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5 Best Shower Stalls and Kits of 2024

Doing a bathroom renovation or new build? Here’s how to select the right shower stall and kit.

Just as it is important to choose the right shower to fulfill your requirements, it is equally important to choose an appropriate enclosure to surround it. The right shower stall will provide a watertight, attractive environment to shower in, and one that makes the most of your available space.

There are countless shower stalls available in numerous shapes and sizes. While this means you have plenty of options to choose from, it can make it overwhelming to find the model you’re looking for.

To help you find the right product for your bathroom, we have reviewed five of the best shower stalls and kits available today. We chose these models based on their designs, size, durability, cost, and ease of installation.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the El Mustee Shower Stall
Most Budget-Friendly
El Mustee Shower Stall
  • Watertight PVC walls
  • Built-in shelves
  • Sold in four sections
Product Image of the Sterling Shower Kit
Best Walk-In Shower Kit
Sterling Shower Kit
  • Four shelves
  • Walk-in design
  • Grab handles
Product Image of the Ove Decors Breeze Kit
Best Shower Kit for Small Bathrooms
Ove Decors Breeze Kit
  • Compact quadrant shape
  • Reversible doors
  • CSA-certified
Product Image of the VIGO VG6061BNCL42W 42.13' -42.13'W -73.38'H Frameless Hinged Neo-angle Shower Enclosure with Clear 0.38' Tempered Glass Stainless Steel Hardware in Brushed Nickel Finish, Reversible Handle and Base
Best for Large Bathrooms
VIGO Corner Frameless Shower
  • Prism tray design
  • Reversible door
  • Magnalock™ technology
Product Image of the DreamLine French Sliding Shower
Most Fashionable Shower Kit Design
DreamLine French Sliding Shower
  • Timeless framed design
  • cUPC-certified
  • Anti-slip tray

The Best Shower Stall Reviews of 2024

You will have a huge amount of options when choosing a pre-made shower stall or kit. To make your search easier, we have reviewed five of the best shower stalls you can buy today, chosen for their design, footprint, materials, and value for money.

El Mustee Free-standing Shower Stall

Most Budget-Friendly Shower Stall

If you are looking for a compact, budget-friendly shower stall that you should be able to install without outside help, this El Mustee model is a great option.

Its wall panels are watertight and feature convenient shelves. Its PVC surface means you won’t have to worry about rust damaging your shower enclosure.

With a square footprint, this shower stall is ideal for the corners of small bathrooms. It is sold in four lightweight sections, making it easy to transport and fit through your doorways.

What We Like

Built to Prevent Leaks

This stall’s wall panels are completely watertight to prevent leaks. As it is made of PVC, it will also withstand rust.


Despite its simplicity and affordability, this stall features shelves, which are always helpful when showering. It also includes a shower valve, safety railing, self-draining soap dish, and shampoo holder.

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Ideal for DIYers

Regardless of your experience level, you should be able to install this shower stall without too much difficulty. The four sections are lightweight, making it easy to transport them and snap them together.

What We Don't Like

Doesn’t Include a Door

This shower stall doesn’t include a door. Whether you intend to use a shower curtain liner or a glass door, you will need some kind of barrier to avoid spraying your bathroom floor.

Product Specs

Type Shower stall — square shape.
Dimensions 32 x 32 x 74.75 inches
Weight 40 pounds
Material Polyvinyl chloride
Unique Feature(s) Soap dish & shampoo container

Our Ratings

3.5 / 5
Material Quality
4 / 5
Installation Ease
4.5 / 5
4 / 5
Total Rating
4 / 5

User Experience

Excellent, this shower was a bit of a puzzle to put together and definitely required two sets of hands. Once up, it looked nice but felt a bit flimsy, needing to be anchored to the wall. Despite its apparent fragility, it's been holding up just fine, functioning as expected, and the adjustable shower head was a great touch. It might not be a Cadillac of showers, but it's fair for its price. Just be aware, the material feels like plastic paper and you'll have a hard time repacking it.

Sterling Shower Kit with Seat and Grab Bars

Best Walk-In Shower Kit

This Sterling shower kit provides ample space, storage, and user accessibility. It is convenient and versatile. It has multiple shelves, grab handles for support, and a seat that enables you to sit while showering.

This stall is sturdy and resistant as it is made from fiberglass. The smooth, glossy finish makes it easy to wipe clean. As an extra sign of the manufacturer’s confidence in this product, it is protected by a 10-year warranty.

What We Like

Included Seat

This shower kit’s standout feature is its seat. It is perfect if you struggle to stand for the duration of a shower, especially when combined with the walk-in design. Alternatively, it is a handy spot for your toiletries or to raise your legs while shaving.

Storage Shelves

Shower enclosures often have limited storage space. This kit features four shelves, which could be enough to assign one shelf for each member of your household.


The seat isn’t the only feature that makes this shower kit more accessible to people with limited mobility. The walk-in design makes it easier to get in and out without raising your feet. It also has three grab handles — one on each side and a third in the center. These should make it far more user-friendly for people with balance issues (1).

What We Don't Like

Doors Aren’t Included

This shower kit doesn’t include doors. You will need to purchase either a shower curtain or glass doors to ensure the water stays in the enclosure.

Product Specs

Type Shower stall — walk-in.
Dimensions 30 x 60 x 74.25 inches
Weight 191 pounds
Material Vikrell material, glossy finish
Unique Feature(s) Four shelves, one bench, three grab handles

Our Ratings

4 / 5
Material Quality
4.5 / 5
Installation Ease
3.5 / 5
5 / 5
Total Rating
4.25 / 5

Personal Perspective

Best investment I've made in a while, this Sterling shower kit is a true embodiment of convenience and versatility. The ample space, multiple shelves, and handy grab handles offer a user-friendly experience while the included seat lets me enjoy a relaxed shower. Its sturdy fiberglass construction and glossy finish not only enhance durability but also make cleaning a breeze. Not to mention, the reassuring 10-year warranty that speaks volumes about the manufacturer's confidence in these shower kits.

Ove Decors Breeze Kit With Walls and Base

Best Shower Kit for Small Bathrooms

This Ove Decors quadrant shower kit was designed with small bathrooms in mind. Suitable for any square corner, it is elegant and stylish. It has two shelves that provide storage at different heights, so you won’t have to bend down to pick up your shower products.

Despite its relatively small size, this shower kit is still very high quality. As a mark of its confidence, the manufacturer even provides a five-and-a-half-year limited warranty.

If your shower area already has wall tiles, you can purchase this shower door without the wall panel.

What We Like

Compact Size

Although compact, this shower kit makes the most of its size. The rounded quadrant shape provides as much space as possible without imposing on the rest of your bathroom. The sliding door also means you will be able to install it in tight areas without worrying about being unable to get in and out.

Reversible Doors

The sliding doors are reversible and can be installed for left or right-handed opening, making this shower kit a very versatile option.

High-Quality Materials

This shower kit is made of high-quality acrylic. The base is reinforced with fiberglass for improved strength and durability. The hardware has a beautiful chrome finish, and the sturdy glass doors are a quarter-inch thick.

The glass panels also have a special smooth finish to reduce water retention and make cleaning much easier. Finally, this product is CSA-certified, meaning it has undergone extensive testing to ensure its safety and quality (2).

Storage Shelves

This shower stall has two storage shelves molded into the wall, which are ideal for storing shampoo, soap, and other shower accessories. They are conveniently located at two different heights, so they should be accessible to every member of your household.

What We Don't Like

Difficult Installation

The rounded shape makes this shower stall difficult to install alone. You should ask someone for help or hire a professional to install it for you. If you decide on professional help, remember to account for the extra cost in your budget.

Product Specs

Type Shower stall — rounded shape
Dimensions 36 x 36 x 72.81 inches
Weight 221 pounds
Material Acrylic wall and base, fiberglass reinforced base, chrome hardware finishing
Unique Feature(s) Reversible doors, two shelves

Our Ratings

4.5 / 5
Material Quality
4.5 / 5
Installation Ease
3 / 5
4.5 / 5
Total Rating
4 / 5

Community Feedback

If you're considering this shower enclosure, be ready to put in some work. Installation is tricky due to unclear instructions and design quirks. My partner and I had to figure out a lot of it on our own, and even had to customize the fit with additional wood supports to prevent the plastic panels from flexing. Once installed, this shower enclosure looks sleek but feels a bit cramped, especially if you're not petite. Also, be aware that the stated measurements apply to the pan sides against the wall, not the overall dimensions or wall panels, which could affect fitting in your space.

VIGO Corner Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure

Best Shower Kit for Large Bathrooms

If you have an average-sized or large bathroom and want a spacious area to shower in, the frameless corner Verona enclosure from VIGO is a great option.

This enclosure kit features a prism base, which makes the most of your floor space to provide as much room as possible to shower comfortably.

The shower doors incorporate MagnaLock strips, ensuring they stay closed and keeping the enclosure watertight while it is in use. The enclosure and its doors have an overall weighty and high-quality feel to them.

What We Like

Extra Space

If your bathroom has plenty of floor space, you should make the most of it with a roomy shower enclosure. This enclosure will allow for freedom of movement. Some customers even say it can accommodate two people if you want to shower with a partner.


Every part of this shower was designed with durability in mind. Its hardware is made of 304 stainless steel with chromium and nickel content to prevent rust and corrosion. The handle itself is made of sturdy brass.

The base is made of acrylic and fiberglass, reinforced with wood. The acrylic is textured to provide extra grip when the surface is wet, preventing slips.

This product has been certified by both the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Intertek, guaranteeing the quality of the glass and the entire enclosure’s robustness (3).

MagnaLock™ Technology

To ensure the door stays closed at all times and prevents leaks, VIGO added its magnetic MagnaLock strips. The hinges also self-close within a 15-degree angle.

Reversible Door

The door allows for both right and left-handed configurations. This will allow you to open it in either direction, depending on your room layout and your dominant hand.

What We Don't Like

Swinging Door

This type of door requires a lot of additional space to open. The extra-large door opening width of 26 ¼ inches means you need to ensure there is sufficient space around the enclosure to open it without restriction.

Product Specs

Type Shower kit enclosure – prism shape
Dimensions 42 ⅛ x 42 ⅛ x 78 ¾ inches
Weight 290 pounds
Material Acrylic fiberglass, clear tempered glass, brushed nickel, stainless steel, brass
Unique Feature(s) Extra space

Our Ratings

4 / 5
Material Quality
4.5 / 5
Installation Ease
3.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
Total Rating
4 / 5

First-Hand Impression

For someone who's quite experienced in installing showers, this unit presented a few setbacks. The construction is solid, but the door hinges and magnetic strip that keeps the door closed are troublesome. Despite efforts to align the magnetic strip, water leakage was an issue. While the aesthetic of this shower is impressive, the functionality, particularly the door alignment and leak prevention, could use some improvement.

DreamLine French Corner Sliding Shower Enclosure

Most Fashionable Shower Kit Design

This DreamLine shower kit contains sliding doors and a matching base. Its satin black frame gives the enclosure a refined, timeless European look. This is a great option if you want to add a classic touch to a modern bathroom, or update an old one.

The patterned base prevents slips as it is has a textured surface. As this kit doesn’t include wall panels, you should be able to install it relatively quickly and easily.

What We Like

Timeless Design

This shower enclosure’s timeless design is evocative of old London phone booths. The matching base should complement most bathroom styles.

As it is a corner enclosure, it should fit into most bathrooms, even if they are relatively small. This enclosure means you don’t have to sacrifice style if you want a compact size.

Quality Material

This shower enclosure kit complies with both American and Canadian quality standards, as it is cUPC-certified.

The sliding doors have a magnetic watertight seal to prevent leaks. The tempered glass improves its shock resistance and provides some privacy.

This enclosure features high-quality anodized aluminum handles with brushed nickel finishes. To improve its resistance to stains and scratches, the manufacturer added a glossy acrylic finish to the base.

Safety Feature

The textured slip-resistant surface of the shower tray is an important addition that makes it safer for everyone. The tray is also relatively low to make it easier to get in and out of the shower.

Easy to Install

Although installing this shower enclosure requires two people, the clear instructions mean the process is simple and straightforward.

The enclosure is also designed to allow for installation with slightly uneven bathroom walls — there is a half-inch allowance on each side.

What We Don't Like

Difficult to Clean

The grid frame means you will need to clean many smaller glass panels instead of simply cleaning one large panel. This can make cleaning the shower enclosure far more time-consuming.

Thin Glass

Some reviewers mention the glass being thinner than expected, and users were disappointed by its apparent fragility. To avoid breaking or cracking the glass, close the doors slowly and clean the unit gently.

Product Specs

Type Enclosed shower kit – square shape
Dimensions 36 x 36 x 74.75 inches
Weight 123 pounds
Material Acrylic, patterned and slip-resistant base, anodized aluminum wall profiles
Unique Feature(s) European design

Our Ratings

4.5 / 5
Material Quality
4 / 5
Installation Ease
4 / 5
4 / 5
Total Rating
4 / 5

User Experience

Got this enclosure and it's honestly a stunner. It's sturdy and the black lines give it a stylish look, although they're just tape and I'm not sure how long they'll last. The doors are awesome, they slide and open in two ways which is a unique feature. One small issue is the screws on the wheels keep coming off, so that's something they should look into. Also, the glass could be a bit thicker, it's pretty delicate and feels like it might break if you're not careful.

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Type Dimensions Weight Material
El Mustee Shower Budget-Friendly Shower stall — square shape. 32 x 32 x 74.75″ 40 lbs Polyvinyl chloride
Sterling Shower Kit Walk-In Shower Kit Shower stall — walk-in. 30 x 60 x 74.25″ 191 lbs Vikrell material, glossy finish
Ove Decors Breeze Kit Small Bathrooms Shower stall — rounded shape 36 x 36 x 72.81″ 221 lbs Acrylic wall and base, fiberglass reinforced base, chrome hardware finishing
VIGO Corner Frameless Shower Enclosure Large Bathrooms Shower kit enclosure – prism shape 42 ⅛ x 42 ⅛ x 78 ¾” 290 lbs Acrylic fiberglass, clear tempered glass, brushed nickel, stainless steel, brass
DreamLine French Corner Sliding Shower Fashionable Design Enclosed shower kit – square shape 36 x 36 x 74.75″ 123 lbs Acrylic, patterned and slip-resistant base, anodized aluminum wall profiles

Types of Shower Stalls and Kits

Shower stalls and kits are usually pre-made shower cubicles, allowing you to install them in your bathroom without requiring extra assembly. A few main types and layouts are available:

One-Piece Shower Stalls

Single-piece shower stalls are actually two pieces — the shower tray and walls. As they are often too large to fit through doorways, they are usually installed when building new homes. They are difficult to transport, but they provide easy installation once they are in your bathroom.

Multiple-Piece Shower Stalls

Multi-piece shower stalls come in separate pieces, usually three or four. They are ideal if you are renovating your bathroom and looking to upgrade your shower enclosure. The individual sections should easily fit through your home’s doorways, and assembly is usually as simple as snapping the panels together.

Take Note

Single and multiple-piece stalls don’t always include doors.

Enclosure Shower Kits

Enclosure shower kits typically include all three components needed for a complete shower — the base, walls, and door. However, some models are designed to fit bathrooms where the walls or floor are already tiled. If this applies to you, you might only need the kit’s doors, without a base or panels.

Take Note

Whichever type you choose, you will usually need to purchase a shower head separately.

Shower Kits Designs

Stalls and kits are available in numerous shapes and sizes to suit every preference and bathroom size. Some models are very basic, while others may include a seat, shelves, and sliding doors. You will see products with square, rectangular, round, or prism footprints.

Walk-in stalls are generally designed for people with limited mobility, as you don’t need to step up to enter them. Other than this, selecting a shape is determined by your available space, extra requirements, and personal preference.

Benefits of a Shower Stall or Kit

Choosing tiles, a shower, and the other components needed to create a custom shower enclosure means unmatched freedom. However, this will usually be more expensive than buying a pre-made shower stall. There are several reasons that pre-made showers have become popular, including:

Easy Installation

Perhaps the main advantage of shower kits is how easy they are to install. This applies whether you are doing it yourself or leaving it in the hands of a professional.

DIY Installation

If you aren’t having the stall delivered, it will be easy to transport the various pieces from the store to your home as they are lightweight. Installation usually only requires a drill, a screwdriver, and some caulking.

Take Note

Square and rectangular models are usually easier to install than rounded designs.

Hiring a Professional

If you are inexperienced or aren’t confident in your DIY abilities, hire a professional. A qualified handyman should have your new shower stall ready to use very quickly, so you won’t waste time struggling with it yourself.

Installation Steps and Guidelines

Pre-made shower stalls and kits are usually easy to install, but it is still important that the work is done properly. Every stall is different, so you should always consult the user manual, but there are some basic steps that most installations will follow.

  1. Check the manual: Most shower stalls will include a set of installation instructions. Read them thoroughly before proceeding.
  2. Ensure the kit is complete: Compare the list of parts to what you have in your boxes. You don’t want to disassemble the entire shower if you later discover that a small piece is missing.
  3. Decide on the location: Think about your current drain location and how you will connect it to your shower stall. Are you positioning the shower against a flat wall or in a corner?
  4. Slide the base: Ensure the base is level to encourage water to flow down the drain instead of leaving pools. The hole in the bottom should be above your shower drain pipe.
  5. Tape the drain hole: Cover the drain hole with tape to prevent dropping any screws or tools down it.
  6. Attach the walls: Screw the panels together.
  7. Finish with the door: You might need a partner so one of you can hold the door while the other fixes it in place.
  8. Silicone shower caulk: If the installation includes applying silicone to prevent leaks, leave it to dry for 24 hours before using the shower.

Take Note

Silicone caulk usually isn’t included and must be purchased separately.

Quick to Clean

As shower stalls and kits rarely include tiles and usually have smooth surfaces, they are easy to clean. This means you won’t need harsh chemical cleaners to brighten grout, for example. To clean fiberglass or acrylic, a combination of white vinegar and water or dishwasher soap will usually be enough.

Available for All Budgets

While custom shower enclosures can be very expensive, pre-made shower stalls and kits are available for all budgets. If you have a limited budget for a basic model or are looking for a high-end stall with extra features, you should be able to find what you want.

Compact Size

Shower stalls and kits are ideal to make the most of your available space. Even the largest models are designed not to waste floorspace.

For small bathrooms, sliding or bypass doors are the best options. If you choose swinging doors, ensure that there is enough room to open them fully without hitting any adjacent walls or objects.


High-quality shower stalls are less prone to cracks and leaks than custom tiled showers. They are typically made of either acrylic or fiberglass, with some models combining both materials.

Fiberglass Material

Fiberglass is lighter and less expensive than acrylic material. It is porous and usually has a coated surface. When the protective surface wears off, mold and scratches can affect the stall.

Despite being less durable than acrylic, a shower stall made of fiberglass should still last 10 to 15 years.

Acrylic Material

Acrylic material appears almost identical to fiberglass. It is non-porous, making it more resistant to mold, fading, and scratches (4). On the other hand, it is heavier than fiberglass and is usually more expensive.

Hardware and Frames

The hardware — such as doorknobs and hinges — is best when made of durable stainless steel. Some of these fittings have a nickel or chrome finish, adding to your shower stall’s visual appeal.

Whichever material you choose, we recommend choosing a well-established brand with respected certifications, such as cUPC (5). These high-quality products are usually protected by appropriate lengthy warranties.


What Is the Cheapest Shower to Install?

The cheapest shower to install is currently the fiberglass prefab shower stall with a built-in shower pan. Shower stall kits of fiberglass can be purchased for between $400 and $700. It is also possible to cut expenses by installing a shower curtain rather than a glass shower door.

What Is the Easiest Shower Stall to Clean?

The easiest shower stall to clean is made of smooth, non-porous materials. A glass shower enclosure or a fiberglass shower pan are good choices because they can be easily wiped down and don’t require any special cleaners.

If your shower stall has tile, ensure the grout is sealed so dirt and mold don’t have a chance to build up.

What size Is a 2-Person Shower?

A 2-person shower is typically 42 x 66 inches, but the size can vary depending on the manufacturer. This size shower can comfortably fit two people and has enough room for two people to move around without feeling cramped.

Which Is a Better Shower Stall: Acrylic or Fiberglass?

Acrylic shower stalls are typically more affordable than their fiberglass counterparts. They’re also lighter in weight and easier to install, which makes them a good choice for do-it-yourselfers.

However, acrylic is susceptible to scratches and staining, so it might not be the best option if you’re looking for a long-term investment.

Fiberglass shower stalls are more durable than acrylic and less likely to scratch or stain. They’re also available in a wider range of colors and styles. However, fiberglass can be more difficult to install and is usually more expensive than acrylic.

Acrylic is a synthetic material that is durable and easy to clean. It can be formed into shapes and sizes, making it a versatile option for shower stalls.

Fiberglass is also a synthetic material, but it is not as durable as acrylic. It is also more difficult to clean than acrylic and can be damaged by harsh cleaning products.

Which Shower Stall Shape Is Best for a Corner Installation?

Some of the best shower stall shapes for a corner installation include square, rectangular, and neo-angle stalls. Square stalls are a great choice for small spaces, while rectangular stalls can provide a more spacious feel.

Neo-angle stalls are a popular option for those who want more privacy or have an unusual-shaped space.

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