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Best Multi-Position Ladders of 2023

Need a ladder that’s versatile? Check out these 6 fantastic multi-position ladders

Sometimes a standard ladder just doesn’t cut it. You need a ladder that extends, is a step ladder, and a platform in one. It helps you tackle a variety of tasks around the home with ease.

We bring you the 6 best multi-position ladders and show you what they can do, what the pros and cons are, and whether they are value for money.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Little Giant Ladders, Jumbo Step, 3-Step, 2 Foot, Step Stool, Aluminum, Type 1AA, 375 lbs Weight Rating, (11903), Gray
Best Heavy-Duty
Little Giant Jumbo Step 3-Step Ladder
  • Handles 375 lbs of weight
  • Extra-wide steps for grip & stability
  • Swiveling safety handrail
Product Image of the Little Giant Ladders, Velocity with Wheels, M22, 22 Ft, Multi-Position Ladder, Aluminum, Type 1A, 300 lbs Weight Rating, (15422-001)
Best Type 1A
Little Giant Velocity Type 1A Multi-Position Ladder
  • 20% lighter than similar models
  • Rock & lock and dual-pin hinges
  • Extends – 22 feet
Product Image of the Yvan Telescoping Ladder,12.5 FT One Button Retraction Aluminum Telescopic Extension Extendable Ladder,Slow Down Design Multi-Purpose Ladder for Household Daily or Hobbies,250 Lb Capacity
Best Telescoping
Yvan Telescoping Ladder With One Button Retraction
  • Ideal for storage & travel
  • One-touch button control
  • 330-lb weight capacity
Product Image of the Telescopic Ladder, Folding Step Ladder, Retractable Aluminum Ladder Multi-Position, Adjustable A-Frame Stepladder with Handrails & Safety Lock, 330lbs Capacity(4+5 Step, 5.58ft)
Best Budget
Telescopic Multi-Position Step Ladder
  • Great value for money
  • 33-lb weight capacity
  • Retracts in just 6 – 8 seconds
Product Image of the Comie 330lb 12.5ft Multi Purpose Aluminum Extension 7 in 1 Folding Step Ladder Foldable Lightweight Scaffold Ladder
Best Lightweight
Comie 12.5Ft Multi-Purpose Scaffold Ladder
  • Super-lightweight at just 26 lbs
  • 9 configurations, including a 90-degree setting
  • 330 lbs of weight capacity
Product Image of the Senrob Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder,16.5 ft Extendable Folding Multi-Purpose Ladder Max 330 lbs. Capacity
Best Premium
Senrob Aluminum Telescopic Multi-Purpose Ladder
  • Extends – 165 feet
  • 3 folding positions: 30, 90, & 180 degrees
  • Anti-pinch technology to protect fingers

Product Reviews

With so many multi-position ladders to choose from, selecting the best 6 examples was a challenge. We spent hours researching ladders, rating them on cost, usability, and quality.

1. Little Giant Jumbo Step 3-Step Ladder

Best Heavy-Duty Multi-Position Step Ladder

When it comes to sheer weight capacity, this Little Giant step ladder is pretty hard to beat. It is rated type 1AA, so it can handle a massive 375 pounds in weight. Okay, we get that it isn’t the tallest ladder in the world, but it does have non-slip steps and a safety handrail.

This ladder weighs 16 pounds and has a maximum reach height of 8 ft 8 inches, which is only a standing level of 2.2 feet. It also comes with a smartphone holder, hooks, porthole, and a tray for your tools. The steps are extra wide for added stability and balance, and the handrail swivels into several positions.

You can get this ladder as a 2-step and 4-step option, but the truth is you will not extend your height by much with this range of ladders. Even the maximum standing level on the 4-step is just 2 ft 11 inches.


  • Handles 375 pounds of weight.
  • Extra-wide steps for grip and stability.
  • Swiveling safety handrail.
  • Smartphone holder, hooks, and a tray.


  • Limited height reach.

Product Specs

Weight 16 pounds
Standing height 2.2 feet
Material Aluminum
Weight capacity 375 pounds
Price $$
Warranty Lifetime

2. Little Giant Velocity Type 1A Multi-Position Ladder

Best Type 1A Multi-Position Ladder

This is the second Little Ladders product to appear, but unlike the limited height the other ladder gave you, this one has a reach of 22 feet, so it’s perfect for reaching window ledges and guttering.

It extends to make an A-frame, trestle and plank, staircase, and 90 degrees. It is rated as type 1A, so it can handle up to 300 pounds of weight, and you also get wheels for better maneuverability.

This ladder is 20 percent lighter than comparable models, so it only weighs 30.4 pounds, thanks to the aerospace-grade aluminum. It’s also stable because it has flared legs and large plastic grips.

This model includes innovative design features like rock and lock and dual-pin hinges for faster configuration. The glaring downside is the cost. This ladder is twice as expensive as the 3-step version, so it isn’t a budget option.


  • 20 percent lighter than similar models.
  • Rock and lock and dual-pin hinges.
  • Extends to 22 feet.
  • Type 1A rated for 300 pounds weight capacity.


  • Costs many times more than the competition.

Product Specs

Weight 30.4 pounds
Standing height 22 feet
Material Aluminum
Weight capacity 300 pounds
Price $$$$
Warranty Limited lifetime

3. Yvan Telescoping Ladder With One Button Retraction

Best Telescoping Multi-Position Ladder

If you want a ladder that is space-saving and easy to transport, this Yvan telescoping ladder is an excellent choice. It extends to a maximum height of 12.5 feet, which is some way short of the Little Ladders reach, and when you want to retract the ladder, it does it with the touch of a button.

You get an intelligent locking system, and you can extend the ladder and lock it in position at any height you want. It has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds, so it is rated type 1A, making it ideal for the professionals out there.

It’s lightweight, at 24.6 pounds, and when retracted, it measures just 33.5 inches. The only downside with this ladder is it doesn’t feel as stable as others models that make the review. You also have to retract it fully and then adjust the height if you want to select a different level.


  • Ideal for storage and travel.
  • One-touch button control.
  • 330-pound weight capacity.
  • Lightweight at 24.6 pounds.


  • Lower maximum height than similar models.
  • Might feel less stable than other ladders.

Product Specs

Weight 24.6 pounds
Standing height 12.5 feet
Material Aluminum
Weight capacity 330 pounds
Price $$$
Warranty 1-year

4. Telescopic Multi-Position Step Ladder

Best Budget Multi-Position Ladder

Okay, so this is the second telescoping ladder to feature, but this one differs because it is an A-frame ladder. It’s also excellent value for money, which is why we made it our budget pick.

It only has a maximum height of 5.58 feet, so it is better for projects within easier reach, but it has a weight capacity of 330 pounds. It has non-slip handles, strengthened footrests, extra-grip end caps, and a self-locking function.

Like the other telescoping ladder, this one retracts with the touch of one button, and the whole process only takes about 6 seconds. What stood out for us was the price. It retails at under half the cost of other similar models.


  • Great value for money.
  • 33-pound weight capacity.
  • Retracts in just 6 to 8 seconds.
  • Non-slip handles and self-locking.


  • Limited height reach at 5.58 feet.

Product Specs

Weight Not stated
Standing height 5.58 feet
Material Aluminum
Weight capacity 330 pounds
Price $
Warranty Not stated.

5. Comie 12.5Ft Multi-Purpose Scaffold Ladder

Best Lightweight Multi-Position Ladder

This ladder is multifunctional in so many ways. It zig-zags, turns into an A-frame, extends fully to 12.5 feet, and even has a 90-degree setting. You can configure this ladder into almost any shape to tackle the trickiest tasks. In fact, it has 9 different positions in total.

So, it’s a surprise that this model only weighs 26 pounds. Plus, it has a weight capacity of 330 pounds, so it warrants its 1A rating.

The length of each rung is 12 inches, and when it is folded, it measures 40 x 15 x 11 inches, making it easier to store away. This is the complete package for all your ladder needs, and it even comes with 2 platforms.

One negative is that some customers report that the rungs flex when they stand on them, making the ladder feel unsafe.


  • Super-lightweight at just 26 pounds.
  • 9 configurations, including a 90-degree setting.
  • 330 pounds of weight capacity.
  • Extends to 12.5 feet.


  • Customers complain that the rungs flex.

Product Specs

Weight 26 pounds
Standing height 12.5 feet
Material Aluminum
Weight capacity 330 pounds
Price $$
Warranty Not stated

6. Senrob Aluminum Telescopic Multi-Purpose Ladder

Best Premium Multi-Position Ladder

For the premium option, we’ve gone with this Senrod telescopic ladder. It extends to 16.5 feet, giving it the most extended reach of all the telescoping ladders, and it swivels to 30 degrees, 90 degrees, and 180 degrees.

It’s made from durable aluminum, has anti-pinch plastic pillars between each rung to stop your fingers from getting trapped, and it locks at every step, with 2 steel locking pins.

It can take up to 330 pounds in weight, and when folded, it stands just 36 inches tall. It also weighs 38.5 pounds, making it portable and lightweight. This is the premium choice, so you would expect it to be expensive; however, it does cost 1.5 times the price of the budget model.


  • Extends to 16.5 feet.
  • 3 folding positions: 30, 90, and 180 degrees.
  • Anti-pinch technology to protect fingers.
  • Stands just 36 inches tall when folded.


  • Costs 1.5 times the price of similar products.

Product Specs

Weight 38.5 pounds
Standing height 16.5 feet
Material Aluminum
Weight capacity 330 pounds
Price $$$$$
Warranty 1-year81

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Weight Standing height Material Weight capacity Price Warranty
Little Giant Jumbo Step 3-Step Ladder Best Heavy-Duty 16 lbs 2.2 feet Aluminum 375 lbs $$ Lifetime
Little Giant Velocity Type 1A Multi-Position Ladder Best Type 1A 30.4 lbs 22 feet Aluminum 300 lbs $$$$ Limited lifetime
Yvan Telescoping Ladder With One Button Retraction Best Telescoping 24.6 lbs 12.5 feet Aluminum 330 lbs $$$ 1-year
Telescopic Multi-Position Step Ladder Best Budget Not stated 5.58 feet Aluminum 330 lbs $ Not stated.
Comie 12.5Ft Multi-Purpose Scaffold Ladder Best Lightweight 26 lbs 12.5 feet Aluminum 330 lbs $$ Not stated
Senrob Aluminum Telescopic Multi-Purpose Ladder Best Premium 38.5 lbs 16.5 feet Aluminum 330 lbs $$$$$ 1-year81

How Do Multi-Position Ladders Work?

Multi-position ladders are space-saving, so if you struggle with storage, it solves that problem. Back in the day, if there was an issue that needed a ladder, it was a straight choice between a tall one and a step ladder.

Storing a tall ladder requires a lot of space, which is why multi-position models are better. Today, you can choose between sliding, folding and telescoping ladders to complete the task, and all are so compact.

Think of a multi-position ladder like a Transformer for the ladder world. It goes tall, stands on irregular surfaces like stairs, and can become a step-ladder or a platform to stand on.

Types of Multi-Position Ladders

So, what types of multi-position ladders are there? Let’s find out.

Classic A-Frame

If ever a name fitted the design, it’s the classic A-frame. It resembles a capital A (no. Really!), with steps on either side. It is intended for use on flat surfaces unless you have a sliding model that allows you to set it up on stairs and uneven ground.

The beauty of this type of ladder is two people can stand on either side and if you get two ladders side by side, you can slide a long plank to create a scaffold platform.


Multi-function ladders have different locking points that enable you to set the configuration of the ladder to suit your needs. Some have platforms to hold paint cans; others become trestles for scaffolding and some fold into steps.


If you want the most compact ladder, this is the one to go for. It is a flat ladder that telescopes down to a small size so that you can take it with you on the road. It takes up very little space and yet can reach the same heights that older ladders can but without the storage headaches.

What to Look For (Buying Guide)

What are the key things to look for when selecting a new ladder? Is it the weight capacity? Maybe you want as many functions as possible for your money? Whatever the reasoning, we break down some of the basics to keep in mind.

How Heavy?

Weight makes a lot of difference, especially if you take your ladder on the road. Some people opt for lightweight ladders that they can easily lift and carry, but it’s not all about being lightweight; some people like a heavy ladder that is stable when placed on the ground. The heavier the ladder, the more anchored to terra firma it is.

Weight Capacity

People come in all shapes and sizes, so getting a ladder that can handle your weight is crucial. Most ladders can take about 300 pounds, which is about the weight of two average size men. That should be plenty of weight capacity.

The weight refers to the maximum each step can handle, and while it isn’t a good idea to have two people on a ladder at the same time, it’s good to know that the ladder will take the strain if it ever happens.


What we mean by usability is how easy it folds, extends, changes position, and ultimately, packs away. Ladders with limited locking points are harder to set up and offer fewer configurations, which reduces their usability.

Types of Use

If the ladder is for domestic repairs, painting and general DIY, you don’t need to worry so much about the rating; however, professionals should look for a ladder with a rating of 1A. It means that it can handle weights of 300 pounds or more.

What Is the Safest Ladder To Use?

The consensus is that type 1A ladders are the safest to use because they have the additional weight capacity and can handle loads that other ladders cannot. If you are working on a construction site, this is the type of ladder to get.

For general duties around the home, a ladder with a rating of 1 is suitable for lighter and less strenuous tasks. Luckily, most ladders meet the 1A standard, so you don’t need to worry.

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