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How to Remove Window Blinds: Depending on the Type

Taking down your window blinds doesn’t have to be a chore with these quick and easy tips!

Scared to remove your window blinds for fear of breaking them? Learning how to remove window blinds will ensure a smooth process every time.

I’ll show you the best and easiest techniques for removing window blinds. This way, you can take them down for cleaning or replace old ones without worry.

Key Takeaways

  • Know your blind type: Vertical, horizontal, mini, or pull-down shades determine the removal method.
  • Use proper tools: A screwdriver is usually all you need to remove blinds and brackets.
  • Be gentle and cautious: Avoid using excessive force to prevent damage to blinds, walls, and yourself.
  • Store safely: Lay removed blinds on a flat surface and keep them in a secure place until reinstallation.

How to Remove Vertical Blinds with Hidden Brackets

If you’ve got blinds with hidden brackets that are easy on the eye but tricky to remove, we’ve got you!

What You’ll Need

1. Removing the Valance

Locate the valance, the panel above the blind slats that makes the headrail more appealing to the eye. Push the bottom of the valance towards the ceiling until you uncover the clips. Do this slowly and carefully because it can break the clips if the valance is pushed too fast and forcefully.

2. Removing the Vanes

Open the blinds so that the vanes are in a position where they don’t touch each other. Looking closely at the top of each vane, you’ll notice that they are attached to hooks.

Removing the vanes from the hooks can be tricky because of how well they are attached. If this is the case, take something like a card to dislodge them. Slip it between the bane and the hooks to pull it free. Repeat this for all the vanes.

3. Unclip the Chain

Gently remove the bead chain that controls the angle of the blinds by pulling it down. Never use too much force because it could cause the chain to break.

4. Releasing the Spring Clips

Locate the hidden brackets behind the rail. You should now be able to spot the spring clips. Grab your screwdriver and free the individual spring clips.

5. Removing the Rail

With most components now removed, you can detach the blind rail by slowly pulling it down.

6. Unscrewing the Brackets

You need a screwdriver that can remove the existing screws to do this. If you have wall anchors in this setup, use a pair of needle-nose pliers to remove them as well.

How to Remove Horizontal Blinds

Venetian blinds

Horizontal blinds are actually very easy to remove. Venetian blinds are also included in this category, and you’re going to need just one tool to take them down.

What You’ll Need

  • Multi-head screwdriver.

1. Lifting the Blinds

Pull down the drawstring to lift the blinds and make sure the blinds are locked in the upper position before proceeding.

2. Lifting the Bracket

Locate the clip that sits on top of the bracket and remove it. Insert your flathead screwdriver between the clip and the bracket. Force the screwdriver’s handle for a bit to lift the clip up and remove it, then do the same for the other bracket.

3. Removing the Blinds

With both brackets open, pull the blinds towards you to remove them. Make sure you lift the blind and then pull it down.

4. Removing the Screws

The final step to taking down your horizontal or Venetian blinds is to remove the screws that hold the bracket to the wall. The screwdriver you’ll need depends on the screws, but you’ll likely need either a flathead or a star screwdriver. Check what head type the screws have and put the correct attachment on your screwdriver.

Using your multi-screwdriver, twist the screws counterclockwise to remove all of them. Make sure you put them in a safe place because screws are very easy to misplace.

How to Remove Mini Blinds

Mini blinds can be tricky because their parts tend to be small. But these steps will show the best way to do it.

What You’ll Need

  • Screwdriver.

1. Lifting the Blinds

Raise the mini blinds by pulling the cord. Lock the blinds in position by tugging the cord to the right or left.

2. Removing the Panels

Locate the panel of the left mounting bracket and slide to remove it. Do this again for the bracket located on the right side. Then pull the headrail out so you can free it from the mounting brackets.

For blinds with tilting front panels, you will have to flip the panels either down or up to expose the bracket’s front side.

3. Removing the Brackets

Turn the screws counterclockwise and pull the bracket away from the window frame to remove the mounting brackets. Place the screws somewhere safe in case you need them later.

How to Remove Pull-Down Window Shades

Pull-down shades vary in design, but the mechanics are generally the same. Follow this tutorial to remove them with ease.

What You’ll Need

  • Screwdriver.

1. Opening the Blinds

When you’re looking to take down window shades, start by positioning the blinds to a half-open position.

2. Removing the Valance

These shades often come with metal clips that you’ll have to open, generally found at the top of each valance. Once you find and open them, push the brackets towards the ceiling and twist them slightly. This should loosen them and make them easier to remove.

3. Releasing the Track

Locate the brackets on the paneling’s backside. Use a flathead screwdriver for the bracket: insert, twist, and release. Repeat on the opposite side and gently remove the paneling away from the window track.

Tips for Removing Blinds from Brackets Without Damage

A major concern when removing window blinds and brackets is how to remove them without causing damage to the blinds, your wall and yourself. The following tips might help you out:

  • Always make sure you clear the area around the window while you’re working. This will prevent the blinds from getting tangled or scratched by anything.
  • Removing window blinds should be done with a ladder. This will help you maintain balance and, besides ensuring your safety, will also make sure you don’t drop any blind components that could break.
  • Know when to be gentle and when to use force. Some blind components can crack or break if you use too much force.
  • When you remove the blinds, lay them on a flat surface. Make sure they are stored safely until it’s time to put them back up.


Still wondering about removing blinds in your home? Here are some frequently asked questions that I often hear.

How Do You Remove Faux Wood Blinds?

Depending on the type of bracket your faux wooden blinds have, you can remove them using one of the methods mentioned above. They are usually supported by two or three screws which will need to be removed with a Philip screwdriver.

How Do You Remove Cordless Window Blinds?

Cordless window blinds require pressing the tabs on the bracket. This releases the headrail, allowing you to remove the shades by lifting them up and off the front of the system’s mounting brackets.

How Do You Remove Blinds with a Spring Mechanism?

You have to apply force inwards to the blinds, rotate them towards the floor, and release them.

Is it Worth Fixing Broken Blinds?

It depends on what’s broken. Vertical blinds with broken weights and chains are a worthwhile and straightforward repair.

You’re pretty unlikely to find replacement components or replacements for mass-produced premade blinds, which are simply not designed for cost-effective repairs.

Can You Replace Slats on Window Blinds?

Yes. Whatever the extent of the damage, you may not require a completely new blind. If everything else is in working order, replacing and repairing your blinds is as simple as adding a couple of new slats.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the type of blinds you have, knowing how to remove window blinds is a straightforward task that requires only a few tools.

Ensure that you’re always safe when doing so, and use a sturdy ladder if you have to reach high up instead of a rickety chair that could cause you to fall and injure yourself.

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