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How Old Is My State Water Heater: Age Chart Included

Learn what the serial codes mean on your state water heater so you can accurately date it.

State delivers hot water to over 60 countries! That’s not bad for a company that started from such humble beginnings. However, knowing your State water heater’s age can be tricky, especially when shopping for spares.

We run through the serial codes and how to understand them so you can finally know your State Select water heater’s age.

Key Takeaways

  • Find State water heater age by decoding the serial number.
  • Serial numbers can be in four different styles, each representing the manufacture date.
  • Knowing the age helps determine warranty validity and when to replace the heater.
  • Regular maintenance prolongs your water heater’s lifespan.

How Old Is My State Water Heater?

To the untrained eye, deciphering the date codes on your State water heater is as easy as reading hieroglyphics. The age of your gas or electric State water heater comes down to the model numbers.

Each model is designated a serial number listing the manufacture date. It can be tricky to look up, but with our help, you can use this article as a decoder.

Knowing your State water heater age helps determine whether the warranty is still valid.

To read the codes, we need to understand the four ways the serial numbers are written. Here are the four styles in question:

  1. 1210A002243 or S1318F000046.
  2. H765662231 or M07A009387.
  3. AF04A093001.
  4. 1735107397129.

Let’s take a look at each in detail.

Style 1

Each of the first four numbers represents the date code. So, if the serial number starts with 1210, your hot water heater was manufactured in the 12th year and in the 10th week.

Likewise, S1318 represents a manufacture date of the 13th year and the 18th week.

Style 2

Things get a little more complicated with serial numbers starting with a letter code. The letter represents different months, but to understand which specific month, we need a handy chart.

Letter Code Month Letter Code Month
A January G July
B February H August
C March J September
D April K October
E May L November
F June M December

If your serial number begins with the letter H, the month of manufacture was August. If the corresponding numbers are 76, that gives you the year it was made. To give another example, M is the month of December, while the date numbers 07 represent the year.

Style 3

Style three serial codes have two letters at the beginning followed by a series of numbers. The important ones to focus on are the second letter, telling you the month and the first two numbers. You guessed it; they tell you the year of production.

The first letter denotes the factory code.

Worth Noting

When A.O. Smith bought State Industries in 2008, they dropped the factory code letter and then discontinued this serial code altogether. So, if your hot water heater has this code, it predates 2008.

Here’s another easy-to-follow chart:

Serial Number Starts With Month and Year of Production Serial Number Starts With Month and Year of Production
MA04 or AA04 Jan 04 K04 Oct 04
MB04 or AB04 Feb 04 L04 Nov 04
MC04 or AC04 March 04 M04 Dec 04
MD04 or AD04 April 04 A05 Jan 05
ME04 or AE04 May 04 B05 Feb 05
MF04 or AF04 June 04 C05 March 05
G04 July 04 D05 April 05
H04 August 04 E05 May 05
J04 Sept 04 E05 June 05
F05 July 05

Using the serial code AF04 (used in the example), we can date your heater to June 2004.

Style 4

Style four is probably the easiest to understand. The first four digits represent the year code and week of manufacture. Our example showed the serial number starting with 1735.

So, it was produced in the 17th year and in the 35th week of that year.

When Should I Replace My State Water Heater?

Technician servicing heating boiler

State Industries are renowned for their attention to detail and quality components. They test their water heaters in extreme conditions to ensure that they last longer than other brands. You should expect a lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

You know your water heater needs replacing when it starts to make loud noises every time it fires up. Banging and clanging are signs that the components are starting to show wear and tear.

Another signal that the game is up for your water heater is it takes longer to heat the water in the tank. If you notice your energy bills creeping up without any changes to your consumption, that could be another red flag.

Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Keeping your hot water heater in mint condition is crucial if you want it to last the distance. There are some handy tips you can perform to make life easier. Here are a few to get you started:

Flush the Tank Yearly

Flushing the tank removes mineral deposits that coat the elements and cause the heater to malfunction. Every year, doing a flush keeps the sediment to a minimum and preserves your water tank.

Turn Down the Thermostat

Turning down the thermostat by a few degrees relieves the strain on your system, protects the elements, and saves you money. It’s a win, win!

You won’t notice the change in the water temperature, but you will see the difference in your heating bills.

Insulate the Tank

While your water storage tank has good insulation levels, adding an insulated jacket increases the thermal efficiency of the tank and keeps the water hotter for longer. You need to start the water heater less because the water stays at temperature.

Regular Maintenance Schedule

Adopting a regular maintenance schedule is the best way to preserve the life of your water heater. Inspect the pilot light chamber and clear away debris. Remove any blockages that restrict the gas flow, realign the pilot rods so it sparks into life, and flush the tank.

Replace Broken Components

Once you’ve carried out your maintenance inspection, replace any faulty parts. Elements can fail, thermostats give false readings, and tanks corrode from the inside.

The good news is you can buy most spares from reputable hardware stores or online at sites like Amazon.

Take Note

If you have a Censible or Courier model water heater, you may struggle to get the parts because they were discontinued.

The State of My State

Knowing how to age a State water heater is crucial because it tells you whether you have a valid warranty. It also lets you know if your water heater is nearing the end of its useful life.

Simply follow the date codes listed on your model and use this article to decipher the correct date of manufacture.

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