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Best Shower Shoes of 2023

Keep your feet healthy and protected when using public showers or pools.

Thanks to modern cleaning products, it is easier than ever to ensure your floors at home are clean. However, the same can’t always be said for hotel bathrooms and public swimming pool showers.

With so many people passing through these areas, they are possible breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, potentially causing infections (1). A simple, cost-effective way to prevent these issues is by wearing shower shoes, which protect your feet while you stand on the floor.

You now have many options of footwear that is suitable for showering, with designs as varied as everyday shoes. To help you find the right pair for your needs, we have reviewed ten of the best shower shoes available today.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the UNDER ARMOUR Men's Locker III Slide Sandal, Black (001)/Metallic Silver, 10
Most Popular Shower Shoes
Under Armour Slide Shoe
  • Drainage holes
  • Simple design
  • Quick to dry
Product Image of the Vertico - Shower Sandals | Slide-On and Comfortable Pool-Side Shoes - Black & Grey (12-13 US)
Most Budget-Friendly Shower Shoe
Vertico Shower & Poolside Sandal
  • Comfortable insole
  • Open-toed
  • Holes for drainage
Product Image of the adidas Adilette Black/White Men's 6, Women's 7
Best Family-Friendly Shower Shoes
Adidas Men's Adilette Slide Sandal
  • Numerous color options
  • Stylish leather look
  • Durable and water-resistant
Product Image of the Crocs Women's Swiftwater Sandals, Navy/White, 7
Best Shower Shoes for City Use
Crocs Women's Swiftwater Sandal
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Open strappy design
Product Image of the shevalues Shower Sandal Slippers Quick Drying Bathroom Slippers Gym Slippers Soft Sole Open Toe House Slippers, Pink, 6.5-7.5 Women / 5-6 Men
Best Shoes for Quick Dry
Quick-Drying Shower Sandals
  • Excellent water drainage
  • Anti-slip material
  • Arch support
Product Image of the Men's Shower Slippers Quick Drying with Drain Holes Bathroom Slides Pool Beach Sandals
Most Comfortable Shower Shoes
Xunlong Bathroom Shower Slippers
  • Massage sole
  • Flexible EVA material
  • Non-slip
Product Image of the clapzovr Mens Sandals Shower Water Shoes Beach Swim Pool River Shoes Comfort Garden Clogs Black 12 D(M) US
Most Protective Shower Shoes
Clapzovr Men's Sandal Water Shoes
  • Enclosed design
  • Made of breathable PVC
  • Suitable for outdoor wear
Product Image of the Crocs womens Kadee Ii Flip Flop, Black, 9 US
Most Versatile Shower Shoes
Crocs Women's Kadee Li Flip-Flop
  • Four color options
  • Comfortable & lightweight
  • Float in water
Product Image of the Secure SRSS-1 Slip Resistant Shower Shoes with Non Skid Heavy Duty Grooved Sole for Fall Injury Prevention - Sized for Men & Women - Slippers for Home, Gym, Spa, Sauna (Medium)
Best Slip-Resistant Shower Shoes
Secure Slip-Resistant Shower Shoes
  • High-back design
  • Extra slip-resistant
  • Mesh upper layer
Product Image of the VIFUUR Water Sports Unisex Shoes Colorful - 11-12 W US / 9.5-10.5 M US (42-43)
Most Compact Shower Shoes
VIFUUR Watersports Shoes
  • Creative designs
  • Total foot protection
  • Thick sole

Product Reviews

To help you choose from a huge number of different products, we have created a list of the best shower shoes available today. We chose these ten shower shoes based on how safe they are while showering, as well as their comfort, style, and versatility.

1. Under Armour Men's Locker Slide Shoe

Most Popular Shower Shoes

These Under Armour shoes are designed specifically for shower use. They have five holes in the soles — three at the front and two at the back — that drain water out as you shower.

In addition to the small openings, the entire shoe, including its outsole and footbed, is designed to drain water. This makes the shoes lighter when walking. By not retaining water, these shoes also make it less likely that you will slip.

Made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) material, these shoes are durable and quick to dry (2). This means you shouldn’t need to worry about moisture, mold, or fungal growth.

They have a sleek, dark design featuring the Under Armour logo. Reviews mention that they are comfortable for people with high foot arches. These shoes are available in both black and navy blue.


  • Holes in the sole
  • Designed to drain water
  • Quick to dry
  • Subtle design


  • Lack of sole cushioning

2. Vertico Shower and Poolside Sport Sandal

Most Budget-Friendly Shower Shoe

These Vertico shoes are not the most stylish option, but they will protect your feet from harmful bacteria. The sole is made of durable rubber that should last for years. It also has a strong floor grip to prevent slips.

The closed-cell EVA inner layer provides extra comfort. It is made of a foam-like material for a soft insole. As well as being comfortable, reviewers praise how quiet these shoes are while walking, even while wet.

This slider has an open toe and a partially open strap. The extra holes are designed to allow water to flow in and out of the shoe freely. This also makes the shoe dry more quickly.

Lightweight and easy to transport, one shoe will slide conveniently into the other one to save storage space.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Soft, comfortable insole
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Classic style


  • The front strap is too loose for some users

3. Adidas Men's Adilette Slide Sandal

Best Family-Friendly Shower Shoes

It can be difficult to find high-quality shower shoes that are available in a variety of sizes and colors. With so many options, these Adidas shoes should accommodate the whole family, including children, teenagers, men, and women.

They are available in sizes ranging from 3 to 15, which means they will fit almost anyone. There are also more than a dozen color options, from classic black to green, coral, orange, and even light pink.

This pair of Adidas shoes upholds the brand’s reputation for high quality; some people have apparently even worn the same pair for 15 years. The extra-wide strap provides a snug fit and ensures proper foot position.

It is made of a synthetic material that looks like leather — polyurethane. This makes the shoe look high-end while still being durable and water-resistant.


  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Many colors to choose from
  • High-end look
  • Durable


  • Can take a while to break in and be comfortable

4. Crocs Women's Swiftwater Sandal

Best Shower Shoes for City Use

If you want shoes that are suitable for the shower but also for walking through the city, these Crocs are a great option. These chic water shoes are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They can be worn out and about without looking like you’re going to the beach.

This Crocs product doesn’t have the signature closed-toe shape that the brand is known for. Instead, it is wide open, with three thin straps running over the front of the shoe. These hold the shoe on your foot with a stylish design that will complement summer outfits.

Extra versatility is added as these shoes are available in 13 different colors. Whatever color your outfit is, you should be able to find a pair of shoes to match.


  • Available in 13 colors
  • Elegant design; suitable for city-wear
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to put on and remove


  • Straps aren’t adjustable

5. Quick-Drying Shower Sandals

Best Shoes for a Quick Dry

Reviewers praise these shoes’ water-draining ability and drying speed. After a shower, they can be worn around the house or put into your gym bag shortly after.

Although this pair probably isn’t stylish enough for outdoor use, it has a perfect style, colors, and features for home or public shower use. It is available in various pastel colors — blue, pink, and grey — as well as navy blue.

The sole has multiple holes and is designed for shower use, as it allows water to drain out. The material dries quickly, so these shoes are ideal for everyday use, and less prone to fungal growth.

Despite its simple design, the shoe features arch support for improved comfort. The sole is made of EVA and anti-slip material, providing both durability and safety.


  • Good water drainage
  • Anti-slip material
  • Arch support
  • Flexible and durable sole


  • Occupies more space than other shower shoes

6. Xunlong Bathroom Shower Slippers

Most Comfortable Shower Shoes

If comfort is your priority, these Xunlong shower shoes won’t disappoint. They are designed with relaxation and comfort in mind. The sole is covered with soft cushions to gently massage your feet while you wear them.

The elasticity of the EVA material makes it fit your feet even more closely. In addition to being suitable for showers, they could become your everyday pair for walking around your home. There are several color options, including grey, black, blue, pink, yellow, and purple.

These shoes are both safe and pleasant to walk in, with holes to drain water out, making the shoe lighter and drying it quickly. The sole is also covered with slip-resistant material, so you can stay stable on wet surfaces.

The entire shoe is flexible and malleable enough to be twisted to remove excess water or fit inside a backpack.


  • Massage sensation
  • Flexible material
  • Unisex
  • Non-slip material


  • Difficult to clean

7. Clapzovr Men's Sandal Shower Water Shoes

Most Protective Shower Shoes

These shoes provide extra protection by covering your entire foot. They have a snug but comfortable fit and are perfectly suited for showers and any other water activities.

The enclosed design greatly reduces the risk of your foot slipping inside the shoe or it falling off while you walk. It also has holes throughout the material, allowing the water to flow out and preventing it from accumulating inside. Once you are out of the shower, the holes also provide good airflow, aiding the drying process.

The breathable PVC material prevents moisture from accumulating, limiting the risk of mold and bacteria developing. The sole is designed to provide a strong grip and prevent falls.

These versatile shoes can also be used away from your shower. The sole provides the cushioning necessary to go on walks by a beach or lake.


  • Available in six colors
  • Protects the entire foot
  • Made of breathable PVC material
  • Holes to drain water


  • Can be tricky to put on and remove

8. Crocs Women's Kadee Li Flip-Flop

Most Versatile Shower Shoes

These Crocs flip-flops are primarily designed for women and are available in sizes from 4 to 11. With four color options — black, navy blue, raspberry, and flame — you should be able to find one that you like.

These flip-flops combine style and quality. The straps are slim for an elegant look, making them ideal for both showers and outdoor use. The soles have anti-slip grips that will keep you balanced in a shower or on any wet surface.

The foam cushioning also improves how comfortable they are to wear. Whether you are showering, going for a walk, strolling around a swimming pool, or at the beach, they are suitable for any occasion. They will even float if dropped in water so that you won’t lose them.

They are lightweight enough to be easily carried in a backpack to a gym or other public facilities. This also makes it more comfortable to walk long distances in them.


  • Numerous color options
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Strong grip


  • Could be damaged by harsh sunlight

9. Secure Slip-Resistant Shower Shoes

Best Slip-Resistant Shower Shoes

With age, falls in the bathroom become a greater concern, with potentially severe consequences (3). If you have ever fallen while showering, you will appreciate the extra slip resistance of this shoe.

These popular Secure shoes have been tested to ensure they retain their grip on smooth surfaces. As a result, they are widely used in hospitals and nurseries. Slip-resistant test results are even available to download if you want proof.

These shoes are easy to put on and remove for all ages. The high back prevents the shoe from sliding off when wet, while the attached strip makes them easier to pull on.

They are also designed to be very comfortable. The shoe has an upper layer of mesh that shouldn’t irritate your skin. The front and back of the shoe don’t have inner seams, greatly reducing the likelihood of blisters.

Available in three different sizes and with a uniform white color, these shoes will be suitable for the majority of people.


  • Simple to put on and wear
  • Extra slip-resistant
  • Unisex
  • 90-day warranty


  • Don’t dry very quickly


10. VIFUUR Watersports Shoes

Most Compact Shower Shoes

If you are concerned about fungi and germs in showers, these VIFUUR shoes will provide excellent protection. The closed design protects your feet from all angles, while the smooth and flexible material makes them comfortable to wear.

Although the shoes have a snug fit, you shouldn’t have trouble removing them. The large strip at the back of the shoe makes it easy to remove, even when wet. When walking outside or swimming, they can also prevent injuries from sharp rocks or debris.

It is available in multiple stylish designs. These include underwater scenes, skyscrapers, and rainbows, so you can choose from subtle or funky styles.

This shoe can fold and roll to fit in the palm of a hand, making it one of the most portable options we have seen.


  • Creative designs
  • Complete foot protection
  • Compact and portable
  • Thick sole


  • Some reviewers found them small for their size

Selecting the Best Shower Shoes

There are numerous shower shoes available today, and they can vary significantly in terms of comfort, durability, and style.

Material Used

As they are frequently exposed to water, soap, and shampoo, shower shoes can wear down quickly, especially if they are made cheaply. If you want your shower shoes to last more than a year, selecting a tough, durable material — such as rubber — is crucial.

Water-absorbent materials such as foam and mesh are generally light but will quickly fill with water. This means your feet can slip around inside them. They are also difficult to dry thoroughly, making them prone to fungal and bacterial growth.

The material used will also impact how effectively your feet are protected. Some shoes are made using antimicrobial compounds, eliminating potential fungi and bacteria before they can harm you.

It is also very important that shower shoes are slip-resistant. As they will frequently be worn on wet, smooth surfaces such as shower tiles, slip-resistant soles will reduce the likelihood of any accidents.

Comfort Level

While it isn’t essential, it is always better to wear comfortable shoes if possible. This will not only make your time in the shower more enjoyable, but it also prevents blisters while walking to and from the shower. This can be even more important when using the shoes for purposes other than showering.

Style and Design

While the design is less important if you only wear these shoes in the shower, it becomes more important when they are worn outside.

If you want to wear your shower shoes while surfing or paddleboarding, closed water shoes are the best option. For summer vacations, a flip-flop style could be more convenient. Here are the most common styles:

  • Flip-flops: These casual shoes have a loose fit and a string between the first and second toe. They are lightweight, making them easy to carry.
  • Sliders: Sliders consist of a sole and a strap that wraps around the foot. They are usually comfortable to wear and very easy to put on and remove.
  • Water shoes: Covering most of the foot, water shoes provide the best protection and slip-resistance. This is why they are often used for other purposes, such as water sports. However, this also means they require more effort to put on and remove.
  • Clogs: Clogs are enclosed at the front with an open back. They often have extra cushioning for greater comfort. Some models feature a back strap to hold them on your feet.
  • Holes: Look for shower shoes that have tiny holes in the sole. These are designed specifically for showers to allow water to drain out, so your foot won’t slip around inside the shoe.

Shower Shoes Purpose

When searching for a suitable pair of shoes, consider the situations you will wear them in. Are you planning to use them exclusively for showering? You might also want to wear them at a public swimming pool, at the beach, in the city, or while relaxing in your garden.

Shoes that are suitable for multiple uses are a better investment the long run. They also mean you won’t need as many different pairs of shoes for different tasks.


Do You Really Need Shower Shoes?

Shower shoes aren’t that useful when you shower at home, but if you ever shower in a public place, they can be priceless. Shower shoes will help protect your feet from germs in public showers, whether at the spa, at the gym, or in the shower at your local swimming pool.

Why Do Shower Shoes Have Holes in Them?

Shower shoes have holes in them to help drain water. This way, your feet are less likely to slip, and you’ll also feel more comfortable.

Sandals with a firm grip bottom are ideal for wearing in community showers because of their purpose-built design, which prevents the wearer from sliding around.

Can I Use Nike Slides as Shower Shoes?

You can use Nike slides as shower shoes. Nike slides are made of durable and comfortable materials that can withstand getting wet, making them ideal for showering or taking a dip in the pool.

In addition, the non-slip sole of Nike slides provides traction in wet environments, helping to prevent slips and falls.

Can You Get Foot Fungus from Public Showers?

While you can get foot fungus from public showers, it is also important to practice good hygiene habits at home to prevent the spread of the infection. Be sure to dry your feet well after bathing, and wear sandals or flip-flops in public places such as locker rooms and pool decks.

If you have foot fungus, avoid sharing towels or shoes with others. Consulting your doctor can also help to treat and prevent foot fungus.

Can Athlete’s Foot Live on Flip Flops?

If flip-flops are made with a porous material, athlete’s foot can find the perfect environment to thrive. It’s a fungal infection commonly affecting the feet, but it can also spread to other areas of the body, such as the toenails, hands, and groin.

The fungus that causes athlete’s foot thrives in damp, warm environments, making flip flops an ideal breeding ground. The fungal spores can quickly spread from one person to another through direct contact or by sharing contaminated items, such as towels.

If you think you have athlete’s foot, it is important to see a doctor for treatment. You can help prevent the spread of the infection by avoiding direct contact with others and by disinfecting your flip-flops regularly.

What’s the Difference Between Shower Slides and Comfort Slides?

Shower and comfort slides are both types of shoes designed for slip resistance and comfort. Shower slides typically have a closed-toe design and are made of waterproof materials, making them ideal for wearing in the shower or around pools.

Comfort slides, on the other hand, are typically more open-toed and made of breathable materials. You can wear then indoors or outdoors, and they often have contoured footbeds for added support.

While both types of shoes offer similar benefits, the main difference is in their design and intended use. So, a shower slide is your best bet if you’re looking for a shoe to wear in the shower or pool.

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