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Best Welding Helmets of 2023

Save your eyesight and wear a welding helmet.

Whether you are working on machinery, cars, or doing repairs in the workshop, you will need to do some welding sooner or later. And for that, you want the best protection you can get. Say hello to welding helmets.

The best welding helmets protect you from bright light, UV and infrared light, as well as molten sparks, making the job easier to complete.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Lincoln Electric K3034-4 VIKING 3350 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with 4C Lens Technology, Black
Best for Sensitive Eyes
Lincoln Electric K3034-4 Viking
  • Highest grade optical rating
  • Perfect weight balance
  • Solar powered
Product Image of the TOOLIOM True Color Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Welding Mask Shade Range 9-13 Solar Powered Weld Hood with Grinding Feature for TIG MIG MMA
Best Budget Welding Helmet
Tooliom Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
  • True color lens technology
  • Optical class of 1/1/1/2
  • Auto-on/off
Product Image of the Antra True Color Wide Shade Range 4/5-9/9-13 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet AH6-260-0000 TIG MIG/MAG MMA Plasma Grinding, 6+1 Extra Lens Covers
Best for TIG Welding
Antra AH6-Auto-Darkening Helmet
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Hard hat & cheater lens compatible
  • Passive protective filter
Product Image of the Jackson Safety Insight Auto Darkening Welding Helmet - Ultra Lightweight Protective Welder Helmet with Digital Variable Auto Darkening Filter and HLX100 Shell for Men and Women, Universal Size
Best Lightweight Welding Helmet
Jackson Safety Ultra-Lightweight Helmet
  • 4 light-adjusting sensors
  • Weld or grind capabilities
  • Large viewing area
Product Image of the TEKWARE Welding Helmet Solar Power Auto Darkening Hood Welder Mask Breathable Grinding Helmets with Adjustable Shade Range
Best for Beginners
Tekware Solar Powered Welding Helmet
  • Shade range 9 to 13
  • Fatigue-free comfort headgear
  • Optical grade of 1/1/1/1.
Product Image of the Monster&Master Large Viewing Screen Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, 2 Arc Sensor Wide Shade, MM-WH-003
Best for Stick Welding
Monster & Master Welding Helmet
  • Comfortable to wear
  • 2 arc sensors
  • Wide shade range
Product Image of the YESWELDER Large Viewing Screen 3.94'X3.66' True Color Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, 4 Arc Sensor Wide Shade 4~5/9-9/13 for TIG MIG Arc Weld Grinding Welder Mask LYG-M800H
Best Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
YesWelder True Color Helmet
  • Large viewing screen
  • 4 premium sensors
  • Multi-use helmet
Product Image of the DEKOPRO Welding Helmet - Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet - Adjustable Shade Range 4/9-13 for Mig Tig Arc - Weld Hood Helmet (Flaming Skull Design)
Best for MIG Welding
Dekopro Hood Welding Helmet
  • 5,000 hours of runtime
  • 362 x 165 viewing window
  • 1/25,000th sec light changes
Product Image of the DEKOPRO Solar Powered Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Professional Hood with Wide Lens Adjustable Shade Range 4/9-13 for Mig Tig Arc Weld Grinding Welder Mask
Best Solar Powered Welding Helmet
Dekopro Solar Powered Welding Helmet
  • Fully adjustable
  • Lightweight & comfortable
  • 39 x 32 viewing screen
Product Image of the 3M Adflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator HE System with 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet
Best Air Fed Welding Helmet
3M Adflo Air Purifying Respirator Helmet
  • Filtered fresh air
  • Keep a clear line of sight
  • Eliminate poisonous fumes

Product Reviews

Knowing which welding helmet is the best for the task ahead is a minefield of choices. Which shade of glass do you have? Do you go for an auto-adjusting shade or not? The selection is endless. Luckily, we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the 10 best welding helmets.

1. Lincoln Electric K3034-4 Viking

Best Welding Helmet for Sensitive Eyes

This helmet uses 4C lens technology to bring you crystal clear vision of the arc and puddle. It increases your control while reducing eye strain, which is ideal if you suffer from sensitive eyes.

The lens also has an optical rating of 1/1/1/1, which gives this lens industry-leading clarity. The 12.5-inch square viewing window has an auto-darkening range of 5-13, covering all types of welding techniques.

The power comes from solar cells and a CR2450 battery to prolong the running life for as long as possible. It also benefits from 4 arc sensors and a 3-way control for delay, sensitivity and shade.

This is a professional-grade helmet with a low profile. It is comfortable to wear, thanks to the 6 contours that mold to the operator’s head, along with perfect weight balance.


  • Highest grade optical rating.
  • Larger than average lens.
  • Solar power.
  • Auto-darkening range from 5 to 13
  • Perfect weight balance.


  • Not a cheap option.
  • Build quality issues.

Product Specs

Weight (pounds) 3
Dimensions (inches) 12.6 x 10.6 x 10.4
Optical rating 1/1/1/1
Size of lens (inches) 3.74 x 3.34
Auto-darkening 5 to 13
Hard hat compatible Yes
Price $$$
Warranty 3-year

2. Tooliom Auto-Darkening True Color Welding Helmet

Best Budget Welding Helmet

For a budget option, this scores pretty highly for customer satisfaction. But how well does it compare for features and performance? It uses TOOLIOM’s True Color technology to provide a clear view by reducing the lime-green tint.

The viewing area of the lens is larger than the Lincoln, at 4.33 by 3.54 inches, and you do get solar cells, coupled with a 3V lithium-ion battery for extended life and continuous auto-shade adjustment.

The shade range is also a little less, at 9 to 13, so it might restrict what type of welding you can undertake. For the budget model, we suppose there are always limitations because the price dictates the quality. However, it is still a useful welding mask that might otherwise have won the best beginner accolade.


  • Unbelievable price.
  • Auto-shade range of 9 to 13.
  • True color lens technology.
  • Optical class of 1/1/1/2.
  • Auto-on/off.


  • Limited darkening range.
  • Restricted to what you can weld.

Product Specs

Weight (pounds) 2
Dimensions (inches) 12 x 9.8 x 8
Optical rating 1/1/1/2
Size of lens (inches) 4.33 x 3.54
Auto-darkening 9 to 13
Hard hat compatible No
Price $
Warranty Not stated

3. Antra AH6-260-000 Auto-Darkening Helmet

Best Welding Helmet for TIG Welding

We chose this as our best choice for the TIG welding helmet, but it is a multi-functional mask capable of MAG, DC, AC and MIG welding, so it is a true all-rounder. It has an accurate shade range of 4 to 13, although it has a passive permanent shade for UV and IR of 13. Still, this doesn’t affect the view through the screen.

It has 4 premium redundant arc sensors, making it effective at detecting and responding to changes in light. This reduces retinal damage and minimizes harmful radiant bypass to avoid eye stress.

It has an easy-to-operate interface, enabling you to switch from weld to grind with ease, and it has a delay status to protect your eyes from dark status to bright light.


  • Shade range from 4 to 13.
  • Delay setting to switch from dark to light.
  • Easy to operate controls.
  • Hard hat and cheater lens compatible.
  • Passive protective filter.


  • Temperamental shade adjustments.
  • Build quality issues.
  • Feels cheaply made.

Product Specs

Weight (pounds) 1.2
Dimensions (inches) 9 x 9 x 12
Optical rating 1/1/1/2
Size of lens (inches) 3.86 x 1.73
Auto-darkening 4 to 13
Hard hat compatible Yes
Price $
Warranty 1-year

4. Jackson Safety Ultra-Lightweight Welding Helmet

Best Lightweight Welding Helmet

This Jackson helmet has a shade range of 9 to 13, so it’s not as universal as some on the list, but it does have 4 sensors to detect changes in the light and give you a clear view no matter what the conditions.

It has easy-to-use controls, as well as a viewing area of 3.93 x 2.36 inches. It offers an unobstructed view during all stages of the welding process. It also means you don’t have to lift the hood at any point, reducing the risk of injury and exposure to molten metal and fumes.

It also allows you to choose from grind to weld mode, which is invaluable when you are MIG, TIG and arc welding. This may not be the lightest helmet to make the list, but it is the best lightweight model, at just 2 pounds.


  • Lightweight design.
  • 4 light-adjusting sensors.
  • Weld or grind capabilities.
  • Large viewing area.


  • Not hard hat compatible.
  • Reduced shade range.
  • Reduced welding capabilities.

Product Specs

Weight (pounds) 2
Dimensions (inches) Not stated
Optical rating 1/1/1/1
Size of lens (inches) 3.93 x 2.36
Auto-darkening 9 to 13
Hard hat compatible No
Price $$$
Warranty 2-year auto-darkening filter

5. Tekware Solar Powered Welding Helmet

Best Welding Helmet for Beginners

This welding helmet comes with a viewing window of 3.66 x 1.69 inches, and it has a shade range of 9 to 13. The darkness level changes instantly thanks to a probe that detects changes in the light in 1/25,000th of a second.

It has battery power and solar power, as well as a sensitivity adjustment and delay setting, to help your eyes adjust when the light changes rapidly. It has 2 arc protectors, so not as many as some on the list, but it still offers enough protection for the novice welder.

This helmet has an operating temperature of between minus 10 degrees Celsius and plus 65 degrees Celsius (14 and 149 degrees Fahrenheit), so it can withstand extreme swings in conditions. It even has an optical grade of 1/1/1/1.


  • Viewing window of 3.66 x 1.69 inches.
  • Shade range of 9 to 13.
  • Fatigue-free comfort headgear.
  • Optical grade of 1/1/1/1.


  • Only 2 arc sensors.
  • Build quality issues.

Product Specs

Weight (pounds) 1.65
Dimensions (inches) 12.2 x 9.2 x 7.6
Optical rating 1/1/1/1
Size of lens (inches) 3.66 x 1.69
Auto-darkening 9 to 13
Hard hat compatible No
Price $
Warranty 1-year

6. Monster & Master Auto Darkening MM-WH-003 Welding Helmet

Best Welding Helmet for Stick Welding

This welder’s mask has 2 arc sensors that detect rapid changes in light to protect against damage to the eyes. When it responds, the adjustment occurs in 3/10,000th of a second, so it is almost instant.

The viewing window measures 3.64 X 1.67 inches, and the helmet is constructed from lightweight material to reduce strain on the user’s head and neck.

This has a shade range of 9 to 13, so it is suited to almost all kinds of welding applications.

It has an adjustable auto-darkening and delay timer, so you can set it to your personal preference.


  • Comfortable to wear.
  • 2 arc sensors.
  • Wide shade range.
  • Multipurpose.
  • Breathable cushion.


  • Not a well-known brand.
  • Head band quality issues.
  • Average darkening sensor.

Product Specs

Weight (pounds) ‎1.76
Dimensions (inches) 11.93 x 9.84 x 7.8
Optical rating N/A
Size of lens (inches) 3.64 X 1.67
Auto-darkening 9 to 13
Hard hat compatible No
Price $$
Warranty Not stated

7. YesWelder True Color Auto-Darkening Helmet

Best Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This YesWelder helmet is a multi-purpose tool for MIG, TIG, arc, MMA and plasma applications. It even has a grind screen. The optical clarity is 1/1/12, and the viewing screen is one of the largest on offer at 3.94 x 3.66 inches.

It uses True Color technology to give you the best possible view coupled with a shade range of 5 to 13 and a changing light response time of 1/10,000th of a second. This is thanks, in part, to the 4 premium sensors.

The helmet is powered by solar cells and a lithium-ion CR2450 battery with an average battery life of 3,000 hours.


  • Large viewing screen.
  • 1/1/1/2 optical clarity.
  • 4 premium sensors.
  • Multi-use helmet.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comes with accessories and spares.


  • Slower response time than others in its class.
  • Issues with auto-darkening.
  • Build quality issues.

Product Specs

Weight (pounds) 2.05
Dimensions (inches) 12.5 x 7.9 x 9.75
Optical rating 1/1/1/2
Size of lens (inches) 3.93 x 3.66
Auto-darkening 5 to 13
Hard hat compatible No
Price $$
Warranty 1-year

8. Dekopro Auto-Darkening Hood Welding Helmet

Best Welding Helmet for MIG Welding

This helmet has an auto-darkening filter that switches in 1/25,000th of a second. Even in a power failure, the user remains UV, and IR protected. The optical grading is 1/2/1/2, so it isn’t quite the pinnacle of excellence compared to other similar models, but it still meets the ANSI Z87.1 standards for protection.

The light level of the filter is DIN4, and the time it takes to go from dark state to bright takes just 0.1 to 1-second. The viewing window measures 3.62 x 1.65 inches, and the helmet is lightweight, allowing for prolonged use.

The unit is powered by solar cells and a lithium CR2032 battery that provides a maximum life of up to 5,000 hours.


  • 5,000 hours of runtime.
  • 3.62 x 1.65 viewing window.
  • 1/25,000th of a second light changes.
  • Shade range from 9 to 13.


  • 1/2/1/2 optical grading.
  • Not hard hat compatible.
  • Auto-darkening is temperamental.

Product Specs

Weight (pounds) 1.65
Dimensions (inches) 12.6 x 9.3 x 7.8
Optical rating 1/2/1/2
Size of lens (inches) 3.62 x 1.65
Auto-darkening 9 to 13
Hard hat compatible No
Price $
Warranty Not stated but you can buy a 4-year warranty

9. Dekopro Solar Powered Welding Helmet

Best Solar Powered Welding Helmet

This DEKOPRO helmet scores better than the other one for the optical grading, with a 1/1/1/2 score. The auto-darkening filter switch changes from light to dark in 1/25,000th of a second, protecting your eyes from retina flashes and other bright lights.

It has a shade range of 9 to 13, and is both solar cell-powered, with lithium-ion CR2450 batteries for the optimum running time. The screen measures 3.9 by 3.2 inches, and the helmet is lightweight and comfortable to use for prolonged periods.

To cater to the individual user, it has a delay adjustment and a sensitivity adjuster, as well as enhanced visibility and color recognition.


  • Fully adjustable.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • 1/1/1/2 optical grading.
  • 9 to 13 shade range.
  • 3.9 x 3.2 viewing screen.


  • Shade range restricts welding ability.
  • Auto-darkening fails.
  • Feels cheaply made.

Product Specs

Weight (pounds) 2.04
Dimensions (inches) 12 x 9 x 8
Optical rating 1/1/1/2
Size of lens (inches) 3.9 x 3.2
Auto-darkening 9 to 13
Hard hat compatible No
Price $
Warranty Not stated but you can buy a 4-year warranty

10. 3M Adflo Air Purifying Respirator Welding Helmet

Best Air Fed Welding Helmet

This is a professional-grade welding helmet that provides you with a continuous stream of filtered fresh air. The 3M filter purifies the air you breathe, meaning that you get better quality air than you would outside.

Also, because the air is always circulating, it keeps you cool under what could be heated conditions, leaving you refreshed to weld for longer without stopping. These types of welding helmets are for professionals who need added protection.

It has a quick-charge battery bank and a low charge indicator. The respirator element straps to your waist with a belt, and the air tube feeds up to the mask. The mask itself has a large viewing window, and thanks to the constant supply of air, it never fogs, giving you a clear line of sight.

The downside with these air fed helmets is the price. This 3M model will set you back a couple thousand dollars. When you compare that to the standard helmets, you can see why only the professionals would be interested in this model.


  • Filtered fresh air.
  • No fogging around the visor.
  • Keep a clear line of sight.
  • Eliminate poisonous fumes.
  • Keeps you working for longer.


  • Only for the professionals.
  • Very expensive.
  • Requires filters.

Product Specs

Weight (pounds) 1
Dimensions (inches) 21.6 x 12.6 x 11.1
Optical rating 1/1/1/1
Size of lens (inches) 2.8 x 4.2
Auto-darkening 5 to 13
Hard hat compatible No
Price $$$$
Warranty 2-year

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Weight Dimensions Optical rating Lens size Auto-darkening Hard hat compatible
Lincoln Electric K3034-4 Viking Sensitive Eyes 3 lbs 12.6 x 10.6 x 10.4″ 1/1/1/1 3.74 x 3.34″ 5 to 13 Yes
Tooliom Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet Budget Pick 2 lbs 12 x 9.8 x 8″ 1/1/1/2 4.33 x 3.54″ 9 to 13 No
Antra AH6 Auto-Darkening Helmet TIG Welding 1.2 lbs 9 x 9 x 12″ 1/1/1/2 3.86 x 1.73″ 4 to 13 Yes
Jackson Safety Ultra-Lightweight Helmet Lightweight 2 lbs N/A 1/1/1/1 3.93 x 2.36″ 9 to 13 No
Tekware Solar Powered Welding Helmet Beginners 1.65 lbs 12.2 x 9.2 x 7.6″ 1/1/1/1 3.66 x 1.69″ 9 to 13 No
Monster & Master Stick Welding ‎1.76 lbs 11.93 x 9.84 x 7.8″ N/A 3.64 X 1.67″ 9 to 13 No
YesWelder True Color Helmet Auto Darkening 2.05 lbs 12.5 x 7.9 x 9.75″ 1/1/1/2 3.93 x 3.66″ 5 to 13 No
Dekopro Hood Welding Helmet MIG Welding 2 lbs 12.6 x 9.3 x 7.8″ 1/2/1/2 3.62 x 1.65″ 9 to 13 No
Dekopro Solar Powered Welding Helmet Solar Powered 2.04 lbs 12 x 9 x 8″ 1/1/1/2 3.9 x 3.2″ 9 to 13 No
3M Adflo Air Purifying Respirator Helmet Air Fed 1 lbs 21.6 x 12.6 x 11.1″ 1/1/1/1 2.8 x 4.2″ 5 to 13 No

Why Is It Important for Welders To Wear the Right Helmet?

Welders are susceptible to a condition called arc eye, which is a painful affliction where the cornea becomes inflamed. Another reason is to prevent retina burns, which can lead to loss of sight. This is caused by brilliant white light that flash burns onto the retina.

Unprotected exposure to high levels of ultraviolet light created by the welding process, as well as infrared rays are also extremely damaging to your eyes. The helmet protects the face and skin from sparks of molten metal, as well as poisonous fumes that the welding process creates.

What Shade of Helmet Is Safe for Welding?

Welding helmets have protective, darkened glass to filter out infrared and UV light. The darker the glass, the greater the protection. While having higher protection is preferable, as the lens gets darker in shade, it affects the welder’s ability to see clearly.

It increases the welder’s temptation to lift the lid of the helmet to get a better view of the arc, negating the protection the mask provides. There are over 2,000 eye injuries every day in the workplace across America, which is why the American National Standard for Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices endeavors to protect the human face and eyes from dangerous environments through standards of legislation (1).

This standard includes welding helmets.

How Do I Choose a Welding Helmet?

The two most essential elements are coverage and filtering.


Does the mask cover the vital parts of your head? Neck, ears, face, scalp; these are all susceptible to IR and UV damage if unprotected. Also, sparks and molten metal can cause scarring and burns to delicate parts of the face and neck if left uncovered.

Filter Glass

The filter glass level varies. Look for a level 10 if you can, as this offers you the protection you need. Most welder’s helmets span a shade range of between 3 and 5 to 13. Just remember that the darker the glass shade, the harder it is to see. You wouldn’t want the shading so dark that you have to remove the helmet to get a better view.

Auto-Darkening Glass

Most helmets have an auto-darkening feature, much like photochromic lenses on glasses, that transition from clear to dark depending on the light levels. These then adjust, in thousands of a second, to the type of welding you are doing, keeping your vision protected but giving you a clear line of sight.

Weight of the Helmet

Sometimes you could be working in a helmet for several hours, so it has to be comfortable and not weigh you down. The last thing you need is a stiff neck or worse because your welding helmet is too heavy.

Comfort Is Key

Just like the weight, if the helmet is uncomfortable because it lacks padding, you will reduce the amount of time you spend inside the helmet, restricting your work rate. If you are a professional welder, time is money, and often you will be working to a timeframe.

A Helmet With a View

What’s the view like from inside the helmet? Do you see clearly, and do you have a good peripheral vision? When working on a construction site, being aware of what is going on around you is crucial to help prevent accidents.

Also, the clarity of the lense is crucial if you want to ensure the best view of your workpiece. Lenses are tested in 4 areas, with a grading of 1 to 3 in each category. A score of 1/1/1/1 is the perfect result, ensuring that you have the best quality lens available.

Does the Helmet Meet Minimum Standards?

The ANSI Z87.1 standard ensures that all face and eye protection devices meet a minimum standard. Check to see if the helmet you are about to buy has the correct certification. Without it, you could be exposing yourself to undue risk and danger. Beware of cheap imitations that claim to be what they are not.


How Long Do Welding Helmets Last?

Batteries on helmets typically last 7 years, and the replaceable ones, every 2 to 3 years.

The batteries fade depending on the usage the helmet gets. In some cases, you might start to see the batteries malfunction after 2 months, especially if the mask is subjected to heavy-duty use.

Why Do Welders Drink Milk?

The milk theory suggests that as welders work with galvanized steel, zinc fumes arise. The calcium in the milk helps to prevent the body from absorbing all that zinc. It does work to some degree, but it should not be a substitute for using the correct protective equipment. As a long term plan, it will lead to health issues as it is not a cure for prolonged exposure to zinc fumes.

Does Welding Ruin Your Eyes?

Yes and no. Yes, if you use incorrect or cheap protection that leaves you exposed to IR and UV rays it will cause blindness. Prolonged exposure can also result in skin cancer and other diseases related to high levels of UV.

If you use the best safety equipment and follow the guidelines diligently, while the risk is never zero, the chances of making it through life with your eyesight intact are extremely high.

The Last Word on Welding

Welding is dirty, dangerous and skilled work. If you have a welding project idea, make sure you get the right protection. Blindness and serious injuries are commonplace among those who take little or no precautions.

Getting the right welding helmet to protect you from the dangers is crucial before starting that project. You cannot put a price on your eyesight.

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