Best Dual Showerheads of 2022

Dual showerheads may just be the ultimate in showering luxury.

Two heads are better than one — or so the adage goes. Possibly not the case if you’re looking to buy a hat, but in the case of showers, it’s true.

The average American, based on an 8-minute shower each day, spends around two days per annum luxuriating in this cleansing routine (1). Hence, it makes sense to ensure that this 48-hour period is as pleasurable as possible.

The best dual showerheads can take your bathroom habits to new levels — elevating enjoyment and maybe even spicing up your love life.

Ready to get wet? Let’s get down to it.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the AquaDance 7' Premium High Pressure 3-Way Rainfall Combo for The Best of Both Worlds - Enjoy Luxurious Rain Showerhead and 6-Setting Hand Held Shower Separately or Together - Chrome Finish - 3328
Best Luxurious
Aquadance Rainfall Chrome Finish
  • Broad range of luxurious settings
  • Water-saving mode
  • Adjustable angle showerheads
Product Image of the Delta 75588RB In2ition 2.5 GPM Dual Hand Held Rain Shower Heads 2-In-1 Combo With Holder and 72 Inch Hose, Venetian Bronze Finish
Best Space-Saving
Delta 75588RB In2ition 2-In-1
  • Space-saver
  • Trickle feature
  • Ideal for massage lovers
Product Image of the Rain Shower Head with Handheld - Sarlai Dual Shower Combo,Stainless Steel 10 Inch Shower Head,5-setting Handheld Sprayer with Plastic Drill-Free Adjustable Slide Bar and Hose, Chrome Finish
Best Rainfall
Sarlai Double Rain Polished Chrome
  • Large spa-type rainfall head
  • Bubble spray setting
  • Stainless steel slide-bar
Product Image of the Ana Bath 5-Inch Anti-Clog High Pressure 3-Way LARGE Dual Shower Head with Handheld Spray - 5-Spray Setting/BRASS CONNECTOR/5 Ft Stainless Steel Hose/All Chrome (SS5450CCP)
Best of Both Worlds
Ana Bath Anti-Clog Chrome Plated
  • Large showerhead size
  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • Anti-clog nozzles
Product Image of the Moen 26008 Magnetix Handheld/Rain Shower Head 2-in-1 Combo Featuring Magnetic Holder Technology - Chrome
Best Magnetic
Moen 26008 Magnetix HandHeld
  • Magnetic showerhead docking
  • Forward facing relocation only
  • Pause button feature
Product Image of the Taiker Shower Head, High Pressure Rainfall Shower Head/Handheld Combo, Luxury Modern Chrome Plated with 60'' Hose Anti-leak with Holder, 4 Shower Hooks
Best for Budget Luxury
Taiker Rainfall High-Pressure
  • Directional spa rainfall head
  • Water-saving construction
  • Includes filters & hooks
Product Image of the Neptune Dual Shower Heads- Chrome
Best Stationary
Neptune Chrome Dual Shower Heads
  • Swiveling stationary heads
  • Large setting selector tab
  • Compact product

What Is a Dual Showerhead?

As the name suggests, instead of just one shower head, there’s two. However, don’t just think it’s the same as having two identical water jets in your shower stall. Usually, these showerheads are distinct from each other.

The first is what you would consider your main head. It remains in one position, you stand under it, and wash as usual.

The second is a little more versatile. Often on a lengthy hose, it can be sometimes be repositioned vertically to target another area of your body, instead of the top of your head. Additionally, it can be removed from its holder and used in a hand-held method for more targeted cleaning (2).

However, some versions, known as stationary dual showerheads, don’t have a hand-held feature. They include two fixed homogenous heads, which you can reangle, but not lower or raise.

Why Choose a Dual Showerhead?

Having one of the best dual shower heads in your home isn’t just about bragging rights. It’s also not about one-upping your neighbors. Although, if your next-door dwellers are as annoying as ours, it can help!

Here’s why dual showerheads are a serious bonus:

  • No cold bits: Unless you already have an immense shower head the size of a football field, you aren’t savoring complete body coverage. One side of your body is toasty; the other, freezing. Dual showerheads cover a larger area.
  • Intense cleaning: One jet can cover your top half, while the other is a roving cleanser, targeting those harder to reach areas. Efficient showering improves health and provides relaxation.
  • Versatility: Often, you can select different settings on each water jet. For example, raindrops on your scalp while having a hard massage on your thighs.
  • Kids: If you’re short on time, you can shower your younger children with one head while you wash with the other.
  • Sexy time: Two heads, two people. Spice up your love-life by taking a shower together and not fighting over who stands under the jet. Be careful, though, it’s slippery, and you could get an embarrassing injury (3).
  • Environmentally friendly: As both heads are powered from a single water source, they’re restricted to 2.5 GPM combined. This is the same as a single showerhead, as required under U.S. Federal Law (4).

How to Choose the Best Dual Showerheads

Before you splash out on a dual showerhead, there are a few factors to consider:

Mounting and Movability

Your requirements determine how versatile you need your heads to be. If you’re happy being drenched solely from above, but just want broader coverage, stationary heads may be sufficient.

However, if you’re planning on showering the kids, pets, or your nether regions, one or two movable heads on hoses may be more suitable.

Hose Length

The longer the hose on the handheld shower head, the greater the area you can cover. It also means you can reach lower points easier. Conversely, you may feel that longer hoses are more unsightly and may promote a hazard in your stall.


If you consider showering a pleasure rather than a chore, why not take it to the next level? Many of the best dual showerheads include a variety of settings. These include massage, rain and mist levels for a comprehensive cleansing experience.

However, if this isn’t your bag, then a more basic version may be more applicable.

Head Size

Generally speaking, the larger the head, the more surface area you will cover. However, with increased size, pressure decreases (5).

This is why, typically, many dual showerheads combine a larger main head with a more mobile, smaller, and higher pressure second head.

The Best Dual Showerheads of 2022

We spent days examining the countless dual showerheads suggested by water experts. Then, we delved into genuine customer feedback. After our in-depth investigations, we’ve made our list of the best dual showerheads currently on the market.

1. Aquadance 3-Way Rainfall Chrome Finish Showerhead

Best Luxurious Dual Showerhead

If you’re looking for the ultimate in pampering, this dual showerhead hits all the right spots — literally.

Its large heads combine with six delivery settings. This means you can choose a relaxing rainfall experience or a more intense massage.

What’s more, it’s versatile with its three-way dial. This allows you to select either of the heads to work independently, or both simultaneously.

Additionally, you don’t need to be a plumber to get this unit working. It fits any standard shower arm — no tools required. Just hand-tighten three connectors, and you’re ready to jump in and get wet.

The Pros

Broad Range of Luxurious Settings

Each head has six different showering options:

  • Pulsating massage.
  • Power mist.
  • Power rain.
  • Rain massage.
  • Rain mist.
  • Water-saving.

Hence, whether you’re looking to kick back and relax or give yourself a thorough massage after sports, we believe this will suit.

Water-Saving Mode

Research shows that the public underestimates the environmental impact of showering. The water-saving mode in this shower lowers the 2.5 GPM output, meaning that you can shower with a cleaner conscience. Plus, using less water may help to cut down on those expensive utility bills.

Adjustable Angle Showerheads

You can only use one showerhead hand-held. However, when it’s mounted, both can be adjusted for their delivery angle. This enables you to have the maximum coverage possible while leaving your hands free.

The Cons

Requires Adequate Household Water Pressure

The 2.5 GPM flow is sufficient for both showerheads to work efficiently simultaneously. However, both showerheads are quite large. So it does require optimal household water pressure for them to function correctly — around 60 PSI (6).

Additional Specs

Showerhead Material Chrome-plated ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
Hose Length 60 inches
Shower Head 1 Size 7 inches
Shower Head 2 Size 4 inches
Number of Settings Six

2. Delta 75588RB In2ition 2-In-1 Showerhead

Best Space-Saving Dual Showerhead

With a novel two-head integrated design, this could be a popular choice for people looking for a space-saver. Or, indeed, those who like minimalistic aesthetics.

Its five different settings concentrate mainly on massage. This may mean it appeals to those who like the sensation of a hard and intense shower.

Furthermore, this unit’s dark finish takes an interesting spin on the typical chrome color of many dual showerheads.

The Pros

Integrated Design for Space and Understatement

The key feature of this product is the integrated showerheads. The smaller 4-inch head “snaps” inside the larger 6.5-inch — giving the appearance of just one. A simple click and it’s removed, providing a handheld jet on a 72-inch hose.

This dual showerhead takes up no more wall or stall room than a regular single head. So if you lack space or dislike clutter, this may appeal.

Trickle Feature

The average shower of 8.2 minutes uses around 17 gallons of water (7). But how much of this time do you actually need fully flowing water?

This dual showerhead has a trickle setting. So, while you’re lathering up, shaving your legs, or applying shampoo or conditioner, you can reduce unnecessary water use.

Ideal for Massage Lovers

This may be one of the best dual showerheads for those who enjoy the pleasure-pain sensation of hydro-muscle pressure. Four of its five levels are rigorous and intense, including fast, slow, full spray and standard massage.

The Cons

Plastic Casing

Both the heads and hoses are constructed from plastic. This may mean that it may not be as hard-wearing as metal versions.

Additionally, some users have indicated that the plastic material means the hose doesn’t flex easily. And, the heads squeak against each other when in use.

Additional Specs

Showerhead Material Plastic with Venetian bronze finish
Hose Length 72 inches
Shower Head 1 Size 6.5 inches
Shower Head 2 Size 4 inches
Number of Settings Five

3. Sarlai Double Rain Polished Chrome Showerhead

Best Rainfall Dual Showerhead

This could be one of the best dual showerheads for people looking for the optimum rainfall experience. A handheld nozzle complements its large fixed showerhead — both finished in highly polished chrome.

The unit allows for five different spray settings. These include bubbles, massage, bubbles and spray, and massage and spray.

The Pros

Large Spa-Type Rainfall Head

Possibly the ultimate in opulence, the enormous 10-inch fixed rainfall head wouldn’t look out of place in a spa or hotel. This delivers extensive coverage, promoting a relaxing dispersion of water all over the body.

Furthermore, the goose-neck fitting means that this head extends a further 9 inches above the main fixture bar. It, therefore, increases the gravitational pressure as the drops hit your body.

Bubble Spray Setting

A novel feature of this dual showerhead is the bubble spray setting. You can select this on the secondary head, which can be used hand-held and hands-free.

The theory is that this selection mixes water with oxygen. The manufacturer states that this can stimulate blood circulation while increasing the lather from your soap.

Lengthy Stainless Steel Slide-Bar

You can use the second head in a hands-free fashion on the included slide bar. Measuring an impressive 25 inches, this bar allows for a wide range of positions. These allow you to target either the upper or lower body as required.

The Cons

Doesn’t Fit Curved Shower Pipes

Installation is simple, as it’s pre-plumbed and requires no drilling. However, check your existing water supply. The manufacturer indicates that this will not fit a curved shower pipe. It requires a half-inch 14 NPT (national pipe tapered thread).

Additional Specs

Showerhead Material Stainless steel (rainfall), chrome-finished ABS (hand-held)
Hose Length 60 inches
Shower Head 1 Size 10 inches
Shower Head 2 Size 5 inches
Number of Settings Five

4. Ana Bath Anti-Clog Chrome Plated Showerhead

Best of Both Worlds

With two equally sized showerheads, this product delivers the same experience from both the main showerhead and the movable one. Furthermore, with anti-clog nozzles, it’s easy to clean, meaning that water delivery isn’t impaired.

This product doesn’t require a plumber to install since it fits all standard shower arms. So, just a few, quick hand-tightening turns, and you’re ready to go.

The Pros

No Compromise on Showerhead Size

On some units, the smaller secondary hand-held showerhead may be considered the poor relation. However, in this product, they’re both the same diameter at 5 inches. Hence, both heads deliver the same experience, including even the five different spray settings.

Also, using both in a hands-free position leads to maximum water coverage. We think this could be useful if you’re sharing the shower with your significant other.

Ergonomically Designed Handles

The manufacturer has created a shower arm that fits snugly into the hand. A hefty center section, which tapers toward the end, enables you to grip the handle securely.

So, though slippery when wet, you have the added assurance that the head won’t slide out of your hand. This reduces the likelihood of damage to the unit.

Anti-Clog Nozzles

Limescale buildup can be an issue. It impairs the function of the showerhead by restricting water flow. Worse still, if not treated, it can damage your equipment.

Thankfully, you can clean the nozzles on this showerhead easily. Pass your finger over the anti-clog surface, with the water running, and the limescale disperses.

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The Cons

Setting Selector Is Cumbersome

Some users have expressed that the setting dials on both showerheads are awkward to use — especially when wet. It seems that it requires significant effort to turn, with only a small tab to push.

Additional Specs

Showerhead Material Chrome-plated ABS
Hose Length 60 inches
Shower Head 1 Size 5 inches
Shower Head 2 Size 5 inches
Number of Settings Five

5. Moen 26008 Magnetix Hand-Held Chrome Showerhead

Best Magnetic Dual Showerhead

The innovative secondary showerhead in this product docks easily into place through magnetism. Showering doesn’t come any simpler than this.

The fixed head has one setting — full flow. On the other hand, the second hands-free unit has six different spray options.

Finished in highly-polished chrome, this dual showerhead may add a touch of elegance to your stall.

The Pros

Magnetic Showerhead Docking

You have soap in your eyes, your hands are slippery, and you’re trying to put your hand-held showerhead back into its holder. It’s not easy.

However, with this product, the process is incredibly straightforward. The magnetic feature allows you to relocate your head without fiddling. Just place it next to the dock, and it snaps back into position.

Forward Facing Relocation Only

As a safety measure, the head can only be placed back into the dock in the forward-facing position. Not sideways, nor back-to-front.

This means that once you’ve removed the soap from your eyes, you’re not going to find your walls, ceiling or entire bathroom covered in water.

Pause Button Feature

In hand-held mode, you can use the pause button to slow the water flow to a trickle. Inventively, this button is on the showerhead itself — there’s no fiddling around with taps.

So, if you want to stop the flow to lather up, or need to stop the output in an emergency, the process is simple.

The Cons

Low Flow Rate

Most of the units reviewed in this article are rated at 2.5 GPM. However, this product is a lower 2.0 GPM. Hence, for some users, we feel this may be insufficient, lacking the volume and pressure of water that they require.

Conversely, this may be an attractive feature if you have concerns about water conservation.

Additional Specs

Showerhead Material Chrome-finished plastic
Hose Length 60 inches
Shower Head 1 Size 6.75 inches
Shower Head 2 Size 3.5 inches
Number of Settings Six

6. Taiker Rainfall High-Pressure Showerhead

Best Dual Showerheads for Budget Luxury

With a large, square rainfall head — and a price that isn’t going to hammer your credit card — this unit provides excellent value.

Three settings on the hand-held head, combined with its ergonomically designed handle, enable enjoyable all-over showering.

Furthermore, with its extensive 72-inch hose, this makes washing small children or pets trouble-free.

The Pros

Directional Spa Rainfall Head

Unusually for a square rainfall head, it’s moveable. Mounted on a swivel ball, you can adjust the water flow direction — whether sideways or up and down.

So, if you have a large family of differing heights, this could be a sensible solution. Even better, in areas of low water pressure, angling the head downwards may improve water pressure.

Water-Saving Construction

In both heads, water-saving is a priority. Hence, this may be a good choice for the environmentally conscious.

The hand-held unit includes its own flow regulator. Should the water pressure be excessive, it lowers flow to reduce water consumption.

Additionally, the rainfall head is intentionally thin — just 2 millimeters thick. The manufacturer indicates that this increases the water pressure, without requiring a high flow rate.

Includes Filters and Hooks

There are some beneficial extras. A built-in water filter helps to prevent clogging, leaking and damage to your showerheads.

Furthermore, the unit comes complete with four shower hooks. These are useful for hanging your toiletries or sponges.

The Cons

Rainfall Head Cannot Be Fully Horizontal

Despite having a swivel ball, you can’t move the rainfall showerhead to a fully horizontal position. Therefore, we suggest that if you’re looking for an exact replication of a spa rainfall experience, this may not meet your expectations.

Additional Specs

Showerhead Material Stainless Steel (rainfall), chrome-finished ABS (hand-held)
Hose Length 72 inches
Shower Head 1 Size 8 inches
Shower Head 2 Size 3.34 inches
Number of Settings Three

7. Neptune Chrome Dual Shower Heads

Best Stationary Dual Showerhead

Do you want the increased coverage of a dual showerhead, but aren’t excited by a hand-held unit? This may appeal.

Two stationary heads deliver three different spray options. Mounted on ball joints, both can move independently of each other.

We like that the rubber spray nozzles enable easy cleaning. Also, a solid brass manifold — the pipe between the heads — means for a hard-wearing product.

The Pros

Swiveling Stationary Heads

Not everyone requires a hand-held unit. This product includes two mounted heads that you can’t remove. You can, however, can adjust their angle as they’re mounted on swivel balls.

This means they can be individually altered to provide the coverage you require. Hence, whether you have an immense shower stall or a small area over your tub, the flow can be concentrated on you — not your walls.

Large Setting Selector Tab

Even with wet hands, switching between modes will be effortless with this product, thanks to the substantial selector tab. This enables even those with the largest of fingers to turn the head-dial — alternating between your different spray settings.

Compact Product

Whether you’re short on space or don’t like the “cluttered” appearance some dual showerheads create — this could be a cool option. Two simple heads and no height adjustment bar means that this unit is genuinely minimalistic.

The Cons

Showerheads Are Plastic

While the manifold is solid brass, the showerheads themselves are chrome-finished plastic. However, since the heads aren’t removable, it’s possibly less vital as they won’t be subject to dropping or frequent handling. Regardless, we’d suggest that if you’re after a solid metal unit — this doesn’t fit the bill.

Additional Specs

Showerhead Material Chrome-coated plastic
Hose Length Not applicable
Shower Head 1 Size 4 inches
Shower Head 2 Size 4 inches
Number of Settings One

Dual Shower Head Comparison Chart

Product Best Showerhead Material Hose Length Shower Head 1 Size Shower Head 2 Size No. of Settings
Aquadance Rainfall Shower Luxurious Chrome-plated ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) 60″ 7″ 4″ 6
Delta 75588RB In2ition Space-Saving Plastic with Venetian bronze finish 72″ 6.5″ 4″ 5
Sarlai Double Rain Rainfall Stainless steel (rainfall), chrome-finished ABS (hand-held) 60″ 10″ 5″ 5
Ana Bath Anti-Clog Shower Best of Both Worlds Chrome-plated ABS 60″ 5″ 5″ 5
Moen Magnetix Hand-Held Magnetic Chrome-finished plastic 60″ 6.75″ 3.5″ 6
Taiker Rainfall High-Pressure Budget Luxury Stainless Steel (rainfall), chrome-finished ABS (hand-held) 72″ 8″ 3.34″ 3
Neptune Chrome Dual Shower Stationary Chrome-coated plastic N/A 4″ 4″ 1

The Final Rinse

Showering means taking some refreshing and relaxing you time. The best dual showerheads are excellent for a seriously deep clean. They provide full-body coverage, and are convenient for kids and pets. What’s more, they can add that elusive spark to your sex-life.

Think about your needs. Do you want the most versatile number of spray settings available, or are you content with just a few? Or, if you’re using it with kids or pets, you may need a longer hose.

Here’s to happy, soapy and fulfilling lathering.

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