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Best Electric Snow Shovels of 2023

Electric snow shovels: a cross between a shovel and a snow blower.

When you don’t need a snow blower but still have snow to clear from your driveway, an electric snow shovel is a great choice. If your driveway is small or you get lighter snow, getting the best electric snow shovel is crucial.

We researched online sites judging electric snow shovels for price, performance, customer satisfaction, and expert opinions to bring you the 5 best models.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Earthwise SN74016 40-Volt Cordless Electric Snow Shovel, Brushless Motor, 16-Inch width, 300lbs/Minute (Battery and Charger Included)
Best for Heavy Snow
Earthwise 40V Cordless Snow Shovel
  • 16-inch plowing capability
  • Brushless motor
  • 6-inch wheels
Product Image of the Snow Joe 24V-SS11-XR 24-Volt 11-Inch 5-Ah Cordless Snow Shovel, Kit (w/5-Ah Battery + Quick Charger)
Best for Decks
Snow Joe 24-SS11-XR Snow Shovel
  • 27 min of runtime
  • Battery & charger included
  • Super lightweight at 12 lbs
Product Image of the Snow Joe 24V-SS10 24-Volt 10-Inch 4-Ah Cordless Snow Shovel, Kit (w/4-Ah Battery + Quick Charger)
Best Cordless Electric Snow Shovel
Snow Joe 24V-SS10 Snow Shovel
  • 25 minute runtime
  • 2,500 RPM motor speed
  • Comes with two augers
Product Image of the Earthwise SN70016 Electric Corded 12Amp Snow Shovel, 16' Width, 430lbs/Minute
Best With Wheels
Earthwise 12-Amp Corded Snow Shovel
  • 30 feet throwing distance
  • 16-inch plowing width
  • Powerful 12-Amp motor
Product Image of the Greenworks 40V 12-Inch Cordless Snow Shovel 4Ah Battery and Charger Included
Best for Wet Snow
GreenWorks G-MAX 40V Snow Shovel
  • 30-minute runtime
  • Has an auxiliary handle
  • 4-year warranty

Product Reviews

Here are our top 5 electric snow shovels based on performance, price, and convenience.

1. Earthwise Sn74016 40-Volt Cordless Snow Shovel

Best Electric Snow Shovel for Heavy Snow

This Earthwise snow thrower is the best to use on thicker snow because it has a plowing depth of 8 inches and a clearance width of 16 inches. It also throws the snow up to 32 feet. It does all this thanks to the 4 Ah lithium-ion battery and the brushless motor.

Brushless motors improve motor performance while increasing the runtime of the battery. It can clear 300 pounds of snow every minute, and you also get an additional handle to increase control and grip.

You also get 6-inch wheels and a twin auger. The whole thing weighs just 19 pounds. When you compare that to some snow blowers, you get a massive weight saving.

What We Like

Superior Plowing Capability

Both plowing depth and width are impressive with this device. You get a 16-inch path and an 8-inch depth, so while it handles smaller snowfalls, it is capable of clearing larger driveways.

Brushless Motor

Brushless motors are the latest in engine design. They don’t have brushes, so they last longer and need minimal servicing. This increases the efficiency of your device and gives you a better return on battery energy.

6-Inch Wheels

Most electric snow shovels travel across the driveway, but this model has 6-inch wheels, so you can cross different surfaces with ease. It even works on the grass.

What We Don't Like

Quite Expensive

The whole point of a snow shovel is it fills the gap between manual shovels and snow throwers. But this model costs more than some electric snow throwers, which negates the point of buying it.

Product Specs

Weight (pounds) 19
Dimensions (inches) 41 x 16 x 38
Plowing width (inches) 16
Plowing depth (inches) 8
Corded/cordless Cordless
Voltage 40
Price $$$$$
Warranty 2-year

2. Snow Joe 24-SS11-XR Cordless Snow Shovel

Best Electric Snow Shovel for Decks

This Snow Joe electric snow shovel is also a cordless model, similar to the Earthwise shovel. However, it is slightly less powerful with just 24 volts, but you do get a 5 Ah lithium-ion battery and 27 minutes of runtime.

You also get a quick charger, so you won’t have to wait too long between charges, and thanks to its lightweight design at just 12 pounds, you don’t get hand or back strain.

Snow Joe claims that this shovel can shift 2,025 pounds of snow between each charge, and the twin augers have a clearing path of 11 inches and to a depth of 7 inches. The throwing distance tops 20 feet.

What We Like

Great Price

This snow shovel costs a fraction of the Earthwise model. You can pick this up for 2.5 times less than the Earthwise snow shovel, making it great value for money.

Battery and Charger Included

Unlike so many cordless snow blowers where you have to purchase the batteries and charger separately, this model comes with everything you need to get started straight out of the box.


Electric snow shovels are so much lighter than snow blowers. This model weighs just 12 pounds, which is a fraction of the weight of some snow blowers.

What We Don't Like

Limited Plowing Width

This Snow Joe only has a plowing width of 11 inches, making it suitable for smaller driveways. You could make a couple of sweeps, but the battery runtime is against you at just 27 minutes.

Product Specs

Weight (pounds) 12
Dimensions (inches) 55.1 x 11.8 x 8.7
Plowing width (inches) 11
Plowing depth (inches) 7
Corded/cordless Cordless
Voltage 24
Price $$$
Warranty 2-year

3. Snow Joe 24V-SS10 Cordless Snow Shovel

Best Cordless Electric Snow Shovel

Okay, so this is the second Snow Joe electric shovel to feature. And like the last model, this is also cordless. It is the ideal snow shovel for clearing decks and driveways, thanks to its 24-volt, 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery.

It provides 25 minutes of whisper-quiet runtime, which pulls a no-load speed of 2,500 RPM (revolutions per minute). It has a twin auger and a cutting width of 10 inches, and a plowing depth of 6 inches.

The beauty of a cordless snow shovel is it requires zero maintenance compared to a gas-powered snow blower that needs oil, gasoline, and constant upkeep.

What We Like

Go Anywhere Tool

An electric snow shovel gives you all the convenience of a gas-powered snow blower but without the hassle of oil, gasoline, and maintenance. It also frees you from the shackles of a power cord.

Two Augers

The twin augers scoop the snow to a depth of 6 inches and toss it to a distance of 20 feet.


If you thought 12 pounds was light, this model is just 10 pounds, making it the ideal tool for those with limited body strength like the elderly.

What We Don't Like

Limited Plowing Width

At just 10 inches and a depth of 6 inches, you will struggle to clear anything other than the smallest driveways with this cordless tool.

Product Specs

Weight (pounds) 10
Dimensions (inches) 26.8 x 10.6 x 9.1
Plowing width (inches) 10
Plowing depth (inches) 6
Corded/cordless Cordless
Voltage 24
Price $$$$
Warranty 2-year

4. Earthwise SN70016 12-Amp Corded Snow Shovel

Best Electric Snow Shovel With Wheels

This is the second Earthwise model to feature in the review, and for a good reason. This electric snow shovel can shift 430 pounds of snow every minute, thanks to the 12-amp motor. You also get a 16-inch clearing path and an 8-inch depth.

This snow shovel also projects the snow up to 30 feet in length. What we really liked about this model is the 6-inch wheels that enable you to cover different surfaces like gravel and grass.

You also get an adjustable auxiliary handle to cater to people of different heights.

What We Like

Non-Stop Power

So, it’s a plugin model, but that means you get unlimited power without any dips in performance, unlike battery-operated versions. Simply plug it in, and away you go. What could be easier?

Excellent Clearance Width and Depth

With a 16-inch plowing width and an 8-inch depth, you can clear that driveway a little bit faster. It also handles higher volumes of snow, unlike the Snow Joe model.

Powerful Motor

The 12-amp motor provides power levels comparable to some snow blowers. You can clear 430 pounds of snow every minute with this machine. That’s pretty powerful!

What We Don't Like

Limited Reach

The glaring downside with corded electric snow shovels is the power cable. It restricts how far you can travel unless you get an extension cord.

Product Specs

Weight (pounds) 16
Dimensions (inches) 41 x 16 x 38
Plowing width (inches) 16
Plowing depth (inches) 8
Corded/cordless Corded
Voltage/amps 12 amps
Price $$
Warranty 2-year

5. GreenWorks G-MAX 40V 12-Inch Snow Shovel

Best Electric Snow Shovel for Wet Snow

This GreenWorks G-Max comes with the 4Ah lithium-ion battery and charger as standard. It has a 12-inch plowing width and a depth of 6 inches. It also weighs 15 pounds and has a 30-minute runtime.

The auger is constructed from hardened rubber, making it the ideal material for moving wet snow because rubber grips better than steel. It helps to project the snow easier.

You also get an auxiliary handle that adjusts to cater to different heights, making snow clearance that bit more comfortable.

What We Like

Battery and Charger Included

Unlike battery-powered snow blowers, cordless snow shovels typically come with a battery and charger. This is better for your wallet as it means you don’t have added expense, although a second battery is recommended as a spare.

Additional Handle

It’s important to have an auxiliary handle to help you scoop the snow and get better control. It also reduces strain on your wrists and back.

Better Runtime

Thirty minutes might not sound that impressive, but it outperforms others on the list with 25 and 27-minute runtimes.

4-Year Warranty

This GreenWorks model comes with a 4-year warranty, which is double the next best on the list. Most electric snow shovels have a 2-year warranty at best.

What We Don't Like

Limited Plowing Capabilities

This model only has a 12-inch plowing width and a 6-inch depth, making it the perfect tool for the lightest snowfall. It also limits the size of the driveway you can clear.

Product Specs

Weight (pounds) 15
Dimensions (inches) 63.4 x 14.2 x 10.2
Plowing width (inches) 12
Plowing depth (inches) 6
Corded/cordless Cordless
Voltage/amps 40 volts
Price $$$
Warranty 4-year

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Weight Dimensions Plowing width Plowing depth Corded/cordless Volts/Amps Warranty
Earthwise Cordless Snow Shovel Heavy Snow 19 lbs 41 x 16 x 38″ 16″ 8″ Cordless 40V 2-year
Snow Joe 24-SS11-XR Snow Shovel Decks 12 lbs 55.1 x 11.8 x 8.7″ 11″ 7″ Cordless 24V 2-year
Snow Joe 24V-SS10 Snow Shovel Cordless 10 lbs 26.8 x 10.6 x 9.1″ 10″ 6″ Cordless 24V 2-year
Earthwise Corded Snow Shovel With Wheels 16 lbs 41 x 16 x 38″ 16″ 8″ Corded 12A 2-year
GreenWorks G-MAX Snow Shovel  Wet Snow 15 lbs 63.4 x 14.2 x 10.2″ 12″ 6″ Cordless 40V 4-year

Why Should I Use an Electric Snow Shovel?

Electric snow shovels are a great middle-ground between a shovel and a snow blower. If you have a pristine layer of snow sitting on your driveway in the morning before work, you need to clear it before starting your day.

An electric snow shovel is like a smaller version of a snow blower but without the chute, plowing width, and impeller. This all means you should only consider buying one for lighter duties.

The handle works the same as a snow shovel, but the similarities end there. The auger turns, throwing the snow out of the front rather than through a directional chute. There is still an element of physical effort because electric snow shovels are not self-propelling, like many snow blowers, but they are easier than a manual shovel.

They sure beat the heck out of a manual shovel and all that back-breaking work. It gets the task sorted in double-quick time with the minimum of effort and fuss.

Advantages of a Snow Shovel

  • Lightweight and easy to use. Plus, they store away easier than a snow blower.
  • Effective at shifting lighter snowfalls, speeding up the process.
  • Cheaper than a snow blower.
  • Reduces back strain compared to a manual shovel.

Disadvantages of a Snow Shovel

  • They have a limited plowing width, so they are not suitable for large driveways.
  • The cord length restricts your reach.
  • Only suitable for the lightest snowfall of about 6 inches deep.

Types of Electric Snow Shovel

There are two types of snow shovels available, but what are the differences?


Corded snow shovels never suffer from a dip in performance thanks to a never-ending electricity supply provided by the power cable. Simply plug in the snow shovel, and away you go.

The key reason you would buy a corded electric shovel is if you have a smaller driveway and don’t mind the restricted reach. Expect a cord length of around 50 to 100 feet.

If you are the forgetful type, it’s also easier to use because you don’t have to remember to charge up the battery each time you want to use it.


Cordless snow shovels are go-anywhere tools. The battery frees you from the shackles of a power lead, so if you have a larger driveway, you can get to work without fretting about the length of the cord.

The downside is batteries hold a limited charge, which reduces the amount of time you spend clearing the snow. You should expect anywhere between 20 and 50 minutes per battery.

And you have to remember to charge it up before starting. Also, when the battery drains, you either have to wait until it charges or gets a spare. And, as the power drains from the cell, you might experience a dip in performance.

Things to Consider (Buying Guide)

With so many factors to consider, what are the key elements that make up the best electric snow shovels?

What About the Weight?

One of the best reasons for choosing a powered snow shovel is the weight. Compared to a snow blower, a snow shovel is super-lightweight. Most models weigh between 10 and 16 pounds. Snow blowers can be over 200 pounds in weight.

If you are older or have limited mobility, an electric snow shovel offers some of the benefits of a snow blower without the extra bulk.

Plowing Depth and Width

The plowing path of your snow shovel depends on the width and height of the intake chute. Most models have a depth capability of 4 to 8 inches. However, the type of snow you get impacts the way the shovel moves.

Because they are designed to sit on the surface of your driveway, if the snow is too deep, it risks sinking, which impairs its performance. The clearing path should range between 10 and 16 inches, which is well short of most snow blowers but ample for small driveways and light snowfall.

It’s All About the Auger

Electric snow shovels work in a similar way to snow blowers in that they have either one or two augers that spin and throw the snow out of your clearing path. Double-bladed shovels will clear the snow more quickly than single-bladed models.

Easy To Use

The main reason for buying a snow shovel is its ease of use. Turn it on and push it across the surface of your yard to clear freshly fallen snow. Some shovels have adjustable handles, while others feature an auxiliary handle to give you better control.

Battery Life

If you have a cordless model, the runtime of the battery is an important consideration. They can range between 20 and 50 minutes, which affects the length of time you can work at clearing the snow.

Most lithium-ion batteries are 40 volts, so they will operate for twice the time of a 24V cell. Lithium-ion batteries hate the cold, so you might experience a dip in performance if the weather is extreme. Plus, as the cells age, they lose charge more quickly.

Cord Length

The cord length determines the reach of the snow shovel. Most models have a 50 to 100 ft cable, limiting you to how far you can go. Either buy an extension cord or get additional outside electrical sockets fitted.

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