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30 Window Treatment Ideas: Top Trends for 2024

Have a room that’s looking a bit dull? Refresh your windows with over 30 window treatment ideas to choose from.

Giving your home a fresh modern look is as simple as finding some window treatment ideas and making them work. With some simple and cost-effective window covering ideas, you can make your home look as if you’ve recently redecorated. So, let’s grab that inspiration by the leg!

Key Takeaways

  • Popular window treatment ideas in 2021 include woven wood shades, warm minimalism, and letting natural light in.
  • Some window treatment options are rattan blinds, blackout curtains, Roman shades, and café curtains.
  • Other window treatment ideas include roller shades, Venetian blinds, honeycomb blinds, and solar shades.
  • Consider your home’s décor and style when choosing a window treatment to create the desired atmosphere and functionality.

What are the Most Popular Window Treatment Ideas in 2021?

In 2021, you may be considering new uses for existing rooms. Like creating an office atmosphere in your master bedroom or establishing a location for your children to attend school remotely.

So, what do the trends have to say?

Upgraded window treatments enhance the enjoyment of your interior space. And yes, an appropriate window treatment upgrade can even help your home sell faster when the time comes.

The prospect of chilling at home has reignited enthusiasm in bringing the outside in. Organic elements reduce stress and blood pressure while enhancing productivity, creativity, and well-being. Woven wood shades are an ideal match for this theme.

Bid farewell to excess in interior design and hello to warm minimalism’s “less is more” concept.

Unlike classic minimalism, warm minimalism emphasizes establishing a sanctuary via warm hues, textures, layering, and relaxing curves. Solid roller blinds with patterned side panels are ideal for this trend.

Basically, less is more. Keep it simple with light textiles and let that natural light in.

Window Treatment Ideas

Let’s take a look at some of the best window treatment ideas you can apply at home.

1. Rattan Blinds

Best for Bohemian-Style Rooms

Rattan blinds are a simple solution for adding a rustic or Bohemian flair to the room. As far as window covering ideas are concerned, these are great for bathrooms and bedrooms. But you could easily make them work in other rooms if you use your imagination.

2. Blackout Curtains

presentation background with soft curtains of velvet

Best for Night Shift Workers and Late Morning Sleepers

Blackout curtains are thick, insulated, and, most importantly, will block light from entering the room. That makes them an excellent window treatment for those who like to sleep late or need to sleep during the day. Night-shift workers or those experiencing jet lag because of frequent traveling need not worry any longer.

3. Shoji Panels

Product Image of the Kernorv DIY Room Divider Partitions Separator Hanging Decorative Panel Screens, 12 PCS Hanging Room Divider Partition Wall Dividers for Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room, Sitting Room


Best for Dividing Rooms or Adding a Design in Front of a Window

Shoji panels fall into the unique spectrum of window covering ideas. They’re Japanese screens often used as a room divider but could serve as exciting window treatments.

Just choose a pattern/design that you like, place the screen in front of the window, and you’re good to go!

4. Roman Shades

Product Image of the CHICOLOGY Roman Shades for Windows , Window Treatments , Roman Shades , Roman Window Shades , Room Darkening Shades , Window Shades , 33'W X 64'H , Belgian Flax (Privacy & Light Filtering)

Best for Privacy and Insulation

Roman shades are excellent for privacy and insulation if you’re in need of window shades ideas for creating a private space.

They have a cord mechanism that allows you to open and close them, and they are made from various materials. They are also pretty versatile, with plenty of colors and patterns to choose from.

5. Cafe Curtains

Best for Kitchen Windows

Cafe curtains are hung from a rod and often found in the kitchen because they only cover the lower portion of the window. They have a gorgeous farmhouse or cottagecore vibe, and they manage to keep the lower part of the room private.

6. Roller Shades

Window with sand coloured roll sun blinds

Best for Budget Shoppers

These are practical and economical window shade ideas that allow you to spruce up your windows if you’re looking to take the inexpensive route. They’re also easy to install.

Roller shades are available in many colors, patterns, and textures. Which makes them easy to match with a variety of interior chromatic schemes.

7. Vertical Blinds

Beige leather armchair in a room with wooden floor and vertical blinds

Best for Ease of Cleaning and in Offices

Because they hang downward, vertical blinds are less prone to dust and, therefore, easier to clean. They work well in offices because they have a very formal vibe. They’re also good in areas with high traffic that would typically translate into loads of dust accumulation.

8. Venetian Blinds

Young casual couple have breakfast with coffee and fruit with venetian blind window

Best for Rooms with Too Much Light

Is the afternoon sun getting annoyingly hot and bright while you’re trying to watch TV in the living room? Venetian blinds might be just what you need. They’re made from plastic, metal, or wood and can rotate to give you the amount of natural light blockage you need.

9. Honeycomb Blinds

Home blinds - cordless cellular honeycomb pleated shade modern shades on apartment windows. Automated curtains blind.

Best for Insulation

Cellular blinds have a one-of-a-kind honeycomb design that maximizes energy efficiency and insulates your home.

When analyzed from the side, they have a distinct shape and are made with soft cloth-like materials. Some even feel as thin as paper. The cell shapes are great for heat retention.

10. Panel Tracks

Product Image of the CHICOLOGY Vertical Blinds , Room Divider for Sliding Glass Doors , Temporary Wall , Closet Curtain, Woven Truffle (Natural Woven) W:46-86 x H:Up-to 96 inches


Best for Sliding Doors and Windows

Panel tracks are a great solution for sliding doors and windows. This is because they’re a more elegant alternative to the classic vertical blinds. They are usually mounted to the wall or ceiling, and you can move them side-to-side on a track.

11. Pleated Blinds

Pleated blind

Best for Budget Shoppers Who Want to Keep It Simple

Pleated blinds are perfect for those of you who want a simple window treatment solution. They allow you to control natural light easily without costing too much money. The material pulls up at the top of the window and is barely visible when open.

12. Shutters


Best for Good Airflow

Shutters feature an appealing design that complements their appearance both inside and out. Plus, they are highly durable, easy to clean and let you control the amount of light in your home.

When opened, shutters provide good airflow and seal off external elements such as moisture when closed.

13. Faux Wood Blinds

Close-up to wooden blind details , empty rows on left

Best for Moist Environments

Faux wood blinds, made of PVC, vinyl, or composite wood, have the same look and feel as natural wood but are cheaper. Since they have high moisture resistance, they are an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

14. Blackout Shades

Product Image of the Redi Shade No Tools Original Blackout Pleated Paper Shade Black, 48 in x 72 in, 6 Count (Pack of 1)


Best for Bedrooms and Light Sleepers

These shades are designed for light sleepers who cannot fall asleep until the room is entirely dark, like blackout curtains.

The cloth used to create blackout shades is so dense that it allows no light to pass through. I wouldn’t recommend them for common areas like the living room. You want natural light to pour into these spaces.

15. Austrian Shades

Best for Vintage Bedrooms

Are you interested in giving your windows a vintage look? Then consider Austrian shades, whose soft folds will more than suffice to transport the ambiance of your space back in time. However, you could also dress them up with embroidered silk Austrian shades.

16. Valances

Large chair and footstool brightly lit by the sun streaming in two windows in a luxury home

Best for Concealing Shade Hardware

Valances are those cute decorative tops that conceal the curtain, drapery, blind, or mounting hardware for a shade.

These fabric toppers are draped around the window frame’s top and are primarily decorative. You can find colorful valances with rich patterns, vivid shades, and adorable floral prints.

17. Cornices

window treatment with swag curtain and cornice

Best for Rooms that Need Accents

Yes, cornices are window treatments. At first glance, they are similar to valances, but they are constructed of wood and other durable materials.

You can successfully combine cornices and curtains to create a cohesive look in a muted environment. And they make a great DIY project!

18. Swags

Best for Small Rooms

Window swags are lengths of fabric draped around a curtain rod and cascading to the floor. Swags soften and elevate the appearance of windows and make an enjoyable do-it-yourself home repair project should you have any extra fabric lying around.

19. Sheer Curtains

Contemporary home living room with sheer curtains

Best for Large Spaces with Minimal Light

Sheer curtains are characterized by three things: low visibility, delicate nature, and scarcity. They are often made from translucent material but have a fantastic potential to act as privacy curtains. This is because, during the day, they allow you to see from the inside out, but not the other way around.

Keep In Mind

When it’s dark outside and the indoor lights are on, sheer curtains will be see-through.

20. Drapery

Modern dining room interior

Best for Large Rooms with a Luxurious Style

Also known as curtains, drapes can be employed to achieve an elegant, informal, or sophisticated effect.

Drapes come in all shapes and sizes, with the colors and patterns of your choice being, most likely, available for purchase somewhere online or in brick-and-mortar stores. They are excellent for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

21. Wood Blinds

Best for Small and Medium Windows

Wood blinds come in a variety of finishes and colors. You might easily choose one that complements your home’s interior décor. They allow you to change their vanes to control the amount of privacy and light they provide.

However, when fitted on large windows, wood blinds can become extremely heavy, making raising and lowering them difficult.

22. Solar Shades

Best for Glare Control and Street-Facing Windows

Solar shades allow you to observe what is happening on the street while obstructing the view of anyone outside. Solar shades are available in various openness percentages, with a more significant openness percentage resulting in increased room illumination.

They also feature anti-glare characteristics that provide relief for your eyes.

23. Woven Wood Shades

Product Image of the Letau Cordless Wood Window shades Blinds, Bamboo Light Filtering Roller Shades, Color 12


Best for Natural Décor and Rustic/Bohemian Styles

Manufacturers weave wood shapes from a variety of materials. They are a more natural (albeit more expensive) alternative to treatments made from wood. And they come in a variety of natural colors to lend your area a more classic appearance.

Because of their natural appearance, braided wood shades complement practically every home.

24. Tie-Up Shades

Best for a Dramatic Effect

Shades with tie-ups are delicate and softly fall from the pole. Bands spread across the panel’s breadth make wide scallops that can be changed in length to create a dramatic effect.

Tie-up shades work well as standalone top treatments such as swags and valances. Additionally, they work well as panels without a top treatment.

25. Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

Best for Elegant Rooms

This is done by suspending curtains from the highest point on the wall and extending them to the floor. It creates a gentle and delicate guide for the eye to follow, while also adding depth and height to the room.

26. Farmhouse Shutters

farmhouse shutters

Best for Rustic/Farmhouse-Style Homes

Farmhouse shutters’ modest lines provide the finishing touch for new buildings or historic renovations.

Dark accent colors contrast with the milder colors of the siding and trim. Wood farmhouse shutters welcome visitors from near and far into a home designed for warmth, comfort, and close discussion.

27. Tassel Curtains

Product Image of the DriftAway Super Soft Velvet Curtains with Handmade Tassels for Living Room Bedroom 84 Inch Length Room Darkening Thermal Curtain Drapes Boho Window Treatment Rod Pocket 2 Panels


Best for Playrooms or Children’s Bedrooms

Regardless of the curtains chosen, picture tassels adorning the bottom edge. Keep in mind that if you go for control natural light, you need to make sure they don’t pose a choking hazard for your little one. If you do opt for them, they’ll add a touch of playfulness to the room’s decor.

28. Lambrequins

Best for Window Tops

Lambrequins are a traditional window decoration that dates all the way back to medieval times. Back then, they were employed to conceal drafts around windows.

As with many traditional architectural components, lambrequins’ popularity has risen and fallen a few times. But they have been increasingly fashionable in recent years. Similar to a cornice, a lambrequin has sides that extend to the sill or perhaps the floor.

29. Window Film

Product Image of the Volcanics Window Privacy Film Static Window Clings Vinyl 3D Window Decals Window Stickers Rainbow Window Film for Glass Door Home Heat Control Anti UV 17.5 x 118 Inches


Best for Glare Reduction

Window film can be installed on the inside or outside of glass surfaces inside or outside your home. They are an incredibly cost-effective way to lower heating and cooling expenses in existing buildings by limiting heat transfer through glazing.

30. Treated Glass

Best for Large Windows

This is a great alternative to curtains and blinds. If you are unable to locate the ideal window treatment, you can treat the window glass directly.

This way, you can enhance the beauty of a large window by adding a permanent form of window treatment. You can choose between frosted glass, stained glass, and even window films.

The Bottom Line

With this comprehensive list of window treatment ideas, you should have no problem choosing your next window treatment! Consider your current home décor and style and pick a window treatment idea that works for you!

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