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Candace Osmond is a USA TODAY Bestselling Author and Award-Winning Interior Designer. Using her years of hands-on experience, she now writes about design and DIY. She currently resides on the rocky East Coast of Canada with her family and slobbery bulldog.

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Articles by Candace Osmond

Man pouring paint into tray

Latex Paint for Sprayers: The Comprehensive Thinning Tutorial

Male workers using paint sprayer at steel door

Say Goodbye to Spray Paint Smell: What Works

Benjamin moore paint store logo and sign

Benjamin Moore Paint: Cost, Quality, and Value

Paint brush with red pain on white background

Mastering Art: How to Paint Without Brush Marks

Man holding a gallon of paint and paint brush

Deciphering Gallon of Paint Prices - Tips and Tricks

Person with gloves holding spray gun

Spray Gun Cleaning - Key Steps and Tips

Used can of colorful spray paint on driveway

Decoding the Art of Spray Paint Removal from Driveways

Man on lifting platform painting the house wall exterior yellow with roller

Unveiling the Cost of Painting a Two-Story House

Worker holding spray gun and mixing red paint

Demystifying the Process: How to Mix Paint for a Spray Gun

Used cans of spray paint on black stairs

Uneven Spray Paint Problems? Here's How to Fix It

Dirty shower floor drain in an old shower

Removing a Shower Drain: Your Comprehensive DIY Guide

Car covered with black vinyl matte finish

Why Matte Black Car Paint is Gaining Popularity

Paint brush on paint can

Revive Your Tools: Effective Methods to Clean Paint Brushes

Before and after effect after car varnish renovation and paint correction

Breaking Down the Expense - How Much Does Paint Correction Cost?

Plumber unclogging a tub drain with an electric auger

Toilet Auger 101: A Step-by-Step Guide

man plumber in uniform installing toilet bowl using instrument kit professional repair service.

Understanding Toilet Weight: How Much Does a Toilet Weigh?

Underfloor heating with collector and radiator in the room. Concept of technology heating. The order of layers in the floor.

Hydronic Floor Heating - The Efficient Heating Solution

Water stream flowing out the underground tunnel into the Lybid river in Kyiv.

Decoding the Destination of Toilet Water - A Detailed Analysis

Empty roll on toilet paper holder

Mastering the DIY Method: How to Remove a Toilet Paper Holder

Classic brown and white living room interior with hardwood floor

Exploring Paint Ideas: Elevate Your Living Room

toilet seat turning blue

Unusual Phenomenon: Why Your Toilet Seat May Turn Blue

Woman cleaning toilet bowl in bathroom

A Smelly Toilet - Why It Happens and How to Stop It

Different types of toilets

Insight into Toilet Costs: What Determines the Price

A white toilet bowl, seat installation and plumbing connecting toilet pan connector to the waste pipe and water supply pipe to the toilet tank in the corner of the bathroom.

How to Measure a Toilet Seat: A Comprehensive Guide

Bathroom interior with white bath tub, glass door shower and toilet

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Measure a Shower Door

sewer grate drain water

Decoding the Stench: What Your Shower Drain Smell Means

Plumber using silicone cartridge for fixing aluminum batten of shower cabin

Shower Maintenance — Understanding the Basics of Caulking

Upscale master bath with marble sink and tub

Mastering Marble Showers: How to Clean without Causing Damage

Mold or fungus of the wall in the Shower room causing black or b

Guide to Shower Grout: Cleaning Techniques and Tips

View of glass door shower with tile wall and floor.

Insider Tips: Waterproofing a Window in a Shower

Plumber using a hand auger to snake a toilet

Mastering the Art of Snaking a Toilet: A Comprehensive Guide

Female Hand Screwdriver Screw Fixing Toilet Seat

Quick Fixes: How to Tighten a Wobbly Toilet Seat

Home construction with new white toilet in bathtub renovation house

Your DIY Guide — How to Successfully Remove a Toilet Seat

Dirty unhygienic rusty and calcified flush tank of toilet with limescale and rust stains and scum need to be cleaned and repared.

Toilet Tank Maintenance - Essential Cleaning Tips

how to flush toilet when water is off

Know How: Flushing a Toilet with No Water [...]

white toilet with bubbles in restroom or bathroom

Bubbling Toilet Woes: How to Diagnose and Fix

Mounting of house rainwater filter system. Borehole drilling and

Tankless Water Heaters: Do They Really Need a Filter?

Mold fungus and rust growing in tile joints in damp poorly ventilated bathroom with high humidity, wtness, moisture and dampness problem in bath areas and shower.

Getting Rid of Shower Mold: A Comprehensive Guide

Utility Laundry room with desk and water heater

Disguising the Essential: How to Hide Your Water Heater

Water pipes, valves and manometers inside house, system with electric pumps and heaters. Metal pipeline of home boiler, cold and hot tubes on utility room wall. Modern pipe installation for heating

Water Heaters: Unraveling the Mystery of Their Costs

Busy House Painter Painting the Trim And Shutters of A Home.

Budgeting for a Home Facelift: House Painting Costs Unveiled

Designer's house with entresol and spacious living room

Modern Paint Colors: A New Trend in Home Decor

Lifebuoy and anchor in bedroom

Coastal Paint Colors - Transforming Your Home into a Beach Retreat

how much does a water heater weigh

Weighing Your Water Heater: Key Points to Consider

Technician servicing an hot-water heater

Who Fixes Water Heaters - A Crucial Question Answered

how much electricity does a tankless water heater use

Grasping the Electricity Use of a Tankless Water Heater

Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Sep 21, 2020. A home Goodman high effi

Deciphering the Age of Your Bradford White Water Heater

Sherwin-Williams Sign and Logo

Sherwin-Williams Paint: Is the Cost Justified?

Interior design scene. Bookshelves and vases with brunches.

Unleashing Creativity: A Guide to Sponge Painting Walls

Photograph of some spray paint cans and a blurred background

Guide to Eradicating Spray Paint from Plastic Surfaces

Bathroom in Grey and Blue Colours

Exploring Bathroom Paint Colors: A Comprehensive Guide

Beautiful living room interior with white sofa, blue and beige.

Innovative DIY Painting Ideas for Your Living Room

Image of a window with shudders and decorated with flower box

Yellow House Red Shutters: A Vibrant Homestead Style Guide

Built in rectangular bathtub with black gooseneck faucet inside home bathroom. Hanging towel and glass window can also be seen inside the room.

Can You Paint a Bathtub? Yes, and Here's How

Charcoal sketches hanging on a concrete wall near the window in bright bedroom interior with wooden lamp and bench in front of the bed

Graphic Charcoal Paint Color: Transforming Spaces and Styles

Vintage style living room with beige color wall 3d render.The Rooms have wooden floors and light brown walls.Furnished with white and wood furniture. There are white window overlooking to outside.

Unveiling the Charm of Light Beige Walls in Interior Design

Living room shabby-chic style. Bright Living room with cream sofa armchair combination. 3D render

Shabby Chic Paint Colors: A Journey into Vintage Elegance

cottage vintage decoration with cement wall for retro style background with flower on window shelf

Unlocking Beauty: Cottage Paint Colors [Guide]

crimson wall paint

The Transformative Power of Crimson Wall Paint

how to paint over wallpaper

Get the Look You Desire — How to Paint Over Wallpaper

Painter is preparing gypsum wall for painting, stairs passage.

Step-by-Step: How to Paint a Stairwell Successfully

Close Up Of Man Painting Skirting Board

Bring New Life to Your Home - How to Paint Baseboards

hand painting wall

Adhering to the Rules — Painting Over Oil-Based Paint

Olive green paint wall

The Magic of Olive Green: Paint for Your Home

Vintage bedroom with retro chair, blue and grey blankets, cushions, plants, white carpet and modern posters

Revitalize Your Space: Selecting Bedroom Paint Colors

how to paint vinyl shutters

Revamp Your Home - Learn How to Paint Vinyl Shutters

A man is staining wooden fence with electric sprayer

Proven Techniques: How to Stain a Fence for Long-Lasting Results

Summer streets in the medieval Tuscan town.

Embrace the Colors of Tuscany: Paint Ideas for Your Home

A carpeted floor covering and a closed door

Revamp Your Space: How to Paint Baseboards with Carpet

Tradesman painting a ceiling

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Paint High Walls Safely

painting wooden door in white color by blue brush

Mastering the Art of Painting a Door without Brush Marks

close up of a White stucco wall

Orange Peel Drywall Texture: A DIY Approach

how to paint behind a toilet

Step-By-Step Guide: Painting Behind a Toilet

glow in the dark painting ideas

Unleashing Your Creativity: Glow in the Dark Painting Ideas

Man preparing to paint ceiling by masking off the wall beneath it with blue painter's tape.

Taping for Painting - Enhance Your DIY Skills

Colorful houses on the street

Discover the Charm: Popular Exterior House Colors

slate blue color ideas

Mastering the Art of Slate Blue: Color Ideas

Wooden walkout deck with railings and decorated with tree.

Transform Your Outdoor Space: Deck Stain Color Ideas

empty old cans of paint

Proper Paint Disposal: A Comprehensive Guide

Construction worker tile roofing repair

Estimating the Duration of Roof Replacement

dirty, oily door of the bus garage

Transform Your Garage: Cleaning the Floor Step by Step

modern kitchen with vgetables on the white worktop

Unlocking the Secrets of Painting Laminate Cabinets — A DIY Approach

how to install carpet tiles

The DIY Way: Unpacking the Carpet Tile Installation Process

restoration of laminate with wax, restorer cover up damage to floor.

Revive Your Floor: How to Repair Scratches on Laminate Flooring

Wash the floor of the house in protective gloves. Laminate cleaning

Deep Clean Your Laminate Floors: A Comprehensive Guide

Luxury classic basement bathroom with white and beige

Calculating the Cost to Add a Bathroom in Your Basement

Roof damaged to repair.

Roof Replacement Frequency: A Comprehensive Overview

New home under construction interior PVC pipes plumbing inside a home framing with basement view

Creating a Quieter Space: How to Soundproof Your Basement Ceiling

An electrician is installing spotlights on the ceiling

Mastering the Art of Changing High Ceiling Light Bulbs

how to pick a front door color

Unlocking the Best Front Door Colors: A Comprehensive Guide

Bearded man removes black mold on the wall after leakage

Crucial Steps to Eliminate Mold in Your Basement — A Comprehensive Guide

Spider web at the window in abandoned house

Unwanted Guests: How to Effectively Remove Spiders from Basements

Heating and Cooling Work

Ductwork: Out of Sight, Out of Mind in Your Basement

Man measure the door size and write on paper at home

How to Measure a Door: Essential Techniques and Tips

how to get rid of pigeons on roof

Complete Guide to Pigeon Removal — Roof Edition

Electrician changing light bulb in ceiling fan indoors

Ceiling Fan Maintenance: Changing the Light Bulb

Classic christmas wreath with decorations on a door

DIY Home Decor: How to Hang a Wreath on a Door

Empty luxury home interior with beige carpet of dining and living room.

Exploring Unique Solutions: How to Cover a Doorway Without a Door

White light under old door

Mastering Door Repairs: How to Fix Gaps Between Door and Frame

Close up of a handyman

Mastering DIY: Ceiling Light Installation

Modern apartment interior

Getting it Right: The Ultimate Guide to Installing LED Strip Lights

hole on the ceiling

DIY Guide: Patching Holes in Your Ceiling

Home ceiling drywall demolition popcorn ceiling texture

Mastering Popcorn Ceiling Removal: A Comprehensive Guide

The male hand with electronic wall scanner

Unlocking the Secrets to Finding Ceiling Studs

A cracked ceiling with peeling layer due to water leak. LED light.

Restoring Popcorn Ceilings: The Essential Repair Guide

New white paint job on garage frame door- enamel

Unleash Your Inner Artist: Painting Your Garage Door

Close-up elements of the interior of the apartment

Say Goodbye to Slamming Doors: Effective Strategies to Halt the Noise

Way of attaching the doorknob using exposed set-screws to secure the handle to a threaded spindle.

Take Control: How to Repair a Loose Door Knob

Closeup of door hinges

Easy Steps to Remove a Door: A Comprehensive Guide

Sliding glass door detail and rail embed in floor

DIY Guide: Cleaning Your Sliding Door Tracks

Blond Woman painting the outside of a door blue

Unlocking the Secret — How to Paint a Fiberglass Door

Door handle and steel door painted yellow

Get Creative with Paint: Transforming Your Metal Door

Room with plants

Plants From Your Ceiling: A Detailed How-To Guide

how to insulate a garage door

How to Insulate a Garage Door - An Easy DIY Project

A small home decorated with two window boxes with flowers and a nice home made wreath of magnolia leaves

The Essentials of Hanging a Window Box: Everything You Need to Know

Stylish christmas square wreath with ornaments, pine cones, branches on window with lights in european city street. Festive decorations and illumination in city center, winter holidays.

How-to: Hang Wreaths on a Window for Beginners

Man installing window blinds in a house

Mastering the Art of Removing Window Blinds

Woman painting window frame at home, closeup

Unlock Your Skills: Window Painting Guide

Close up male hands make putty works. Repairing wood window for protection, warterproof

Achieve Professional Results: DIY Window Reglazing Tips

Carpenter repairing window frames, home is being updated to be sold

Window Trim Installation: Enhancing Your Home's Aesthetics

Interior view construction new residential home.

Building Basics: How to Frame a Door

Repairing screen storm porch door with new material

Handyman's Guide: Mastering Screen Door Installation

Luxury interior with leather armchair. Shallow DOF.

Window Treatment Ideas: Blinds, Curtains, and More

Close up. Bubbling laminate flooring planks damaged by water leakage.

Rescuing Your Belongings: How to Fix Water-Damaged Swollen Wood Furniture

Large four pane window looking on summer backyard with pool and garden

Unlocking Construction Skills: Framing a Window — The Right Way

Golden curtains window luxury and classic style decoration interior of room with copy space for advertising text

Unveiling the Art of Hanging Window Scarfs: A Comprehensive Guide

Triple arched window with a wooden frame and white stucco on the background of the wall of light beige.

Guide to Hanging Curtains on Arched Windows — The Expert Way

Closeup of person cleaning window blinds

Blind Cleaning 101: All You Need to Know

Bathroom interior of a home with polished bathtub and frosted windows. A towel hanging on a ring can be seen on the white wall of this room.

Creating Privacy: How to Frost Your Window

Woman Cleaning Windows and Window Sills From Dust

Window Sill Cleaning: The Essential How-To Guide

Home improvement handyman installing window sill

DIY Tips — Replacing Your Window Sill

Professional painting car bumper with a spray gun

Exploring the Cost to Repaint a Bumper: What You Need to Know

Professional painting wheels with a spray gun

Cost of Painting Rims: Factors That Influence Pricing

Worker painting a car with spray gun

Investing in Car Painting: An Examination of Costs

Man painting his ceiling white

Expert Tips for Ceiling Painting: Avoid Roller Marks for a Smooth Finish

Woman painting exterior trim

Unlocking the Potential of Your Home with Exterior House Colors

Pneumatic wrench lying on garage floor

Inexpensive Garage Flooring: A Comprehensive Guide

Needler roller on the floor

Tips and Tricks: Achieving Perfectly Painted Popcorn Ceilings

Paint cans with spilling paint

Practical Guide: How to Remove Latex Paint Safely

Hand holding brush painting wall

How Long Does It Take to Paint a Room? A Comprehensive Guide

Woman painting a wall

How Long Does It Take to Paint a Room - A Detailed Overview