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Sherwin-Williams Paint Cost: for Interior and Exterior

Looking for high-end paint for your home? You might want to consider Sherwin-Williams.

Have you heard about Sherwin-Williams paint? It’s an excellent brand. But some people claim it’s costly, while others say it has the best paint variety on the market.

We’ll share Sherwin-Williams’ paint costs, its different product lines, and how good it actually is. You’ll be able to make an informed decision when buying your next paint product.

Key Takeaways

  • Average Sherwin-Williams paint cost is around $70 per gallon, with prices ranging from $40 to $120 depending on the product line.
  • Some popular Sherwin-Williams paint lines include Emerald, Duration, Cashmere, SuperPaint, Captivate, and Harmony, with prices varying based on factors like finish and type of paint.
  • To save money on Sherwin-Williams paint, wait for sales, join their Paint Perks loyalty program, use a tinted primer, or take advantage of military discounts.
  • Sherwin-Williams paint is considered worth the cost due to its high quality, durability, and variety of color choices, but cheaper alternatives like Behr paint are available for those on a budget.

Average Sherwin-Williams Paint Cost

Sherwin-Williams’ paint costs are one of the main issues that stop people from buying this brand. If you’ve heard rumors about the price but you’re not sure where to check, here are two things to know:

  • Prices usually start at around $40 per gallon of paint. They can go up to $120 for the more expensive paints (like the ones in the Emerald line).
  • Considering these low and high-end prices, the average price per gallon for Sherwin-Williams paint is around $70.

To calculate how much it would cost to paint a standard room with Sherwin-Williams, you need to consider square footage. You will need one gallon of Sherwin-Williams paint for a room that measures around 144 square feet.

That means that you’ll spend, on average, about $70 on Sherwin-Williams paint alone, without other supplies that might be needed. The actual price depends on what Sherwin-Williams paint you choose.

Sherwin-Williams Paint Cost Per Gallon

The cost per gallon for Sherwin-Williams paint depends on the line of paint chosen. Since the cheapest can of paint starts at $38 and the most expensive ones are around $102, the average price per gallon of paint is around $70.

Price of Different Sherwin-Williams Paints

So, how much is Sherwin-Williams paint? We have but one answer: it depends.

Interior vs. Exterior Paint

Sherwin-Williams’ interior and exterior paint prices vary based on several factors like the color, coating type, sheen, or features. If you want to purchase outdoor paint, prices vary between $53 and $122. Expect to pay around $80 to $90 for one gallon of exterior paint.

For interior paint, prices start at around $40 and go up to $110. You can get a gallon of good Sherwin-Williams interior paint for $60 to $70.

Paint Finish

One factor contributing to the price of Sherwin-Williams paint is the paint finish. Here are some price ranges that may interest you:

  • Interior paint with a satin finish range between $41 and $106 per gallon.
  • Flat interior paint is priced between $40 and $111 per gallon.
  • The prices for exterior satin paint start at $53 and go all the way up to $122.
  • If you want exterior semi-gloss paint, you’ll pay between $86 and $106.

Emerald Paint

The Emerald line of paints consists of some of the best and most luxurious paints that Sherwin-Williams offers. Many professionals consider Emerald’s durability and sheen to be top-notch, making it one of the best Sherwin-Williams types of paint out there.

A single gallon of paint costs between $94 and $102. You can find Emerald paints in an acrylic-latex hybrid version, a latex version, and a urethane trim enamel version.

Duration Paint

Duration is a line of paint that offers products ranging from $69 to $75. The products are also available 2-in-1 paint and primer combos, designed to keep the wall protected. They also help avoid the extra work you’d have to put in if you were priming the wall first.

Cashmere Paint

Sold for anything between $60 and $66, the Cashmere paint line offers a 2-in-1 primer and paint combination. This way, you don’t have to purchase two separate products. It has a silky finish and it’s very easy to apply.


The line of Sherwin-Williams paints called SuperPaint has products that range from $65 to $71 per gallon. SuperPaint products are either latex-based with included sanitization technology or acrylic-based products with air purifying technology.

Satin and semi-gloss finishes are available for either product. SuperPaint is easy to apply and leaves a beautiful finish.

Captivate Paint

The Captivate paint line offers more than 1,700 color combinations that cost between $38 to $43. This is one of the company’s most affordable paint options and is also a 2-in-1 primer and paint combo. It’s an excellent option for people on a budget.

Harmony Paint

You can always check out the Harmony line for paint that costs between $60 and $66 per gallon. This paint is created to boost air quality in the room by reducing VOC levels.

Paint Type Pricing Range (per Gallon)
Emerald $94 – $102
Duration $69 – $75
Cashmere $60 – $66
SuperPaint $65 – $71
Captivate $38 – $43
Harmony $60 – $66

Tips For Saving Money on Sherwin-Williams Paint

Sherwin-Williams is arguably one of the best paint brands out there. However, it has a reputation for being quite expensive. If you want to give it a chance but could also use some money-saving tips in the process, here are some things I would suggest:

  • Wait for the paint to go on sale. Sherwin-Williams has massive discounts of up to 40 percent at times.
  • Join the Paint Perks loyalty program. A $10 off coupon for purchases of $50 or more will be sent to you after you join.
  • Use a tinted primer. This should reduce the number of paint coats needed.
  • There is a 15 percent discount applicable if you (or your spouse) served in the military.
  • Consider buying 5 gallons of paint instead of 1-gallon paints for large paint jobs.

How Often Does Sherwin-Williams Have a 40% Off Sale?

Every few months, you can find Sherwin-Williams paints on a 30 to 40 percent sale. This helps you save money on stains and paints.

Sherwin-Williams vs. Behr Paint

When comparing them to Sherwin-Williams, Behr’s paint options fall on the more affordable side of things. You can get a gallon of Behr paint for between $30 and $65. Whereas the prices for Sherwin-Williams paint start off at around $40 per gallon but can go up to $120.


If you’re not sure if Behr’s products are for you, consider the following:


  • Quite affordable, considering that Behr is one of the top leading paint brands in the US.
  • More than 1,400 color options to choose from.
  • Have a zero VOC product line.


  • Home Depot has a hit-or-miss service for Behr’s paint.


As for Sherwin-Williams, here are some things to know before you buy:


  • Top-notch customer service.
  • Often used by professionals.
  • More than 1,700 color choices.
  • Offers great coverage and paint durability.


  • One of the most expensive paint brands out there.

Is Sherwin-Williams Worth the Cost?

Personally, I feel that it is. But it also depends on what you’re using it for. If you have a rental property or are working with a budget, maybe opt for something cheaper. If you want high-quality paint for your home, this is the one.

Pro Tip

If you want ease, longevity, and quality for your home, always go for a higher-end product. It’s an investment, but one you won’t regret.

How Long Does Sherwin-Williams Paint Last?

The chemical compositions of exterior and interior paint are distinct. Designed to withstand the environment, Sherwin-Williams exterior paint is resistant to cracking and fading.

In terms of longevity, exterior paint can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. This depends on the colors you select and the type of surface you’re painting.

Exterior paint can last up to ten years when applied to stucco. And it’s reasonable to assume a lifespan of five to seven years if you have wood siding. The paint will stay much longer if you paint cement fiberboard instead.

In theory, the interior paints from Sherwin-Williams should last as long as the exterior paints. However, after three to four years, most people are ready to change their wall color.


How Much Paint Do I Need to Paint a Room?

To determine how much paint you need in a room, you must calculate the paintable area. This is the room’s square footage minus doors, windows, and other unpaintable surfaces.

Then, look at how many square feet a gallon of paint can cover. Always buy double the amount, as most projects require two coats of paint.

What Are the Sherwin-Williams Paint Sizes?

Sherwin-Williams paint is usually found in the following sizes: 64 oz, one quart, one gallon, and five gallons. There are no sizes smaller than these because of the low market demand for smaller paint cans. The manufacturing costs would also be very high.

Is It Cheaper to Buy 5 Gallons of Paint?

According to Consumer Reports, it’s often more convenient to purchase paint in 5-gallon containers. This is because it would be less expensive than purchasing five one-gallon cans of the same paint.

Bottom Line

Sherwin-Williams paint costs are an aspect that sadly discourages many people from purchasing their products. However, the superior paint quality makes it worth the price in most situations.

Rest assured that you can get Sherwin-Williams paint at really good prices if you have the patience to hunt for deals.

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