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Best Liquid Sander Deglosser of 2023

Remove paint the easy way with a liquid sander deglosser.

Sometimes you need options when removing or dulling paintwork on wood and metal. There is always an awkward spot where sandpaper won’t reach, and that’s when you should deploy a liquid sander deglosser.

We bring you our take on the best liquid sander deglosser to give you the information you need.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Heirloom Traditions Paint, Deglosser / Degreaser ( Surface Prep ), 16 Fl Oz
Best for Cabinets
All-In-One Paint Deglosser
  • Water-based
  • Eco-friendly ingredients
  • Low-odor formula
Product Image of the Klean-Strip GIDDS-881056 Jasco TSP No Rinse Substitute Cleaner Quart
Best for Trim
Klean-Strip Jasco No-Rinse Cleaner
  • Phosphate-free formula
  • Biodegradable solution
  • Works on trim & metal
Product Image of the KRUD KUTTER GO32 Gloss-Off Prepaint Surface Preparation, 32-Ounce
Best for Metal
Krud Kutter Pre-paint Preparation
  • Great coverage
  • Super-concentrated
  • Quick-drying formula
Product Image of the Smart Strip Advanced Paint Remover - Strips Up to 15 Layers of Acrylic, Latex, Oil, & Water-Based Paints, Varnishes, Stains, & Coatings Usually in One Application - DIY Friendly - 1 Quart
Best Eco-Friendly Deglosser
Dumond Chemicals Smart Paint Remover
  • Cleans almost any surface
  • Odor-free
  • Comes as a paste
Product Image of the Sunnyside Corporation 635G1 2 Minute Remover Advanced Liquid, Gallon, 2 Pack
Best for Laminate
2 Minute Remover Liquid Paint Remover
  • Methylene chloride-free
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Removes multiple layers

Product Reviews

With such a vast array of liquid sander deglossers to choose from, which is the right one for you?

Here’s our take on the 5 best liquid sander deglossers available.

1. Heirloom Traditions All-In-One Paint Deglosser

Best Liquid Sander Deglosser for Cabinets

This all-in-one paint deglosser is water-based, so it doesn’t use noxious chemicals to achieve the best results. It could have been our choice for the eco-friendly deglosser, thanks to the non-flammable ingredients.

You can apply this solution indoors and outside because it is a low-odor formula, and it requires no water rinsing after treatment. This 16 oz bottle is still harmful if it makes skin contact, so keep it away from children.

The makers recommend that one 16 oz tin will cover an 8 ft x 10 ft kitchen’s worth of cabinets.


  • Water-based.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Great coverage.
  • Ideal for cabinets.


  • Still harmful to skin.

Product Specs

Size 16 oz
Phosphate-free Yes
Formula Water-based
Best for Cabinets, indoor and outdoor surfaces
Price $

2. Klean-Strip Jasco No-Rinse Cleaner

Best Liquid Sander Deglosser for Trim

When you are preparing trim, having a no-rinse cleaner is a real bonus. It uses a trisodium phosphate substitute, which is excellent at bonding oil-based paint as well as removing grease, grime, mildew, and food stains on treated and untreated wooden surfaces.

Once you’ve treated the trim, it also works well on flooring and other surfaces. The solution is biodegradable and contains no phosphates, and it can even clean vinyl. It won’t harm glass or tiles, and it is kind to aluminum and chrome.

This also makes it the perfect no-rinse cleaner for working on restoring your car’s paintwork.


  • Phosphate-free.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Great coverage.
  • Works on trim and metal.


  • Still harmful to skin.
  • Expensive.

Product Specs

Size 16 oz
Phosphate-free Yes
Formula Water-based
Best for Cabinets, indoor and outdoor surfaces
Price $$

3. Krud Kutter GO32 Gloss-Off Pre-paint Preparation

Best Liquid Sander Deglosser for Metal

This Krud Kutter is the perfect pre-paint preparation when restoring old and faded paintwork on metal. It dries in just 10 minutes, leaving you with more time for the painting process. It is phosphate-free and contains non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients.

This deglosser comes as a concentrate, so this 32 fl oz bottle should be enough to get decent coverage. The formula is specially formulated to help new paint bond to the old layer, giving it a better chance of adhering.

It removes dirt, grease, paint, smoke stains, food stains, crayons, heel marks, and even old wallpaper paste. This means that when you have finished preparing your car’s bodywork, you can get started on the old cabinet doors in the house.


  • Phosphate-free.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Great coverage.
  • Super-concentrated.


  • Harmful to skin.

Product Specs

Size 32 fl oz
Phosphate-free Yes
Formula Water-based
Best for Metal, cabinets, indoor and outdoor surfaces
Price $

4. Dumond Chemicals Smart Strip Advanced Paint Remover

Best Eco-Friendly Liquid Sander Deglosser

This advanced paint remover is not only eco-friendly, thanks to its water-based solution, it is also versatile. It cleans and removes dirt and grime from wood, metal, concrete, glass, decking, masonry, moldings, and even bathroom tiles.

This is a paste, so you can smooth it on using a brush or a roller, and it stays wet until removed. There is no methylene chloride or carcinogenic ingredients to worry about, and it is entirely safe for the substrate and the environment.

You can use this formula indoors and outdoors thanks to its odor-free properties, and it removes up to 15 layers of paint.


  • Phosphate-free.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Cleans almost any surface.
  • Odor-free.


  • Requires between 3 and 24 hours.

Product Specs

Size 32 fl oz
Phosphate-free Yes
Formula Water-based, biodegradable
Best for Metal, wood, concrete, tiles, glass, masonry
Price $$

5. 2 Minute Remover Advanced Liquid Paint Remover

Best Liquid Sander Deglosser for Laminate

If you are looking for a fast-acting paint remover, this product does it in just 2 minutes. It is effective on wood, laminate, metal, and even concrete, although the application times vary between materials.

The formula is methylene chloride-free and removes multiple layers, with a 1-gallon bottle covering up to 100 square feet. Once applied, it acts quickly but never damages the wood or metal.


  • Methylene chloride-free.
  • Fast-acting.
  • Works on wood, metal, and concrete.
  • 100-square feet coverage.


  • Not water-based.
  • Bad for the environment.

Product Specs

Size 1-gallon
Phosphate-free No
Formula Solvent-based
Best for Metal, wood, concrete, masonry
Price $$

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Size Phosphate-free Formula Best for
All-In-One Paint Deglosser Cabinets 16 oz Yes Water-based Cabinets, indoor & outdoor surfaces
Klean-Strip Jasco No-Rinse Cleaner Trim 16 oz Yes Water-based Cabinets, indoor & outdoor surfaces
Krud Kutter Pre-paint Preparation Metal 32 fl oz Yes Water-based Metal, cabinets, indoor & outdoor surfaces
Dumond Chemicals Smart Remover Eco-Friendly 32 fl oz Yes Water-based, biodegradable Metal, wood, concrete, tiles, glass, masonry
2 Minute Liquid Paint Remover Laminate 1-gal No Solvent-based Metal, wood, concrete, masonry

What Is a Liquid Sander Deglosser?

Liquid sander deglosser is a solvent or water-based fluid that removes layers in the same way that sandpaper does when applied to paint on metal and wood. When applied liberally and regularly wiped down with a cloth, it has the same abrasive qualities.

The advantage of using a solvent-solution is that it involves less physical work, unlike traditional sandpaper, where you need to work up a sweat to get the job done. The other advantage is that unlike ordinary sandpaper, which removes physical layers from the wood grain, a liquid deglosser dissolves the paint or varnish layers to achieve the same results.

Does Liquid Sander Deglosser Really Work?

Liquid sander deglossers do work, but it is more effective in small patches and areas that are hard to reach. When liberal coats are applied, it successfully dissolves layers of paint and gloss varnish to reveal the natural grain of the wood beneath.

It’s also a great product to use when restoring car bodywork, where there are many awkward shapes and hidden spaces that need treatment.

Is Liquid Deglosser as Good as Sanding?

When comparing sandpaper to liquid deglosser, it all boils down to what you want to achieve. Liquid deglossers cannot smooth surfaces like sandpaper, so if you are working on something with pitted or rough surfaces, it will only remove the gloss layers of paint and varnish.

You would need sandpaper to create that smooth finish and remove the blemishes on the surface of your material. The best way to look at it is deglosser works hand in hand with sandpaper to revitalize old and worn surfaces on wood and metal.

How to Choose (Buying Guide)

There are a few things to bear in mind when choosing the best liquid sander deglosser. Different chemical compounds create hazards, while others may be safer but are they less effective?

Here are a few pointers.

Water-Based Is Best

Water-based deglossers are safer because they don’t contain hazardous chemicals. This reduces the amount of exposure to noxious fumes, and it means you can use them indoors and outdoors.

Also, if you have pets and small children, a water-based liquid deglosser is a safer bet.

Look at the Reviews

This links back to the quality of well-known brands because many sell on popular online sites, and those sites publish customer reviews. Check them out to see what praise they get for their products.

Equally, you want to take heed of the negative reviews to get a balanced picture.

Look for the Best Brands

By purchasing the best brands and names you can trust, you ensure that the deglosser is tried and tested and does what it says on the packaging. Cheaper products are less expensive to produce, so they may compromise the quality to cut corners.

Go for a Biodegradable Formula

With much focus on protecting the planet, do you want to add to the pollution by flushing more hazardous chemicals into the mix? Try and do your bit by selecting biodegradable solutions that simply wash away without harming wildlife.

Many water-based deglossers contain natural ingredients like citrus fruit. You can check the list of ingredients on the packaging before you buy.

How To Use a Liquid Sander Deglosser

Before we start, you need to take stock of the safety precautions required before applying the deglosser.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Safety goggles to avoid splashes.
  • Safety gloves to protect against the solution making contact with your skin.
  • An N95 face mask to reduce instances of noxious fume inhalation.

Here are the best hints and tips on how to use liquid sander deglosser.

1. Clean the Surface

Before applying the liquid deglosser, always ensure that the surface of the wood or metal is clean. Use warm water and mild soap.

2. Cover the Surface

Liquid deglosser works over a period, so once applied, you have to wait while it reacts. Cover the surface with a poly sheet while the chemical reaction occurs.

3. Get the Technique Right

When applying the formula, always work towards the wood grain. You can use a lint-free cloth or a paintbrush to cover the surface.

4. Prepare the Surface

Wipe away the excess solution from the surface, and then apply a wood conditioner before layering the first coat of paint or stain. Wait until it dries before moving to the next stage.

5. Apply the Desired Finish

Now that you have allowed the wood conditioner to dry, you can start coating the material in your chosen finish. If you are working with wood, always work with the grain.

Liquid Gold

If you have a DIY task that involves removing layers of old paint or deglossing aged varnish, then a liquid sander deglosser is the thing to use. It helps to lift multiple layers, and once wiped clean, you are ready to start with the repaint.

The only thing to bear in mind is that the chemicals used to manufacture these liquid strippers are dangerous and can lead to eye and throat problems if the fumes are inhaled, so act safely with the correct PPE.

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