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Best LED Shower Heads of 2022

Boost your showering experience with an LED shower head. 

An LED shower head has more benefits than you may think. The appeal of colored water can entice stubborn bathers, like your children, to shower more often, and you can spice up your regular old shower without breaking the bank. Also, chromotherapy devotees can take advantage of a daily dose of soothing lights.

There’s no shame in buying one of these gadgets for purely superficial reasons. An exciting novelty item that doubles as a functional shower head is both kitsch and fun.

Shopping for these illuminating components requires preparation. Our guide to the best LED shower heads will give you the facts for a successful purchase.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the DreamSpa Rainfall LED
Best Temperature-Changing
DreamSpa Rainfall LED
  • Multiple flow settings
  • Ultra-hot temperature alert
  • Simple to install
Product Image of the Rozin Black New LED Light Watefall Rainfall Shower Panel Faucet Wall Mount Bathroom Three Handles Shower Tower with Massage Jets and Hand Sprayer Head
Best Innovative LED Shower Head
Rozin Wall Mount
  • Diverse functions
  • Futuristic
  • Long warranty
Product Image of the Hotel Spa 5-Spray LED Shower Head
Most Therapeutic LED Shower Head
Hotel Spa 5-Spray LED Shower Head
  • Temperature gauge display
  • Flashes to warn of excess heat
  • Water-saving options
Product Image of the KAIREY Led Shower Head 7 Color Light Change Automatically Handheld Showerhead Polished Chrome with 60 Inches Stainless Steel Hose and Adjustable Bracket
Brightest LED Shower Head
  • Resistant to rust & water stains
  • Incandescent lights
  • Decent pressure
Product Image of the PRUGNA LED Shower Head with Hose and Shower Arm Bracket, High-Pressure Filter Handheld Shower for Repair Dry Skin and Hair Loss - 7 Colors Change Cyclically
Best Rainbow LED Shower Head
PRUGNA Ionic Filter
  • Seven color options
  • High pressure
  • Built-in filtration
Product Image of the Led Shower Head - Rainfall 3 Color Changing 12” Fixed Showerheads- Ultra-thin Anti-Clog 304 Stainless Steel Shower Spray Matte Black
Best Rainfall Unit
Hiendure Rainfall LED Shower Head
  • Quick installation
  • Total-body coverage
  • Durable build
Product Image of the PowerSpa Luminex LED
Best High-Pressure Shower Head
PowerSpa Luminex LED
  • 48 specially designed nozzles
  • Air pressure boost technology
  • Entire shower face lights up

Product Reviews

We’ve combed through LED shower heads on your behalf to choose the best of the best. We held each model up to the highest standards and reviewed all key features for your selection, with expert opinion and customer feedback taken into account.

1. DreamSpa Rainfall LED Shower Head

Best Temperature-Changing LED Shower Head

If you’re seeking a temperature-changing LED shower head, this model by DreamSpa is an intriguing pick and should appeal to a wide range of people.

It has five settings for you to indulge in: luxuriate under a relaxing rain shower, soothing mist or a tension-relieving pulsating massage. Water-conservationists can try the water-saving pause or economy rain options. Everything is controlled by way of a built-in dial, which clicks as you alternate between settings.

Temperatures include blue for cold, green for warm and red for hot. There are corresponding ranges (e.g., under 95 degrees Fahrenheit for cold) so you can get an idea of how your shower is running.

A bonus safety feature is that the red lights will flash if the water gets hotter than 109 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a beneficial warning system for bathers that have difficulty sensing excessive heat.

This unit isn’t tricky when it comes to installation. It fits into any standard shower arm and doesn’t require specialized tools for the job. If you’re trying to minimize costs here, this unit will save you the plumber’s fee.


  • Multiple flow settings.
  • Flashing red alert for ultra-hot temperatures.
  • Simple to install.


  • Distinctive bell-shape may not appeal to everyone.

Product Specs

Type and Colors Temperature-changing; blue, green, red, flashing red
Installation Fixed (wall or ceiling-mounted)
Flow Rate 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM)
Settings Hydro-mist, water-saving pause, pulsating massage, power rain, economy rain.
Warranty One-year limited

2. Rozin Wall Mount Multi-Shower Head

Best Innovative LED Shower Head

This wall-mounted LED shower head by Rozin is for people with modern tastes. It comes in 14 finishes, meaning you’re likely to find one that complements your bathroom’s color scheme.

The LED lights are inside the rain shower at the top of the mount. All the holes will glow an ethereal blue when you make use of the function.

There are plenty of other ingenious features to explore. Bathers who cherish smart devices and hi-tech gadgets will most likely fall for this model.

We like how you can see the temperature of the water on a display screen in front of you. Also, aside from the rain shower, there’s a handheld shower attachment built into the mount.

If showers are therapeutic for you, the Rozin wall mount could enhance your experience. It has horizontal massage jets to relieve tension and soreness.

You can only take advantage of one function at a time with this shower head. If that sounds disappointing, factor in your plumbing. You’ll be sure to avoid the inevitable water pressure drop of multiple components using water.


  • Diverse functions.
  • Futuristic.
  • Long warranty.


  • Only one light setting.

Product Specs

Type and Colors Single-setting; blue
Installation Fixed (wall-mounted)
Flow Rate 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM)
Settings Waterfall, rainfall, tub spout, hand shower, body massage jets
Warranty 5-year limited parts

3. Hotel Spa 5-Spray LED Shower Head

Most Therapeutic LED Shower Head

This temperature-changing LED shower head is constructed with your relaxation in mind. With five settings and a three-zone dial, you can adjust it to your comfort.

Of these five, two are water-saving: economy rain and pause. The other three (hydrating mist, power rain, and pulsating massage) sound delightfully restorative.

The water flowing over you will change to one of three colors. Blue signals cold water, green refers to warm water and red warns that the water is hot. If you crank up the temperature to over 122 degrees Fahrenheit, the shower head will begin flashing red.

Those of you living with family members who suffer from sensory troubles may want to consider this LED shower head. Aside from the helpful flashing warning, there’s also a built-in temperature display to tell you exactly how hot or cold your water is.

You have flexibility with this model, literally, as it’s a handheld head that connects to a hose. Fixed shower heads can be limiting for certain settings, like massage.

When it comes to the appearance, this model has a classic look that should harmonize with almost any bathroom. It has a traditional shape and a chrome finish.


  • Temperature gauge display.
  • Flashes to warn of excess heat.
  • Water-saving options.


  • Some users may find the 4.25-inch face too small.

Product Specs

Type and Colors Temperature-changing; blue, green, red, flashing red
Installation Hose
Flow Rate 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM)
Settings Water-saving economy rain, water-saving pause, hydrating mist, power rain, pulsating massage
Warranty Limited lifetime

4. KAIREY Handheld LED Shower Head

Brightest LED Shower Head Lights

This product by KAIREY may appeal to those of you who want your LED lights to stand out. In dim lighting or complete darkness, customers report this shower head glowing like a beacon.

Each of the seven colors appears in a random sequence and are bright and vivid. The KAIREY handheld shower head should suffice to dazzle you as well as any guests.

You get a 60-inch stainless steel shower hose and an adjustable bracket in the box. That’s all you need to install your shower-head instantly. If you’re happy with the shower hose you have, you can buy the shower head separately; it fits with any standard hose.

Another stand-out feature of the KAIREY is durability. The hose, wall bracket, and shower head itself are chrome-plated. Aside from being attractively shiny, chrome is also corrosion-resistant (1).

This shower head has a single setting, which is of high pressure. Multiple buyers have expressed contentment with the steady, stable flow this unit provides.

The setting isn’t the only self-sustaining aspect of this model. It’s built with anti-clogging silicone nozzles to reduce the buildup of deposits. If you know your water is hard, this facet could save you the hassle of a blocked shower head.


  • Resistant to rust and water deposits.
  • Incandescent lights.
  • Decent pressure.


  • Single setting only.

Product Specs

Type and Colors Random, seven colors (not specified)
Installation Hose
Flow Rate Information not available
Settings None
Warranty One-year limited

5. PRUGNA Ionic Filter Shower Head

Best Rainbow LED Shower Head

Buyers who wish for all the colors of the rainbow should be pleased with this unit by PRUGNA. You have a choice of seven colors: red, light blue, dark blue, purple, yellow, and green.

Parents with teenagers going through an anti-showering phase might find that this shower head does the trick. If your children are still young, the changing lights can provide amusement during bathtimes.

The LED lights aren’t the sole reason for calling this product the best rainbow shower head. There’s a built-in water filter in the head itself, so if hard water is doing a number on your hair, skin, and shower, you might like this.

The filtration material (far-infrared stones) can be conveniently removed and cleaned. You’ll be able to see how dirty the stones are getting as the shower head is clear.

At less than 2 gallons per minute (GPM), this PRUGNA shower head produces water at a high pressure without being wasteful. If you do buy this LED shower head, expect effortless installation. It screws into any standard shower head; no tools needed.


  • Seven colors.
  • High pressure.
  • Built-in filtration.


  • Randomized setting only.

Product Specs

Type and Colors Random; red, light blue, dark blue, purple, yellow, and green
Installation Hose
Flow Rate 1.76 to 1.79 gallons per minute (GPM)
Settings Single setting
Warranty One year

6. Hiendure Rainfall 3-Color LED Shower Head

Best Rainfall Unit

Do you have an affinity for rainfall shower heads? You might be won over by this model for several reasons.

We know that, with rainfall shower heads, size matters. With dimensions of 12 inches by 12 inches, this Hiendure rainfall head should meet your expectations. There are also 196 nozzles to provide total-body coverage, and you can mount it from your ceiling or your shower wall.

The LED lights are temperature-changing. They’ll turn from blue to green to red as the water heats up. Once you go past a specific temperature (122 degrees Fahrenheit), this shower head will begin flashing red to alert you.

It’s constructed from 304 stainless steel, which is highly rust-resistant (2) and the shower head has a matte, nickel-brushed finish. Hiendure boasts that this matte finish is fingerprint-resistant and simple to clean. You’re not likely to be touching the shower head much after mounting it, but it’s nice to have.

This product comes with all the installation essentials except for the shower arm. Most of you will find setting it up is simple, as the head can be twisted into the arm without tools.


  • Quick installation.
  • Total-body coverage.
  • Durable build.


  • Shower arm not included.
  • Dark finish may not suit all bathroom decors.

Product Specs

Type and Colors Temperature-changing; blue, green, red, flashing red
Installation Fixed (wall or ceiling-mounted)
Flow Rate 2.2 gallons per minute (GPM)
Settings None
Warranty Lifetime breakage

7. PowerSpa Luminex LED Shower Head

Best High-Pressure LED Shower Head

Low pressure in the shower is a drag, no doubt about it. Since you’re changing out your old shower head, you may be determined to find one to fix the issue. There’s no reason why you can’t have LED lights and good pressure at the same time.

The PowerSpa Luminex might be your solution. It’s designed to maximize pressure in your shower by way of air pressure boost technology and 48 specially designed nozzles. Overall, customers are pleased with the strong flow this unit provides.

This LED shower head changes colors at random. You’ll have seven shades to enjoy watching as you bathe. Unlike other units, you won’t see pinpricks of light: the entire shower face will glow.

Alongside good pressure, this model has four settings to experiment with. You can try power rain, massage, a mix of the two or the water-saving mode. There’s also a three-zone click dial for convenient water flow manipulation.

We like that the simplistic design won’t clash with your existing setup. This unit is finished in glossy chrome, with a plain, atypical shape.


  • Four settings.
  • Powerful pressure.
  • Entire shower face lights up.


  • A few users report lights aren’t very bright.

Product Specs

Type and Colors Random; seven colors (not specified)
Installation Fixed (wall-mounted)
Flow Rate 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM)
Settings Water-saving, rain, rain and massage mix, massage
Warranty One-year limited

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Type and Colors Installation Flow Rate Warranty
DreamSpa Rainfall Temperature-Changing Temperature-changing; 3 colors Fixed (wall or ceiling-mounted) 2.5 gal. p/m (GPM) 1-year limited
Rozin Wall Mount Innovative Single-setting; blue Fixed (wall-mounted) 2.5 gal. p/m (GPM) 5-year limited
Hotel Spa 5-Spray Therapeutic Temperature-changing; 3 colors Hose 2.5 gal. p/m (GPM) Limited lifetime
KAIREY Handheld Brightest Random; 7 colors Hose N/A 1-year limited
PRUGNA Ionic Filter Rainbow LED Random; 6 colors Hose 1.76 – 1.79 gal. p/m (GPM) 1-year
Hiendure Rainfall Rainfall Unit Temperature-changing; 4 colors Fixed (wall or ceiling-mounted) 2.2 gal. p/m (GPM) Lifetime breakage
PowerSpa Luminex High-Pressure Random; 7 colors Fixed (wall-mounted) 2.5 gal. p/m (GPM) 1-year limited

How Do LED Shower Heads Work?

We’re all well-aware that electricity and water are a nasty combination. Electrical currents can travel through water, resulting in electrocution (3).

Standard batteries don’t usually do well when they get wet, either. Batteries work by way of metal electrodes and a conductive solution (4). Metal can corrode when exposed to water, which will eventually lead to a dead battery (5).

In contrast to electricity and batteries, most LED shower lights are powered by an element that’s safe and readily available: water. The principle is the same mechanism that generates energy for hydroelectric power plants, but on a much smaller scale. Water passes through turbines, which spin to produce electrical energy that switches on the light (6).

The risk of getting electrocuted with an LED shower head is reassuringly low. The microturbines don’t produce dangerously high currents because they don’t need to (7).

What Different Light Options Are There?

LED shower heads fall into three categories when it comes to lighting:

Temperature-Changing LEDs

These types of LED shower heads change color per the water temperature. Usually, cooler tones are used to represent colder water and vice versa. For example, the lights will turn red when the water is hot or blue when cold.

They can be practical for individuals with sensory difficulties. The affected person can monitor the color of the light to ensure it’s not too low or too high.

These sorts of devices work by way of a sensor. The sensor monitors the temperature, which in turn regulates which light setting to display (8).

Random LEDs

Random LED shower heads offer more bang for your buck. Colors change at random, in sequence. They don’t gauge temperature, but they’re more versatile.

These variations typically come with more light options. The transitions between colors are also pretty to watch.

Single-Setting LEDs

This type of LED shower head has a single-color setting. They’re optimal for users who want LED lights but aren’t keen on overwhelming choices.

These sorts are simple and predictable. Most models will automatically light up when the water starts to run.

Best LED Shower Head Features

There are a few more decisions to take. Some of them are personal; others require taking a look at your shower first:

Installation type

Where is your current shower head located? Is it fixed to the ceiling or wall, or a handheld shower attachment connected to a hose? Unless you’re willing to do a little work to change the placement, stick with a model that’s compatible with your setup.


Now’s your chance to upgrade your shower. Would you like a spa-like rain shower or a multi-setting model with massage jets?

Colors and settings

The more colors you can get out of your unit, the better. Do you have the option to change settings (for programmable shower heads)?

Flow rate

Water-conserving shower heads typically rate at 2 gallons per minute (GPM) (9). This may restrict how much water you’re getting. If that sounds aggravating to you, choose a model with a high-pressure setting.

Durability and warranty

How long is your LED shower head going to last? Will you need to fiddle around with it every week to change the lights, or does it have a decent lifespan? Examine the warranty, too, if there is one.

Light It Up

LED shower heads can be a thrilling addition to your bathroom. Everyone has to shower regularly, so why not turn a daily chore into something sensational?

Lights can make all the difference for a bored teenager or toddler who hates getting wet. Temperature-changing models can also make showers safer for impaired or elderly bathers.

If you aren’t fond of your shower head, why not try something new. As you’ve seen, the best LED shower heads come in all shapes and sizes.

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