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Best Shower Brushes of 2022

The right shower brush can transform your bathing experience.

Is your current shower brush ready to retire? Perhaps you’ve been washing by hand or with a scrunchie, and want to change things up?

We’re here to guide you through buying the best shower brush for your needs. Buying one of these items sounds deceptively simple, but requires some thought.

Some features can make — or break — your purchase. Since you won’t get to try it out before you buy it, you want to have the best chance of compatibility with your new bathing companion.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the LunaBody Bamboo Body Brush for Back Scrub - Natural Boar Bristle Shower Brush Scrubber with Long Handle - Exfoliate Skin and Cellulite - Wet or Dry
Best Multipurpose Shower Brush
LunaBody Bamboo Body Brush Brush Set
  • Affordable and durable
  • Bamboo quality
  • Dry and wet
Product Image of the Long Handle Bath Brush for Shower - 20 inch - Back Brush, Shower Brush Back Scrubber for Body, Detachable Natural Stiff Bristle Back Scrubber. Great Gifts for Men & Husbands or Elderly
Best for Full Body Coverage
Rengöra Shower Brush
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Convertible from handheld to long-handled
  • Strap for hanging
Product Image of the Exfoliating Brush to Treat and Prevent Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hairs - Eliminate Shaving Irritation for Face, Armpit, Legs, Neck, Bikini Line - Silky Smooth Skin Solution for Men and Women by Dylonic
Best for Irritable Skin
Dylonic Exfoliating Shower Brush
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Tough plastic build
  • Animal-friendly
Product Image of the Beurer FC55 Body Scrubber, Electric Body Brush for Exfoliating and Massage, Waterproof Cleansing Brush for Showering, Cordless and Rechargeable, Spinning Skin Brush with 2 Attachments
Best Electronic Shower Brush
Beurer FC55 Rechargeable Brush
  • Two detachable brush heads
  • Slow and fast speeds available
  • Light indicator
Product Image of the Vive Shower Brush - Dry Skin Body Exfoliator - Shower and Bath Scrubber for Wash Brushing, Exfoliating, Cellulite, Foot Scrub, Leg Exfoliant - Soft and Stiff Massage Bristles - Wooden Long Handle
Best for Extended Reach
Vive Shower Brush
  • Two brush heads
  • Long reach
  • Unlikely to slip out
Product Image of the CSM Dry Body Brush For Beautiful Skin - Solid Wood Frame & Boar Hair Exfoliating Brush To Exfoliate & Soften Skin, Improve Circulation, Stop Ingrown Hairs, Reduce Acne and Cellulite
Most Portable Shower Brush
C.S.M Body Shower Brush
  • Space-saving for voyagers
  • Wet or dry brush
  • Massage nodules
Product Image of the Upgraded Bath Body Brush with Comfy Bristles Long Handle Gentle Exfoliation Improve Skin's Health and Beauty Bath Shower Wet or Dry Brushing Body Brush (14 inch, White)
Most Colorful Options
Greenrain Bath & Shower Brush
  • Curved handle for easier reach
  • Five colors available
  • Ergonomically-shaped brush head

Product Reviews

We’ve combed diligently through countless shower brushes to spare you wasting your time on less-than-stellar products. These are our best shower brushes in order of rating and preference.

1. LunaBody Natural Bamboo Body Brush

Best Multipurpose Shower Brush

This package should appeal to users seeking a model that can do more than lather you up. This handheld shower brush is made with 100% natural bristles and can be used on your skin dry or wet.

Customers report a balance of stiffness and softness from both products. So if you have healthy or medium-sensitive skin, you should fare well with these brushes.

The rounded body brush has a built-in strap to slide your hand through. The strap can encompass users with larger hands. You’ll likely be able to keep a firm grip on it even when the brush is soapy with your favorite body wash.

Moreover, the handles of the brush are made from bamboo. This wood is less porous than standard hardwoods, making it more moisture-resistant (1). This means your shower brush will last you a while if cared for correctly.


  • Affordable and durable.
  • Bamboo wood quality.
  • Dry and wet capabilities.


  • The handle is not ergonomic as it gets slippery when wet.

Product Specs

Type Handheld
Materials Bamboo wood, boar bristles
Wet and Dry? Yes
Accessories Can be used as back scrubber
Mount Hanging cord

2. Rengöra Shower Brush

Best for Full Body Coverage

This combination shower brush by Rengöra will attract bathers who want total-body coverage.

You can detach the handheld brush from the handle to concentrate on areas in need of serious attention. When you want to move to your back or another place you can’t quite reach, slide it back onto the handle.

As a handheld model, the brush is convenient to use. It includes a strap to prevent it from slipping when soapy. It also has a non-slip grip towards the bottom of the handle.

If you have a physical disability, picking up a dropped item can be challenging. That makes this model a good option to counter this. Regardless of health, continually losing your grip on the shower brush can become aggravating fast.

If you have a shower stall, this brush can be hung up by way of a rope strap on the handle. The wood is bamboo, which, as we discussed in our top review, is more moisture-resistant than other woods.


  • Anti-slip grip.
  • Simple to switch from handheld to long-handled.
  • Strap for hanging.


  • Brush head slides into the handle occassionally.

Product Specs

Type Combination
Materials Bamboo wood, strap (unspecified cloth), natural boar bristles
Wet and Dry? Yes
Accessories None
Mount Hanging cord

3. Dylonic Exfoliating Shower Brush

Best Shower Brush for Irritable Skin

Buyers who want a shower brush to do more than just cut through the dirt may want this model by Dylonic. It’s advertised to soothe skin that’s vulnerable to razor burn, known as Pseudofolliculitis, which can affect the body or beard area (2).

Brushing your skin before shaving may help lower the risk of the unsightly rash appearing afterward (3).

The Dylonic shower brush is fully plastic. Rather than an elastic strap, the handgrip is a plastic knob you slide between your fingers. Since it’s devoid of hair bristles or wood, you don’t have to be concerned about shedding or moisture-related rot.

On that note, the Dylonic is low maintenance when it comes to cleaning. You can wash and sterilize it without worrying about damaging it as with other materials. The brush can even be taken apart into three pieces for meticulous sanitizing.


  • Effortless cleaning.
  • Tough plastic build.
  • Animal-friendly (no hair bristles).


  • Some buyers report the plastic bristles are too hard.

Product Specs

Type Handheld
Materials Plastic (non-specified)
Wet and Dry? Yes
Accessories None
Mount None

4. Beurer FC55 Rechargeable Cleansing Shower Brush

Best Electronic Shower Brush

We’ve awarded the FC55 by Beurer the title of the best electronic shower brush. For one, you get two different brush heads with purchase. One is rated for any skin type, whereas the other brush is for exfoliation.

When fully charged, you can use the shower brush for 60 minutes. That should suffice for even the most indulgent showers.

You won’t need to guess at what the charge on each brush is. A light will flash to alert you that it’s time for a charge. Both brushes are programmable to one of two speeds, slow or fast.

We like that the battery is inside the detachable brush heads. You can place each head to charge near an outlet without dealing with the long handle. The clumsier among you will know how easy it is to knock a protruding device off a counter or table — we certainly do!


  • Two detachable brush heads.
  • Slow and fast speeds available.
  • Holds a charge for a long time.


  • Brushes can’t be used without the long handle.

Product Specs

Type Electronic
Materials Plastic (non-specified)
Wet and Dry? No — wet only
Accessories Exfoliating brush head
Mount Hook hole

5. Vive Shower Brush

Best Shower Brush for Extended Reach

The Vive Shower Brush is for bathers who are tired of feeling like they’re missing places. This long-handled model is 17 inches long to reach all the places you can’t get to but hate leaving unscrubbed. The additional length may also work for users who can’t bend or move to reach certain areas due to illness or injury.

There’s a low risk of the handle eluding your grasp when soapy and slippery. The brush features two large, textured rubber patches towards the handle base. Also, the anti-slip grips are accessible, whether you’re holding it single-handed or with both hands.

Rather than come with a second brush head, the model incorporates two brush heads in one. There’s a stiff boar-bristle brush for serious body cleaning and a soft nylon head for your face. If the boar bristles feel too harsh, you may find the nylon side is preferable for your body.


  • Two brush heads on one handle.
  • Long reach.
  • Unlikely to slip out of your hands.


  • Several bathers found the brush deteriorates with time.

Product Specs

Type Long-handled
Materials Lotus wood, boar bristles
Wet and Dry? Yes
Accessories None
Mount Hanging cord

6. C.S.M Body Shower Brush

Most Portable Shower Brush

This petite circular brush by C.S.M might be a pragmatic pick for people on the go. If you travel often, you know that luggage space is precious. A large shower brush is space-consuming, and long handles can snap if packed hastily. This palm-sized unit can tuck into an overnight bag without getting in the way.

The design includes bristles interspersed with rounded massage nodules. You’ll get the benefit of scrubbing your skin and stimulating it with the nodules at the same time. The canvas strap attached to the brush should keep it securely in your hand while you wash.

The C.S.M body brush has another advantage for trip-taking users. It works as both a dry and a wet brush. If you have a favorite dry brush you can’t travel with, this model could be a temporary substitute while you’re far from home.


  • Space-saving for voyagers.
  • Can be used as a shower brush or a dry brush.
  • Massage nodules for more stimulation.


  • Canvas strap may be too large for small-handed users.

Product Specs

Type Handheld
Materials Wood (unspecified), canvas strap, natural bristles (unspecified), nodules (unspecified plastic)
Wet and Dry? Yes
Accessories None
Mount None

7. Greenrain Bath and Shower Brush

Most Colorful Options

If you tend to favor vivid, brightly-toned products, plain shower brushes may come off as boring to you.

The simple Greenrain model is sold in five different shades. It’s perfect for bathers who want to add a splash of color to their showers. Besides white, you can pick from green, blue, coral, or yellow.

Understandably, appearance isn’t everything — the shower brush has to be functional, too. Instead of anti-slip grips, the entire long handle is frosted. So you’ll be able to switch hands and hold the brush at any part without fearing it will slip from you.

The handle also has a slight curve, which helps if you’re working on your back. Straight-handled models may require more contorting than you’re comfortable with to reach behind you. There’s also a drop-shaped hook hanger to hang up your brush when you’re done.


  • Curved handle for easier reach.
  • Five colors available.
  • Ergonomically-shaped brush head.


  • Brush head is small.

Product Specs

Type Long-handled
Materials Plastic handle, nylon bristles
Wet and Dry? Yes
Accessories None
Mount Hook hole

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Type Materials Mount
LunaBody Bamboo Brush Multipurpose Handheld Bamboo wood, boar bristles Yes Hanging cord
Rengöra Shower Brush Full Body Coverage Combination Bamboo wood, strap, natural bristles Yes Hanging cord
Dylonic Exfoliating Brush Irritable Skin Handheld Plastic Yes None
Beurer FC55 Shower Brush Electronic Electronic Plastic Wet only Hook hole
Vive Shower Brush Extended Reach Long-handled Lotus wood, boar bristles Yes Hanging cord
C.S.M Body Shower Brush Portable Handheld Wood, canvas strap, natural bristles, nodules Yes None
Greenrain Bath & Shower Brush Colorful Options Long-handled Plastic handle, nylon bristles Yes Hook hole

Types of Shower Brushes

Shower brushes come in lots of colors and materials. Despite that, almost all models fit into one of four categories in terms of how they’re built.


As the name suggests, these brushes are attached to long handles. The design allows bathers to reach awkward areas such as the middle and upper back. They’re an excellent bathing aid for elderly people with limited mobility.

Depending on the handle length, you may not have to move much to get everything clean. You can scrub yourself from head to foot without performing any gymnastics.


  • Practical for elderly or disabled bathers.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Reach all areas.


  • Awkward for certain areas, such as the face.


Handheld brushes are compact and portable. Many have straps or grips to enable a tight grip, even if it’s slippery or wet.

These models are good for users who want to target specific areas within reach of your hands. For instance, if you want to exfoliate your face or your legs.


  • Easy to store.
  • Simple to manipulate.
  • Suits targeted exfoliation.


  • Can only scrub what you can reach.


These variations offer you the best of both worlds. Combination brushes allow you to detach the brush from the handle it comes with. You can alternate between handheld scrubbing and long-handled reach.

For instance, you can exfoliate your back in long-handle mode. Then, you may detach the brush to single out specific areas, such as your hands and feet.


  • Versatile uses.
  • Two types of shower brush in one.
  • Storage-friendly.


  • Useless if handle mechanism breaks.


Electric models are for users who want to add a touch of the spa to their showers. These models vibrate, rotate, or both, for concentrated scrubbing. The vibrations can help alleviate weary, sore muscles after long days or following intense exercise.

Plus, these units are like electric toothbrushes for your body. All you do is move the brush around; there’s little effort required. Certain brands can even dispense your preferred soap while they scrub.


  • Relaxing and stimulating.
  • Does the hard work for you.
  • Some have different settings to experiment with.


  • Pricier than other types.

Choosing the Materials

By now, you know what type of shower brush you want. As you’ll find out, they can come in a range of materials. Here’s what you need to assess when you look at the bristles and handle:

  • Durability: Plastics may not be your preferred material if you’re eco-conservative, but they’re notoriously hard-wearing. They’re also corrosion-resistant and usually easy to clean. Wood is aesthetically pleasing but prone to fungus-growing if it gets too moist.
  • Vegan or not: As some of you may be aware, brushes typically contain animal bristles. So if you avoid animal products wherever possible, buy a brush with artificial bristles, such as nylon.
  • Storage: Does your brush come with a hook or strap you can hang it from? You don’t want to leave it on the floor of your shower.
  • Accessories: Some brushes will come with a free extra or two, like a shower mitt. Why not get the most of your purchase?
  • Dry brush: Can your brand of choice be used only in the water, or as a dry brush too? If you’re aiming for comprehensive skincare, this might matter to you.

Exfoliate and Cleanse

There are a limited number of ways we can alter our shower experience without messing with the fixtures. A shower brush is an affordable way to upgrade your routine washes.

You’d be surprised how one of these bathing aids can make a difference in your routine. For example, for disabled bathers, a long-handled brush can eliminate the need to ask for help.

They aren’t only for washing, either. You may find your best shower brush encourages you to invest in caring for your skin. It may sound silly, but you should put thought into the model you buy.

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