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Best Shower Panels of 2022

Upgrade your showering experience with a gorgeous and functional shower panel.

When updating or renovating a bathroom, it is important to choose a shower that is both functional and visually appealing. Shower panels combine various functions into a single unit, providing multiple shower heads, body jets, and sometimes luxury features such as aromatherapy and lighting.

The right shower panel can bring a true spa experience to your bathroom, but it is important to know what you are getting for your money. As features can vary significantly from model to model, you might need some guidance to help you find your ideal shower panel.

In this article, we have reviewed what we consider to be seven of the best shower panels you can buy today. We chose these models based on their various modes and features, water pressure, materials, and ease of installation.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Blue Ocean 52' Aluminum SPA392M Shower Panel Tower with Rainfall Shower Head, 8 Multi-functional Nozzles
Best Overall Shower Panel
Blue Ocean Shower Panel
  • LED temperature display
  • Four water outlets
  • Bathtub spout
Product Image of the ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System,LED Rainfall Waterfall Shower Head 6-Function Faucet Rain Massage System with Body Jets, Brushed Nickel
Best LED Shower Head
Ello & Allo Shower Panel Tower
  • Can use two functions at once
  • 59-inch hose
  • Two body jets
Product Image of the PULSE ShowerSpas 1021-SSB Aloha Shower System with 8' Rain Showerhead, 2 Pulsating Body Spray Jets and Hand Shower, Brushed Stainless Steel with Chrome Fixtures
Easiest To Fit
Pulse ShowerSpas Shower System
  • 59-inch hose
  • Easy-clean nozzles
  • Simultaneous function use
Product Image of the Blue Ocean 52โ€ Stainless Steel SPV878392H Shower Panel with Rainfall Shower Head, 8 Adjustable Nozzles, and Spout
Best Stainless Steel Shower Panel
Blue Ocean 52โ€ Stainless Steel
  • Bold blue glass panel
  • LCD temperature display
  • Eight body jets
Product Image of the ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System,LED Shower Head 6-Function Faucet Rain Massage System with Body Jets, Black
Best for Simultaneous Functions
Ello & Allo Shower Panel
  • LED lighting
  • Four adjustable body jets
  • High-quality stainless steel
Product Image of the PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-BN-1.8GPM Kauai III Shower System with 8' Rain Showerhead, 5-Function Hand Shower, Adjustable Slide Bar and Soap Dish, Brushed Nickel, 1.8 GPM
Best Slimline Panel
Pulse ShowerSpas Kauai III
  • Standard plumbing connections
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 2.5 or 1.8 GPM flow rate
Product Image of the ROVOGO Shower Panel Tower, Rainfall Waterfall Shower Head, 5 Body Jets and 3-Function Handheld Shower, Rain Massage System, Wall-Mount Shower Column, Stainless Steel Brushed
Best Four-in-One Shower
Rovogo Shower Panel Tower
  • Five powerful body jets
  • Two overhead spray options
  • Three-setting handheld shower head

Product Reviews

As shower panels were introduced relatively recently, there are fewer products than conventional showers. Even so, there are enough that it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for. To help, we have reviewed seven of the best shower panels you can buy today, chosen for their features, finishes, water pressure, and ease of installation.

1. Blue Ocean Stainless Steel Shower Panel

Best Overall Shower Panel

This Blue Ocean shower panel is a true bathroom centerpiece, with a blue tempered-glass front panel, and stainless steel dials and fittings. It has four spray options and a digital display for a high level of customization while showering.

The overhead shower has a rainfall flow, and the handheld head is attached to a stainless steel hose. There are eight body massage jets. For even more versatility, there is a tub spout to fill your bath.

This shower panel is quite complicated to install, so it is usually better as part of a renovation project rather than a straight swap with your existing shower. If you do want it in your current bathroom, you should consider hiring a professional plumber.

Photo of the Blue Ocean Stainless Steel Shower Panel

What We Like

LED Temperature

An LED temperature display is built into the front panel of the unit. It is powered by two AA batteries in a compartment at the back, which is easily accessible.

This can be set to display Fahrenheit or Celcius. It provides a precise reading of your current water temperature, so there will be no unpleasant hot or cold surprises when you step into the shower.

Choose Your Spray

The handheld shower head has four spray options, so you can tailor your shower experience. The fixed overhead shower has a rainfall stream. There are also eight body jets that provide an intense, massaging spray.

It is easy to select your chosen mode using a dial on the panel, but you canโ€™t use all four outlets at the same time. On a positive note, this will help you save on your water bills and not compromise your shower’s water pressure.

Tub Spout

If you plan to install a shower panel over your bathtub, this is a great option. Its tub spout means you won’t need to a separate faucet for your bath. This can also be useful in a shower stall to provide water to clean your shower without being sprayed.

Another advantage of the spout is that you can ensure the water is at your chosen temperature before switching to shower mode. This means you can step into the shower with confidence that it won’t be too hot or too cold.

What We Don't Like

Can Be Noisy

Some users complain of squeaking or whirring noises within the shower panel when this unit is in operation. Whether or not this is a major issue seems to largely be a matter of personal preference.

No Directional Spray on Handheld Shower Head

The angle of the handheld shower head is not adjustable when it is mounted on the panel. This means you will need to hold it if you want to aim it in a particular direction.

Product Specs

Fixed Shower Head Yes
Handheld Yes
Additional Sprays 8
Warranty 1 year on limited parts
Flow Rate Approximately 2.5 GPM

2. Ello & Allo Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower

Best LED Shower Head

If you want a panel that will provide a truly relaxing shower, this Ello & Allo unit is a great option. The fixed shower head features battery-powered LED lights that provide a soft blue glow. You can also choose whether you want a waterfall or rainfall flow, which is rare in the fixed part of a panel.

You have two finish options: silver brushed nickel over stainless steel or black. You can choose whichever one will complement the rest of your bathroom decor, or simply your favorite if you are renovating the room.

Photo of the Ello & Allo Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower

What We Like

Use Two Functions at Once

This shower panel’s water outlets are:

  • Rainfall or waterfall from the fixed shower head
  • Spray from the handheld shower head
  • Two horizontal massage jets

This shower system allows you to use any two of these functions simultaneously. If you want a massage from the horizontal jets as the rainfall shower cascades over you, it is possible with this unit.

Durable Materials

Ello & Allo has used durable materials to construct this shower panel. The shower head body is brass, the hand shower is made from coated engineering-grade ABS plastic, and the 59-inch hose is stainless steel. The use of brass and stainless steel provides strong durability and an attractive finish.


This shower panel is protected by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. You will be able to buy, install, and use your shower with confidence that any potential issues in those 24 months will be taken care of.

What We Don't Like

Water Temperature in Celsius

If you live in the United States, be aware that the temperature display only shows Celcius. Some users find this very frustrating, as they are used to Fahrenheit readings.

Unclear Instructions

Unless you are an experienced plumber, you might find it difficult to install this shower panel. The instructions are not comprehensive, so it is worth asking a professional for assistance.

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Product Specs

Fixed Shower Head Yes
Handheld Yes
Additional Sprays 2
Warranty Limited 2 years on parts
Flow Rate Not specified

3. Pulse ShowerSpas Aloha Shower System

Easiest to Fit Shower Panel

Upgrading your shower fittings can be expensive if you need to call in a professional plumber. Thankfully, this shower panel is sold pre-plumbed, and PULSE claims connecting it to your existing standard fittings should be quick and straightforward.

It is made of ABS plastic with a brushed chrome and stainless steel finish. These materials are corrosion-resistant to ensure the shower panel is durable.

Thanks to its long stainless steel hose, you will have plenty of maneuverability around your shower enclosure. PULSE claims this shower panel is both lightweight and strong.

Photo of the Pulse ShowerSpas Aloha Shower System

What We Like

Long Handheld Hose

The handheld shower head has three spray modes and a 59-inch long double-interlocking stainless steel hose. This makes it easy to remove the handset from its mount and maneuver it to wherever you need it.

Easy to Clean

All of this shower panel’s nozzles are made using rub-clean material to discourage dirt and mineral buildups. This means they are far less likely to clog, so you can enjoy showers with the water pressure you expect.

Adjustable Sprays

You can use two of this shower panel’s functions at the same time. You might use the body jets on a constant stream or have them pulse alongside the rain shower. Or, you can target specific areas with the handheld while the body jets provide a consistent massage. The body jets can also be aimed at any part of your body that requires some hydrotherapy.

What We Don't Like

Reduced Pressure

If your home doesn’t have strong water pressure, using more than one function at a time can cause low shower pressure. This applies to most shower panels that allow you to use multiple functions, so it is not a major criticism of this model.

Diverter Handle Not Included

You will need to buy a separate diverter handle for this shower panel as it is not included in the package. This handle is required to turn on the water and adjust the hot and cold settings. PULSE sells a diverter that should match the finish of this tower.

Product Specs

Fixed Shower Head Yes
Handheld Yes
Additional Sprays 4
Warranty Limited lifetime
Flow Rate 2.5 GPM

4. Blue Ocean 52โ€ Stainless Steel Shower Panel

Best Stainless Steel Shower Panel

Stainless steel is an ideal shower panel material as it is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. The Blue Ocean 52โ€ is a great example of this.

This shower panel’s bold blue tempered glass surface will make it grab the attention of anyone who uses your bathroom. However, there is a lot more to this unit than merely its good looks; its handheld shower head has four functions, in addition to its overhead rainfall shower.

Eight body jets will provide a thorough, therapeutic wash, and you can fill your bathtub with its dedicated faucet. There is also an LCD screen that will tell you the precise water temperature, so you won’t need to worry about stepping into a cold or overly hot shower.

Photo of the Blue Ocean 52โ€ Stainless Steel Shower Panel

What We Like


This shower panel has many cleaning options, including an overhead rainfall shower that evokes the feeling of a luxurious spa. It also has a handheld shower head with four different spray settings. Eight body jets provide an in-shower massage or a relaxing mist. Finally, its LCD display shows you exactly how hot or cold your shower is.

Spa-Like Experience

This high-end shower panel introduces a sense of luxury to your bathroom but it is also highly functional. By allowing you to choose whether you want a relaxing mist or a more intense spray, you will be able to tailor your time spent in the shower to create the mood and sensations you want.

Sleek Design

This shower panel is far more budget-friendly than you might expect when seeing it. Its design is slim and sleek, with its glass panel adding a sense of elegance. Despite its many features and stylish design, it should still fit into most bathrooms, helping you make the most of your available floor space.

What We Don't Like

No Simultaneous Function

Unfortunately, despite having so many different functions, you won’t be able to use them simultaneously. This means you won’t be able to stand under the overhead shower while using the handheld to target specific areas, for example. However, many units that claim to do this are unable due to limited water pressure.

Temperature Screen

There appears to be no way to switch from Celcius to Fahrenheit, which might be a problem if you live in the United States. Some users complained that the screen dimmed with time. Some customers also found that the temperature was simply wrong, displaying negative numbers when the water was warm to the touch.

Product Specs

Fixed Shower Head Yes
Handheld Yes
Additional Sprays 9
Warranty One year limited parts
Flow Rate 2.5 GPM

5. Ello & Allo EPS 6-Function Shower Panel

Best Shower Panel for Simultaneous Functions

This six-function Ello & Allo shower panel is one of the most versatile models we have seen, providing everything you could want in a shower. This includes a rainfall shower head, bathtub spout, multi-function handheld shower head, body jets, and more.

You can adjust the flow rate and spray settings using the unit’s controls to tailor your shower to your specific needs. Whether you want a shower to relax, provide a thorough clean, or massage your body, this shower panel has a mode suitable for the task.

Photo of the Ello & Allo EPS 6-Function Shower Panel

What We Like

LED Lighting

This unit’s LED temperature display means you won’t need to touch your water to find out whether it is too hot or cold. The shower panel also has LED lighting on the overhead shower head to provide some extra atmosphere.

Adjustable Jet Nozzles

The four body jets are fully adjustable so you can aim them wherever you like. You can also adjust their spray power for anything from an intense jet to a gentle mist.

Do More at Once

This panel allows you to use two of its functions simultaneously. For example, you can stand under the overhead shower head while receiving a body massage from the jets. Just keep in mind that this will reduce the unit’s water pressure, so you might be unable to do it if your home already has low pressure.

What We Don't Like

LED Installation

Some customers couldnโ€™t get the LED lights to work. You need to turn on the battery pack switch before completing the installation, so keep this in mind!

Plastic Parts and Finish

Although this unit has some stainless steel parts, much of the construction is plastic. This makes it less durable than many of its metallic competitors. It is also somewhat susceptible to rust and mold.

Product Specs

Fixed Shower Head Yes
Handheld Yes
Additional Sprays 4
Warranty 2-year parts warranty
Flow Rate Not specified

6. Pulse ShowerSpas Kauai III Shower System

Best Slimline Shower Panel

Some shower panels can impose on your shower enclosure, reaching as far as seven inches from the wall. Thankfully, this PULSE model is slimline and you shouldn’t need to drill if you are replacing an existing shower head. This makes it a great choice for smaller shower stalls.

It is finished in brushed nickel and has reinforced pipes on its rear, which connect to standard plumbing fittings.

All accessories required to fit the panel are included, as are instructions. It has several color options and you can choose your desired flow rate of either 1.8 or 2.5 GPM.

Photo of the Pulse ShowerSpas Kauai III Shower System

What We Like

No Drilling Necessary

The biggest obstacle when installing many showers is the prospect of drilling into your bathroom wall. You can easily attach this combination shower to your existing plumbing and use the 3M tape for the bottom mount. This will allow you to enjoy overhead and handheld shower heads without a complicated installation.

Simultaneous Functions

In addition to the waterfall stream, there is a handheld shower head with five spray options. You can use these heads separately, or simultaneously if your home’s water pressure allows.

Water-Saving Flow Rate

While you can choose a 2.5 GPM flow rate, the manufacturer also provides the option to have the flow rate restricted to 1.8 GPM, making it great for saving water and reducing your bills.

What We Don't Like

Low Water Pressure

As with many other shower panels, if you try to use both shower heads at the same time, you will likely lose water pressure and they will be less effective. One way to overcome this is by removing the two flow restrictors, but this will significantly increase your water usage.

Product Specs

Fixed Shower Head Yes
Handheld Yes
Additional Sprays 5
Warranty Limited lifetime
Flow Rate 1.8 GPM or 2.5 GPM

7. Rovogo Shower Panel Tower

Best Four-in-One Shower Panel

This shower panel from Rovogo has numerous functions to accompany its stylish looks. If you are looking for a unit with high-end versatility, this is a great option.

Five body jets massage your torso and you can aim them at any part of your body that needs it most. The overhead shower head has both rainfall and waterfall modes that you can use individually or simultaneously.

Photo of the Rovogo Shower Panel Tower

What We Like

Set It and Forget It

The water mixer is separate from the flow control so you can set your ideal temperature and leave it. This means you can adjust the flow without having to worry about changing the temperature the next time you use it.

Directional Jets

The back panel has five water jets that can be adjusted individually. This enables you to direct the water to any stiff muscles that need some hydrotherapy.

Long Shower Hose

The handheld shower head is attached to a 59-inch hose, which provides excellent maneuverability around your shower enclosure. This makes it easy to rinse your entire body with very little effort.

What We Don't Like

Plastic Components

The handheld shower head is made of plastic, as are some of the other components. This doesnโ€™t impact the shower’s functionality but it does make it less durable than a metallic shower head.

Water Pressure Issues

Some users report a noticeable reduction in water pressure if you use all five body jets, the overhead shower head, and the handheld at the same time. This is a common issue with shower panels and is not exclusive to this model.

Product Specs

Fixed Shower Head Yes
Handheld Yes
Additional Sprays 1
Warranty None
Flow Rate 4.94 GPM

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Fixed Handheld Sprays Warranty Flow Rate
Blue Ocean Shower Panel Overall Yes Yes 8 Limited 1 year (parts) 2.5 GPM
Ello & Allo Shower Panel Tower LED Shower Head Yes Yes 2 Limited 2 years (parts) N/A
Pulse ShowerSpas Aloha Shower System Easiest To Fit Yes Yes 4 Limited lifetime 2.5 GPM
Blue Ocean 52” Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Yes Yes 9 1 year (parts) 2.5 GPM
Ello & Allo Stainless Steel Simultaneous Functions Yes Yes 4 2 year (parts) Not specified
Pulse Kauai III Shower System Slimline Panel Yes Yes 5 Limited lifetime 1.8 GPM or 2.5 GPM
Rovogo Shower Panel Tower Four-in-One Shower Yes Yes 1 None 4.94 GPM

What is a Shower Panel?

A shower panel, sometimes called a “shower tower”, is an all-in-one panel with multiple water outlets, usually including more than one shower head and body jets. They are still relatively new to the market but their various functions have quickly made them popular.

Standard models usually have a fixed shower head, a handheld shower head, and a varying number of body jets. High-end models often have other luxury features such as mood lighting and aromatherapy.

Some allow you to utilize more than one function at a time. For example, you might be able to use the handheld shower, the overhead shower, and body jets at the same time, if your home’s water pressure allows it.

Many of these panels can be connected to your shower’s existing water supply without much extra work. Some will be easily mounted to your bathroom wall but others have concealed parts that require more extensive changes to your shower enclosure.

Quick Tip

Whichever shower panel you choose, contact a professional plumber if you have any doubts about installing it yourself.

Shower Panel Features

If you have never owned or looked at a shower panel before, you might be surprised by how many features they can have. While standard panels will usually have a pair of shower heads and a couple of body jets, larger ones can have several jets and luxury features such as chromotherapy and aromatherapy.

Shower Heads and Body Jets

The overhead shower is generally a fixed unit built into, or extending from, the shower panel. It usually provides a rainfall or waterfall-type spray with wide coverage.

The handheld shower head usually offers multiple spray settings, including powerful jets, massage, or gentle mist sprays. It is attached to the main panel via a hose, which can vary in length. Longer hoses are usually more flexible.

With some models, the angle of the handheld shower head can be adjusted while it is mounted, but in others, it is fixed unless you remove it. Panels that allow you to aim the head are more versatile and user-friendly.

The body jets can vary in number and point directly at your torso from the shower panel. High-end models usually have jets that can be adjusted to target various parts of your body.

Body jets are designed to provide a therapeutic massage but their water pressure will be influenced by how many jets there are. If your home has relatively weak water pressure, a shower panel with eight body jets might be unsuitable for your bathroom.


The most popular shower panel materials include stainless steel, brushed nickel, polished chrome, and aluminum. Some high-end models have glass panels on the front.

Shower heads usually have the same finish as the panel. They often have rubber nozzles that reduce mineral and scale deposits and make them easier to clean. Shower hoses are usually made of stainless steel, and are designed so they are flexible but wonโ€™t tangle.

The fittings are usually brass, making them strong and durable (1).

Low Flow

Many modern showers are designed as low-flow units. These showers have flow restrictors and many small nozzles that increase spray power even with low water pressure.

However, if your home’s water pressure is very low, it could impact the performance of your shower panel. It might be unable to provide sufficient water to more than one outlet simultaneously, meaning your shower heads and body jets can’t function properly.

Keep in mind that these shower panels arenโ€™t designed to overcome low water pressure, so you might struggle to use more than one function at a time. However, there are shower heads that can increase your shower’s water pressure.

Ease of Installation

When choosing your shower panel, pay attention to which fittings are included, and whether or not they will connect to your existing shower plumbing.

You might need to buy some extra connections and special tools, but most shower panel units are easy to fit. They usually include detailed instructions, and there are often video tutorials online.

Thermostatic Controls

Some panels feature a thermostatic control to regulate the temperature of your shower water. This ensures the water stays within a few degrees of your selected temperature and prevents scalding or blasts of cold water while showering. Some high-end models have a digital display that shows the water temperature, removing the guesswork before you step into the shower.

Bath Spout

If you intend to place your shower panel above your bathtub, a panel with a bath spout means you won’t need additional faucets. This can help you achieve a sleek minimalist look in your bathroom. A bath spout can even be useful in a shower stall to fill buckets or help you clean the shower.

LED Lights

LED lights are sometimes incorporated into the shower panel or the shower head. This can help you achieve a specific mood in your shower enclosure, whether you want to relax or prefer a bright, uplifting vibe.

Look Out

Models that feature LEDs are usually high-end, meaning they are among the most expensive shower panels.


Shower panels are complex units, so it is particularly important to ensure your chosen product has a strong warranty. Read the warranty closely, as many lifetime guarantees only truly protect your unit’s parts for a few years.

Warranty length is a good way to judge the manufacturer’s confidence in its products. If a manufacturer thinks a product will only last two years, they are unlikely to offer a three-year warranty. Generally, the longer the warranty, the more durable the product.


Are Shower Panel Systems Worth It?

If you’re considering a shower panel system for your bathroom, you might be wondering if they’re worth the investment. Here are some things to remember that may help you decide.

Shower panel systems typically provide a more luxurious showering experience, such as multiple showerheads, body sprays, and hand showers. They also often come with temperature control valves that allow you to easily adjust the water to the perfect temperature.

Another benefit of shower panel systems is that they can help save water. Many models come with low-flow showerheads that use less water than traditional showerheads without sacrificing performance.

So, a shower panel system might be worth considering if you’re looking for a way to upgrade your shower and save money on your water bill.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Shower Panel System

A shower panel system can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to install, depending on the size and complexity of the system.

For a basic system, you can expect to pay around $500 to $1,000. For a more complex system with multiple showerheads and body jets, you can expect to pay $2,000 to $3,000 or more.

What Is the Best Shower Panel System Brand?

Blue Ocean is currently the best shower panel system brand because it offers a quality product with features at an affordable price.

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