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Best LED Shower Heads of 2023

Boost your showering experience with an LED shower head. 

An LED shower head brings more to your bathroom than just some extra lighting. Chromotherapy can transform your shower enclosure from merely a functional space into somewhere you can truly relax and unwind after a day’s work.

The lighting in your shower enclosure can be customized to create whatever mood you desire and make it a true centerpiece of your bathroom. However, electricity and water can be a dangerous combination, which is why it is essential to buy a high-quality LED shower head.
To help you find the right product for your home, we have reviewed seven of the best LED shower heads available today. We chose these models based on their LED type and settings, as well as the usual features such as flow rate, durability, and installation.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the DreamSpa Rainfall LED
Best Temperature-Changing
DreamSpa Rainfall LED
  • 5 spray settings
  • Excessive temperature alarm
  • Attaches to standard shower arms
Product Image of the Rozin Black New LED Light Watefall Rainfall Shower Panel Faucet Wall Mount Bathroom Three Handles Shower Tower with Massage Jets and Hand Sprayer Head
Best Innovative LED Shower Head
Rozin Wall Mount
  • Overhead & handheld heads
  • Digital display
  • 5-year warranty
Product Image of the Hotel Spa 5-Spray LED Shower Head
Most Therapeutic LED Shower Head
Hotel Spa 5-Spray LED Shower Head
  • Digital temperature display
  • Flashes when temperature is too high
  • 5 spray settings include water-saving
Product Image of the KAIREY Led Shower Head 7 Color Light Change Automatically Filter Filtration Handheld Showerhead Polished Chrome with 60 Inches Stainless Steel Hose and Adjustable Bracket
Brightest LED Shower Head
  • 7 LED colors
  • Incandescent lights
  • Anti-clog nozzles
Product Image of the PRUGNA LED Shower Head with Hose and Shower Arm Bracket, High-Pressure Filter Handheld Shower for Repair Dry Skin and Hair Loss - 7 Colors Change Cyclically
Best Rainbow LED Shower Head
PRUGNA Ionic Filter
  • 7 LED colors
  • High-pressure at 2 GPM
  • Built-in filtration
Product Image of the Led Shower Head - Rainfall 3 Color Changing 12” Fixed Showerheads- Ultra-thin Anti-Clog 304 Stainless Steel Shower Spray Matte Black
Best Rainfall Unit
Hiendure Rainfall LED Shower Head
  • 196 nozzles
  • Total-body coverage
  • 304 stainless steel
Product Image of the Luminex by PowerSpa 7-Color 24-Setting LED Shower Head Combo with Air Jet LED Turbo Pressure-Boost Nozzle Technology. 7 Vibrant LED colors change automatically every few seconds
Best High-Pressure Shower Head
PowerSpa Luminex LED
  • 48 specially designed nozzles
  • Air pressure boost technology
  • Entire shower head face lights up

Product Reviews

LED shower heads and chromotherapy have become increasingly popular in recent years, so you now have plenty of options to choose from. To help you find the right model for your home, we have reviewed seven of the best LED shower heads available today, chosen for their LED type and lighting options.

1. DreamSpa Rainfall LED Shower Head

Best Temperature-Changing LED Shower Head

This temperature-changing LED DreamSpa shower head features five spray settings including a relaxing rain shower, soothing mist, and a tension-relieving pulsating massage. To reduce waste, it also has a water-saving pause and economy rain options. These settings are controlled via a built-in dial, which clicks as you turn it.

Its LED colors include blue for cold, green for warm, and red for hot. These ranges are clearly defined (such as under 95 degrees Fahrenheit for cold) so you will have a clear sense of your water temperature before and during your showers.

An intuitive safety feature is that the red light will flash if the water temperature exceeds 109 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help you avoid being scalded by water that becomes increasingly hot throughout your shower.

This unit is straightforward to install. It will attach easily to any standard shower arm without the need for specialized tools. This will help you avoid a potentially costly plumber’s fee.


  • Multiple flow settings
  • Flashing red light for excessively hot temperatures
  • Straightforward installation


  • The unusual bell-shaped head might not appeal to everyone

Product Specs

Type and Colors Temperature-changing; blue, green, red, flashing red
Installation Fixed (wall or ceiling-mounted)
Flow Rate 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM)
Settings Hydro-mist, water-saving pause, pulsating massage, power rain, economy rain
Warranty One-year limited

2. Rozin Wall Mount Multi-Shower Head

Best Innovative LED Shower Head

This wall-mounted LED shower head from Rozin is very modern, both in appearance and functionality. It is available in 14 finishes, so you should be able to find one that will complement the rest of your bathroom’s design.

The LED lights are integrated at the top of the shower. The holes glow a gentle blue when you use the shower, helping create a relaxing mood.

This unit also has several other hi-tech features. It displays the specific water temperature on a digital display, removing any guesswork. In addition to the overhead rain shower, there is also a handheld shower attachment attached to the unit.

If you enjoy showers for hydrotherapy as well as getting clean, the Rozin wall mount features horizontal massage jets that will help relieve tension and muscle soreness.

Although there are two shower heads, you will only be able to use one at a time. This might be disappointing but it means you will avoid the drops in water pressure that often come with using multiple heads simultaneously.


  • Overhead rain shower and handheld shower head
  • Digital temperature display
  • Four adjustable body jets
  • Five-year warranty


  • Only one LED color
  • Can’t use shower heads simultaneously

Product Specs

Type and Colors Single-setting; blue
Installation Fixed (wall-mounted)
Flow Rate 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM)
Settings Waterfall, rainfall, tub spout, hand shower, body massage jets
Warranty 5-year limited parts

3. Hotel Spa 5-Spray LED Shower Head

Most Therapeutic LED Shower Head

This temperature-changing LED shower head is designed to provide the most relaxing shower experience possible. With five spray settings and a three-zone dial, you can adjust it to customize your time spent in the shower.

Two of these five settings are water-saving: economy rain and pause. The other three (hydrating mist, power rain, and pulsating massage) are designed to care for your skin and muscles.

The shower head’s LEDs will change to one of three colors, depending on the current water temperature. Blue means the water is cold, green means it is warm, and red signals that it is hot. If the temperature exceeds 122 degrees Fahrenheit, the LEDs will flash red to warn you.

This flashing light is very helpful if anyone in your household is colorblind. These LEDs aren’t the only way to see the temperature, as there is also a digital display on the handset itself. This means you can always know how hot the water is without touching it.

This model offers more versatility than most LED shower heads, as it is a handheld unit that is connected via a hose. Fixed shower heads can limit the effectiveness of massage settings but you won’t have that issue here.

In terms of appearance, this model has a sleek look which means it shouldn’t look out of place in almost any bathroom. Its chrome finish is eye-catching and visually appealing.


  • Digital temperature display
  • Flashing red light warns of excessive heat
  • Five spray settings including two water-saving options


  • Some users feel the 4.25-inch face provides insufficient coverage

Product Specs

Type and Colors Temperature-changing; blue, green, red, flashing red
Installation Hose
Flow Rate 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM)
Settings Water-saving economy rain, water-saving pause, hydrating mist, power rain, pulsating massage
Warranty Limited lifetime

4. KAIREY Handheld LED Shower Head

Brightest LED Shower Head Lights

This handheld shower head from KAIREY is a great option if you want your shower to be a true bathroom centerpiece. Its bright LEDs constantly cycle between seven vivid colors that will catch the eye of anyone that uses your shower.

The shower head is attached via an included 60-inch stainless steel shower hose and adjustable bracket. These are all the components you will need to install the unit. If you already have a reliable shower hose, it is possible to buy the shower head separately as it uses a standard connection.

A standout quality of this KAIREY product is its durability. The hose, wall bracket, and shower head itself are all chrome-plated. In addition to its attractive shine, chrome is also highly resistant to corrosion (1).

This shower head has a single high-pressure setting, with a consistent flow that is singled out for praise in multiple user reviews.

The unit’s flow isn’t the only aspect of this model that keeps it operating smoothly. It also features anti-clogging silicone nozzles to discourage scale buildups that obstruct the flow of water. If you know your water supply is hard, these nozzles can significantly reduce your maintenance time.


  • Resistant to rust and hard water deposits
  • Seven LED colors
  • Impressive high-pressure flow


  • Only one spray setting

Product Specs

Type and Colors Random, seven colors (not specified)
Installation Hose
Flow Rate Information not available
Settings None
Warranty One-year limited

5. PRUGNA Ionic Filter Shower Head

Best Rainbow LED Shower Head

This handheld LED shower head from PRUGNA brings all the colors of the rainbow to your shower enclosure. Its LEDs can alternate between seven colors including red, blue, purple, yellow, and green.

There is a lot more to this unit than colorful LEDs. The head also features a built-in water filter, which can prevent the negative impact of hard water on your hair and skin.

The filtration material (far-infrared stones) can be easily removed and cleaned. The filter casing is transparent, so you can see when the stones are getting becoming dirty without opening the unit.

At less than 2 gallons per minute (GPM), this PRUGNA shower head produces sufficient water pressure without being wasteful. This head is very straightforward to install as it will screw into any standard shower head; no tools are required.


  • Seven LED colors
  • High pressure
  • Built-in filter


  • LED color is randomized and cannot be programmed

Product Specs

Type and Colors Random; red, light blue, dark blue, purple, yellow, and green
Installation Hose
Flow Rate 1.76 to 1.79 gallons per minute (GPM)
Settings Single setting
Warranty One year

6. Hiendure Rainfall 3-Color LED Shower Head

Best Rainfall Unit

When it comes to rainfall shower heads, size matters. At 12 inches wide, this Hiendure rainfall head also features 196 nozzles to provide total-body coverage. It can be mounted on a wall or ceiling.

The LED lights are temperature-changing. They shift from blue to green to red as the water temperature rises. If the water exceeds a specific temperature (122 degrees Fahrenheit), the shower head will begin flashing red to alert you.

Its body is 304 stainless steel, which is highly resistant to rust (2) and the shower head has a matte, brushed-nickel finish. Hiendure claims that the matte finish is fingerprint-resistant and easy to clean. As the shower head is mounted, you are unlikely to touch it much after installation anyway.

This product contains everything you need to install it, other than a shower arm. The installation process is straightforward, as the head can be twisted into an arm without requiring tools.


  • Quick installation
  • Total-body coverage
  • Temperature-changing LEDs


  • A shower arm is not included
  • The dark finish won’t suit all bathroom styles

Product Specs

Type and Colors Temperature-changing; blue, green, red, flashing red
Installation Fixed (wall or ceiling-mounted)
Flow Rate 2.2 gallons per minute (GPM)
Settings None
Warranty Lifetime breakage

7. PowerSpa Luminex LED Shower Head

Best High-Pressure LED Shower Head

Low water pressure can render even the best LED shower heads useless. If you are already replacing your old shower head, you have an ideal opportunity to resolve the issue. Many modern showers allow you to enjoy LED lights and high pressure at the same time.

The PowerSpa Luminex is designed to maximize pressure in your shower by utilizing air pressure boost technology and 48 specially designed nozzles. Overall, customer feedback is positive about this unit’s powerful stream.

This LED shower head alternates between seven colors at random. Unlike most other units, you won’t see individual dots of light: the entire shower face will glow.

In addition to improved water pressure, this model has four spray settings to choose from. You can use power rain, massage, a mix of both, or a water-saving mode. There is also a three-zone click dial that allows you to easily adjust the water flow.

The unit’s minimalist design won’t clash with the rest of your bathroom. It has a glossy chrome finish that will keep it looking pristine for longer.


  • Four spray settings
  • Powerful pressure
  • The entire shower face lights up


  • Some users report that the LEDs are not very bright

Product Specs

Type and Colors Random; seven colors (not specified)
Installation Fixed (wall-mounted)
Flow Rate 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM)
Settings Water-saving, rain, rain and massage mix, massage
Warranty One-year limited

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Type and Colors Installation Flow Rate Warranty
DreamSpa Rainfall Temperature-Changing Temperature-changing; 3 colors Fixed (wall or ceiling-mounted) 2.5 gal. p/m (GPM) 1-year limited
Rozin Wall Mount Innovative Single-setting; blue Fixed (wall-mounted) 2.5 gal. p/m (GPM) 5-year limited
Hotel Spa 5-Spray Therapeutic Temperature-changing; 3 colors Hose 2.5 gal. p/m (GPM) Limited lifetime
KAIREY Handheld Brightest Random; 7 colors Hose N/A 1-year limited
PRUGNA Ionic Filter Rainbow LED Random; 6 colors Hose 1.76 – 1.79 gal. p/m (GPM) 1-year
Hiendure Rainfall Rainfall Unit Temperature-changing; 4 colors Fixed (wall or ceiling-mounted) 2.2 gal. p/m (GPM) Lifetime breakage
PowerSpa Luminex High-Pressure Random; 7 colors Fixed (wall-mounted) 2.5 gal. p/m (GPM) 1-year limited

How Do LED Shower Heads Work?

You’re probably well aware that electricity and water are a dangerous combination. Water conducts electricity, potentially electrocuting anyone who comes into contact with it, which is why it is essential that bathroom electronics are fully isolated (3).

In addition to being hazardous, water can damage standard batteries and prevent them from working. Batteries function via metal electrodes and a conductive solution (4). Water can corrode metal, which will ultimately stop the battery from working entirely (5).

To prevent the potential issues caused by a battery or electrical supply, most LED shower heads are powered by a resource that they have plenty of access to: water. They use the same principle as hydroelectric power plants but on a much smaller scale. Water flows through turbines, which spin to generate electrical energy that powers the LEDs (6).

As the shower head’s LEDs are not connected to your home’s electrical supply, the risk of electrocution is almost nonexistent. LEDs require very little electricity to function, so the microturbines don’t need to produce a dangerous amount (7).

What Light Options Are There?

LED shower heads fall into three categories when it comes to lighting:

Temperature-Changing LEDs

Temperature-changing LED shower heads alter their color depending on how warm the water is. Cooler tones usually represent colder water and vice versa. For example, the lights will turn red when the water is hot or blue when it is cold.

These LEDs provide an intuitive way to monitor your shower’s temperature at a glance. As they are constantly updated, you will always have a sense of how hot or cold the water is.

These shower heads feature an internal sensor. The sensor constantly monitors the temperature, which determines the light setting that is displayed (8).

Random LEDs

Random LED shower heads provide greater versatility for your money. The head’s lights change color either at random or in a designated sequence. They won’t react to temperature changes but they will allow you to customize your time spent in the shower.

These models typically feature more color options than temperature-changing LEDs, allowing you to enjoy chromotherapy while showering.

Single-Setting LEDs

This type of LED shower head has a single-color setting. They are a great option for anyone who wants LED lights but doesn’t want to pay for greater versatility.

Most models will automatically light up when water flows through the shower head, making them very user-friendly.

Best LED Shower Head Features

When looking for an LED shower head, there are a few important aspects you will need to consider. These include LED features, such as color and setting options, and more generic shower traits, such as flow rate and installation type.

Installation type

Consider how your current shower head is installed. Is it attached to your bathroom wall or ceiling, or is it a handheld shower head connected via a hose? Most LED shower heads use standard connectors, so it will be easy to replace an existing handheld shower head. If you want the easiest installation possible, choose a shower head with the same installation type as your current unit.


Buying a new shower head provides an exciting opportunity to upgrade your bathroom. Consider whether you would prefer a spa-like rain shower or a multi-setting model with massage jets to achieve your desired showering experience.

Colors and settings

The more color options your shower head has, the more you will be able to tailor your time spent showering. Some shower heads will only offer a single color, some will adapt to the water temperature and others will be fully programmable. Which type you prefer is largely a matter of personal preference.

Flow rate

Water-conserving shower heads typically have a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute (GPM) (9). Depending on your home’s water pressure, this might not be sufficient to provide a powerful shower. If you are worried about a weak flow, choose a shower head with a high-pressure setting.

Durability and warranty

Look closely at the warranty of any products you are interested in. LEDs are expected to last far longer than standard light bulbs, but your shower head’s quality will have a significant impact on the unit’s durability. In general, the warranty length is a reflection of how long the manufacturer thinks a product will last, so the longer the better.


Why Did My LED Shower Head Stop Lighting Up?

When LED shower heads stop lighting up, it’s typically due to mineral buildup, or the lights are simply broken.

The lights inside your LED shower head use a turbine for power. If there is mineral buildup inside the shower head, this turbine won’t be able to produce the energy required to power the lights. When your shower is clogged, you have to clean it.

If the LED lights are broken, there’s nothing you can do except buy a new showerhead. If your shower head is still in its warranty period, you might be able to have it replaced at no cost.

How Do You Clean LED Shower Heads?

Always clean LED shower heads based on the instructions given by each manufacturer. Most LED shower heads can be immersed in a 50/50 vinegar solution that helps remove mineral buildup.

How Do You Get Sediment Out of a LED Shower Head?

Getting sediment out of a LED shower head is similar to removing sediment from just about any type of shower head. If you can’t or don’t want to remove the showerhead to soak it in a cleaning solution, you can make the solution in a bag and hang it around the showerhead.

Put a cup of distilled white vinegar in a bag made for storing food made of heavy-duty material. You may need to add additional so that the showerhead is entirely covered. Check that the bag is big enough to go over the showerhead before you buy it.

Make sure the soaking bag stays attached to the showerhead pipe using a rubber band or masking tape. Because it will be somewhat weighty, you need to ensure that it is well fastened so it does not fall off. Leave it to soak for about four hours.

Take the shower head off and scrub to remove any potential residue. Rinse and put it back in place.

Which LED Shower Head Brand Is the Best?

DreamSpa is currently the best brand of LED shower heads because they offer affordable products with plenty of cool features.

Most of the shower heads in a DreamSpa are of a wide rainfall variety. This indicates that they can cover a huge area, one that is as wide as 12 inches and that they come with a variety of spray settings.

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