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The right faucet makes all the difference when it comes to your newly remodeled space.

Looking to update your space by changing a bathroom or kitchen’s hardware? The right faucet can complete your room’s look. You want something that has exceptional visual appeal, works well, and that’s made to last.

In this article, we share our Pfister faucet reviews and give you some tips on what you can do to shop successfully. Who doesn’t love a bit of online shopping?

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    Why Choose a Pfister Faucet?

    Pfister’s been in the business for over 100 years. With all that experience, there’s been plenty of time to hone in on what makes a good faucet.

    Spearheading innovative technologies and new concepts for kitchen and bathroom faucets, this is a company at the forefront of creating industry standards. Popular models include those that have built-in filters and sprayers. Spot-resistant finishes keep your faucet looking freshly cleaned, even during regular use.

    Whether you’re shopping for a bathroom or a kitchen, Pfister has a look that will work for you. With both vintage styles and modern, on-trend options, you’ll have plenty to choose from.

    Types of Pfister Faucets

    Bathroom Faucets

    Pfister LF040YP0U Ashfield Single Control Vessel Bathroom Faucet in Rustic Bronze, Water-Efficient Model
    Shop This Product

    Bathroom faucets are designed to function in small spaces.

    The most common faucet types for a bathroom are vessel sink faucets, centerset faucets, wide-set faucets, and wall-mount faucets (1).

    • Easy to install: Bathroom sink faucets are usually straightforward to install and suitable for beginners to hook up on their own.
    • Affordable price: Their small scale and basic features allow bathroom faucets to be bought at a reasonable price.
    • Many looks and finishes available: On-trend style options and finishes are available to complete the look you’re going for.
    • Faucet type depends on sink type: Not every faucet works for every sink type. Make sure you’re only considering appropriate options.

    1. Vessel Sink Faucets

    Vessel sink faucets are mounted directly to the countertop, usually with a single hole. They’re tall and elegant, designed to reach above the vessel sink mounted on the counter instead of inset.

    This sink and faucet type can be space-saving while making a statement.

    2. Centerset Faucets

    This style of bathroom faucets is another excellent option for small spaces and tiny sinks. They’re generally designed for a three-hole installation, and the two handles are set equidistant from the spout.

    In terms of sizing, they tend to be 4 inches from handle to handle and can be an affordable and attractive option.

    3. Wide-Set Faucets

    Working with a larger bathroom, especially one with a big prep area like a double sink in a master suite? You may be interested in a wide-set faucet.

    These come with three separate pieces to install and can be custom-fit to your area to create the look you want.

    4. Wall-Mount Faucet

    If you’re looking for something a little more unusual, you may want to consider a wall-mount faucet.

    These are plumbed directly through the wall above your bathroom sink. They can give your bathroom a fashion-forward look that sets it apart from other remodels.

    Kitchen Faucets

    Pfister LG534-LPMS Arkitek Kitchen Faucet with Pull-out Sprayhead, Stainless steel
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    Kitchen faucets come in a variety of different styles. Some feature pull-down spouts with sprayers that make your chores easier. Others may offer filtration or touchless operation to cut down on the transfer of dirt and germs.

    You’ll find a wide variety of finishes and looks when it comes to kitchen faucets. Whether you’re looking for something a little vintage or something modern, the Pfister range likely has something for you.

    Popular kitchen faucet styles include gooseneck faucets, pull-down, and pull-out models. Any of these kitchen faucet types may feature one or two handles. You’ll also find them in the full range of colors and finishes.

    • Multiple installation styles: Kitchen faucets are found in a variety of installation styles to suit your space, needs, and chosen aesthetic.
    • Plenty of features: Popular features include aerators, spray functions, and swiveling spouts.
    • Great looks and finishes: Faucets are designed to finish off your room’s look, especially with different finishes and styles to suit your taste.
    • More expensive: All of those additional features can cost you a little extra. Expect to spend more on kitchen faucets than bathroom faucets.
    • May be complicated to install: The additional installation components can make installing kitchen faucets more challenging, and more appropriate for a professional.

    1. Gooseneck Faucets

    Gooseneck faucets have a high arch to the spout, which gives you additional working room. Most can swivel to accommodate your tasks further. Some gooseneck models also include different stream options and a built-in sprayer in the head of the spout.

    2. Pull-Down Faucets

    These are usually tall and frequently feature the classic gooseneck shape. They have a head that can be pulled down and away from the unit, bringing the water stream to where you need it.

    You’ll often find these faucets can use the standard stream of water or a spray stream, depending on your needs.

    3. Pull-Out Faucets

    Pull-out models also feature a head that can be removed from the spout. They usually sit lower than pull-down options and feature a large head which you may find more comfortable to hold. Rather than pulling down from a taller unit, these are designed to be pulled straight out from the faucet.

    How to Choose the Best Pfister Faucet

    When picking out the right Pfister faucet, consider the following:

    • Faucet type.
    • Style.
    • Finish.
    • Functionality.
    • Water flow.
    • Features.
    • Installation plan.
    • Budget.

    1. Identify Your Faucet Type

    Before you hit the stores, have a clear idea of which room you’re shopping for. Need faucets for both a kitchen and a bathroom? Choose one first and then move on to the next to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

    2. Choose Your Style

    Knowing the kind of faucet you’re after will help you narrow down your options.

    Are you just getting started? Take the time to put together a collection of pictures from bathrooms or kitchens you like. This can help you recognize similar items you might be interested in.

    3. Know What Finish You’re After

    Not every fixture is available in every finish. If there’s a finish you can’t live without, make sure you know what it is at the beginning. Then, make it a point to only look at fixtures that are available in that finish.

    4. Think About Functionality

    Have a small bathroom vanity? Working with a large kitchen sink and wash a lot of vegetables?

    You’ll want to choose a faucet that will work for your specific needs. Even if the faucet looks amazing, if it doesn’t suit your lifestyle, then there’s no point buying it.

    5. Identify Water Flow Needs

    The flow rate (measured in gallons per minute) varies between faucets. Some may bring large amounts of water to you quickly, while others may deliver a more aerated stream.

    Know what you need before you start to shop to narrow down the field and find the right model for you.

    6. What Features Do You Need?

    Do you simply have to have an aerator, spray feature or a built-in filtration system? Prioritize your needs to ensure you end up with a faucet that fulfills all of your requirements.

    7. Have an Installation Plan

    Take Note

    Some faucets can be complicated to install, and it may be worth the additional expense of hiring a plumber. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to make sure installation is easy (2). Always check to see what installation components are included when you make your purchase.

    8. Consider Your Budget

    Faucets are available at all price points. Know just how much you plan to spend on your fixture to make your buying experience run smoothly.

    The Best Pfister Faucets of 2020

    We’ve taken a good look at the Pfister products on the market. Using the advice of professionals and the experience of real consumers, we’ve put together our top three favorite Pfister faucets.

    1. Pfister Arkitek Kitchen Faucet

    Best Modern Pfister Kitchen Faucet

    Pfister LG534-LPMS Arkitek Kitchen Faucet with Pull-out Sprayhead, Stainless steel
    Check Price

    This modern fixture features clean lines and a pull-down head. A switch on the underside of the head allows you to change the flow depending on your needs. An optional deck plate is included so it can easily be installed in single-hole and multi-hole set-ups.

    A forward-pulling lever makes this a great option for kitchen areas that have a close backsplash. This faucet can sit up against the wall without compromising the function of the water and temperature control.

    With ceramic disc valve technology, this unit features a firm seal and won’t leak. The spout swivels a full 360-degrees to allow you total use of your sink’s prep space. With a water flow rate of 1.8 GPM, this unit has plenty of power to tackle your daily kitchen chores.

    Why We Love It

    Its Great Look

    With a modern, minimalist look, this faucet easily fits into a variety of spaces. Whether you’re working with a modern farmhouse or Swedish-inspired angles, this unit will blend seamlessly into your kitchen. It works well in an accessory or bar-sink installation too.

    Perfect for Small Spaces

    Although this is a full-sized faucet, it’s specifically designed to work in tight spaces. It won’t overpower a little sink and creates excellent functionality in small areas. The lever that controls temperature and water flow only pulls forward. The spout can swivel, and the head can be pulled out so water can be used where it’s needed.

    Meets Industry Eco-Friendly Standards

    This faucet meets the California Energy Commission standards, and it’s water efficient.

    It’s also certified lead-free and won’t contaminate your water. You don’t need to worry about the lead levels in the water you’re consuming, or that you might be introducing lead to the environment.

    Sturdy Pull-Out Components

    While some faucets have internal plastic components that are vulnerable to breakage, this one features a solid copper alloy structure. The metal hose used for the pull-out sprayer won’t be damaged easily and is made to withstand regular use.

    Keep In Mind

    You’ll Need Additional Parts

    Supply lines are not included with this faucet, so you’ll need to make sure you have compatible hoses ready to complete the installation. Multiple supply nuts are included, however, which will allow for connection to various sized hoses.

    Additional Specs

    Weight5 pounds
    Dimensions25.6 inches by 12.8 inches by 3 inches
    Mount StyleDeck-mount one- or three-hole installation
    FinishesStainless steel

    2. Pfister Ashfield Bathroom Faucet

    Best Pfister Faucet for Vessel Sinks

    Pfister LF040YP0U Ashfield Single Control Vessel Bathroom Faucet in Rustic Bronze, Water-Efficient Model
    Check Price

    Inspired by vintage faucets, this vessel sink piece can be a good option for a farmhouse-style bathroom. It’s designed for single-hole installation and features a lever at the top, which is responsible for flow and temperature control. The exposed water-fall style faucet is reminiscent of an antique water pump and adds both charm and elegance.

    Featuring the Pforever seal technology, this faucet is equipped with a ceramic disc valve and comes with a never-leak guarantee. Although it’s not outfitted for a pop-up drain, grid drain components are included.

    Available in four different finishes and part of a more extensive collection, you’ll have plenty of options for finishing out your bathroom’s look.

    Why We Love It

    Environmentally Friendly

    Designed to conserve water, this unit won’t waste resources and will save you money. It meets the standards for water conservation put in place by the CEC, WaterSense, and Cal Green.

    Exceptional flow creates an abundance of water without being wasteful — you won’t be compromising style and comfort for your conservation efforts.


    A solid choice for a place of business, this faucet is ADA-compliant. It’s easy to operate with the pump-style lever and can be placed as needed around a vessel sink for accessibility.

    Ready to Install

    Most of what you need to install this faucet is included. Included are a single-post mounting ring, metal supply nuts, valve, cartridge, and a grid-drain assembly.

    It’s easy to install and suitable for DIY beginners.

    Valuable Warranties

    The ceramic disc valve technology comes with a never-leak guarantee. If it performs at sub-standard levels, you can return it for a replacement or refund.

    Once you register your new fixture with Pfister, you also receive a lifetime warranty.

    Keep In Mind

    Better for a Powder Room

    This faucet isn’t compatible with a pop-up drain. It doesn’t have a built-in pull lever, so you’ll be limited to a grid-style drain or an open drain. If you opt to use the open drain, you can use a manual rubber stopper.

    Without the pop-up drain feature, face-washing and other routine bathroom chores may be more difficult. You’ll have better luck keeping this statement piece in a guest bathroom or powder room and choosing something else for master bathrooms.

    Additional Specs

    Weight5.05 pounds
    Dimensions18.3 inches by 7.4 inches by 3 inches
    Mount StyleVessel-mount
    FinishesPolished chrome; rustic bronze; satin nickel; Tuscan bronze

    3. Pfister Cadenza Kitchen Faucet

    Best Side Sprayer Pfister Faucet Set

    Pfister LF0264TWS Cadenza 1-Handle Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray and Soap Dispenser in Stainless Steel, Water-Efficient Model
    Check Price

    Great for wide-set multi-hole installation, this unit features a gooseneck-style center spout. An additional water control lever is mounted in one hole while an extendable sprayer is installed in the other. The spout swivels for exceptional maneuverability and access to the sink’s workspace.

    Featuring quick-click installation technology, this unit is straightforward to set up. Although there are more components to manage during the process, it’s suitable for beginners to hook-up on their own.

    This is a contemporary faucet but with some vintage lines. It can be an attractive choice for a new farmhouse-style kitchen. Compliant with lead-free and water conservation legislation, it’s also safe and environmentally friendly.

    Why We Love It

    Separate Sprayer

    The side sprayer is separate from the spout. This reduces wear and tear on the spout, and you don’t risk gravity getting the best of your pull-down feature.

    It’s easy to switch between the spout and the sprayer, and you can simply replace the single piece if necessary.

    Swiveling Spout

    With its higher arc shape, this unit does a good job of giving you access to your sink’s workspace. When needed, you can push the spout out of your way to use the entire sink. This feature is great for prep work, especially with oversized soup pots or when cleaning larger cooking accessories.

    Interchangeable Components

    Four different pieces are included with this faucet, and the traditional set-up consists of the spout in the center. Most then install the sprayer on the right, the lever for water control on the left, and a soap dispenser to the other side.

    However, the pieces can be arranged in whatever order best suits you — a great feature for those who are left-handed or have specialized needs for their sink.

    Included Soap Dispenser

    The included soap dispenser allows you to reduce clutter on your countertops. You’ll need to drill an additional hole for installation, but it’s straightforward and self-contained, with no connection to the faucet components. Although it’s included with the set, you can choose to skip it.

    Keep In Mind

    Contains Plastic Components

    There are plastic components used in this handheld sprayer. This does leave you with a lightweight wand that won’t damage dishes if it’s dropped. However, you may find it’s easier to damage when used heavily on a regular basis.

    Additional Specs

    Weight7.29 pounds
    Dimensions19.6 inches by 11.5 inches by 3.2 inches
    Mount StyleDeck-mount multi-hole installation
    FinishesStainless steel

    Detailed Comparison

    ProductAwardWeightDimensionsMount StyleRoomFinishes
    Pfister ArkitekModern Kitchen5 lbs25.6″ x 12.8″ x 3″Deck-mount 1- or 3-holeKitchenStainless steel
    Pfister AshfieldVessel Sinks5.05 lbs18.3″ x 7.4″ x 3″Vessel-mountBathroomPolished chrome; rustic bronze; satin nickel; Tuscan bronze
    Pfister CadenzaSide Sprayer7.29 lbs19.6″ x 11.5″ x 3.2″Deck-mount multi-holeKitchenStainless steel
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    Finding the Right Pfister Faucet

    Whether you’re in the market for a bathroom fixture or need something for your kitchen, Pfister has models that’ll work for you.

    Before you start shopping, make sure you’re fully prepared. Know your budget, the exact features you want, and the size you’re going for. That way, shopping will be a breeze.

    What are your must-have features in a faucet? We’d love to hear about your non-negotiables and why you can’t live without them. Leave us a note in the comments section below.

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