Best Snow Brushes for Cars of 2021

Clear snow and ice quickly with a car snow brush.

If you live in a part of the country that regularly gets sub-zero temperatures, you will be familiar with ice scrapers and snow brushes.

Clearing ice and snow from your car is crucial for safety before you set off on your journey.

So what are the best snow brushes for cars? Let’s find out.

Our Top Picks

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Product Image of the 27' Snow Brush and Ice Scraper for Car Windshield with a Foam for Cars, SUV, Trucks - Detachable Scraper - No Scratch - Heavy Duty Handle, Snow Broom, Remover, Easy Scraper, Blue
Best Snow Brush With Ice Scraper
Trazon Snow Brush & Ice Scraper
  • No-scratch bristles
  • Ergonomic handles
  • ABS scraper
Product Image of the Snow Joe SJBLZD 2-in-1 Snow Broom with 18-Inch Foam Head + Large Ice Scraper, Blue
Best for SUVs
Snow Joe 2-In-1 Snow Broom
  • Disassembles easily
  • Extends to 52 inches
  • 18-inch head
Product Image of the MATCC Car Snow Broom with Ice Snow Scraper 37.5' Extendable 3 in 1 Snow Removal Brush Tool for Sedan Car Roadster Auto Truck Windshield Windows Model MSB010
Best Snow Brush With Foam
MATCC SUV Snow Broom
  • 37.5 extendable handle
  • EVA material
  • Pivoting head
Product Image of the AstroAI 27”Snow Brush and Detachable Ice Scraper with Ergonomic Foam Grip for Cars, Trucks, SUVs (Heavy Duty ABS, PVC Brush, Blue)
Best Lightweight Car Snow Brush
AstroAI Snow Brush & Ice Scraper
  • Specially designed bristles
  • 27-inch reach
  • 7-inch brush head
Product Image of the SubZero 2610XB 48' Extender Snowbroom with Integrated Squeegee Head (Colors may vary)
Best Budget Car Snow Brush
SubZero Extender Snow Broom
  • Integrated squeegee head
  • Extendable pole
  • 48-inch reach
Product Image of the BIRDROCK HOME Snow MOOver 55' Extendable Foam Car Snow Brush and Ice Scraper with Soft Grip - Winter Tool - Auto Window Windshield Snow Brush - Ice Scraper - Truck SUV - Snow Removal
Best Extendable Snow Brush
BirdRock Home Snow MOOver
  • 55-inch reach
  • Cushioned handle
  • Slip-resistant grip
Product Image of the SubZero 14039 50' Crossover Super Duty Extendable Snowbroom with Pivoting Head and Integrated Ice Scraper
Best Pivoting Head Car Snow Brush
SubZero Crossover Snow Broom
  • 11-inch head
  • 50-inch reach
  • Curved pole handle
Product Image of the JOYTUTUS Snow Brush, 5-in-1 Extendable 21”-47' Snow Brush for Car, Durable & Sturdy, No Scratch, 270° Auto Snow Scraper with Brush, Foam Grip, Detachable ABS Ice Scraper for Car, SUV, Truck(Blue)…
Best Durable Car Snow Brush
JOYTUTUS 5-In-1 Snow Brush
  • Extends to 47 inches
  • 270-degree rotation
  • Has 4-function squeegee
Product Image of the RUN STAR Snow Brush and Ice Scraper Foam Grip, Extendable and Detachable Snow Mover for Car Windshield, Auto Snow Brush Ice Removal with Soft Bristle Brush Head and Durable Aluminum Handle 38''
Best Easy-To-Assemble Snow Brush
RUN STAR Snow Broom & Ice Scraper
  • Extends to 38 inches
  • 360-degree rotating head
  • Comfortable foam handle
Product Image of the Snow Brush Extendable, 2 in 1 Ice Scraper for Car Windshield with Foam Grip and Rotating Brush Head, Heavy Duty ABS (Grey)
Best Versatile Car Snow Brush
Eazzzy Snow Brush and Ice Scraper
  • ABS material
  • Extends to 27.5 inches
  • 9.5 inch rotating head

How To Choose the Best Car Snow Brushes

Getting the best snow brush for your car is crucial for safety. So, what should you be looking for when shopping for a new one?


Cars come in all shapes and sizes, so it comes as no surprise that one snow brush differs in length from another. If you have an SUV or minivan, a snow brush with a longer handle comes in handy.

It needs to reach at least halfway across your windshield and your roof. Getting a broom with an extendable handle is a great choice because it adapts to the size of your car, making one brush fit all sizes.

The width of the brush makes clearing snow easier. A wider span removes more material in one sweep, reducing the effort needed and speeding up the process.

Quality of Bristles

Snow brushes come in all shapes and sizes, but the quality of the bristles makes the most significant difference to performance.

Do Snow Brushes Scratch Your Car?

Removing compacted snow takes effort. Your windshield is robust, but it still scratches if the brush is too harsh. And when you sweep snow from your car’s body, paintwork scratches all too easily.

Nylon bristles are effective at removing snow but are prone to marking your paintwork, whereas foam is far more gentle, causing less damage.

You can get specially designed bristle formations that increase the capacity of the snow removal while reducing the impact on your vehicle, but some brushes leave tiny marks on your paintwork.


Luckily, most snow brushes are durable. The first thing to perish will be the bristles and foam strips that make up the squeegee. The body of the snow brush is typically made from hard-wearing plastic or alloy metal.

Ease of Assembly

Snow brushes should be easy to assemble. Some have changeable heads for different weather conditions, while others have extendable handles for adjusting to different car models.

The last thing you need is to struggle with your snow brush in the freezing cold conditions when time is precious.


Remember, you will be wearing gloves, so an ergonomic handle with a decent grip is crucial. Large rubber molded handles are better for gripping with gloves. Look for material like neoprene.

Try and get a lightweight brush because leaning across your hood and stretching to reach the windshield can place undue pressure on your arms and back. The amount of snowfall will dictate the weight of the brush and handle you need because you want it to clear the snow quickly. Longer handles tend to be heavier, so getting one that’s too big for your vehicle could add unnecessary weight.

Value for Money

Getting the most out of your snow brush is crucial if you want to achieve value for money. That’s why brooms that incorporate squeegees and scrapers make snow and ice clearance easier.

With snow comes ice, so there is a strong chance you will need to scrape your windshield. Some brushes have a double-edge with a scraper on the other side, while premium models come with interchangeable heads.

Extra Features

Some of the top-end brushes have rotating heads and interchangeable attachments. It means you can swap and change to meet the demands of the weather conditions. Also, look for extendable handles to help you reach larger vehicles.

The Best Car Snow Brushes of 2021

Here are 10 of the best snow brushes currently on the market.

1. Trazon 27” Snow Brush and Ice Scraper

Best Snow Brush With Ice Scraper

Behind every covering of snow on your windshield is a rock-hard layer of ice, so getting a snow brush with superior ice-scraping skills is imperative. This Trazon broom has precisely that.

The ABS scraper is both durable and kind to car surfaces, even paintwork. It won’t leave your windshield scratched after rigorous scraping. The brush has a specially designed bristle that traps more of the white stuff with each sweep, and thanks to the ergonomic handle, you never lose grip.

It is lightweight and durable, thanks to the metal core and hard-wearing plastic outer shell. Despite all this superior performance, this snow brush is surprisingly compact and easy to store in the car.


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Great price.
  • No-scratch bristles.
  • Ergonomic handles.
  • ABS scraper.


  • Non-extendable.
  • Limited reach.

Additional Specs

Weight 12 ounces
Dimensions 16.54 x 8.66 x 1.78 inches
Extendable No
Material ABS plus metal core
Non-scratch Yes
Pivoting head No
Price $$

2. Snow Joe SJBLZD 2-In-1 Snow Broom

Best Snow Brush for SUVs

SUVs are larger than sedans, so if you want to remove all that snow, you need a scraper that can cope. This Snow Joe is not only incredible value for money; it also has an 18-inch foam head that makes pushing and pulling the snow from your car a breeze.

It comes in 4 parts, with 3 pole sections that easily snap together to extend the reach from 33 to 52 inches.

It also makes disassembling simple and storage even more straightforward. The sturdy metal poles are lightweight, weighing just 1.4 pounds, and the ice scraper deals with the thickest ice.


  • Disassembles easily.
  • Easy to store.
  • Extends to 52 inches.
  • 18-inch head.


  • No ergonomic handle.
  • Requires assembly.

Additional Specs

Weight 1.4 pounds
Dimensions 47.5 x 18 x 8 inches
Extendable 52 inches
Material Metal
Non-scratch No
Pivoting head No
Price $

3. MATCC SUV Snow Broom With Ice Scraper

Best Snow Brush With Foam

This MATCC brush has an extendable handle that reaches up to 37.5 inches for clearing snow from SUV and truck roofs, as well as large family cars.

It has a large and thick foam head and a scraper with teeth to cut into the most stubborn ice. It has a soft foam grip, as well as a rotating head to better cover the contours of your vehicle.

Thanks to the EVA material, the brush won’t scratch your windshield or paintwork, so you can remove the snow without fretting about damage. You can also push or pull the snow, thanks to the unique design.


  • Extendable handle.
  • Ideal for SUVs.
  • EVA material.
  • Pivoting head.


  • Sometimes leaves dark marks on your car.
  • Feels cheaply made.

Additional Specs

Weight 1.76 pounds
Dimensions 16.93 x 5.12 x 4.53 inches
Extendable 37.5 inches
Material EVA
Non-scratch Yes
Pivoting head Yes
Price $$$

4. AstroAI Snow Brush and Detachable Ice Scraper

Best Lightweight Car Snow Brush

Scraping ice and snow can put your back and wrists under strain, so having a lightweight snow brush is a real bonus. This model weighs just 11.2 ounces and reduces the pressure when scraping back and forth, as well as chipping away at solid ice.

This model has an ergonomic handle for comfort and increased grip. It also has an ice scraper mounted to the base of the handle, which is detachable.

The 7-inch brush head makes light work of sweeping away the snow, while the 27-inch reach takes care of sedans and smaller family cars. The bristles are specially designed to maximize snow removal while reducing damage to the vehicle paintwork.


  • Detachable scraper.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Ideal for sedans and family cars.
  • Specially designed bristles.
  • 27-inch reach.


  • Not extendable.
  • Smaller vehicles only.
  • Smaller brush head.

Additional Specs

Weight 11.2 ounces
Dimensions 16.02 x 5.98 x 2.76 inches
Extendable No
Material ABS
Non-scratch Yes
Pivoting head No
Price $

5. SubZero 2610XB Extender Snow Broom

Best Budget Car Snow Brush

For sheer value, this brush is impossible to beat. It extends up to 48 inches, making it a great option for SUVs and trucks, as well as sedans and smaller cars. It even comes with an integrated squeegee head to get every last remnant of snow and moisture from your windshield.

This is the budget option, so we suppose something has to give. You don’t get an ice scraper, which means you need to purchase one separately. It is an added expense, which may negate the savings you make buying this brush.

The snow scraper is constructed from hard plastic, so be careful when you remove the snow that you don’t scratch the paintwork.

It also has a smaller width brush head, so you may need to make several sweeps before you clear all the snow.


  • Great price.
  • Ideal for larger vehicles.
  • Extendable pole.
  • 48-inch reach.


  • No ice scraper.
  • Cheap plastic.

Additional Specs

Weight 1.09 pounds
Dimensions 31 x 8 x 4 inches
Extendable 48 inches
Material. Plastic
Non-scratch No
Pivoting head No
Price $

6. BirdRock Home Snow MOOver Extendable Brush

Best Extendable Snow Brush for Cars

This ergonomically designed snow brush has a soft grip that is both comfortable and slip-resistant, making it ideal to use with gloves. And while it is the best extendable broom for use with cars, it extends to 55 inches, so it can clear the snow from the largest of vehicles.

The 14-inch foam head makes light work of the thickest snow, and the head pivots 270 degrees for better contouring of your vehicle’s bodywork and shape.

The ice scraper is removable, and the pole extends telescopically rather than connecting snap-on sections. This tool is not the cheapest snow broom available, retailing at over double the price of the budget model.


  • 14-inch head.
  • Ideal for larger vehicles.
  • Extendable pole.
  • 55-inch reach.
  • Cushioned handle.
  • Pivoting head.


  • Expensive.
  • Heavy.

Additional Specs

Weight 1.06 pounds
Dimensions 16.9 x 2.8 x 1.6 inches
Extendable 55 inches
Material Plastic and metal
Non-scratch Yes
Pivoting head Yes
Price $$$

7. SubZero 14039 Crossover Extendable Snow Broom

Best Pivoting Head Car Snow Brush

This SubZero crossover broom has a curved pole to make it easier to reach the windshield and the roof. It has a pivoting brush head that pulls and pushes, while the width of the head makes for better snow clearance.

The pole extends to a maximum of 50 inches and has a quick-lock system that speeds up the process. It also has a toothed ice scraper on the base end of the pole that chips away at the thickest ice.

The main advantage with this pole design is the increased leverage you get, which decreases hand and wrist pressure, speeding up the material removal.


  • 11-inch head.
  • Ideal for larger vehicles.
  • Extendable pole.
  • 50-inch reach.
  • Curved handle.
  • Pivoting head.


  • Non-removable ice scraper.

Additional Specs

Weight 1 pound
Dimensions 36 x 5 x 5 inches
Extendable 50 inches
Material Plastic and metal
Non-scratch Yes
Pivoting head Yes
Price $$

8. JOYTUTUS 5-In-1 Snow Brush

Best Durable Car Snow Brush

If durability is your thing, this snow brush ticks all the boxes. It is created from an upgraded version of ABS, making it hard-wearing and robust. It has a removable ice scraper at the end of the extendable pole and a 4-function squeegee at the other end.

The snow scraper has bristles on one side of the head and a foam rubber edge on the other so you can push and pull the snow while brushing away frosting and light snow residue.

It extends to a maximum of 47 inches, and the head pivots 270 degrees. You even get a selection of accessories that includes a carry bag, a towel, and a pair of gloves.


  • Durable.
  • Extends to 47 inches.
  • 270-degree rotation.
  • Non-slip grip.
  • Foam and bristle edges.


  • Heavy compared to others.
  • Expensive.

Additional Specs

Weight 2.25 pounds
Dimensions 17.32 x 7.68 x 3.54 inches
Extendable 47 inches
Material ABS
Non-scratch Yes
Pivoting head Yes
Price $$$

9. RUN STAR Foam Grip Snow Broom and Ice Scraper

Best Easy-To-Assemble Snow Brush

Many snow brushes have accessories and detachable attachments, but few are as easy to assemble as this RUN STAR model. It comes with an array of heads that easily snap into place with one click. To remove, simply push the large button, and the brush disassembles.

The handle extends to 38 inches, and the brush head rotates 360 degrees. The ice scraper also removes to make it easier to attack the thick ice on your windshield. The pole also has a comfortable foam handle for better control and grip.

Not only is this brush lightweight, but it is also inexpensive, making it incredible value for money.


  • Lightweight.
  • Extends to 38 inches.
  • 360-degree rotation.
  • Non-slip grip.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Feels cheaply made.

Additional Specs

Weight 1.39 pounds
Dimensions 17.8 x 5.28 x 3.5 inches
Extendable 38 inches
Material Metal and plastic
Non-scratch Yes
Pivoting head Yes
Price $

10. Eazzzy Snow Brush and Ice Scraper

Best Versatile Car Snow Brush

This brush is constructed from strengthened ABS material, so it is extremely durable while retaining its lightweight qualities. It is a versatile tool with a 360-degree pivoting head and an extendable handle that reaches to 27.5 inches.

The handle is wrapped in soft foam for better grip and control, and the head measures 9.5 inches for speedier snow removal. You can also use this brush on your motorbike, bicycle, and home exterior for shifting snow from your windows.

One of the best things about this Eazzzy snow brush is the price. It retails at a fraction of the cost of other models, making it very good value for money.


  • Lightweight.
  • Extends to 27.5 inches.
  • 360-degree rotation.
  • Non-slip grip.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Limited reach.

Additional Specs

Weight 10.6 ounces
Dimensions 13.66 x 8.43 x 1.85 inches
Extendable 27.5 inches
Material Strengthened ABS
Non-scratch Yes
Pivoting head Yes
Price $

Car Snow Brush Comparison Chart

Product Best Weight Dimensions Extendable Material Non-scratch Pivoting head
Trazon Snow Brush & Ice Scraper Ice Scraper 12 oz 16.54 x 8.66 x 1.78″ None ABS plus metal core Yes No
Snow Joe 2-In-1 Snow Broom SUVs 1.4 lbs 47.5 x 18 x 8″ 52″ Metal No No
MATCC SUV Snow Broom With Foam 1.76 lbs 16.93 x 5.12 x 4.53″ 37.5″ EVA Yes Yes
AstroAI Snow Brush & Ice Scraper Lightweight 11.2 oz 16.02 x 5.98 x 2.76″ None ABS Yes No
SubZero Extender Snow Broom Budget Pick 1.09 lbs 31 x 8 x 4″ 48″ Plastic No No
BirdRock Home Snow MOOver Extendable Brush 1.06 lbs 16.9 x 2.8 x 1.6″ 55″ Plastic & metal Yes Yes
SubZero Crossover Snow Broom Pivoting Brush 1 lb 36 x 5 x 5″ 50″ Plastic & metal Yes Yes
JOYTUTUS 5-In-1 Snow Brush Durable 2.25 lbs 17.32 x 7.68 x 3.54″ 47″ ABS Yes Yes
RUN STAR Snow Broom & Scraper Easy-To-Assemble 1.39 lbs 17.8 x 5.28 x 3.5″ 38″ Metal & plastic Yes Yes
Eazzzy Snow Brush and Ice Scraper Versatile 10.6 oz 13.66 x 8.43 x 1.85″ 27.5″ Strengthened ABS Yes Yes

How Do You Use a Snow Brush on a Car?

As with any tool, there are good and bad techniques. Knowing the tips and tricks to get the most from your snow brush is crucial.

Don’t Leave the Snow

Leaving the snow to set makes it more difficult to remove without causing lasting damage to your car. We get that this is impossible when you are scraping the snow in the morning, but don’t wait any longer than necessary if you see it start to fall.

Apply Less Pressure

Rather than gouging at the snow, which leaves damaging marks, it is better to work gently. Remove the snow in layers, working towards the final coating nearest the car’s surface. It’s easier to keep control of the brush when removing thinner strips of snow rather than thick piles.

Foam Brushes

Foam brushes leave fewer marks than other types. The foam is gentler and runs smoother across the surface of your windshield and paintwork.

Don’t Hack at the Ice

You might be tempted to hack away at the ice like using a chisel. This scratches your windshield and could crack the glass. Hold the scraper at a 45-degree angle and push so the blade edge gains purchase in the ice.

Work it back and forth several times, removing thin layers until the glass is revealed beneath.

It’s Snow Joke

If you want to remove the snow and ice from your car effectively, you need a snow brush, especially if moving to California is not an option. Think about the type of broom you want and the size of vehicle you own.

If you need an extending brush, there are plenty of models available. Choose between bristles or foam rubber edges, and don’t forget about the ice scraper.

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