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Best Toilet Seats For Heavy People of 2022

Everyone deserves a toilet seat that fits.

Are you experiencing difficulty in the bathroom simply because you can’t find a seat that fits your particular needs? When it comes to personal functions, it can often be difficult to reach out to ask for assistance in making an educated purchase.

Many everyday products that we consider to be part of our modern lives just aren’t suitable for heavy people. For instance, most toilet seats can’t hold more than 300–400 pounds (1).

The World Health Organisation reports that heavy children of school-age are 63% more likely to be bullied at school (2). But, your security and comfort are important, both in the outside world and in the bathroom.

Thankfully, products with heavy-load bearing capacity and effective pressure hold exist. Use our guide to guarantee you a purchase that will ensure your comfort, convenience and confidence.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Big John Products 2445646-1W Closed Front with Cover Oversize Toilet Seat, White
Best Quality Seat
Big John 1-W Toilet Seat
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable
  • High-quality construction
Product Image of the Big John Toilet Seat 2445263-3W Open Front with Cover Bariatric Toilet Seat, White
Most User-Friendly Seat
Big John 3-W Open Front Seat
  • Contour design
  • Efficient construction
  • Breeze of installation
Product Image of the Bemis 7800TDG 000 Plastic Toilet Seat Elongated, White (3-(Pack))
Most Sustainable Design
Bemis 7800TDG 000 Toilet Seat
  • Elongated design
  • Modern system
  • Eco-friendly
Product Image of the Bath Royale BR620-00 Premium Round White Toilet Seat, Long Lasting, Stain Resistant, 100% Polypropylene Toilet Seat Replacement with Slow Close
Best Quality Product
Bath Royale Round Toilet Seat
  • User-friendly
  • Sleek design
  • High quality construction
Product Image of the WSSROGY Elongated Toilet Seat with Lid, Quiet Close, Fits Standard Elongated or Oblong Toilets, Slow Close Seat and Cover, Oval, White
Most Efficient Installation
Slow Close Seat and Cover
  • Design ease
  • Quality construction
  • Ease of use
Product Image of the CENTOCO 900-001 Elongated Wooden Toilet Seat, Heavy Duty Molded Wood with Centocore Technology, White
Best Wooden
Centoco 900-001 Elongated Wooden
  • Superior fit
  • Easy to install
  • Color options

Product Reviews

We’ve spent countless hours going through the toilet seats for heavy people while consulting market experts. Combining this with our above features and customer feedback has led us to the following recommended products.

1. Big John 1-W Oversized Toilet Seat

Best Quality Seat

This toilet seat brought to us by Big John is well-regarded and of a high-quality, which is expected from this company. Customers consistently rate Big John with high reviews on many platforms. The brand creates products that are durable and that simply work.

This larger-framed toilet seat has a weight capacity of 1,200 pounds. It will provide security and ease, leaving the customer extremely satisfied. The company’s “meeting the need” ethos is demonstrated through the wider surface area of the toilets, allowing for a heavier, larger frame.

Photo of the Big John 1-W Oversized Toilet Seat

What We Like

Ergonomic Design

The Big John 1-W’s ergonomic design will do wonders for your quality of life. The contoured, 19-inch-wide surface will ensure an absence of any unease or discomfort. The large surface is more than 4 inches wider than the average toilet seat.

Health Conscious

The 1-W is also fitted with a seat 2 inches higher than an average toilet seat. This will ease muscle activity and reduce any discomfort or pain.


The durability of this design is quite something. It can hold up to as much as 1,200 pounds in weight due to the quality of its construction, allowing for maximum security. You won’t be concerned about breakage any time soon. Big John has your back.

High-Quality Construction

Big John has used a construction process of plastic injection molding, specifically high-grade ABS plastic. This technique allows a more focused concentration and complexity in design (3). It also enhances product strength and efficiency.

And it doesn’t stop there. The chemically resistant synthetic rubber bumpers dramatically reduce any chance of the seat moving or sliding while in use.

What We Don't Like


Be aware that this design may be quite difficult to set up. It could be helpful to reach out for assistance when installing this product.

Product Specs

Size 19 inches wide
Material ABS plastic, synthetic rubber
Color/finish White
Warranty 12 months
Tools for installation Wrench or pliers

2. Big John 3-W Oversized Open Front Toilet Seat

Most User-Friendly Seat

Much like the Big John 1-W Oversized toilet, this 3-W model boasts a large weight-carrying ability, great stability, and an ergonomic design.

The product is again designed with the user’s interests at the forefront.

Photo of the Big John 3-W Oversized Open Front Toilet Seat

What We Like

Contour Design

Where the 3-W really differs from the Big John’s 1-W model is its design contour and support. This model actually holds an open-front design. This gives the user a smart and hygienic bathroom experience.

Many women have found that open-front toilet seats facilitate easily towards their comfort. The product really strives to give its users the most convenient and amicable use as possible.

Another convenient aspect of the 3-W toilet seat is its universal fit. You won’t need to make a frustrating second purchase to find a toilet compatible with the toilet seat. This will certainly save you money and time.

Efficient Construction

The model is fitted with stainless steel fixtures, providing a secure and quality toilet experience. Along with its high-grade ABS plastic and stabilizing rubber materials, you have the ultimate stability.

Unlike the Big John 1-W model, the 3-W can hold over 1,200 pounds in weight — perfect for giving you that extra peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about a breakage any time soon.

What We Don't Like


Users have stated that the open front design doesn’t work for everybody. Do ensure that the contour of the product will be to your liking and comfort before you purchase it.

Product Specs

Size 19 inches wide
Material ABS plastic
Colour/ finish White
Warranty Lifetime warranty
Tools for installation Wrench or pliers

3. Bemis 7800TDG 000 Plastic Toilet Seat Elongated

Most Sustainable Design

The Bemis manufacturing family strives to offer “quality, innovative products for everyday life.” Its products are made in the U.S. in an environmentally conscious way.

This product uses the company’s hollow core plastic design. This makes it sturdy, very easy to clean, and resistant to staining.

Thanks to the solid construction, some customers report that it’s sturdy enough to hold a small army. This provides excellent peace of mind when you need a toilet seat to sustain a specific amount of weight that regular seats can’t.

What We Like

Elongated Design

Whether for business or residential use, if you are a stickler for sleek design, perhaps the BEMIS 7800TDG 000 will appeal to you.

Its elongated design is one of its most unique elements. This contour provides extra space and comfort, particularly for adults. This model is also compatible with popular toilet brands such as Kohler and American Standard.

Modern System

The construction of the Bemis 7800TDG 000 is impressive. The designers chose to fit it with a STA-TITE fastening system, so installation is a piece of cake.


Bemis is also committed to sustainability and environmental conservation. This model is constructed of non-corrosive stainless steel and gentle materials. By choosing this brand, you’ll be caring for the environment.

What We Don't Like

Design Hazards

Be wary that, due to the elongated design, this product is unsuitable for children.

Product Specs

Size Elongated design — 18.5 inches length
Material Injection mold solid plastic, stainless steel, earth-friendly materials
Color/finish White
Warranty One-year warranty
Tools for installation Wrench or pliers

4. Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat

Best Quality Product

This premium round toilet seat is brought to us by Bath Royale, a small, family-owned business based right in the US.

This reputable company has created this model to be sleek, smart and user-friendly.

Photo of the Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat

What We Like


A soft-close lid and secure fastening function will assist in canceling out noise caused by accidental toilet lid slamming. This design is also of great assistance to those with health problems like back pain. You won’t have to bend to close the lid.


This toilet seat also impresses with its material construction. The 100% authentic polypropylene plastic will advance the cleaning regime for your toilet. Its non-staining, non-absorbing and chemically-resistant quality will extend the cleanliness of the product.

The material also acts as a thermal insulator, kinder to the body than materials such as acrylic and low-grade plastic.


It also has universal compatibility with all toilet brands, such as American Standard, Kohler, and Toto. You won’t have to worry about purchasing a toilet to fit the toilet seat.

The product is available in both elongated and round contours, enabling you to purchase specifically to your needs.

Sleek Design

Are you looking for a sleek design? This toilet seat will guarantee that. Its mounting hardware is high-grade. Better yet, it’s also available in a polished chrome option or even a color-matched option.

Customer Service

One of the worst elements of a new purchase is bad customer service. Yet, that won’t be a worry when purchasing from Bath Royale. The company wants to offer its customers the best by providing great customer assistance.

What We Don't Like


Note that this model is incompatible with a bidet. Some customers also observed that abrasive objects damage the high-gloss finish.


Customers have said that this toilet seat can hang over the side of the toilet if not chosen correctly according to the specific existing toilet size.

Product Specs

Size 16.5 x 14 x 2 inches
Material Polypropylene
Color/ finish White, linen, almond colors. High-gloss finish
Warranty Two-year warranty
Tools for installation Wrench or pliers

5. Elongated Slow Close Seat and Cover

Most Efficient Installation

The manufacturer has created an effective product at an affordable price. It’s clear that they are committed to making a product that gives optimum comfort.

This model is a wise option if you are seeking a sturdy product that does the job. With a net weight standing at 4.08 pounds, it’s heavier than competing brands. This rather prodigious size will reinforce strength and support for your body.

Photo of the Elongated Slow Close Seat and Cover

What We Like

Design Ease

We love the elongated, concave design. The contour will fit your hips more comfortably and ease-up your sitting experience. This will really help out the heavier person.

We love the elongated, concave design. It adds ease and support for larger people.

Quality Construction

The manufacturer has chosen to construct this product with high-grade polypropylene, a durable and non-toxic material (4). This is a more sustainable option and also acts as a thermal insulator.

Ease of Use

If you’re looking for a design that’ll work efficiently for a family, opt for this model. The designers have built-in a slow-close cover function. This means that the toilet provides a quiet close, no-slamming experience.

What We Don't Like

Design and Contour

Some customers have found that the model’s concave design creates some discomfort.

Product Specs

Size Length 18.5 x Width 14″ x Mounting hole distance 5.5″
Material Polypropylene
Color/ finish White, high-gloss finish
Warranty Not specified
Tools for installation Wrench

6. Centoco 900-001 Elongated Wooden Toilet Seat

Best Wooden Toilet Seat

Although we have been recommending ABS plastic, the Centoco 900-001 is an exception. It’s constructed with molded, thick, polypropylene over a wood core. The wood won’t crack, chip, dent, flatten, flake, fade or peel like other wooden seats so you can rest assured it’s a durable option.

The polypropylene shell is a high-gloss scratch resistant material. It won’t stain or discolor — and it’s very easy to clean.

The Centoco toilet seat is a sanitary and hygienic option. It’s non-porous so it won’t harbour bacteria or the chemicals from your cleaning products.

Photo of the Centoco 900-001 Elongated Wooden Toilet Seat

What We Like

High-Quality Construction

As well as the polypropylene shell and the wooden core, the design is high-quality, too. It’s an ergonomic contour fit that suits elongated toilet seats, but there is also a round option. The hinges are impact absorbing so they won’t break or crack. There are also permanent bumpers that remain sanitary but also won’t fall off.

Easy to Install

Don’t stress yourself out with a complicated installation process. The Centoco toilet seat requires four simple steps that take just a couple of minutes to run through. Then your toilet seat is up, running and ready to go!

Color Options

This toilet seat comes in four color options: white, crane white, biscuit and bone. You can buy them individually, or you can buy a pack of six! You can choose your seat according to your bathroom decor so that it blends in nicely.

What We Don't Like

Hinges May Come Loose

Some customers have little faith in the hinges. They appear to come loose, which doesn’t lend itself to amazing durability. That’s why we recommend getting a pack of six — just in case you need to replace the toilet seat frequently. On that note, keep in mind that the weight limit for this toilet seat is 300 pounds, whereas some of our other recommendations have a higher weight limit.

Product Specs

Size 18.5 inches
Material Polypropylene shell over wood core
Color/ finish White, crane white, biscuit or bone
Warranty One year
Tools for installation Screw driver

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Size Material Color/finish Warranty Installation Tools
Big John 1-W Toilet Seat Quality Seat 19″ (W) ABS plastic, synthetic rubber White 12 mos Wrench / pliers
Big John 3-W Open Front Seat User-Friendly 19″ (W) ABS plastic White Lifetime Wrench / pliers
Bemis 7800TDG 000 Toilet Seat Sustainable Design 18.5″ (L) Solid plastic, stainless steel White 1-year Wrench / pliers
Bath Royale Round Toilet Seat Quality 16.5″ x 14″ x 2″ Polypropylene 3 colors. High-gloss finish 2-year Wrench / pliers
Elongated Toilet Seat Efficient Installation 18.5 (L) x 14 (W) Polypropylene White, high-gloss finish Not specified Wrench
Centoco 900-001 Wooden 18.5″ Polypropylene shell over wood core 4 colors. High-gloss finish. 1-year Screw driver

Things to Consider (Buying Guide)

Ensure that the purchase you’re about to make is worth it by focusing on these key factors:


When buying an effective toilet seat for a heavy person, the first thing to review is the design of the product. Too often, heavy people will opt for a toilet seat that simply isn’t meant for them. Think, “Will this design work for me?”

Ensure that the product is ergonomic and well contoured. There’s a vast array of products available with a raised toilet seat design. Those who have mobility challenges will benefit from this. The design makes the seat higher and thus, easier to use.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine found that a raised toilet seat design reduces muscle activity (5). The design reduces the time it takes for a user to sit down and stand up. This will minimize any unnecessary discomfort and notably improve your standard of living.

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Woman closing the toilet seatBest Cushioned Toilet Seats of 2022


Consider stability when choosing the best toilet seat for a heavy person. Bumpers on a toilet seat are the parts that ensure stability. They are what dampens the friction between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl.

An effective toilet seat for a heavy person will be fitted with stabilizing rubber bumpers. The quality of this material will minimize unwanted movement and unsteadiness.


Regular toilet seats are most commonly fitted with cheap, plastic material. Yet, an effective product for a heavy person will need to be constructed of high-grade ABS plastic. This will strengthen the toilet seat and minimize breakage upon extreme pressure (6).

Check that the product is also kitted out with stainless steel hinges and heavy-duty bolts. These stronger and more durable materials increase the product’s strength and give it a long life.

User Experience

It’s also important to opt for an easy installation product. Check for a toilet seat that fits both round and elongated toilets. Ideally, invest in a toilet seat that fits your existing toilet.

Top Tips for an Easy Experience

  • Compatibility: Ensure that your toilet seat will be compatible with the existing toilet.
  • Customer Service: Check the brand is good to customers in case you need some help with the product.
  • Weight limit: Be sure, before purchase, that the toilet weight allowance will suit your requirements.
  • Installation: Ensure you have the proper tools to install the product quickly and efficiently.
  • Hiring: Consider hiring someone to install the product. Does the brand offer this service?

Check First

Do ensure to check the weight limit of the toilet you’re purchasing. Failure to do so could result in breakage or damage to yourself or the item.


How Can I Clean My Toilet Seat?

Mild soap and water are best. This is a more gentle technique and will minimize damage to the toilet materials.

Why Is My Toilet Seat Stained?

If you’re continually applying harsh chemicals or cleaning products to rid your seat of dirt, chances are you’re doing more harm than good. Use kinder ingredients to clean, such as soap and water.

I Don’t Want to Install the Seat Myself

If you’re someone who doesn’t like getting your hands dirty or installing products, check whether the brand offers an installation service. The alternative is to call a local handyman or call a friend for a favor.

Will the Seat Hold My Weight?

A toilet seat product should come with a suggested weight standard. Be sure to observe this and buy accordingly.

Go Seek Your Best Life

We know how frustrating it can be trying to search for products that suit your size. Sadly, many brands simply don’t account for larger people. This can make it a challenge for the ones on the outside. But don’t settle for less.

Use our helpful analysis and select a toilet seat that’s right for you. Look for a product designed with high-grade materials, such as ABS plastic, rubber bumpers or 100% pure polypropylene.

Try to select a toilet seat fitted with stainless steel hinges and heavy-duty bolts. This will keep the basic structure of the installation strong and balance the weight put on the product.

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