Best Fogless Shower Mirrors of 2022

No need to keep smearing your hand across a steamed up mirror after you shower! Try a fogless mirror instead.

If your shower is where you beautify yourself or get ready for the day, you’re probably familiar with the frustration of a foggy mirror.

You wipe at it and it fogs up again, leaving you squinting at the outline of your face. Finally, you’re forced to either open the bathroom door to clear the steam, or leave the room entirely — bad news if it’s winter and you’re trying to avoid that post-shower chill.

End the aggravation with one of these best fogless shower mirrors. Discover the science behind how they work and what to consider before you shop.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Fogless Shaving Shower Mirror, Liootech Fog Free Mirror Narrow Bezel Ultra-Thin 6.7 inch Metal Frame with 2 Stainless Steel Chains 17.3 & 10.6 inch
Most Resilient Fogless Shower Mirror
Liootech Fog-Free Shower Mirror
  • Flexible chain
  • Compact for travel
  • Minimalist look
Product Image of the ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee
Most Ingenious Fogless Mirror
ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror
  • Squeegee included
  • Secure & adhesive
  • Highly effective fog-repeller
Product Image of the Fogless Shower Mirror with Built-in Razor Holder | 360° Rotation | Real Fog-Free Shaving | Adjustable Arm & | Shatterproof & Rust-Resistant | Non-Fogging Bathroom Mirror for Men and Women
Best for Busy Users
Asani Fogless Shower Mirror
  • Easy fill-and-dump reservoir
  • Multi-surface compatibility
  • No exasperating adhesives
Product Image of the HoneyBull Shower Mirror Fogless for Shaving - with Suction, Razor Holder for Shower & Swivel, Mirrors, Shower Accessories, Bathroom Mirror, Bathroom Accessories, Holds Razors for Men (White)
Best Portable Fogless Shower Mirror
HoneyBull Shower Mirror
  • Mountable on glass
  • Convenient razor hook
  • Swiveling ball joint
Product Image of the ReflectXL Shower Mirror by Mirror On A Rope. Our Largest Mirror. Shatterproof. Easily Eliminate Fog and Shadows. Includes Two Removable Adhesive Hooks and an Adjustible Rope (Wet Steel)
Most Grand Fogless Shower Mirror
ReflectXL Shower Mirror
  • Multiple backing colors available
  • Two mounting options
  • Heat-activated clarity

How Do Fogless Shower Mirrors Work?

Fogless shower mirrors work by fighting condensation on the glass or plastic reflective surface. Condensation is how water vapor transforms back into a liquid. As the air is full of water vapor, this is a common occurrence in most bathrooms (1).

You’ve likely seen it happen in more places than just your shower. When warm air hits a surface that is colder, moisture forms.

Those who wear glasses will be particularly familiar with the phenomenon. Haven’t you ever bent over a steaming dish or a hot drink and had your vision turn cloudy?

The same principle applies in your shower. Condensation will form all over your shower mirror as the air gets warmer, but the mirror stays the same temperature. Condensation can happen even at room temperature, for example when you place an ice-cold drink on a table without a coaster (2).

Types of Fogless Shower Mirrors

There are two ways in which fogless mirrors can stay clear: through heat or through a chemical coating.

Heated Mirrors

Some mirrors use heat to keep them at a higher temperature than the air your shower. By doing so, they ensure that pesky condensation won’t block your view.

The heating element will vary based on the model. Some use electricity, whereas others take advantage of the water in your shower by way of a reservoir; or application on the surface itself (3).

Note that if you pick an electric fogless mirror, you need to be selective. Poor-quality builds can be fatal, as water conducts electricity (4).

Chemical-Coated Mirrors

Chemical-coated fogless mirrors are made with transparent coatings on top of the reflective surface that repel condensation.

Usually, the coatings are water-repellent polymers, some of which are “activated” by hot or warm water to keep the mirror fogless (5).

The benefit here is that these mirrors are usually simple to install. You don’t need to factor in a heating element that may require special placement in your shower.

At the same time, that chemical coating probably won’t last forever. As it starts to wear down, you’ll see less and less clarity in the mirror.

Features and Design of Fogless Mirrors

Don’t settle for less when shopping for one of these accessories. The product you choose should have other features besides being anti-fog.

Factor in the following considerations:

Size and shape

Are you performing precision jobs in the bathroom, like shaving or plucking your eyebrows? Or are you only looking to make sure you’ve rinsed all your face mask off? Choose a size and shape that’s appropriate for your needs.


Where are you planning to put your mirror? A suction mount will suit users who want to move the mirror around frequently. If you don’t want to panic about it falling off, consider a model that can be affixed to your wall permanently.

Shelf or hooks

Bathers who have a full kit of grooming tools may appreciate a shelf or built-in hooks. You can place your tweezers or razors directly on the mirror for easy access.

Durability and materials

Some fogless shower mirrors can be expensive. You want to rest assured they’re well-built to withstand the test of time.

The Best Fogless Shower Mirrors of 2022

Sometimes the simplest items can be the toughest to shop for. But we’ve taken care of the hard work for you. We meticulously sifted through and analyzed countless fogless shower mirrors to choose the five best options.

1. Liootech Fog-Free Shower Mirror

Most Resilient Fogless Shower Mirror

This mirror by Liootech will appeal to people who want a product that’ll last. For one, there’s no heating element or reservoir to break down. The mirror clears because of the nano-membrane on the surface.

Secondly, the back of the mirror is EVA plastic. This material is flexible and crack-resistant, which should improve overall resilience (6).

Additionally, the frame and chain of this hanging mirror are both stainless steel, so they’ll be greatly resistant to rust (7). The upside here is the mirror should stay corrosion-free despite near-constant exposure to the water in your shower.

The Pros

Flexible Chain

You’re likely not the same height as everyone else in your household. Luckily the chain on this is adjustable for people tall and small. You can alter the length as needed to see yourself comfortably.

Safe for Clumsy Users

If you’ve already broken a shower mirror before, the Lioteech may be a practical choice. In your birthday suit, you’re most vulnerable to flying shards. The shatterproof mirror ensures you won’t get injured or have much to clean up if you drop it.

Compact for Travel

You’ll need your grooming or beauty routine more than ever when you travel. At less than 7 inches in diameter, this mirror shouldn’t take up space in your luggage.

Minimalist Look

The simple, clean-cut design of the Lioteech shower mirror should appeal to most customers. Whether your shower is tiled or marbled, dark or light, stainless steel works with nearly any material.

The Cons

No Shelves or Hooks

If you were looking forward to having somewhere to hang your beautification tools, this mirror might let you down. It doesn’t have any hooks or shelves on it, which is frustrating if you’re switching between utensils and have nowhere to put them.

Additional Specs

Anti-Fog Mechanism Chemical-coated (nano-membrane)
Dimensions 6.69 inches by 6.69 inches
Mount Hanging
Shelf or Hooks No
Materials Stainless steel, EVA plastic

2. ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror

Most Ingenious Fogless Shower Mirror

This mirror by ToiletTree has several innovative features. If you’re looking for a unit that helps keep personal grooming simple, this could be it.

It has a built-in shelf for your tweezers, razor, comb or other small grooming tools. Some of you may find that you can cut down on your primping time here.

The mirror itself can be tilted up or down to get yourself in perfect view. Being able to move the mirror itself makes it great for users of slightly different heights.

The Pros

See All Your Angles

Instead of contorting your neck as you work on your face, you can tilt the mirror. This is handy for those of you who need to see varying angles as you work on yourself.

Squeegee Included

Streaks on your mirror are unsightly and can impact clarity with time. However, most of us don’t store glass cleaner in our showers — or have the time to bother when we’re in a rush.

ToiletTree had the foresight to predict this cleaning dilemma. A squeegee is included for you to pass over the mirror after each use for effort-free maintenance.

Secure and Adhesive

Sticking something to a wall is always somewhat worrisome. Whether it’s by suction or an adhesive, there’s always the fear it will give up suddenly.

You can count on ToiletTree’s adhesive in this instance. Buyers report the adhesive stays reassuringly firm.

Highly Effective Fog-Repeller

Plenty of customers appreciate how clear this fog-free mirror stays. Clarity is vital if you’re shaving, tweezing or doing anything that can alter your appearance.

The Cons

Preparation Requires Mirror Removal

You need to slide the mirror out of the bracket to fill up the reservoir. For some of you, this may grow to be aggravating over time.

Additional Specs

Anti-Fog Mechanism Heated (water reservoir)
Dimensions 8.5 by 6.5 inches
Mount Fixed (adhesive)
Shelf or Hooks One shelf
Materials Acrylic

3. Asani Fogless Shower Mirror

Best Fogless Shower Mirror for Busy Users

The Asani fogless shower mirror is user-friendly for bathers with hectic schedules. If you don’t like wasting a second during your morning routine, this model could work for you. Filling the water reservoir to heat the mirror can be done without taking it apart.

This round mirror includes a hook for your toothbrush or razor. You can interchange your gadgets as needed while you prepare yourself for the day ahead.

The suction mount is adhesive-free, so you can reposition this mirror as you please. It also rotates 360 degrees for a comprehensive view of what you’re doing.

The Pros

Easy Fill-and-Dump Reservoir

The reservoir system is time-saving and straightforward. You fill it up through the top without removing a single component. When you’re ready to get out of the shower, you can rotate the mirror to dump it.

Multi-Surface Compatibility

The suction base works with all sorts of flat surfaces. Marble, enamel, tile, glass, and mirror can all serve as a backing.

No Exasperating Adhesives

Sticky traces from adhesives are unattractive and can be tough to clean. Not to mention, the more glue is left on your wall, the less effective the suction cup will be.

This model’s suction works by way of a lock. Turning the lock clockwise keeps it in place; anti-clockwise will release it. You can move your mirror about without too much effort.

Good Lifespan

The entire mirror is constructed of plastic, including the glass (or reflective surface). Aside from being lightweight and hard-wearing, plastics are incredibly corrosion-resistant. When is the last time you saw rusted-out plastic? (8)

The Cons

Reservoir Can Be Awkward

The Asani does have a downside — the reservoir placement. If you rotate the mirror too far, water will spill out of the reservoir on top. Unfortunately, you don’t have free-reign when it comes to rotation with this product.

Additional Specs

Anti-Fog Mechanism Heated (water reservoir)
Dimensions 6.7-inch diameter
Mount Suction (lock)
Shelf or Hooks Hook
Materials Plastics

4. HoneyBull Shower Mirror

Best Portable Fogless Shower Mirror

Are you constantly on the go for business, pleasure, or both? If so, the HoneyBull model might be a wise choice for you.

This dainty fogless shower mirror measures in at 5.75 inches in diameter. You’ll be able to tuck it into your travel bag without weighing it down. The construction is all-plastic, meaning it’s hardy enough (if well-packed) to survive journeys.

One of the potential issues of transporting a fogless shower mirror is pieces coming apart if it has a reservoir. As the HoneyBull is chemically coated, there’s little chance of that happening.

In addition, the suction cup adheres to any flat surface without adhesive. Instead, it operates by way of a locking mechanism.

The Pros

Mountable On Glass

Sometimes, you never know what you’re going to get in the way of accommodation. If you get a hotel bathroom with porous tile or rough ceramic, you might be stumped for placement options.

The HoneyBull can be stuck to glass surfaces. No matter where you are, there’s almost certainly going to be a glass mirror in your bathroom (albeit not one that repels fog).

Convenient Razor Hook

Men who need to stay clean-shaven should benefit from this feature the most. Customers find that the built-in hook supports razors of varying sizes.

Swiveling Ball Joint

Although this mirror is small, you’ll be able to swivel it as needed to get yourself polished and presentable. It has a convenient 360-degree range.

The Cons

Might Not Stick to Walls

A couple of buyers complain that the suction cup doesn’t stick to shower walls well. Others have found it impossible to get the mirror to stay up at all.

If you’re not willing to at least try the HoneyBull on glass, you may want to pick another mirror. For instance, the ReflectXL below or the Liootech at number one.

Additional Specs

Anti-Fog Mechanism Chemical-coated
Dimensions 5.75-inch diameter
Mount Suction (lock)
Shelf or Hooks Hook
Materials Plastic

5. ReflectXL Shower Mirror

Most Grand Fogless Shower Mirror

This sizable mirror is big enough to serve as a statement piece. If you want a generous view of yourself, the ReflectXL may be worth your consideration.

It’s rectangular, with a length of 7.6 inches and a width of 5.6 inches. That’s the full package; there aren’t rims or a frame that cut down on the available reflective surface.

If placed correctly, you’ll enjoy not only a fog-free reflection but a shadowless one too. The manufacturer recommends you place it near the light source in your bathroom for a clear image.

The Pros

Multiple Backing Colors Available

You can pick between four colors for the backing (cladding); red, green, blue or wet steel.

You can also take the risk of buying the mirror uncladded. Bear in mind, though, the backing is scratch-proof and works to protect the mirror if it’s dropped.

Two Mounting Options

This mirror enables you to choose between an adhesive hook or a rope. You’ll receive two hooks with your purchase, so you can alternate mirror placement. Buyers with much taller or shorter partners or living mates might be keen on the two-hook deal.

Heat-Activated Clarity

The way by which this mirror keeps fogless is delightfully simple. You unhook it, let warm water run over both sides for a few seconds, and then set it up.

This quick process should suffice for a shower’s worth of visual clarity. There’s no reservoir to fill, and the manufacturer claims the mirror is not chemical-coated.

The Cons

Less Effective Anti-Fog Mechanism

A couple of buyers weren’t content with the anti-fogging capabilities of this mirror. As it doesn’t have a chemical coating or a heating reservoir, it may not stay clear for as long as needed.

Additional Specs

Anti-Fog Mechanism Heated
Dimensions 7.6 by 5.6 inches
Mount Hook (adhesive)
Shelf or Hooks None
Materials Plastic

Fogless Shower Mirror Comparison Chart

Product Best Anti-Fog Mechanism Dimensions Mount Shelf/Hooks Materials
Liootech Fog-Free Shower Mirror Resilient Chemical-coated 6.69″ x 6.69″ Hanging None Stainless steel, EVA plastic
ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror Ingenious Heated 8.5 x 6.5″ Fixed (adhesive) One shelf Acrylic
Asani Fogless Shower Mirror Busy Users Heated 6.7″ (D) Suction (lock) Hook Plastics
HoneyBull Shower Mirror Portable Chemical-coated 5.75″ (D) Suction (lock) Hook Plastic
ReflectXL Shower Mirror Grand Mirror Heated 7.6 x 5.6″ Hook (adhesive) None Plastic

Can You Make a Fogless Shower Mirror?

There are a few DIY routes you can take to turn your regular mirror into a fogless one. If you’re interested, we suggest using an anti-fog solution.

These are sprays that repel water and, thus, steam (9). Messy tactics like soap or shaving cream will only cost you time to clean up afterward.

Who’s the Clearest of Them All?

The best fogless shower mirror can save you needless hassle during your shower routine. Remember to put some thought into what you want in a fogless shower mirror.

No matter your choice, with one of these top-rated mirrors at your disposal, your reflection will go from blurry to brilliant.

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