to request personal custom models. Kuran, seeing an opportunity to pioneer a niche business, met the demand. In 2002, Waterstone shifted focus and entered the market for designer faucets.

At the time, its faucets were available across the United States and Canada. By 2005, unique suites were added to its catalog, which put the company on the map. Its quality and originality now keep it there, and today its annual revenue is estimated to be as much as $2.5 million (2).

Beyond customer demand, unique elegance, and luxury products, there are more reasons to choose Waterstone:

1. Made In America

Waterstone isn’t exactly a small business, but there are still advantages to supporting local producers. It’s better for the economy, it supports job creation, and it nurtures local industry.

In fact Waterstone is the only American manufacturer in the industry. It’s based in, and operates from, California — Kuran’s hometown (3).

2. Handcrafted

Waterstone faucets aren’t mass produced by machines. A hand-picked team of skilled experts builds them, ensuring quality and care. It also adds originality — you’ll get a one-of-a-kind product with a unique touch by the craftsman.

Even if the faucet you pick is part of a range, it will still be the only one of its kind. As a result, the company’s faucets are more valuable than others.

3. Original Designs

Faucets aren’t typically the first thing that people notice in a room, but Waterstone puts effort into making them stand out. If you’re big on design, its range will appeal to you because of their eccentric appearance.

You can take it a step further with their all-original, unique to Waterstone suites. These bundles include matching components for all your faucets, accessories, and kitchen hardware. Waterstone is currently the only manufacturer that offers this option.

Before You Buy a Waterstone Faucet

There aren’t many drawbacks to put you off. That said, there are a few things to keep in mind before you commit to one.

Waterstone faucets cost more

Since these products are considered a luxury, it makes sense that they won’t be budget friendly. When you consider the quality that you’re investing in, the cost is within reason, but you’ll spend a pretty penny regardless.

Incorrect installation is a no-no

It’s only natural that Waterstone faucets favor other Waterstone hardware. You don’t need your entire kitchen remodeled by the company, but Waterstone warns against installing its faucets with in-line water chillers. Doing so could damage your faucet and void your warranty.

Production takes longer

Remember that each Waterstone faucet is handcrafted. There is a chance that there will be a waiting period before your product is ready. It depends on what you order and whether or not it’s customized.

Quick Tip

Read Waterstone’s lifetime warranty, as there are a few conditions that seal the deal, including terms of purchase and installation. Know what you’re agreeing to, to save frustration later on. You don’t want to void it on a technicality.

The Best Waterstone Faucet Reviews of 2021

Are you ready for our top three? We’ve based our decision on style, functionality, and online availability. These are favorites, and we think you’ll like them too.

1. Waterstone Traditional PLP Pull Down Faucet

Best Waterstone Kitchen Suite

This traditional c-spout has a unique Positive Pull Lockdown feature to keep the spray head in place. It’s counterbalanced for stability and makes use of a handy lever to switch between a stream or spray.

This two-piece suite is excellent as a starter or for smaller kitchens. The spout has a reach of 8.625 inches and can swivel a full 360 degrees. It’s built from reinforced brass and stainless steel.

You can mount the handle in front, to the right or to the left, and an adjustable tension ring prevents sag. It has hot and cold capabilities and is resistant to reverse osmosis.

Why We Love It

Handy Lever

We like that you can choose between a strong, full stream or a light spray. It’s easy to switch between the two thanks to the simple incorporated lever. It gives you some control over both the amount and pressure of water dispensed and makes rinsing a breeze.

Accessories Included

This two-piece suite includes a handy (and beautiful) soap dispenser. You’ll want to wash your hands every chance you get with it. It’s a simple but invaluable addition to the set, and includes a reversible and removable hot or cold indicator ring.

Great for Small Kitchens

Since this is a two-piece set, we think it will do well in smaller spaces. You don’t always have to go big, and this compact suite is just as extravagant as the larger ones.

Keep In Mind

The Nut is Narrow

The only problem we could find with this model is that the nut at the bottom is a bit too narrow. This might not be a problem for everyone, but your sink’s hole may be left exposed. There’s a chance you’ll have to pay extra for a bigger one.

Additional Specs

Range Annapolis Suite
Style C-Spout/Pull Down
Color Choice of 32 finishes
Hot / Cold Yes
Features 360-degree swivel, lever, Positive Pull Lockdown
Accessories Soap dispenser, hot/cold ceramic disc valve cartridge, hot/cold indicator ring
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2. Waterstone Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Most Original Waterstone Faucet

If you’re looking for something a bit more up-to-date than our first pick, have a look at this one. It matches the first in almost all features but has a sleek design that will fit into the modern kitchen.

The articulated spout can reach 18 inches and has a full 360-degree swivel range. It includes a spray diverter and an NPT connection for side spraying, if you opt for it. The single lever is ergonomic and much easier for your hands to use.

It’s built from reinforced solid brass, has hot/cold capacity, and can be mounted in all positions. Additionally, It resists reverse osmosis and includes three button options for the hande.

Why We Love It

It’s Versatile

All Waterstone faucets are innovative, but this one has a feature that some lack: side spraying, which adds to its usability. It’s mountable in all positions, but the 45-degree adjustment if side-mounted prevents splashback.

Great Design

This is an excellent and sophisticated choice if you’re not one to go for the classics. Although we adore the Waterstone design, some of their faucets don’t fit well into modern kitchens. This one will be right at home.

Ergonomic Lever

Often overlooked in other brands or designs, this single handle faucet is comfortable to use and control. Its ergonomic features are better for your hands and make a noticeable difference in how you use it.

Keep In Mind

It’s Not Cheap

Unfortunately, the sophistication of this design comes at a price, literally. It’s one of the most expensive models that we found. Again, it’s well worth it, but it’s not the friendliest when it comes to budget.

Additional Specs

Range Towson
Style Articulated
Color Choice of 32 finishes
Hot/Cold Yes
Features 360-degree swivel, ergonomic
Accessories NPT pipe fitting, hot/cold ceramic valve cartridge, three handle button options

3. Waterstone Hot and Cold Filtration Faucet

Best Filtration Waterstone Faucet

Perhaps function is more important to you than form. If that’s the case, you may be interested in this filtration filter, which is just as stylish as the rest. It’s made of brass or stainless steel and follows the classic c-spout design.

It can filter both hot and cold water instantly and is designed for the Waterstone Ultimate Filtration System. Like the two previous models, it resists reverse osmosis. It reaches 4 inches and can swivel a full 360 degrees.

This model has ergonomic dual levers, so it’s kinder to your hands, your water, and your health. Its simple design will fit into both modern and basic kitchens.

Why We Love It

Water Filtration

Staying true to Waterstone’s roots, this faucet is meant to improve the quality of your water. Although it’s intended for a specific filtration system, we still like it and highly recommended it.

Hot/Cold Capacity

Not all filtration faucets can manage both hot and cold water, but this one can. It’s a great feature, and we like that water temperature won’t affect how this faucet works.


This Waterstone comes at a competitive price. It’s within reason and, compared to other Waterstone products, is one of the best for your budget.

Keep In Mind

Installation is Tricky

Some customers note that the manual is a little bit difficult to decipher and lacks helpful details. To avoid this, ask an expert for help to avoid unnecessary hassle.

Additional Specs

Range Parche
Style C-spout/traditional
Color Choice of 32 finishes
Hot/Cold Yes
Features Ergonomic dual lever handles, 360-degree swivel
Accessories 1/4 turn ceramic disc valve cartridges

Waterstone Faucet Comparison Chart

Product Award Range Style Color Features
Waterstone Traditional Best Kitchen Suite Annapolis Suite C-Spout/Pull Down Choice of 32 finishes Yes 360-degree swivel, lever, Positive Pull Lockdown
Waterstone Single Handle Most Original Towson Articulated Choice of 32 finishes Yes 360-degree swivel, ergonomic
Waterstone Hot & Cold Best Filtration Faucet Parche C-spout/traditional Choice of 32 finishes Yes Ergonomic dual lever handles, 360-degree swivel

Waterstone Faucet FAQs

There are a few more things you should know before you go shopping. We’ve answered the most popular questions so you can understand Waterstone and its products a little better.

Is Waterstone Worth the Money?

Absolutely, if you can afford it!

The difference between Waterstone faucets and a cheaper/knock-off model, is that the Waterstone unit will last. As with anything else, you get what you pay for. Investing more into a Waterstone now could save you money on repairs and replacements in the long run.

Are Waterstone Faucets Big?

This depends on the exact model you purchase, but most Waterstone kitchen faucets are either 12 inches or 18 inches in length. If you’re interested and know what you’re looking for, there’s a full list of specs on the official website (4).

Do They Ship Internationally?

Waterstone currently distributes to North America only. Development in Mexico is in progress, and Waterstone has shown its face at international events (5).

There’s a chance that Waterstone products exist internationally. However, there’s no guarantee that you’re buying from a reputable and official source. If you’re not buying through a recognized retailer, don’t take the risk.

What Do Other Customers Say?

Customers are highly satisfied with the quality, efficiency, and innovation of Waterstone faucets. We were unable to find any outright (or justified) complaints against the brand. Waterstone’s reputation is excellent, and the products are widely recommended in both the industry and community.

Where Can I Buy a Waterstone Faucet?

While some are available online, you may find that there’s a limited selection of products available. We’ve based our Waterstone faucet reviews on what’s easiest concerning distribution.

How Do I Contact Waterstone?

All of Waterstone’s contact information is available on the official website. You can reach out by phone, social media, or their contact form (6). Waterstone will accept feedback, questions, and queries, and you can also find or request technical assistance.

Call its customer services line on 888-304-0660.

Choose Luxury

Waterstone faucets are of the highest quality, handcrafted, and locally produced. You won’t go wrong if you choose one, as they’re made to last a lifetime. They’re stylish, original and innovative in their functionality — the full package.

Worth the extra money, they can add a rare touch of sophistication to your home.

Which of our Waterstone faucet reviews is your favorite? What are you looking for in a Waterstone? We love hearing from you, so let us know your thoughts in a comment or question below!

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