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Best Tractor Snow Blower Combinations of 2023

Why you need a tractor snow blower combo if you have a long driveway.

Sometimes you just need a snow blower that packs more punch, especially if you suffer from heavy snowfall or have a large plot to clear. So, what are your options? Perhaps you need a tractor snow blower?

We have researched the best tractor snow blower combinations, rating them for power, plowing ability, customer satisfaction and price to help you make the right choice.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Husqvarna 967343901 Two Stage Lawn Tractor Mounted Snow Thrower (Manual Lift)
Best for Large Driveways
Husqvarna Two-Stage Tractor Snow Blower
  • 2 serrated 12-inch auger
  • Manual height adjustment
  • 42-inch plowing width
Product Image of the NorTrac 3-Pt. Snow Blower - 60in.W Intake, fits Tractors with 25 to 40 HP, Model Number BE-SBS60G
Best for Sidewalks
NorTrac 3-Pt Snow Blower
  • 60-inch clearance path
  • 340 degree rotating chute
  • Has large auger & impeller
Best for Decks
Arnold MTD Two-Stage Snow Thrower Mower
  • 42-inch plowing width
  • 220 degree rotating chute
  • Universal compatibility
Product Image of the Arnold 19A30017OEM 46-Inch Snow Blade Attachment, 46 Inch, Black
Best Manually Adjustable
Arnold 46-Inch Snow Blade Attachment
  • Adjustable skid shoes
  • Heavy-duty steel design
  • Spring-loaded blade
Product Image of the Husqvarna 587293701 ST42E, 42-Inch
Best for Gravel Driveways
Husqvarna ST42E Snow Thower Attachment
  • Push-button lift
  • Serrated twin augers
  • 180 degree spinning chute

Product Reviews

1. Husqvarna Two-Stage Tractor Snow Blower

Best Tractor Snow Blower for Large Driveways

Husqvarna dominates the tractor snow blower market, and this model comes highly recommended. After the initial mounting and pulley frame brackets are attached, you can disconnect this snow blower without any tools.

Because this is a two-stage machine, you get two 12-inch diameter augers with serrated edges to help slice through the toughest compacted snow and an impeller to toss it out of the chute.

You can find a list of the compatible garden mowers on Husqvarna’s website, so be sure to check it out before buying.

It has a 42-inch plowing width and a manually adjustable height range of between 2 and 4.5 inches. You can also change the chute direction from the comfort of your tractor seat, and it rotates 180 degrees.

What We Like

No Tools

Once you have attached the mounting and pulley frame brackets, you can connect and remove this snow blower without picking up a single tool. If you are concerned about how easy it is to attach, this model should get your attention.

Serrated Auger

If you have compacted snow, a serrated auger is the perfect tool to use. The serration acts like a saw that cuts through deep drifts of snow, making it easier to tackle larger plots in double-quick time.

Manual Height Adjustment

When you need to change the snow blower’s height to cater to different surfaces like grass and concrete, this model has a manual adjustment feature that raises the auger from 2 inches to 4.5 inches.

What We Don't Like

Very Expensive

If you want to own this snow blower attachment, you will need to dig deep. It costs almost 4 times the price of a gas-powered model.

Product Specs

Weight (pounds) 250
Dimensions (inches) 48 x 48 x 48
Type Two-stage
Plowing width (inches) 42
Adjustable height (inches) 2 to 4.5
Price $$$$$
Warranty 2-year

2. NorTrac 3-Pt Snow Blower

Best Tractor Snow Blower for Sidewalks

If you want the best tractor snow blower for sidewalks, this could be the one. It has a plowing width of 60 inches, making it one of the largest on the market. It means you only need to make one sweep to double the width of a standard gas-powered snow blower.

The snow gets thrown 40 feet, and the chute rotates 340 degrees, thanks to a manual crank feature. This attachment is the ideal model for tractors with 25 to 40 horsepower.

All this massive clearance capability is thanks to a 14-inch shear bolt auger and a 24-inch impeller. If you want this model, you need to start saving now because it costs more than the Husqvarna, and you will need to get help when maneuvering it to the tractor because it weighs over 600 pounds.

What We Like

60-Inch Clearance Path

With a 60-inch plowing path, you can be sure that one sweep will clear the sidewalk. It doubles the capability of even the largest gas-powered snow blower.

Rotating Chute

Unlike the Husqvarna, which rotates 180 degrees, this NorTrac increases the capability to 340 degrees, so you can choose where you want the 40 ft stream of snow to go.

Large Auger and Impeller

When you have a 60-inch plowing path, you need an auger and impeller that can cope with all that snow. This model has a 14-inch auger and a 24-inch impeller.

What We Don't Like

Weighs Over 600 Pounds

If you thought the Husqvarna was heavy, think again! This model weighs over 600 pounds, making it a challenge when you want to drag it out of the garage to attach to your garden tractor.

Very Expensive

While it seems obvious this type of snow blower is expensive, you don’t get much change from a couple of thousand dollars. Make sure you need something this big to justify all that extra cost.

Product Specs

Weight (pounds) 651
Dimensions (inches) Not stated
Type Two-stage
Plowing width (inches) 60
Adjustable height (inches) No
Price $$$$$
Warranty Not stated

3. Arnold MTD Two-Stage Snow Thrower Mower Attachment

Best Tractor Snow Blower for Decks

This Arnold model snow blower attachment fits most garden mowers and comes with all the accessories you need to connect it. It has a 42-inch plowing width and a 12-inch impeller, as well as a 20-inch intake.

The 33-inch chute rotates 220 degrees, so while it doesn’t match the 340-degree swivel of the NorTrac, it still gives you the scope to choose the direction of the snow.

It’s a lot lighter than some models, weighing 277 pounds, and the cost of this snow blower is much more competitive than others featured. It sells for almost half the price of the NorTrac.

What We Like

Amazing Price

Considering that most of these tractor snow blower attachments are so expensive, this one looks positively cheap. It retails at almost half the price of the NorTrac model.

Rotating Chute

This chute rotates 220 degrees, so while it doesn’t compete with the NorTrac, it still offers better options than the Husqvarna.

Universal Compatibility

This model fits most garden mowers or tractors with a 42-inch or larger mowing deck. If you have a garden mower, there’s a good chance this model will be compatible.

What We Don't Like

Cheaply Made

Beware the price tag. It is cheaper for a reason. The components are not as robust, according to some buyers, who have experienced significant damage from small stones and rocks shattering the impeller and auger.

Product Specs

Weight (pounds) 277
Dimensions (inches) 49 x 40 x 39.5
Type Two-stage
Plowing width (inches) 42
Adjustable height (inches) No
Price $$$
Warranty Not stated

4. Arnold 46-Inch Snow Blade Attachment

Best Manually Adjustable Tractor Snow Blower

Clear snow in any direction you need with the Arnold 46-inch snow blade attachment. The blade is manually adjustable at a 25-degree angle left or right. This gives you the most flexibility for pushing away snow in any direction. So if you want to clear an area quickly and efficiently, this attachment may be just right for you!

To note, this fits a range of models; this includes Cub Cadet lawn tractors in models XT1, LT, GT, and LTX. It also fits all MTD lawn and garden tractors. Just be aware this excludes the MTD/Yard-Man Revolution 2001 and after.

What We Like

Adjustable Skid Shoes

The snowblower attachment uses adjustable skid shoes. This feature allows you to blow snow on a variety of terrains which is extremely handy, especially in those horrible winters. This even includes gravel driveways!

Heavy-Duty Steel Design

When it comes to tools, steel is a word we like to see. Steel is a super durable material and, in this case, ensures that you can rely on this snowblower. Even in extremely snowy conditions, this device can clear away snow quickly and efficiently.

Spring-Loaded Blade

Don’t worry about damaging this blade. It’s spring-loaded, allowing it to handle even the harshest conditions without breaking or stressing under pressure.

What We Don't Like

Handle Poorly Placed

When you want to adjust the degree using the handle, you’re in for a bit of disappointment. The handle is hard to reach. Even really tall people struggled to reach it. Folk of an average height actually had to get off the tractor to adjust it manually. This takes extra time and is a bit of a disappointment.

No User Manual and Missing Parts

Many disappointed customers found that upon opening the kit, there was no instruction manual. Worse than that, many boxes didn’t contain all parts. This makes it extremely difficult to install, and you may have to go to your local hardware store to fill in some of the gaps.

Product Specs

Weight (pounds) 67.7
Dimensions (inches) 47.5 x 16.25 x 10.75
Type Not specified
Plowing width (inches) 46
Adjustable height (inches) No
Price $$
Warranty Not specified

5. Husqvarna 587293701 ST42E Snow Thower Attachment

Best Tractor Snow Blower for Gravel Driveways

When you have a gravel driveway to clear, you need a tractor snow blower attachment that can adjust the height for different surfaces. Unlike the previous Husqvarna snow blower featured, this model has a push-button lift adjustment that raises the auger from 2 inches to 4.5 inches.

It also has two 12-inch augers with serrated edges to make cutting wet, compacted, and iced snow a lot easier. This model is a two-stage machine, so it has an impeller to force the snow out of the 180-degree swiveling chute.

You can control the chute direction from the comfort of the tractor seat, and you can get a list of the compatible tractors on the Husqvarna website.

What We Like

Push-Button Lift

Simply push the button, and this tractor snow blower raises and lowers to a height of 4.5 inches and a depth of 2 inches. It’s the ideal machine for covering gravel surfaces.

Serrated Auger

Got icy snow, wet snow, and compacted snow? No problem! The serrated twin augers make light work in most snow conditions.

Directional Chute

Spinning the chute 180 degrees is handy when you want to direct the jet of snow. When you change direction, you need the chute to change as well, so you don’t cover the bit you’ve just cleared.


Compared to other models we have featured, this 180-pound Husqvarna is one of the lightest to feature. 180 pounds is still pretty hefty, but not when talking about tractor snow blower attachments.

What We Don't Like


This model is close to a couple of thousand dollars, which is almost 4 times the price of a gas-powered two-stage snow blower.

Product Specs

Weight (pounds) 180
Dimensions (inches) 45.5 x 33.5 x 26
Type Two-stage
Plowing width (inches) 42
Adjustable height (inches) 2 to 4.5 inches
Price $$$$$
Warranty 2-year

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Weight Dimensions (inches) Type Plowing width Adjustable height Warranty
Husqvarna Two-Stage Tractor Large Driveways 250 lbs 48 x 48 x 48″ Two-stage 42″ Yes 2-year
NorTrac 3-Pt Snow Blower Sidewalks 651 lbs N/A Two-stage 60″ No N/A
Arnold MTD Snow Thrower Decks 277 lbs 49 x 40 x 39.5″ Two-stage 42″ No N/A
Arnold 46-Inch Snow Blade Attachment Manually Adjustable 67.7 lbs 47.5 x 16.25 x 10.75 Not specified 46″ No Not specified
Husqvarna Snow Thower Gravel Driveways 180 lbs 45.5 x 33.5 x 26″ Two-stage 42″ Yes 2-year

How Does a Tractor Snow Blower Work?

A snow blower works by pushing the device up and down your driveway, but with a tractor snow blower, you connect the attachment to your garden tractor to give you additional clearance capabilities.

All you need to do is hook up your snow blower to the tractor motor via the clutch and V-belt attachment, and you can power and control the device.

As the tractor pushes it forward, the auger rotates, chewing through the dense snow and throwing it out of the chute at the top. It operates in exactly the same way as your hand-held snow blower, except a tractor attachment relies on the mower for power.

Some tractor snow blower attachments are two-stage machines, meaning they have an auger to scoop the snow and an impeller that propels it out of the chute.

How to Choose (Buying Guide)

So, what are the key considerations you should keep in mind when shopping for a tractor snow blower combo? Let’s take a look.

Do You Own a Garden Tractor?

It seems like an obvious place to start, but you may be in the market for a tractor and a tractor snow blower attachment? Riding mowers bought out of season can be cheaper because sellers have a dip in sales in the winter.

Think of it like buying a soft-top car in the middle of winter. Sales reps fall over themselves to do a deal, and so should your garden tractor salesperson. And the bonus is you have a mower for the summer months.

You might also qualify for a discount if you opt to buy the garden tractor and the snow blower attachment together, so it’s worth haggling with the dealer.

Single-Stage Vs. Two-Stage

As with standard snow blowers, you can get single-stage models and two-stage machines. The difference between the two comes in the way it performs. Single-stage snow blowers have an auger that scoops the snow and throws it out of the chute.

Two-stage snow blowers utilize an auger in the same way, but with the addition of an impeller to throw the snow out of the chute. The impeller makes the whole process more efficient and shares the burden, reducing strain on the auger.

If you have long, hard winters, you might want to consider a two-stage model because they clear higher amounts of snow at a far greater depth.

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Close-up of a two-stage snow blowerSingle-Stage Vs. Two-Stage Vs. Three-Stage Snow Blower

Tractor Compatibility

If you have an existing tractor, double-check the manual to see if the tractor attachment is compatible with your model. Most are universal, but be aware that some makes are only suitable for use with their own brand.

How Big Is It?

The fact you are shopping for a tractor attachment snow blower tells us that you have a large plot or driveway that needs clearing. The great news is snow blower tractor attachments are super-wide.

Standard gas-powered machines have a clearance path between 22 and 30 inches, whereas a tractor attachment increases this plowing width to 60 inches. The sizes can vary, so be sure to get the right width for your driveway.

How Heavy Is It?

Weight is an important factor when deciding which model is right. Some weigh upwards of 280 pounds, which is too heavy for one person to lift. You can get tractor attachment snow blowers that are far lighter, at 180 pounds, but this is still too heavy for the average person.

Ease of Installation

After you’ve factored in the weight, what about other elements. Can you fit the tractor attachment by yourself, or do you need to get a professional installation?

And then there is the unhooking process. Does this also require a professional, or can you do it yourself? When the heavy snow comes, you don’t have the time to waste tracking down an installer, let alone making an appointment to get it done.

Ease of Storage

These machines are not small by any stretch, so before you buy one, work out where to keep it. Remember that for at least 6 months of the year, it will be inactive unless you live in the North Pole.

It’s nothing like storing your standard snow blower. These machines are often twice the size and weight, so make sure you solve this issue before spending big bucks on your new model.


First, all tractor snow blower attachments are expensive. That’s a fact. You are going to spend thousands of dollars instead of hundreds. However, some models are more costly than others, so work out what you want and stick to it.

When you compare snow blower tractor attachments to standard snow blowers, the price difference is stark. Even a budget tractor attachment will cost you double that of a typical snow blower.

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