Best Hot Water Dispensers of 2021

Get quality hot water without having to wait.

Have a family that keeps you busy? You might not realize how little chores can add up and impact your schedule. If you’ve been looking to save time and streamline your routine, a hot water dispenser can help.

In this article, we provide you with some tips on what to look for while shopping. If you need help finding the best hot water dispensers on the market, consider one from our list of recommendations.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table
Product Image of the Secura 4-Liter Electric Water Boiler and Warmer AirPot, 18/10 Stainless Steel Interior SWB-43G
Great for Small Spaces
Secura Stainless Steel Boiler
  • Space-saving
  • Warm & reboil option
  • Exceptional design
Product Image of the Zojirushi Micom Water Boiler and Warmer, 169 oz/5.0 L, White
Great Safety Features
Zojirushi Panorama Window Micom
  • Panoramic window
  • Multiple heat modes
  • Magnetic power cord
Product Image of the InSinkErator Contour Instant Hot Water Dispenser System - Faucet & Tank, Chrome, H-CONTOUR-SS
Best Installed Set
InSinkErator Instant Dispenser
  • Streamlined look
  • Deck-mounted faucet
  • Can be used with a filter
Product Image of the Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Tronic 3000 T 2.5-Gallon (ES2.5) - Eliminate Time for Hot Water - Shelf, Wall or Floor Mounted
Best for High-Volume Water Needs
Bosch Electric Mini-Tank
  • Glass-lined interior
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Large 2.5 gal capacity
Product Image of the Avalon A5 Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser, UL/NSF/Energy star, Stainless Steel, full size
Best for Water Filters
Avalon Full-Sized Self-Cleaning
  • 3 temperature settings
  • Self-cleaning
  • Features a child-safety feature
Product Image of the Avalon Premium Hot/Cold Top Loading Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser With Child Safety Lock. UL/Energy Star Approved- Black - A1CTWTRCLRBLK
Best Countertop
Avalon Countertop Dispenser
  • Child safety lock
  • Great for any location
  • Attractive, modern design
Product Image of the Ready Hot Instant Dispenser System, 2.5 Quarts, Manual Dial, Includes Brushed Nickel Hot and Cold Water Faucet
Best for Cooking
Ready Hot Stainless Steel
  • Automated heater protection
  • Attractive faucet
  • Built-in safety feature

Different Types of Hot Water Dispensers

Before you start shopping, check out what kinds of dispensers are available. Your particular space and needs will impact which style is right for you.

Whether you’re shopping for a living area or a commercial space will also play a part in your choice.

Built-In Hot Water Dispensers

Product Image of the InSinkErator Contour Instant Hot Water Dispenser System - Faucet & Tank, Chrome, H-CONTOUR-SS

Built-in hot water dispensing units tie directly into your plumbing. For these, a separate tank keeps water at a predetermined temperature. Turn on the tap, and you’ll be provided with water that’s the perfect temperature for hot beverages.

If you’re building your kitchen, it’s easy to work one of these models into your design. If you’re retrofitting an existing kitchen, though, it may take some time and money to install.

These feature a separate tank that’s usually mounted inside the sink cabinet; so take a good look at the measurements. Have limited space or other large under-sink items like a disposal or water filter? You may not be able to squeeze one of these in.

In addition to the under-sink space, you’ll need to run a fresh hose for a dedicated tap. This faucet usually sits next to your primary kitchen faucet. You’ll need to drill a hole in your countertop to finish the installation, and may want to consider hiring a professional.

While these systems are incredibly efficient and need little maintenance, the total cost of installation is generally greater than other options. If your chosen dispenser doesn’t come with a designated faucet, you’ll need to purchase that separately. Should you decide to go with a professional installation, you’ll also need to factor in that cost.


  • Resource-efficient.
  • Low-maintenance, with no tank refilling.
  • Streamlined, incorporated look.


  • More complicated to install.
  • Can cost more upfront.

Countertop Hot Water Dispensers

Product Image of the Secura 4-Liter Electric Water Boiler and Warmer AirPot, 18/10 Stainless Steel Interior SWB-43G

No prizes for guessing that these sit on your countertop. Since they’re always visible, they tend to be highly attractive appliances.

Like your regular coffee pot, though, you’ll need to refill the water basin to keep that hot water coming. This isn’t too difficult since most are designed to plug directly into an outlet.

They’re convenient because they’ll work anywhere and can be portable in a pinch. However, they’re also frequently designed with a smaller tank and work best in a home environment.

These do require a surface to sit on, so if counter space is limited, or upper cabinets sit low on the wall, these may not work for you. A built-in water dispenser may serve you better in this instance.

You may also want to consider the full-sized models if you need large quantities of hot water.


  • Affordable and attractive.
  • Portable.
  • Works anywhere with an outlet.


  • Takes up counter space.
  • Small tank capacity.

Full-Sized Hot Water Dispensers

Product Image of the Avalon A5 Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser, UL/NSF/Energy star, Stainless Steel, full size

A full-sized hot water dispenser offers the convenience of a countertop unit with the high capacity of an installed model. It’s an excellent option for commercial spaces and works well in residences where the water is inferior quality. Instead of using water from your water source, you can bring treated or contaminant-free water into your home.

Like the countertop models, you’ll be responsible for keeping this unit filled with water. Where most countertop models have a smaller capacity, though, these dispensers are intended to be used with large, refillable or replaceable water tanks.

Most models in this style have both a hot and a cold option, which increases their versatility. Like the countertop models, they generally run off of outlet power.


  • Ensures water quality.
  • Large capacity.
  • Suitable for home or commercial properties.


  • Require ongoing costs and maintenance, like replacing the water tank.
  • Needs a considerable amount of room.

How to Choose the Best Hot Water Dispensers

To help you bring home the best hot water dispenser for your needs, consider the following while shopping.

Intended location

Take a good look at your space constraints. Each type of water dispenser comes with its unique space challenges, so make sure your unit fits where you need it to.

Water usage

If you use a lot of hot water regularly, you’ll want a high-capacity unit. If you use hot water more infrequently, you can get away with a smaller one.

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Installation requirements

Looking for something fast and easy? Or, are you ready to put in a little more time for something you’ll likely have around longer? Determine what kind of energy you’re willing to put into installing your new hot water dispenser (1).

Maintenance levels

Are you looking for something you can set up and walk away from? Or, can you commit to frequently checking water levels or bringing home fresh water? Identify how much maintenance you want to do, but be aware that all varieties require some upkeep (2).


You can find all of these types of hot water dispensers at a wide variety of price points. Know how much money you plan to spend before you start shopping.

Consider The Big Picture

Don’t just look at the cost of the unit when you’re shopping. Factor in the on-going cost of water and electricity to better understand which model will keep you on budget. Don’t forget to add in any professional installation or supplies to your final cost.

The Best Hot Water Dispenser Reviews of 2021

During our hunt for the best products, we’ve touched base with professionals and homeowners. Using their advice and experience, as well as our research, we’ve put together this list of our top seven hot water dispensers.

1. Secura Stainless Steel Water Boiler

Great for Small Spaces

A compact unit that packs a punch, this countertop model has built-in temperature control. It features both a keep warm and a reboil option to give you water at the exact temperature you’re looking for. A favorite feature is that it’s self-cleaning and works to descale build-up from the minerals in the water.

The water tank can hold 4 quarts of water at a time. The water gauge offers an auto-off feature that kicks in when the water level gets low.

A 2-year warranty is included with this product.

Why We Love It


A countertop model does take up prep space. But at just about a foot high, this model gives you access to convenient hot water without eating up space.

Extra Features

From its integrated, blue night light to its cup-touch dispenser, this model offers plenty of extras.

You have total control over the water dispenser with the top control panel. With simple press buttons that are easy to operate, you can change the temperature and initiate cleaning.

Exceptional Design

Careful attention has been paid to this unit’s construction. The interior stainless steel cavity is O-shaped, offering a low center of gravity. This helps prevent accidental tipping of both the inner tank and the unit as a whole, which prevents burns during use.

The water flow is fast, but the two-stage water pump prevents excess splashing, reducing the likelihood of burns. In addition to the internal components, the outside of the dispenser has been carefully designed.

Keep In Mind

It’s Petite

Though we love how little space this model takes up, its size also reduces the volume of water it can hold. You’ll need to frequently replace the water, especially if you have a large number of people using it.

If you think you’ll be using your dispenser heavily, perhaps consider the Avalon model below.

Additional Specs

Dimensions 13.9 inches by 13.1 inches by 9.6 inches
Weight 6.85 pounds
Type Countertop
Material Stainless steel
Additional Features Auto clean; temp control; night light

2. Zojirushi Panorama Window Micom Water Boiler and Warmer

Great Safety Features

Equipped with a clear window, you can keep a close eye on the water levels at a glance. This model is also equipped with an easy-to-use control panel that features an LCD display.

Four different heat settings help you get the perfect water temperature for all your beverage and cooking needs. A cafe-drip feature slows the water output by 60 percent, making this appropriate for making coffee.

The interior is easy to clean, and with a small overall size, you won’t be sacrificing too much counter space.

Why We Love It

Panoramic Window

A plastic viewing window runs the length of the internal water chamber. You can keep close tabs on how much water is left inside and when you need to add more, just with a glance.

This feature is especially handy if your dispenser sits under an upper counter and needs to be moved to open the top.

Multiple Modes

While some models offer basic options for heated water, this one comes with four distinct heat modes. You can choose the exact amount of heat you need, from a slight rewarming to a heated boil.

In addition to the temperature control, you can select how much water you want at once, choosing a fast flow or slow drip.

Magnetic Power Cord

The safety features on this model work to keep you safe. A magnetic power cord detaches easily, preventing accidental tipping of boiling water should something get caught on it. Along with the power cord, this model also offers an energy-saving timer feature that reduces electricity consumption.

Keep In Mind

Made of Multiple Materials

While the bulk of the internal structure is made of stainless steel, other metals are also used. These are prone to rust, which means you may want to consider emptying the chamber in between uses.

Additional Specs

Dimensions 11.9 inches by 9.1 inches by 10 inches
Weight 6 pounds
Type Countertop
Material Stainless steel; metal; plastic
Additional Features Magnetic power cord; panorama window; LCD control panel

3. InSinkErator Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Best Installed Set

Featuring a temperature dial located on the tank, this is an installed option that boasts a compact size. In addition to the heating element, this dispenser also comes with a deck-mounted faucet in chrome.

Since this dispenser is a built-in variety, it needs to be installed through your existing countertop, such as your main faucet.

This model’s tank can hold up to two-thirds of a gallon of hot water and is suitable for both home and commercial use.

Why We Love It

Streamlined Look

We love the integrated, clean look of a built-in water dispenser. The dedicated faucet is unobtrusive and compatible with a variety of kitchen styles, offering easy control over your hot water.

Small Size

A petite option, this can be an excellent choice when you’re looking for an installed model that won’t take up cabinet space. Despite its small size, it’s capable of holding a significant amount of water.

Can Be Used with a Filter

With the ability to tie into water filters, this dispenser is a great option if your water source hasn’t previously been filtered.

InSinkErator offers both hot and cold water filters designed to work with their dispensers. They can be purchased separately, as needed.

Keep In Mind

Might Need Outsourced Help

Even if you’re ready to tackle the plumbing portion of this installation on your own, you may need to bring in an electrician.

This unit will require a dedicated outlet within your sink cabinet. Its proximity to the water source will impact the installation.

Additional Specs

Dimensions 6 inches by 7.75 inches by 11 inches
Weight 7.4 pounds
Type Built-in
Material Stainless steel
Additional Features Faucet included; temperature control dial; power cord

4. Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater

Best for High-Volume Water Needs

Available in multiple sizes, this water heater from Bosch is an excellent option for commercial or shared spaces. The smallest tank size is 2.5 gallons, while the largest is 7 gallons. Of course, the larger the tank you go with, the more under-sink space you’ll need.

Like other hot water dispensers, you’ll need to supply a dedicated outlet to run this product. Low maintenance with a fast recovery rate, this product has 98 percent thermal efficiency.

Why We Love It


Other units offer a metal-lined interior, which can lead to rust and leaks. This model is designed for longevity and uses top-quality glass on the interior for a low maintenance heater.

Multiple Mounting Options

Intended to be versatile, this heater can be installed under, or on top of, a counter, as needed. The largest model can even be installed on its side to best suit your space.

A mounting bracket is included to keep installation fast and ensure your heater is safely installed.

Exceptional Capacity

Able to hold 2.5 gallons, even the smallest tank option can hold a substantial amount of water. The larger models can be used to support multiple sinks or as a hot water source for showers and baths.

With a convenient size, it even makes a good choice as a primary heater in boats and RVs.

Keep In Mind

Double-Check the Pressure Relief Valve

This heater model is equipped with a pressure relief valve. In the event you notice water on or near your heater, take the time to double-check this and make sure it’s correctly in place. If it’s not, condensation can occur along the outside of the heater.

Additional Specs

Dimensions 13.75 inches by 13.75 inches by 10.75 inches
Weight 15.5 pounds
Type Built-in
Material Glass; plastic; metal
Additional Features Included mounting bracket; included cord; temperature dial

5. Avalon Full-Sized Self-Cleaning Water Dispenser

Best for Water Filters

With its streamlined, attractive look, this full-sized model works equally well at work or home.

A large, inner cavity is intended to house two filters — one for sediment, and one for microscopic impurities. It’s an excellent option for even those locations that have questionable water sources.

This model doesn’t use an outside water source, so it’ll need to be plumbed into your existing lines. Using your existing water supply cuts down on on-going costs, though, and keeps maintenance needs low.

Why We Love It

It’s Versatile

We love the look and functionality of this piece. It’s tapped directly into your water source, which means you can have access to a large quantity of water.

Featuring three different temperature settings — icy-cold, cool, and piping hot — it’s a great option for all your beverage needs.


Not having a bottle cuts down on maintenance, and so does this model’s self-cleaning feature. When needed, simply press the self-clean button, and your unit will clean and sterilize itself. We love how little effort is needed to keep great-tasting water available all the time.

Incredibly Safe

Especially if you have young children in your home, the idea of a hot water dispenser can be unnerving. This model features a child-safety feature on the hot water that works to keep your little ones safe.

Its plumbed installation style also makes tipping unlikely, while a blue nightlight lets you find it safely — even in the dark.

Keep In Mind

The Manual Could Be Better

Though there are photos included in the installation manual, it can be difficult to follow. If your dispenser isn’t correctly installed, you may experience leaking. Novices may be more comfortable and have better results hiring out a professional.

Additional Specs

Dimensions 13 inches by 12 inches by 41 inches
Weight 44 pounds
Type Full-sized
Material Metal; plastic
Additional Features Self-cleaning; no bottle

6. Avalon Countertop Top-Loading Water Dispenser

Best Countertop Bottled Water Dispenser

If you’ve been searching for the convenience of a top-loading unit and the smaller size of a countertop model, consider this option. The attractive exterior features and clearly labeled hot and cold dispensers work well in both home and commercial spaces.

Because it fits a standard water bottle mouth, you can control what size bottle works best for you. With two temperature settings, choose between cold and piping hot water depending on your beverage of choice.

Why We Love It

Child Safety Lock

This model offers two heating modes: cool and hot. To help prevent a child from accidentally burning themselves on the dispenser, the hot setting comes equipped with a safety lock.

Great for Any Location

There’s no need to plumb in this model, and you aren’t relying on your regular water source. You can purchase the filtered water of your choice and use this dispenser virtually anywhere. All you’ll need is access to a power source.

Attractive Design

With an attractive, modern design, this dispenser fits in with a variety of styles and decor.

The plastic front of the dispenser body is available in two color choices — black or white — to best suit your room’s style.

Keep In Mind

Space Needed

Though the dispenser itself isn’t oversized, you’ll need to allow height for the bottled water as well. These bottles are available in different sizes but don’t anticipate a finished unit that can fit under an upper cabinet. If you don’t have a countertop without uppers above it, you’ll need to use a piece of furniture to support this dispenser.

Bottled Water Adds Additional Cost

Having control over the water you’re drinking is a great feature, but don’t forget to add in the extra cost of bottled water. Depending on how much water you use, you may go through a bottle quickly, which can eat up time and money.

Additional Specs

Dimensions 13 inches by 12 inches by 19 inches
Weight 30 pounds
Type Countertop
Material Plastic; metal
Additional Features Child safety lock

7. Ready Hot Stainless Steel Hot Water Dispenser

Best Hot Water Dispenser for Cooking

An external dial on the tank allows you to control the temperature of this heater easily, and it’s capable of providing 190-degree water. The water tank can hold 2.5 gallons of water and is capable of producing 60 cups of hot water per hour.

A dedicated faucet for this built-in unit is included. It’s tall and elegant, making it ideal for filling pots and other cooking implements while blending in seamlessly with your kitchen.

Available in a chrome or brushed nickel finish, you can choose the style that suits your room best.

Why We Love It

Automated Heater Protection

Intended to protect your heater from accidentally burning out, this is equipped with automated protection. In the event the tank becomes empty (due to an open tap or loss of water), the heater won’t become damaged by overheating.

Attractive Faucet

The classic, attractive faucet gives you the height you need to fill large items with hot water. It’s available in multiple finishes to create the exact look you’re after in your kitchen. Sleek and unobtrusive, it won’t call attention to itself once installed.

Built-In Safety Feature

Featuring two handles on the faucet, the hot tap needs to be pressed in firmly to operate. It’s designed this way to prevent children from grasping the hot lever by mistake and accidentally burning themselves.

Keep In Mind

Faucet Has a Narrow Arch

If you use the included faucet, you’ll need to install it quite close to the edge of your counter. Though the faucet is tall with a gooseneck, it doesn’t protrude far. If it’s installed improperly, the stream of water will hit the countertop instead of the sink. This can also increase the likelihood of back-splashing, which can lead to burns.

Additional Specs

Dimensions 11 inches by 8 inches by 12 inches
Weight 14.05 pounds
Type Built-in
Material Stainless steel; brushed nickel
Additional Features Faucet included

Hot Water Dispenser Comparison Chart

Product Best Dimensions Weight Type Material
Secura Stainless Steel For Small Spaces 13.9″ x 13.1″ x 9.6″ 6.85 lbs Countertop Stainless steel
Zojirushi Panorama Window Micom Safety Features 11.9″ x 9.1″ x 10″ 6 lbs Countertop Stainless steel; metal; plastic
InSinkErator Instant Installed Set 6″ x 7.75″ x 11″ 7.4 lbs Built-in Stainless steel
Bosch Electric Mini-Tank For High-Volume Water Needs 13.75″ x 13.75″ x 10.75″ 15.5 lbs Built-in Glass; plastic; metal
Avalon Full-Sized Self-Cleaning For Water Filters 13″ x 12″ x 41″ 44 lbs Full-sized Metal; plastic
Avalon Countertop Top-Loading Countertop 13″ x 12″ x 19″ 30 lbs Countertop Plastic; metal
Ready Hot Stainless Steel For Cooking 11″ x 8″ x 12″ 14.05 lbs Built-in Stainless steel; brushed nickel

Finding the Best for You

Take a good look at where you’ll be using your new dispenser to narrow down which type suits your needs best. After that, consider how much water you think you’ll need and what kind of maintenance you want to put into it.

What are you looking for in the best hot water dispenser? Have any of our favorites caught your eye? What did you think of our hot water dispenser reviews? We’d love to hear which features are non-negotiable for you, and how you plan to use your new purchase. Let us know about it in the comments section below.

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