Best Cushioned Toilet Seats of 2020

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Add comfort to your toilet time. 

Is your toilet seat hard and uncomfortable? Do you leave the bathroom with a numb bottom and tingling legs? A cushioned seat should give you satisfaction and warmth, especially in winter.

We spend, on average, just over 3 hours per week on the toilet (1). Of course, we do our business. But it’s often a time to make calls, catch up on the news or Facebook feeds. In fact, 3 in 4 Americans use their smartphones in the washroom (2).

If we’re spending so much time dedicated to the throne, we should consider making the experience more enjoyable with the best cushioned toilet seat.

Why a Cushioned Toilet Seat?

You may think that a regular hard seat is good enough for the job. But this isn’t necessarily the case.

A padded seat can prevent the legs from getting compressed by the weight and pressure, which can result in tingling sensations or numbness (3). Children and the elderly particularly appreciate this extra cushioning as it typically makes the seat smoother to get on and off.

Such a style of seat is filled with foam or gel. As a result, the surface doesn’t get cold when temperatures drop. This can be a nice benefit during winter.

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Features to Consider

When selecting the best cushioned toilet seats, there are a few essential elements to keep in mind:

Toilet Bowl Size

Seats are typically designed to fit either elongated — 18.5 inches — or rounded bowls — 16.5 inches (4).

Before purchasing a specific model, ensure that the measurements will match your toilet circumference. Selecting the wrong shape can result in a product that’s either too long or too short. Installation can then become complicated, with less than optimum comfort.

Durable Material

Although the seat is cushioned, it’s generally affixed to a wooden or plastic frame. This underlayer needs to be durable and sturdy to prevent cracks or splits.

As for the padding, high-density foam is preferable as it better supports body weight. Low-quality cushioning can quickly flatten. You’ll then feel the hard underlayer as you sit on it.

In addition, some models include antimicrobial materials to keep mold and other bacteria at bay.

Sturdy Hinges

Most couples’ etiquette is to keep the toilet seat down, despite what happens in reality! That means that it’ll be constantly be lifted and lowered throughout the day. High-quality hinges should be able to resist these movements, along with the pressure when sitting on it.

Hinges made of rust-resistant material such as brass, stainless steel, or chrome tend to last longer. They can better withstand direct contact with water (5).

Soft Close

Cushioned seats can also come with a soft close feature. This reduces the noise disturbance of a slamming seat over the toilet bowl. If this is something you value, it’s a feature you’ll want to add on your checklist.

Design and Style

If you appreciate stylish bathrooms, the overall seat’s look might play a significant role in your purchasing decision. Select between traditional white, colored, or pattern designs.

The Best Cushioned Toilet Seats of 2020

Padded seat options aren’t as numerous as regular models. Our intense research measured the quality, specifications, design, and user comments. Using these criteria and taking into account industry knowledge, we came up with best cushioned toilet seats below.

1. Potty Training Seat for Toddler Kids

Best Cushioned Toilet Seat for Kids

Potty Training Seat for Kids Boys Girls Toddlers Toilet Seat for Baby with Cushion Handle and Backrest Toilet Trainer for Round and Oval Toilets (White)
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If you’re searching for a padded toilet seat for your child, this model should make your toddler a happy user. Combining comfort, safety, and convenience, it offers the features needed for successful potty training.

Underneath the seat, you’ll find four slip-resistant strips. They prevent the seat from sliding as your child gets on and off. Also, an adjustable arm keeps the miniature throne safely attached.

This model should fit any toilet shape — rounded or elongated. It is suitable for kids from 1 to 7 years old. The versatile colors — pink, blue and white — are appropriate for both little boys and girls.

Why We Love It

Comfort at First

This toddler seat is designed with your child’s comfort in mind. It’s one of the very few models that include cushioning.

Also, it comes with low back and side panels for a tight snug. These features will help to make your child’s first toilet sessions a comfy experience.

Side Handles

To ensure your toddler can stay steady while toilet training, the product includes two side handles. Your child should sit reassured that they’ll be able to stay balanced.

Easy to Clean

Realistically, when potty training, accidents can happen. While this model comes with cushions, they can be easily removed to wash both the pad and the seat. Made of waterproof material — polypropylene — a quick swipe should be enough to make incidents disappear as fast as they came.

Safe Materials

The materials chosen are kid-friendly. Some studies have evaluated BPA as a hormone disruptor. This seat doesn’t contain BPA compounds, making it safe for kids and the rest of the family (6).

Keep In Mind

Large Hole

Reviewers found the toilet hole generally too large for kids younger than three years old. Tiny butts tend to slide inside, potentially scaring toddlers.

Additional Specs

TypeRounded and elongated
WarrantyLifetime warranty
Color(s)White, blue and pink
MaterialPolypropylene, BPA-free
Dimensions13.1 x 13.1 x 4.9 inches

2. Mayfair Soft Toilet Seat with Wood Core

Most Popular Cushioned Toilet Seat

MAYFAIR 13EC 000 Soft Toilet Seat Easily Removes, ROUND, Padded with Wood Core, White
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This popular model is available in both a rounded or oval shape. Be sure to measure your toilet bowl’s diameter to ensure you’re picking the right type.

This soft seat is made of a wooden frame, yet seems to provide more comfort than regular models. Reviewers enjoy the extra-padding provided, as well as its quality. It doesn’t flatten over time, and users are happy with its durability.

This seat is also manufactured by a reputable company — Mayfair, a Bemis company. No wonder it comes with a 1-year warranty.

Why We Love It

Easy to Clean

Toilets, and their seats, can be a pain to clean, especially around the hinges where dirt finds pleasure in getting into. This model can be quickly removed to access and wash off all corners and angles. Unclip the bolt, and the seat should come right off; no unscrewing is required.

Furthermore, the padding is covered with a smooth vinyl layer, allowing for easy disinfection. It’s recommended to apply warm water and a gentle soap to wipe the surface.

Classic Colors

Whether you’re looking for a classic color or one that’ll wow and surprise your guests, there should be an option for you in the seven shades available:

  • Beige.
  • White.
  • Biscuit.
  • Black.
  • Light blue.
  • Pink.
  • Green.
Seat Stays Up

In a family or couple setting, this feature might be a deal-breaker for men, yet an immense weakness for female toilet use. Indeed, when installed properly, the seat can stay up.

For this, ensure that both the toilet bowl and water tank are aligned. Bolts may need to be adjusted to ensure proper placement.

Keep In Mind

Weak Seams

Seams run around the outer edge of the cushioned seat. Another one is located inside the opening. A few users were disappointed that they came apart faster than expected.

Additional Specs

TypeRounded and elongated
Warranty1 year
Color(s)Beige, white, biscuit, black, light blue, pink, green
MaterialCushioned vinyl with a wood core
Dimensions17.16 x 14.98 x 3.44 inches

3. Mayfair Soft Toilet Seat with Embroidered Butterfly

Best Traditional Design Cushioned Seat

MAYFAIR 1386EC 000 Soft Toilet Seat with Embroidered Butterfly Easily Removes, ROUND, Padded with Wood Core, White
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This other Mayfair product comes with similar characteristics, yet includes a different design and specifications. Users confirm that it’s suitable for rounded toilet bowels. However, it won’t match elongated shapes.

It features a white butterfly, affixed on a toilet seat of the same color. If you’re looking for a chic product with a unique touch, this is a model you might appreciate.

Unlike many padded seats, this product is made in the U.S. It also includes environmentally-friendly materials and manufacturing processes.

Why We Love It

Cute Design

We love the adorable design. The white butterfly looks like it’s embroidered within the toilet seat. White over white, this style gives your toilet a classic look. Remember to keep the lid closed to enjoy the benefit of this particular pattern.

Good Insulation

Most reviewers enjoy the seat’s insulation. The padding keeps them warm in winter compared to regular toilet seats, which can be chilly and hard. If your bathroom feels colder than the rest of your home, this is a feature you’ll likely appreciate.

Minutes to Install

The Mayfair hinge system is quite different from any other model. The lock system allows a quick installation, which some users were able to set up within minutes.

No additional tools are required — twist the hinges towards the left to unlock them. Then, snap the seat onto the bolts and lock the hinges back. You’re now ready for a comfy toilet session.

Keep In Mind

Irreplaceable Hinges

While the user-friendly hinges make this product standout, they can’t be replaced if they were to give up. Within one year, the manufacturer should replace the defective parts. After this, you’ll need to purchase a brand new seat.

Challenging to Clean

By efficiently removing the seat, you should have no trouble washing around and under the hinges. When it comes to the toilet cover, however, the pattern makes cleaning complicated since there’s a high risk of damaging the pattern. To combat this, try to use natural cleaners rather than harsh chemicals.

Additional Specs

Warranty1 year
MaterialWood core, vinyl
Dimensions17 x 15 x 3 inches

4. Mayfair Soft Toilet Seat with Chrome Hinges

Best Cushioned Seats with Metal Hinges

Mayfair 13CP 000 Soft Toilet Seat with Molded Wood Core and Classic Chrome Metal Hinges, 1 Pack Round, White
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If you liked our previous Mayfair reviews but would, instead, prefer standard hinges, this model should meet your requirements. The durable hinges come with the required hardware for proper installation — two bolts and the two screwing counterparts.

The seat is also made with high-quality materials, from the padding to the seat’s frame. This makes it both durable and comfortable.

We heavily took this product’s look into consideration when including it in our list. It comes with bumpers of a matching white along with stylish silver hinges.

Why We Love It

Quality Padding

Not all cushioning is made equal, and padding comes in various qualities. This seat compresses as you sit, only to recover its original shape as you get up. Both the seat and the cover contain a soft layer of about 0.75-inches thick.

The padding is made of high-density foam for better durability. It’s also covered with antibacterial vinyl to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Users seem delighted with the cushioning’s quality and thickness.

Durable Frame

It features a molded wooden core suitable for all elongated toilets. On top of this, it’s designed to last and prevent chipping. Some reviewers commented that the seat was able to even withstand weights over 230 pounds without cracking.

If you were to have any troubles with quality, the manufacturer backs up the product with a 1-year warranty.

Chic Style

A cushioned seat and cover can sometimes take away its sleek look. This model, however, comes with metallic hinges acting as a chic accent color. The combination of the modern silver shade and the classic white materials should fit most bathrooms and tastes.

Keep In Mind

Loose Hinges

Hinges and hardware may be difficult to adjust to ensure a tight fit. Many users report struggling with loose bolts.

Additional Specs

Warranty1 year
MaterialVinyl, wooden frame, chrome-plated hinges
Dimensions18.9 x 3.4 x 14.1 inches

5. Ginsey Standard Soft Toilet Seat

Best Cushioned Seat for Nature Lovers

Ginsey Standard Soft Toilet Seat with Plastic Hinges, Blue Wolves
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This model comes with various designs suitable for classic, traditional or nature lovers’ tastes. It’s meant to match regular and rounded toilet bowls. So it won’t fit elongated types.

The seat isn’t made of the sturdiest materials with plastic hinges and a plastic core. Yet, it might be an ideal choice if this is your first soft seat or need to purchase a few of them at once. Reviewers appreciate the economical price point of this model.

On the other hand, the seat is easy to clean. Only gentle soap and water are needed to wipe the seat’s surface.

Why We Love It

Unparalleled Design

This is a one-of-a-kind lid that you’ll be unlikely to find elsewhere. It features a forest with a running pack of wolves. The snowy decor makes this model a perfect winter toilet seat, matching Christmas decorations.

In the summertime, keep the seat open and enjoy the beautiful leather-like blue material. If you aren’t fond of the wintery scene, this product also comes in standard colors. A few of them even feature flowers or butterfly patterns.

Easy Installation

You’ll find all the equipment required for quick installation included in the package — nuts and bolts. Although the instructions could be more detailed, users are happy with how fast they can use the seat.

Double Padding

Cushioning isn’t only located on the seat for added comfort. The cover itself contains the same amount of padding. If you need to gently rest on the lid to put socks or clothes on, you’ll also be able to sit comfortably.

Keep In Mind

Limited Durability

Reviewers mentioned the general short life — 1 year — of the product. Most users, however, seem to enjoy the quality offered in comparison to the price. Some mentioned that the durability sometimes equaled more expensive models’ lifespan.

Additional Specs

WarrantyNot indicated
Color(s)12 various colors and patterns
Dimensions17.5 x 14.5 x 2.9 inches

6. Universal Ultragel Gel Seat Cushion for Elderly

Most Durable Toilet Seat Cover

Universal ULTRAGEL Relieve Toilet Commode Gel Seat Cushion for Elderly, Handicapped or Disabled (Round Open Front 16”Lx14”W Regular @ 0.40” Thin)
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If you’d like to add some cushioning to your toilet seat without changing it, this product might be a good compromise. It’s designed to stick to your rounded or oval toilet seat.

It’s also extremely durable and built with high-quality materials, meaning it can be washed and reused over and over again. It even comes in two thickness options to suit everyone’s padding needs.

Besides comfort and quality, this product is also a breeze to install and clean. Most regular cleaning solutions can be used for this purpose, without damaging the material.

Why We Love It

Extreme Comfort

Based on your preferences, choose between the regular 0.4-inch thick, or the 0.70-inch heavy-duty cushion. Both models are designed to be soft on the skin.

Some users mention that the gel is dense enough to prevent a knuckle from touching the hard seat though the material. Reviewers were able to sit for at least 40 minutes without feeling uncomfortable.


This hypoallergenic gel cushion is built without silicone, latex, plasticizer, phthalates, or other hazardous materials. In fact, all ingredients are compliant with FDA and USP standards (7). This is important since, when punctured, no gel should leak out.

Besides this, the cushion is waterproof for easy cleaning. It also boasts a fast drying process which helps prevent mold growth.

Easy to Set Up

This toilet cushion comes with straps and adhesive rounded tapes to secure it in place. It should take less than 20 seconds to install and remove it when it needs to be cleaned.

The pad is designed to remain attached to the toilet seat, even when forcibly moved. It shouldn’t come off as you’re putting the seat up and down.

Keep In Mind

Adhesive Replacement

Eventually, the adhesive might wear off and will need to be replaced. Within one year, however, the manufacturer seems to send them at no extra cost, according to some user comments.

Additional Specs

TypeRounded and elongated
Warranty1 year
Color(s)Navy blue
Dimensions16 x 14 inches or 19 x 15 inches

7. saounisi Soft Toilet Seat

Best Versatile Toilet Seat

saounisi Soft Toilet Seat,Adult Padded Cushion Warm Thick Fuzzy Round Elongated Washable Disposable Cover Stickers Large Pink 1 Pack
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No matter what kind of toilet seat you have, the saounisi cushioned stickers will most likely fit! This toilet seat cover works on round, elongated, o-shaped, v-shaped and u-shaped toilet seats.

The two-piece seat cover can easily be applied to any clean, dry surface. Every few days, you should take it off and wash it. Thankfully, it’s machine washable and it keeps its sticky backing even after multiple washes.

If you want to have a cushiony soft toilet seat, but have an oddly shaped toilet — then this is the product for you.

Why We Love It


To avoid a numb bottom and tingly legs, this toilet seat cover can really help. It’s plush enough to make your trip to the bathroom comfortable, but it also keeps the toilet seat warm so you aren’t shocked by icy cold ceramic or plastic when you sit down.

Good Design

Instead of using a sticky adhesive for the backing, the saounisi toilet seat covers uses electrostatic adsorption. This keeps it stickiness for longer, without leaving adhesive traces on your toilet seat. So it’s easy to remove and clean the seat between uses!

Many Color Options

This is a great and cute addition to your bathroom. Not only does it make trips to the bathroom more comfortable, it looks super cute. The toilet seat covers come in six different styles so you can choose one that fits your bathroom’s theme best. In fact, we recommend getting a few so that you always have a clean one between washes.

Keep In Mind

Doesn’t Cover Entire Seat

One big drawback is that, of course, after a few washes, these do lose their stickiness. But we’ve already covered that in the design description so that shouldn’t be too big of a shock. Another thing to keep in mind is that the stickers won’t cover every inch of the seat, because they have a gap between them. Keep this in mind, especially since the uncovered part of the seat might need a little extra cleaning!

Additional Specs

Type95% of toilet seats
WarrantyNot specified, contact customer service for details
Color(s)Pink, beige, blue, light tan, cream, polka dot
Dimensions15.4 x 5.6 x 0.78 inches

Detailed Comparison Chart

Potty Training SeatKidsRounded & elongatedLifetimeWhite, blue and pinkPolypropylene, BPA-free13.1 x 13.1 x 4.9″
Mayfair Wooden Toilet SeatPopular ChoiceRounded & elongated1 year7 colorsCushioned vinyl with a wood core17.16 x 14.98 x 3.44″
Mayfair Butterfly Toilet SeatTraditional DesignRounded1 yearWhiteWood core, vinyl17 x 15 x 3″
Mayfair Chrome Toilet SeatMetal HingesElongated1 yearWhiteVinyl, wooden frame, chrome-plated hinges18.9 x 3.4 x 14.1″
Ginsey Standard Toilet SeatNature LoversRoundedN/A12 colors and patternsPlastic17.5 x 14.5 x 2.9″
Universal Ultragel Gel SeatDurableRounded & elongated1 yearNavy blueGel16 x 14″ or 19 x 15″
saounisi Soft Toilet SeatVersatileRounded & elongatedN/A6 colorsVelvet15.4 x 5.6 x 0.78″
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Comfy Toilets, Everywhere!

Padded toilet seats and cushions can make a significant difference in your daily toilet sessions. Not only do they provide comfort and warmth, but they might be a necessity for the elderly and children going through potty training.

Digging out good quality and well-made products isn’t an easy task. Start by measuring your toilet bowl. Then, decide on materials, hinges and the needed style for your bathroom. Cushions can be a good alternative to soft seats, while providing similar outcomes.

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