Best Macerating Toilets of 2021 

Install a toilet anywhere in your home with a macerating toilet.

When there are problems, a solution is never far away. This is true of the best macerating toilets. They enable you to retrofit a toilet in a space with no plumbing, drains or septic tank. It opens up a world of possibilities when planning your modifications.

We take a tour of the best upflush toilets to bring you the ultimate line up.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Five Oceans TMC Marine Electric Toilet Small Bowl with Macerator Pump for Boats and RVs with Smart Flush Control, 12V FO-3869
Best for RVs
Five Oceans TMC Marine Electric Toilet
  • Compact is king
  • Powerful pump action
  • Value for money
Product Image of the Saniflo SaniAccess3 Macerator Pump with Elongated Toilet
Best Elongated
Saniflo SaniAcess 3 Elongated Toilet
  • Leading manufacturer
  • Easy to get spares
  • Ideal for the basement
Product Image of the Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW 1/2 HP, 115VESW Macerating Toilet
Easiest Maintenance
Liberty Pumps Ascent II Macerating Toilet
  • Easy to maintain
  • Frugal water use
  • Razorcut macerator
Product Image of the Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet
Best Self-Contained
Saniflo Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet
  • Compact size
  • Eco-friendly credentials
  • Comfort height
Product Image of the Saniflo SaniPLUS: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit (with Standard Bowl)
Best Two-Piece
Saniflo SaniPLUS Macerating Toilet
  • Pump it up
  • Saniflo quality
  • 3,600 RPM
Product Image of the 600 Watt One Piece Macerating Toilet with 4/5HP Pump Built Into the Base, Compact Toilet, Space Saving, Strong Power (600Watt)
Best Dual Flush
Intelflo One-Piece Macerating Toilet
  • Dual flush saves water
  • No vent needed
  • Silent soft-close seat
Product Image of the Saniflo 012 Sanistar Self Contained Wall-Hung Toilet, White
Best Wall-Hung
Saniflo 012 Sanistar Wall-Hung Toilet
  • Great style
  • Space-saving
  • Self-contained

What Is an Upflush/Macerating Toilet System?

An upflush toilet differs from a gravity-fed flushing toilet because the waste product gets pushed into a macerating pump tank, which shreds the waste and pumps it upwards or sideways into your existing waste stack.

Standard toilets flush the waste downwards into the sewer or septic tank using gravity.

When Would I Need a Macerating Toilet System?

You would need a macerating toilet system when you fit a toilet into a room with no plumbing, drains or septic tank. So, if you are retrofitting an elderly relative’s bedroom to accommodate a toilet, a macerating system makes the installation possible.

Also, if you fit a toilet into a basement, because you are unable to install a standard toilet due to the lack of gravity for the flush, a macerating system is the best choice.

How To Choose the Best Macerating Toilet?

Choosing a macerating toilet that’s best for you requires research and planning. Here are some things to bear in mind.

It’s All About the Flush

Standard toilets use gravity to flush away your waste. They sit above the sewer or septic tank so that the solids and liquids can drop down. Upflush toilets generally sit below or level with the septic tank because they are typically located in basements, or they are situated in a part of the house away from plumbing and drain lines.

It means a pump is required to lift the waste into the macerating tank, where it gets flushed into the existing stack. This requires electricity, so make sure there is a steady supply. Some macerating toilets use the water pressure to push the waste sideways into the septic tank or sewer.

You find this feature on older models, but beware, if you see an inexpensive macerating toilet for sale, walk away. It is cheap because the spares no longer exist, so when the inevitable happens, you will be stuck with a broken toilet.

It’s All About the Location

Where you place your toilet has implications on the requirements of the system. A basement installation requires the waste to be pushed upwards and possibly through more extended pipework. This affects the amount of pipework you will need and the power of the pump.

The other consideration for basement toilets is the smell. Basements can be uninviting spaces with damp odors. The last thing you want is for the macerating toilet to add to your woes. Consider the ventilation, or fitting a fan to keep the room smelling daisy-fresh.

Who Is Using the Toilet?

Macerating toilets should never be the primary toilet in your house. They are additional fixtures that complement the main bathroom. However, when you do fit an upflush toilet, consider the amount of use it will get.

These types of toilets are ideal for single or occasional use, but are not so great when a family of four uses it every day.

Plastic or Porcelain?

Okay, we get that not all toilets are plastic or porcelain. You can get toilets that are made of chinaware and ceramic too. If you worry that the macerating toilet looks different, you might want to consider getting one that resembles a standard toilet. Chinaware and porcelain best achieve this look.

Plus, chinaware and ceramic macerating toilets are more robust and can withstand greater punishment than the plastic ones. They also keep stains and scratches at bay.

Dual Flush or Single Flush

Dual flush toilets are better for the environment because you can adjust the amount of water you use. This helps conserve this precious resource. Single flush toilets are less conservative because they use the same amount of water regardless of whether you are flushing solids or liquids. Most maceration toilets are single flush models.

Also, it is worth researching the best toilet roll for macerators. Eco-friendly tissue contains no bleach and is often made from recycled paper. It breaks down quicker because it contains no chemicals to bond the fibers.

How Does a Macerating Toilet Work?

A macerating toilet is an upflush system that sends the waste to a tank located behind the toilet or concealed in a wall. This tank contains blades that liquefy the solids, making it easier to pump out through narrower pipes to the main drain line.

These toilets are often located in inconvenient places in the home, so the pumps need to be powerful enough to channel the waste product along lengths of pipe that could be as much as 150 feet.

The Best Macerating Toilets of 2021

With so many macerator toilet options, we did thorough research to bring you the best selection that money can buy.

Five Oceans TMC Marine Electric Macerating Toilet

Best Macerating Toilet for RVs

If you want a compact toilet that is ideal for RVs, this is the best pick. Five Oceans has a wealth of experience in the marine and camping industry and put it to good use here.

It uses a high-capacity scavenger pump to macerate the waste and pump it to the tank. It has a slow-close seat, a push-button flush and the bowl is china and easy to clean. Its compact size is ideal for small spaces, so you will love this in your RV. And the price is competitive too, at half the cost of some of the Saniflo toilets.

Why We Love It

Compact Is King

It measures 14.5 x 17.5 x 13 inches, making it the perfect size for the average RV or boat. While it is small, it won’t feel cramped when you sit down.

Powerful Pump Action

This toilet is designed for the marine world, so it has a high-capacity scavenger pump and macerator that grinds the waste and flushes it into your septic tank.

The Price Is Definitely Right

This toilet retails at far less than you might think. When you compare it to the Saniflo toilets, this Five Oceans model is incredible value for money.

Keep In Mind

12-Volt Toilet

This toilet requires a constant 12-volt power supply, so while it is excellent for your RV, it does drain the battery when you use it.

Looks Aren’t Everything

It has to be said that the design leans more towards functionality rather than good looks. You can tell that this is a macerating toilet as it bears little resemblance to standard toilets.

Additional Specs

Weight (pounds) 35
Dimensions (inches) 14.5 x 17.5 x 13
Dual/single flush Dual
Material China
Soft-close seat Yes
Price $$
Pumping height 2 feet

Saniflo SaniAcess 3 Elongated Toilet

Best Elongated Macerating Toilet

You can’t really do a review of macerating toilets without featuring several Saniflo models. They are the leading manufacturer of macerating toilets by a country mile. This elongated shape is more comfortable for adults to sit down, especially men, because it has more space at the front.

This toilet has a powerful flush, with a battery-operated system. The batteries last a long time because they store power between uses, and thanks to the force the pump creates, you can install this toilet in a basement without any worries at all.

Why We Love It

The Leading Manufacturer

When it comes to macerating toilets, Saniflo dominates the market. For this reason, when you buy one, you can feel confident you are getting a quality item. After all, they have a reputation to protect.

Easy To Get Spares

Macerator toilets malfunction from time to time, so when they do, it is important that there are readily available spares. Saniflo spares are easy to source, unlike some older, delisted models.

Ideal for the Basement

Saniflo fit their toilets with pumps that can flush waste matter over 100 feet. They also have a pump height of over 10 feet, making them the perfect model to fit in a basement.

Keep In Mind

Expensive To Buy

Consider the price when shopping for a new macerator toilet. Saniflo may be the market leader, but they are also among the most expensive.

Noisy Flush

Some people have reported that this toilet has one of the noisiest flush actions of any in its class. This could be a problem if you use the toilet in the middle of the night.

Additional Specs

Weight (pounds) 18
Dimensions (inches) 10.75 x 18.75 x 6.75
Dual/single flush Single
Material Ceramic
Soft-close seat No
Price $$$$
Pumping height 15 feet

Liberty Pumps Ascent II Macerating Toilet

Best Maintenance Macerating Toilet

If you need a macerating toilet with an incredible vertical rise, this Liberty Pumps model should tick the right boxes. The Saniflo has a vertical rise of 15 feet, but this toilet eclipses that, with a height of 25 feet. It means this has a pump with real power.

It also uses advanced RazorCut technology to mash up your solid waste more efficiently. Should the macerator get blocked, it has a removable panel to give you easy access to unblock it.

Why We Love It

Easy To Maintain

Thanks to the panel on the macerator, you can quickly gain access to remove any blockages before they become an issue.

Easy To Install

This Liberty Pumps toilet is easy to install, so if you are a DIY kind of person, it should be well within your capabilities.

Frugal Water Use

This flushes 1.28 gallons of water, making it one of the most water-friendly toilets on the market. It even qualifies for the Environmental Protection Agency Water-Sense certificate.

RazorCut Macerator

The macerator is efficient, cutting the solid material down faster than other similar models. It also means the macerator is less likely to become blocked.

Keep In Mind

Yearly Macerator Renewal

The blades on the macerator need to be replaced every year, so that your toilet functions at the highest capacity. You need to keep the macerator razor-sharp and in perfect working order. This is a cost that needs factoring in.

Noisy Flush

It is not the quietest macerating toilet in the world, that’s for sure. Bear this in mind if you fit it in an elderly relative’s room, and they are light sleepers.

Additional Specs

Weight (pounds) 134.5
Dimensions (inches) 29.25 x 20 x 32.25
Dual/single flush Single
Material ABS plastic
Soft-close seat No
Price $$$$
Pumping height 25 feet

Saniflo Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet

Best Self-Contained Macerating Toilet

While this is a self-contained macerating toilet, it is also compact. It is the ideal choice for fitting into a small space, and with a vertical pump rise of 9 feet, it may be a good bet for a basement.

This toilet is eco-friendly, using approximately 1 gallon of water per flush, and you can connect it to a sink to use gray water to flush. The toilet seat is 18.5 inches high, making it a great comfort height toilet, and the ideal choice if you retrofit it in a room for someone with mobility issues.

Why We Love It

Compact Size

This toilet has the pump and macerator built into the body beneath the bowl. It reduces the toilet’s footprint and removes the need to hide the macerator behind a false wall.

Eco-Friendly Credentials

It only uses between 1 and 1.28 gallons of water, depending on whether you have the single or dual flush variety.

Comfort Height

How many macerating toilets end up in the rooms of our elderly relatives? Saniflo has cleverly taken this into account and made the toilet seat at comfort height.

Keep In Mind

A High Price Tag

You cannot escape the fact that Saniflo toilets are the most expensive on the market. This version is slightly cheaper than other models, but you are still going to spend a lot of money to own one.

Build Quality Issues

Some people have reported that the overall quality of the toilet doesn’t reflect the high price tag.

Additional Specs

Weight (pounds) 52.2
Dimensions (inches) 18.25 x 14.5 x 15.75
Dual/single flush Single
Material Porcelain
Soft-close seat No
Price $$$$
Pumping height 9 feet

Saniflo SaniPLUS Macerating Toilet

Best Two-Piece Macerating Toilet

Unlike the Saniflo elongated toilet, this one has a standard round bowl, which some may find more comfortable. It comes with the toilet bowl, the flush tank, and the pump, but it doesn’t come with the seat.

The pump is powerful, capable of lifting the waste material 15 feet high, which is ideal if you want to fit the toilet below the sewer line. It also projects the content along a maximum pipe length of 150 feet. This means the toilet could be on one side of the house while the stack is on the other.

Why We Love It

Pump It Up

The pump on this toilet is so powerful it will lift the waste 15 feet high and push it along a pipe 150 feet in length. That gives you the flexibility to locate the toilet almost anywhere in the house.

Saniflo Quality

Everybody recognizes that Saniflo are the industry leaders, and with that comes a standard that needs to be maintained.

3,600 RPM

The macerator blades spin super-fast, generating 3,600 RPM. It makes breaking down the solids more efficient, and you are less likely to suffer blockages.

Keep In Mind

The Price Tag

There it is again, the only major downside to buying a Saniflow. They are so much more expensive than other brands.

No Seat

Why no seat? Surely at this price, Saniflo could have stretched to supplying a toilet seat. After all, doesn’t every toilet need a seat?

Additional Specs

Weight (pounds) 99.7
Dimensions (inches) 27.9 x 20 x 17.5
Dual/single flush Single
Material Porcelain
Soft-close seat No
Price $$$$
Pumping height 15 feet

Intelflo 600-Watt One-Piece Macerating Toilet

Best Dual Flush Macerating Toilet

This Intelflo toilet is much like the Saniflo compact, because the pump and macerator are built into the base of the bowl. The great thing about this toilet is you get a dual flush option, so you can cater the amount of water to the type of movement you have had. Half flush uses 0.75 gallons, while the high flush option uses 1 gallon.

It makes this toilet an eco-friendly model and ideal if you want to reduce your impact on the planet. It also beats the Saniflo for height, raising the waste matter 20 feet vertically and up to 160 along a length of pipe.

Why We Love It

Dual Flush Saves Water

The option to pick the flush capacity is invaluable, especially if you care about the water you use. It helps the planet and keeps you flushing guilt-free.

Turn On the Style

Macerating toilets rarely win in the good-looks department, but this toilet actually has style. It would grace any bathroom.

No Vent Needed

This is a self-contained unit with the pump and macerator concealed within the toilet bowl. Because they are sealed, there is no need to vent.

Silent Soft-Close Seat

The seat is silent when it closes, which is excellent for avoiding waking the house by slamming it in the middle of the night.

Keep In Mind

It Has a Rounded Bowl

Unlike the elongated toilets, this model has a traditional-style round bowl. It may not be a disadvantage to some, but it is widely accepted that elongated bowls are more comfortable for adults to sit on.

Difficult Reach

Because the pump and the macerator are concealed inside the toilet base, they may be tricky to reach should you need to unblock the system. It would require you to remove the toilet from the wall to get access.

Additional Specs

Weight (pounds) 58.8
Dimensions (inches) 23.75 x 21.5 x 17.75
Dual/single flush Single
Material Ceramic
Soft-close seat Yes
Price $$$
Pumping height 20 feet

Saniflo 012 Sanistar Wall-Hung Toilet

Best Wall-Hung Macerating Toilet

Once more, we feature a Saniflo toilet. This one is different because it is a wall-hung macerating toilet. It also has the pump and macerator self-contained inside the body of the toilet. It can push waste matter vertically to 9 feet and along a length of pipe 100 feet.

This is a water-friendly toilet, using just 1-gallon of water per flush. It also looks stylish, with minimalist lines and sleek curves. The discharge elbow can be rotated 360 degrees to accommodate any type of installation, and it would suit a modern decor.

The only dark cloud in the otherwise blue sky is that it is the most expensive toilet to make the list.

Why We Love It

Great Style

For style, this toilet is hard to beat. It oozes European chic, but behind that sleek body lies a powerful pump and macerator to deal with your waste matter.


By mounting this toilet on the wall, you are taking up less floor space. It is an ideal toilet for a basement or attic room.


By mounting the macerator and pump within the body of the toilet, it seals them in, meaning there is no need for a vent. It also reduces the footprint of the toilet.

Keep In Mind

Style Costs

Getting great style costs lots of money, and this toilet is no exception. It costs double the price of the Intelflo model.

Not Easy To Maintain

Once you’ve mounted the toilet on the wall, getting access to the pump and macerator is challenging. It means removing the entire toilet from the wall to get to any blockages.

Additional Specs

Weight (pounds) 68
Dimensions (inches) 20.5 x 15.75 x 16.4
Dual/single flush Single
Material Ceramic
Soft-close seat Yes
Price $$$$
Pumping height 9 feet

Macerating Toilet Comparison Chart

Product Best Weight Dimensions Dual/single flush Material Soft-close seat Pumping height
Five Oceans TMC Marine Electric Toilet RVs 35 lbs 14.5 x 17.5 x 13″ Dual China Yes 2 feet
Saniflo SaniAcess 3 Elongated Toilet Elongated 18 lbs 10.75 x 18.75 x 6.75″ Single Ceramic No 15 feet
Liberty Pumps Ascent II Macerating Toilet Low Maintenance 135 lbs 29.25 x 20 x 32.25″ Single ABS plastic No 25 feet
Saniflo Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet Self-Contained 52 lbs 18.25 x 14.5 x 15.75″ Single Porcelain No 9 feet
Saniflo SaniPLUS Macerating Toilet Two-Piece 100 lbs 27.9 x 20 x 17.5″ Single Porcelain No 15 feet
Intelflo One-Piece Macerating Toilet Dual Flush 58.8 lbs 23.75 x 21.5 x 17.75″ Single Ceramic Yes 20 feet
Saniflo 012 Sanistar Wall-Hung Toilet Wall-Hung 68 lbs 20.5 x 15.75 x 16.4″ Single Ceramic Yes 9 feet

Macerating Toilets FAQs

How Long Do Macerating Toilets Last?

Macerator toilets will last about 10 years. You might stretch this to 15 years, depending on the usage of the toilet. The pumps fail, and the macerator mechanism can become temperamental when placed under large amounts of strain.

How Far Can a Macerating Toilet Pump?

Some of the most powerful toilets can pump waste through pipes that stretch up to 150 feet. They can also pump 10 to 20 feet vertically.

Does a Macerating Toilet Need To Be Vented?

It depends if the toilet is self-contained or not. Standard macerator toilets need to be vented into the vent stack to help remove odors. This is standard plumbing code. Self-contained toilets need no such ventilation, although sometimes you might suffer from odors in small unventilated rooms.

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Can You Put Bleach Down a Macerator Toilet?

Never put any chemicals containing bleach down a macerator toilet. Bleach corrodes the seal around the macerator valve, which causes the system to fail because the macerator cannot sense when to open or close.

How Do You Clear a Clogged Toilet Macerator?

The quickest way to unclog a toilet macerator is to grab a pair of long-nosed pliers and turn the macerator by hand. As you turn the blades, clear the blockage around them using your other hand. Don’t forget to wash your hands afterward.

Now That We’ve Chewed That Over

Macerating toilets are the best solution when working in a space with none of the services. They give you flexibility and allow you to get creative. They should never be the primary toilet in the house, but they are a great secondary option.

Also, elderly relatives can maintain their dignity by having a toilet installed in their bedrooms. How’s that for maximum convenience?

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