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How to Hang Wreaths on a Window: Tips and Tricks

Learn to hang a wreath on a window in four stylish ways.

Without knowing how to hang wreaths on a window properly, they could end up scratching the window or falling off altogether. But hanging wreaths on windows is not rocket science if you use the method most suitable for both the wreath and the window in question.

Without further ado, let’s talk about how to hang a Christmas wreath using the most popular methods.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose the right method: Hang wreaths on windows using ribbon, fishing line, suction cups, or command hooks.
  • Size matters: Select a wreath that is proportionate to your window size, such as a 22-inch wreath for a 32-inch window.
  • Protect your window: Prevent scratches by adding padding to the back of the wreath and securing it in place with hooks or wire.
  • Get creative: Personalize your wreath with Christmas tree globes, lanterns, fairy lights, toys, or holiday cheers.

What Size Wreath Should I Use for My Windows?

Window wreaths can be created at home or store-bought and made of artificial materials or using natural foliage combined with all sorts of decorations.

Whichever you choose, the wreath must be sized correctly for the window you’ll be hanging it on. You can’t choose a small wreath because it will be disproportionate to the rest of the window, while a wreath that’s too large will become overpowering.

You can, for example, place a 22-inch wreath on a 32-inch window. It will fill the window properly and still leave some room around it to avoid visual clutter.

How to Hang an Outdoor Wreath

Hanging a wreath outside is easy using the following steps.

With Ribbon

Hanging a wreath with ribbon is appropriate if your window is a double-hung window that opens from the top down.

1. Measure Ribbon

Measure out a piece of ribbon based on how low you want the wreath to hang.

2. Mark with a Pin

Mark the ribbon with a pin in the spot where you want the knot to go in.

3. Tie a Knot

Tie a knot where you’ve previously placed your pin. You should have some tails protruding from the center of the wreath.

4. Hang

Thread the ribbon through the wreath. Then loop the tied ribbon end through a loop of ribbon on the opposite end. Pull tight. You should now be able to hang your wreath.

With Command Hooks

Command hooks are considered the sturdiest and best method to hang a wreath on a window. When hanging a wreath with command hooks, choose transparent ones, or they will be too visible.

1. Clean the Window

Clean the portion of your window where you’ll be placing the hook using rubbing alcohol.

2. Adhere Hook

Once the rubbing alcohol has dried, place the hook and give it time to adhere.

3. Hang

Hang the wreath on the hook and enjoy the holidays!

With Suction Cups

This method is the best for people who don’t want any holes in the window trim.

1. Get the Right Suction Cups

Pay close attention to the weight limit of the suction cups and make sure they can support the weight of your wreath. Look for vacuum suction cups because they can hold the wreath better.

2. Place Cups

Simply place the suction cup on the surface of the window as per the instructions on the label.

3. Hang It

Hang the wreath and make sure that it’s stable enough.

With Fishing Line

This method works best if you have shutters on either side of the window.

1. Tie Line

Tie clear fishing line to one shutter.

2. Attach to Wreath

Thread the open end of the line through the wreath’s frame.

3. Attach to Shutter

Secure the other end to the opposite shutter.

4. Check It’s Secure

Ascertain that the fishing line is taut and strong enough to support the wreath’s weight. The transparent fishing line will be concealed beneath your wreath.

How to Hang a Wreath on a Screen Window

Remove the window screens to make wreath hanging considerably easier. Also, consider that the lack of screens will make the wreath more visible.

If you cannot take your screen down, consider hammering a nail into the exterior of your wood window frame and hanging the wreath from it with a broad ribbon.

If you place the wreath outside, you can also weave some wire through the top and bottom of the wreath and secure it to the mesh screen. In this manner, the wreath will not wobble in the wind, brushing against the screen and potentially ripping it.

How Do I Protect My Window from Scratches?

As welcome and pleasant as they are, any passionate window wreath hanger will tell you that hanging one is not without its obstacles. Some wreaths, especially those with heavy decorations, are likely to scratch the surface of your window or door.

Here are a few tips on how to prevent that:

  • Glue some fabric to the back of your wreath. It could be foam or felt. This acts as padding to prevent any potential scratches.
  • Secure the wreath in place. This will help prevent it from moving in all directions, which would eventually lead to scratches.
  • Use hooks on the top and bottom of the wreath. You can use ribbon or floral wire to properly attach the wreath to the hooks and ensure it doesn’t move.

Ideas for Wreath Accents

Once you learn how to hang wreaths on a window, you’re probably wondering how to make your wreath look unique.

Use Christmas Tree Globes

Traditional christmas wreath with red ornaments and gold baubles on old wooden door in european city street. Stylish christmas street decor, Festive decorations and illumination. Winter holidays

One of the most popular symbols of Christmas is the tree globe, so why not use them to decorate your window wreath? Opt for a single color, two colors, or even a combination of multiple globe colors, and secure them to your wreath using wire.

Attach a Lantern

There’s something about the warm light of a lantern that creates a cozy Christmas ambiance. If your wreath hanging system can support it, attach a lantern so that Santa can find his way.


Use a battery-operated candle to prevent any chance of fire.

Add a Sparkle of Lights

A well-lighted wreath is bound to create a stunning visual effect. It’s also a great way to showcase this Christmas decoration and make it stand out from the crowd. Simply intertwine battery-operated fairy lights around the wreath for that added glimmer.

Hang a Toy

If you ask children what the best part of Christmas is, they’ll probably say presents and toys. You can definitely make a window wreath more festive by hanging a beautiful wooden toy on it.

Add a Holiday Cheer

Ultimately, a Christmas wreath is about positive holiday vibes. One foolproof way to spread them is to include a holiday cheer on your wreath. It could be anything from “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays.”


Looking for more info? I’ve got you covered.

How Do You Hang a Wreath on a Window that Doesn’t Open?

Magnetic hooks can be used to attach wreaths to windows that can’t open. One piece of the hook is attached to the outside of the window, while the other is attached to the inside.

Can You Hang a Wreath on a Wall?

If your wreath weighs less than five pounds, you can hang it to the wall without causing damage using simple adhesive wall hooks. The adhesive backing of the hooks can easily be removed without causing damage to wooden, painted, or wallpapered surfaces.

Does the Bow Go on Top or Bottom of Wreath?

It mostly depends on personal preference, but wreath bows are usually found on the top. Traditional wreaths are often made with bows, but you can skip them altogether in favor of something more modern.

How Do You Keep a Wreath in Place in Windy Weather?

When hanging wreaths on windows outdoors, you can use floral wire to secure the wreath in place. Of course, the method for securing it depends on whatever you can work with, such as shutters or mesh screens.

Final Say

Hanging wreaths on windows is pretty easy once you’ve determined the best method for the job. And, once you know how to hang a Christmas wreath, the only thing left is to determine what your wreath will look like.

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